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Notice: We've upgraded our website in an effort to offer our members more for their money and make it easier for the world to find us. We now have our own Domain Name ... ...and are in the process of getting all the changes implemented. We'll still leave the old Geocites site online to redirect the many people that have that address over to our new one. We'll also put as many of our photos there as it will hold. Thanks for your patience while we remodel our site. Suggestions and ideas welcome.
Best of all....
Welcome to Chalmette Track Club's Web Site. I started this site as a service to those who not only use PC's and run, but to help people who also have other interests in their lives. Serious and leisure time runners, walkers, triathletes, travellers, web surfers, students, and more will find a place to start or continue their Internet experiences here. If I don't have a link to your taste, e-mail me and I'll do my best to get one for you. I won't knowingly put anything on my page that is illegal, immoral, x-rated or life threatening. Come in, stay as long as you like, make comments, suggestions, and requests by e-mail or in the Feedback Form. All are welcome, good or bad. Check back often as it is a never ending process to keep it interesting and current.If you are coming to our area and want info on anything don't hesitate to ask for our help. We are only minutes from downtown New Orleans, the Super Dome, French Quarter, Aquarium, Audubon Park, Riverwalk, Casinos and about twenty from the International Airport. Enjoy your visit with us.

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Postal address . . . POB 802. . . Chalmette LA  70044 . . .USA

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Phil Gioia Phone  (work) 297-536
JoAnn Boos
Hector Perez
Buster Matthews
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