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Welcome to my new site, the Redskinsfanatic.com

Welcome to my new site, the Redskinsfanatic.com

The Pics Top to Bottom. The Fanatics at home. In the land of the Giants: Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do - Wearing it loud and proud at Giants Stadium '05! ESPN's inaugural Monday Night Football on 9/11/06

Finally off the wait list!!! Too bad I now live in New England. I've got lots of extra tickets. E-mail if interested.

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Round and round we go...where it stops????

Updated (9/08)!!!

Been living in exile in New England!

Looking for Skins news and links? I got 'em! Want sports cards? MOST ALL CARDS GOING!!! Trading for Skins stuff, as always - E-Mail to deal. Please bear with me as I update my page for 2008.

Read what Washington Post columnist, TV analyst and Redskins critic Michael Wilbon has to say this week.

To view the Washington Post coverage of the Redskins, click on the Darrell Green photo below.

This site is dedicated to Redskins fanatics everywhere,and despite some tough years, the greatest sports franchise on earth, the WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!(This is NOT a business site)

Giants Stadium '05. Yes, I know he's a Giants fan, but check out the seats!

Still the Greatest! CLICK on the above PHOTO for Washington Post Redskins Coverage

Take a look at "Photos From Frostburg - The Redskins Training Camp" Want one? E-Mail me.

Clinton Portis, aka Angel of Southeast Jerome, aka Coach Janky Spanky, aka DollaBill, aka Inspector 22, aka Kid Bro Sweets, aka Southeast Jerome........

Official Redskin's Homepage
Check out the online site of one of DCs' best Redskin talk shows, hosted by Tony McGee. Book a Redskin for your next engagement through Redskin Magazine Plus.

If you are looking for Redskin's items, this is one of the BEST shops in the DC area. The owner has an excellent relationship with players past and present, and I can recommend Two Day Gifts with full confidence.

Find about about DC Redskins events and local appearances. Want to know where you favorite former Redskins are now? Check out this site!

This site is growing every day! Be sure to check back for the latest updates.

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AP photo file


Peyton and Archie Manning Autographed Football!!! Two #1 draft picks, father and son autographed white panel football with COA from Tuff Stuff. Aquired in person. Few appearences by both Mannings! Don't miss out! E-mail me.

Art Monk Autographed 8x10s, Mini-Helmet, and Football from local private signing.

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Additional Autographs, all with Authentication!!!

Redskin Greats, HOFers.

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If you click on one link, click above on Darrell. Not only can you get autographed merchandise direct from Darrell Green, but you can support Darrell's efforts to help educate our youth. Undoubtedly my favorite Redskin for his play on the field, and his committment to the community.

So long to a true Redskin. We'll miss Brian Mitchell.

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