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Chinese athletes in the Winter Olympics: ( Hong Guo, Hong Guo2, Hong Dang, Liu HongMei, Li Xuan, Wei Guo, Xu NanNan, Guo DanDan, Chen Lu, Wang Chunlu )


Feb 20: Chen Lu took the Bronze medal in the women figure skating competition. Chinese american Michelle Kwan took silver.

Feb 19: Yang Yang won silver in 800 meter woman short track shating, forth medal for China.

Feb 18: Xu Nannan won the silver medal in women's arial.

Feb 17: Li Jiajin won the silver medal in the men's 1000 meter short track skating competition.

Feb 17: China took the silver medal in the women 3000 meter team short track skating.

Feb 17: The Chinese women hockey team lost to Finland in the Bronze medal game 4-1. They finished 4th overall. There is a lot of improvement for a country that has less than 100 women playing hockey. Thanks for everything girls!!!

Feb 14: Guo Zhengxin finished 8th overall in the men's figure skating competition. Highest ever for a chinese man.

Feb 14: The chinese women hockey team lost to Finland last night 6-1 in the final prelim game. The bonze medal game will be tuesday. I hope they were resting because they didn't look good. Liu's lone goal came from a mistake by the Finns. We'll see.

Feb 12: The Chinese women hockey team beat Sweden 3-1 last night. Liu Hongmei scored the winning goal with a point blank backhand. Goalie Guo Hong, after gotten knocked down, stepped on her hand and kneed in the head, stopped 22 shots. China is now into the medal round. China will play Finland next for a meaningless prelim-round before facing Finland again for third place.

Feb 11: The chinese pair Shen & Zhao finished 5th in the Pair Figure Skating competition, highest ever for a chinese pair.

Feb 11: After losing to the heavy favorite Canada and the US, the Chinese women hockey team beat Japan 6-1. Guo Wei scored a hat trick. Yang Xinqing scored one goal and two assists. China next play Sweden tonight and Finland next.

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