I just walked around the RaT HoLE and took some pics of my hockey collectibles..

This is just a taste of the stuff I have accumulated over my years of being a hockey fan and pack rat..

There is usually a goal that every collector strives for. I had one but never thought I would achieve it. I wanted to trade up and up until I finally got to the top of the mountain: A game used Wayne Gretzky jersey. I always said I would trade everything I had to get one. After years of collecting and trading, I managed to acquire one last weekend.

It is from the personal collection of the mentor of used hockey equipment dealers, Milt Byron.
Here it is: Front and BACK.

Here's this giant original oil painting of Blakey I got at tip-a-king.
This is a pencil drawing/painting of Gretz I got at McNall's liquidation auction.
I like these lithographs of Robitaille and Gretz.
A couple of chairs from the balcony of the Boston Garden and one from the Montreal Forum.
How about this Bobby Orr pinball machine.
Here are some Gretz statues and a few more.
On the wall is a Gretzky Clock

Then there is all this game-used equipment that is laying all over the place.. piles of used sticks as well as Sandstrom's Gloves and Robitaille's Skates, Kurri's Skates, McSorley's, Granato's and Lindros' skates.

This is Wayne's used helmet from his Oiler days.
Over here in the closet is Kurri's Jersey (notice the cut in the sleeve is the same one that appears 93-94 Stadium Club hockey card!) and Jari's Allstar Jersey from the Game in Edmonton.
Also, among the SEVEN game used Zhitnik jerseys is his original Sokol Kiev jersey (here is the front), a Russian one with his name spelled funny.
Beaubien's goalie jersey from the Lazers..
A really cool one is this Joe Sakic thrashed Nordiques jersey..
Here is the Front of it (so worn that there is a stain from the "A" and "C" being put on and off.)
This is Eric Lindros' jersey that he and his trainer sign the inside of to verify authenticity.
Here is how the KINGS mark their game-used stuff.
Here's Kevin Todd's Utica Devils jersey.
This is Paul Kariya's jersey from the World Championships a few years back, and Valarie Karpov's from the same tournament.
This is Rob Blake's first Kings jersey.
Here is the ONLY ONE that is not game used, my autographed 99 replica jersey.

Over here in the kitchen is the box of Penguins' Wheaties and the Gretzky Prostars Cereal, the Gretz Sugar Crisps, Honeycomb and Brett Hull Frosted Flakes as well as some Mario Buns!
Here is the NEW Gretzky Campbell's Soup (get some NOW!). And of course, in the bathroom is the Lemieux Aqua Velva.. and some Kings GUM!
Wanna see MORE?? Check back.. I'm adding more soon! rats through the maze since October 24th, 1996

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