Minmin 敏敏


This is my first homepage, so please don't fall asleep reading it 希望唔好悶親你啦 嘻嘻 :D
The following a little about myself.....now don't laugh 咪笑我啦 !

Hi! My name is Minmin 敏敏. I was born very near Valentine's Day 20 something years ago (好似都幾老囉喎) in Shanghai. Our family moved to Hong Kong when I was two years old, so I'm a bonafide Hongkongyan 香港人

I went to primary and first two years of secondary school at Maryknoll Primary/Sisters' School, and finished off high school at Shawnigan Lake School in Canada; then I went to Simon Fraser University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.
Presently I'm STILL thinking about going into a MBA program, however, a change of plan may preclude the feasibility of going abroad. Hey! Is the Dean of Business Admin from HKU and CU listening? Do you want me? ^_^

I just started on my first 'real' job at an international convention planning company; besides making coffee and answering the phone, I get to meet clients and arrange conventions on their behalf. The nature of the job has taken me to Shanghai, Guilin, Nanking, and Beijing (yippie!!!!!), I love it!

When I'm not doing anything constructive (such as surfing the net), I like to do these things which I find very interesting. Why don't you cruise on in and find out what my vices are? 我好鐘意玩呢D野架, 你想唔想知道係乜呢?
These are my good friends 我D老友記 . I owe them everything I know (what little of it) about the net. 冇佢地我就係連Homepage, IRC, TCL係乜東東都唔知架

What makes the internet so interesting is its provision of information in the form of links around the world. I compiled a small collection here for your perusal. Enjoy, take your time browsing, and don't forget to eat dinner. 呢度真係好多野八架, 你都入黎試0下丫!

You are the th smart person who visited my homepage! Thanks a lot! 你黎探我我好開心呀!!! Now would you please Sign My Guestbook 唔該留下大名

I'll even show you my guests who signed 同埋重有d簽左名既朋友添.
你都唔好執輸丫. If you prefer to communicate on a more personal basis, you are welcome to email me.
By the way, Guestbook by Lpage provides the guestbook and GeoCities Geocities the homepage free of charge to internet users. I just want to say thanks for this wonderful service. You can get your own free copy too. But hurry, there's no telling when this service may cease.

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This page is last updated on 12th February, 2000