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Thursday December 12th, 2002

Disney' Rep. DJ Cuse live on the wonder!
What's up ya'll. It's your boy Cuse, back from the sweet summer heat of the Bahamas. Got some photos for ya'll encompassing everything from chillin' in Orlando at Disney World beford i hit ths ship,, to Halloween and everything in between. Holla!!!. Click Here For All The Hype Ish

"V" Is For 'Victoria' Day Long Weekend 2002!
What up everyone, this past long weekend I had one of the best weekends in a long time with all the boys just chillin' out at the James' cottage establishments up North. Of course we did have to get a Keg for the weekend, but between the 10 of us that were on it, it was gone in 18 waking hours of drinking (25.5 hours in total, but we can't drink when we are sleeping), even though i'm sure some of u could have hooked it to your veins. LOL. Photos are now online from Friday Night. Coles and Beit's I need your raw video, so i can get some of the classic stunts up here. So email me!!!

OH MI GOD!!! Is all I can say after hearing the KISS 92 Wham Bam Summer Concert. Listen to this damn lineup, JA RULE, TWEET, GLENN LEWIS, ASHANTI and Mr. Sean John himself P.DIDDY! I'm just getting chills looking at this lineup. Tix will range from 38.50 to $58.50 on sale this Saturday, and the venue is the Skydome Skytent. The date is set for July 1st CANADA DAY!

Those of you looking forward to seeing Usher and his entourage coming through Toronto on his evolution tour will unfortunatly not get your wish. I'm guessing that $$ was definatly the reason why the tour ain't coming to Canada. Damn Shame Yo.!

My boy "Ylook" of the hottest hip-hop group in Toronto "THE CIRCLE" just got back from Howard University in Washington DC, and he hit me off with some dope pics. Check em out. Mostly historical photos. Much Respect Y! Get That LAW Degree on and do your thang!

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P.Diddy, Ja Rule, Tweet, Glenn Lewis, Ashanti- July 1st - KISS 92 Wham Bam Summer Concert - Skydome
Alicia Keys - July 8 - Sears Theatre @ Air Canada Centre
BHS Boys
BHS: Matty J & Brinks (Beavis & Butthead Routine)
MUSIQ - Halfcrazy

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Toronto Phantoms Arena Football

Toronto Phantoms Arena Football

Last Blast In Guelph

Long Weekend May 2002

England Vs. Nigera World Cup Bar In Toronto