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Hello! Welcome to my page, I hope I can do justice to the wonderful decade of the 80's because, I confess, I am very PROUD to be a true Child of the 80's. Guilty as charged!

I also am a fledgling Parrothead, and have an unsatiable appetite for Buffett music, attitude, and paraphenalia.

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Ok, I've heard and seen a lot of things getting "retro" and reminiscing the 80's. I'm not "jumping on the bandwagon," but I want to do my part to bring that excellent decade into the forefront of people's attention, and remind them of things from the decade that were worth remembering, as well as give my opinion on the whole thing.

One of the great parts of the 80's was the music. So many artists and songs defined the whole attitude of the decade, many of them you don't hear much nowadays. Here is a great site I found that can help you in finding those lost songs, lyrics, and album titles:

I will be adding more links and graphics as time goes on, but for now, suffice it to say that this part is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". For some amusement in the meantime, why don't you go check out the existing links I have:

For a bit of a look at a dreamer, please go see my poetry page!

More Links for your amusement can be seen here:

And I cannot forget to steer you toward the homepages of some buddies of mine: Buddies' homepages

For a look at some of my adventures, check out my Photo Album: Picture Page

Some of my favorite 80's artists include John Cougar, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Prince, I could go on forever!

I also do have to confess that over the last few years I've developed into an avid Parrothead, and even converted a few other individuals into Parrotheads. I've grown to sincerely love my growing and rather large collection of Jimmy's music and books, and have embraced Buffett's "Carpe Diem" attitude. For a start in Parrothead conversion, visit this site:

If you'd like to give your 2 cents' worth of thoughts, or have an idea for something to include in a page devoted to the 80's, OR have some interesting Parrothead contribution, drop me a line and sign my homemade guestbook:


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