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Welcome to the Baseball Card Time Machine. Journey back to a time before multi-million dollar contracts and Nike commercials. My name is Miles, I'm 14 years old and I will be your guide.

I collect old cards. By 'old' do I mean 80's, 70's or 60's? No, that's recent history. I collect 'pre-war' cards which are cards that were made before WW II. My specialty is 'tobacco cards'. These were cards that came with cigarette packs and were mostly issued between 1909-1912. I collect the top players of that day, most of whom are now in the Hall of Fame.

The years before 1920, called the 'dead ball' era are my favorite. Because the ball was not lively, they usually used only 2 or 3 balls per game and pitchers were allowed to throw the 'spitball', not many home runs were hit. Pitching, well placed hitting, base stealing and lots of managerial strategy were what made a team successful. My only regret about that time period was that some very fine players were not allowed to play in the majors due to their skin color.

Baseball Cards of the Greats of the Deadball Era

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