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  • 4/26/99 Look for the Rollerblade G in stores Good Price $179 Great Frame.
  • 3/30/99 Talked to K2 today I was informed that The BING is completely sold out until NEXT YEAR so if you see a pair and want 'em...better snag 'em.
  • 9/4/97 Grommets, ATTENTION...If you like the Dirk you need to see the Squash (sizes 1-6) looks like the Dirk but dark green...costs less too.
  • 9/3/97 The Razor Impact is in...awesome! e-mail me for details...
  • 8/25/97 The annual East Coast Surfing Championships concluded here yesterday. Danilo Costa of Brazil came in 1st and won $5,000 in the men's pro division.
  • 8/21/97 I've been disappointed with the new Rollerblade Agg. helmet.... too bulky and not a very good fit. Adult XL might fit an 8 year old...back to the drawing board guys!
  • 8/18/97 Well, one more new aggressive skate from Rollerblade, THE RANDY ROADHOUSE signiture model. It seems to be a CI-5 in a different color with a few extra bells & whistles..stand by for details...
  • 6/14/97 Happy Father's Day! Looking for a center frame grind block that fits the Fattys/Backyards? CDS Detroit was kind enough to send me some. I like them better than the standard equipment from K2.
  • 6/12/97 Well, we have 3 new hot skates now but another is just around the corner...the Razor Series. We wont have them until a bit into Summer...more to follow.
  • 6/9/97 Just an update on the Dirk, Daytona, & CI-5... Chris, John, & TJ (Some of VB's local skate talent) scored Dirks, & Daytonas via Rollerblade and RB Prostaff sponsorship. They are impressed with the way they perform. In related news the first of these skates have arrived at Corner 24 and have been SNATCHED UP within minuets...wish everything sold that fast around here!!
  • 5/14/97 The X-treme games tour was here last weekend at our own Mt. Trashmore Park. Rollerblade had its new aggressive skates on display...they were well received. We were there as the local participating retailer. Everybody seemed to have fun. The local talent had a chance to show what they learned over the winter. Next stops for X-treme Games The Big Apple 5/17, Chicago 5/24 and Boulder, Colorado 5/31.
  • 4/6/97 Local stuff here.... if you get to the Virginia Beach, VA. area check out Virginia Beach Skate Park on Dean Drive. Its indoor and I talk to a lot of people that drive a long way to get in there. If you are in town, stop by C24 too!
  • 3/2/97 Three new aggressive skates coming out by Rollerblade the CI5, the Daytona (sold without wheels, so u can select your own) and the Dirk. They all feature a new heavy duty frame billed as the lowest on the market.
  • 2/3/97 OK I've seen it and it's pretty cool...Realm wheels and clothing. Its been in the store a week and its well received! Look into this.
  • 1/30/97 The Rollerblade aftermarket sole plates that come on the Chocolate are now available. This is a good item..people that bought the Chocolate have been asking for replacements since last September. It will fit on most flat frames (Lightening/Tarmac/Roces-Street Majestic12 etc.) check it out.
  • 1/16/97 Sole plates come and go, but the most popular, durable, easy to the CDS Detroit sole plate kit. Its priced right and fits most aggressive skate shells/frames. GLX and Spiritblade guys...sorry it wont fit.
  • 1/14/97 First there was Brown Chocolate...Now there is WHITE CHOCOLATE.... Rollerblade's Trooper (their white Vert skate) is now available with the same sole plate, wheels, and grind plate as the Chocolate..(their very popular Aggressive Street Skate)
  • 1/13/97 Talked to Senate today. The new frames (25mm & 30mm) are being tested now. Anticipated release is now March. Stay Tuned!
  • Daily requests at Corner 24 seem to indicate that the K2 Backyard and Fatty are by far the most sought after aggressive skates (at this juncture). They seem to have a built in Royal spot that is rail friendly.
  • Blood Wheels are HOT! Can't keep'em in the store. They are made by Powell and the feedback is all positive! Check'em out.
  • Rollerblade has some great new aggressive helmets and pads coming out in Janruary under their new RB label. The new helmet has a Pro-Tec look about a flat black. It is also ANSI approved.

  • Dual Durometer Wheels...A neat idea..hard on the outside (to last longer) soft on the inside for a smooth ride. Sounds good....worth checking out (by Rollerblade)

  • Dr. Bonesavers has some really cool knee & elbow pads coming out. The padding is almost like a cross between a foam and a jell. It could take a major impact..worth checking this one out.

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