Bristol Rovers On Line Makes Way For Official Site

After five years of existance, the time has come for this site to come to an end after the long awaited emergence of the Club's official web site. Bristol Rovers On Line started way back in the early days of 1994, a time when the Club sported just two other unofficial sites. It feels appropriate therefore for it to now leave as one which played a part in the Club having the most unofficial sites in the football league.

The aim for the site has always been to serve the Club and it's many fans around the world. The site naturally progressed through the years, often by providing services yet to be seen on other football league sites. None of this could have been done without the support of you the readers, as well as all those who have helped at first hand. My eternal thanks therefore go out to all of you who made the site what it was.

But as most of you will know, all of the most recent attention switched to the creation of the official site. To be apart of the setup and to finally get to the day of the launch means that this site has now fully served its purpose and achieved all that I could ever have hoped for. And yet to still think that so much more will now be achieved at the official site is a credit to all those involved.

My contributions will continue at the official site with weekly columns together with some match reports. So things have only just begun as far as I'm concerned, as we move on to bigger and better things from here on in. Go straight to the official site by clicking the link below, and remember to still drop me an email about anything Rovers related at my usual address below.

The Bristol Rovers OFFICIAL Web Site -

Many thanks again for your long and dedicated support.

Up the Gas,

Glenn Fry
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