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Click on the Puerto Rico links page for a visit to my friends

Hello Lisa!!!!!! Te quiero Mi Amor.
Hoi schat!!
Dont forget to re-load...also re-load the babe page for a new picture and the PR, Bodyboarding and reports pages have been updated

This site is under construction so please dont get mad ANYMORE..
I will try to provide some links to interest sites for the bodyboarding/surfing community. If you want to submit stuff for the site please feel free to e-mail me
Newsletter out, sign up!!!
Check the new color pictures....they might take a while loading but I am also going to have a thumbnail page soon  almost done!!!.
Ive been out of the loop for a while...sorry!! A lot of things are changing in the industry and we are going bigger and better.... Ill keep trying to keep the page updated
Circus, Perspectives, Tahiti skins, Tension, Shark Island Challenge videos, New Cartels, SZABAD, ION boards, No Friends clothing, Board Snax and MARLEY wear available at BBHQ !!!!!!!!

Central Florida Bodyboarders pics part 2 in COLOR
Central Florida bodyboarders pictures
Puerto Rico Links
Surf Reports/forecasts
Central Florida news, Puerto Rico report
Bodyboarding links.....CHECK EM OUT
My friends/Misc pics
A friend (babe, updated weekly)
Bonus Pic
Thanks to my sponsors IND, B WEAR clothing and Zeal Optics!!
Kainoa Kills it!!!
I will be adding my collection of pictures and links to the site...keep watching and thanks for checking it out. Also...BBHQ page, new pictures coming in from PR, central Fl and MAYBE some video clips. If any of you guys have anything to submit....let me know...the page is for all FL bodyboarders!!!   thanks  lou

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