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Update and Progress of ABL Documentary

Right now we are in the latter end of the production stage.  I am anxious to wrap up all the interviews.  We are currently waiting for interview from Trisha Stafford and Katie Smith.  If the editing goes well, I would like to set a Bay Area screening in May when my co-producer, Lynn Hamilton will be visiting.

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* Just a little note.  For those of you who emailed me and didn't get a response.  I am not ignoring you.  The email addresses that I responded to did not accept incoming mail.


My name is Angela Shen and I am a student filmmaker practicing my craft at the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco. My main field of interest is producing documentaries.  I am seeking participants for a video documentary on the ABL.

This is student project aiming to create awareness and remembrance that the ABL was a league that started out with all the right intentions and for whatever reasons did not succeed.  Letís not forget the ABL.  The video documentary will focus on the opinions and thought of fans, players, coaches, and front office personnel on the formation and demise of the ABL.  The ABL meant a lot to different people and I want to capture the feelings and emotions on this video documentary.

I am pleased to say we already have commitments to the project from Trisha Stafford, former player for the San Jose Lasers and Long Beach Stingrays; Howard McKoy of West Coast Sports Management Group, sports agent to Sheri Sam; and several San Jose Lasers and Columbus Quest fans.  We are also negotiating commitments from a former member of the ABL advisory board, and other ABL players.

Premise:  For the first time in years, the ABL offers professional women basketball players the opportunity to pursue a career beyond college without having to leave the country.  After nearly two seasons, the ABL was highly regarded as the league with the most talented players, but it was up against the WNBA marketing machine backed by the money, experience and reputation of the NBA.  A third of the way into its third season, the ABL surrender.  The league filed for protection under Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed operations three days before Christmas, 1998.

Approach to Story: Fans, players, coaches, etc. discuss their opinions on what happened with the ABL.  This story will show how women, young girls, and athletes react to the news of the demise of the ABL.  Each will analyze and theorize on what led up to the filing of bankruptcy by the ABL.  Will they continue to dream?

Issues to be addressed:

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Congratulations to Trisha Stafford who got engaged to another CAL Bear. Apparently, the Golden Bear's engagement ring is HUGE!!!

The Golden Bear is playing in Italy for the 1998-1999 season with Cindy Brown and fans alike may see her in the WNBA next season if everything works out. GO BEARS BABY!

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