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Welcome to my humble abode! My name is Elisa (Ee lee sa, phonectically speaking) I hope you are doing as well as I am. I am new to this type of thing so I hope you will forgive any errors that I have made. Well a little about myself-I am 16 right now. My birthday is January 31 of 82. I live with my mom and my grandma, since my parents have been divorced since I was 6. It's a long story that I don't even know that much about... Anyway, I'm from Missouri (no, not everyone here is inbred or lives on a farm-we have cities too) I live in St. Louis, one of the biggest cities in Missouri. I'll be a junior in high school this year. I have a job at the local Dairy Queen (I know it's retarded but it's cash). I have been employed there for a year and some months-I forget the exact amount. I have been promoted, I am a supervisor now with a key to the store and a phat raise. I'm also the Employee Of the Month-more money- so I am a happy lil' DQ girl. Besides working I play sports and stuff and I like to work on cars with my dad and stuff like that. We have built an engine for a Corvette and restored two Mustangs (well restored a '67 and fixed up an '89) both Mustangs are convertibles.

I love to play soccer, hence the name Goaliegirl. I play wing, halfback, and goalie. I've been playing for almost eight years. I am a proud member of three different teams. I play for a church(which I don't attend), an indoor league, and my high school team. GO COLTS!(had to throw that in). I used to run track, and cross country but due to injuries I have been forced to limit myself to cheerleading, gymnastics and soccer. Gymnastics is beginning to get boring for me I really want to take a kick boxing class, it sounds fun and it's good for you. I still run distance to keep in shape though, I ride my bike everyday too. Basically anything that has to do with being outdoors is fun for me. I enjoy so many different things. I have this obsession with staying busy.

As far as bands and music go I am into alternative stuff and some rap, grunge, punk, ska and funk. Basically everything except classical, and country (no offense to those who enjoy that stuff). I like some of the older stuff too, like Steve Miller, The Doors, Grateful Dead. Concerts are always a hell of a lot of fun. I have been to about 15 or so... Some of which are three ICP shows, Steve Miller, Tom Petty, Six Pointfest Shows, two Homegrown shows, No Doubt, Primus(with Limp Bizkit and PM5K) and a few local shows at clubs in the area. I have B-Real's autograph, when I met him at the ICP show. He is the DJ for Cypress Hill and Psycho Realm, he was walking around after they got off stage and I went up and started talking to him, so he autographed my CD. Some of my other favorite bands are Beck, Rage Against The Machine, and The Cure. Check out their pages sometime, I can't gaurentee you won't be disappointed but if you aren't email me and we can swap info about the band sometime. Okay? I also really like The Deftones, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Cake, MatchBox 20, Indigo Girls, Stir, Reel Big Fish, K's Choice, Soul Kiss, Social D, Insane Clown Posse, Limp Bizkit, PM5K and more.

On the Homefront the Urge is my favorite band from St. Louis, Missouri. They started playing at clubs in the area, then beyond and now they are famous, along with Gravity Kills they are really good too.

Locash is a band coming up in the ranks from St. Louis. They have a CD out called, "It's about time." I sorta know their drummer he's a good friend of my ex's. They're kind of like Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Korn. They play really good stuff. You should check out their page-it explains a lot more about them and has info on their show dates and how to get a CD of your own.

Drop25 is another good local band that plays around town at the clubs. They play with Pale Hands Bound and locash and other area bands. Check em out.

If any of you play soccer, skateboard, I would really love to hear from you. Responses from readers are always welcome, I love to read them. Write me even if you don't play. I'll reply to anyone who asks me to. And if you don't want to email you can merely sign my guestbook to let me know that you dropped in.

I also enjoy writing and reading poetry. It took a long time but I got one of my poems published. The book came out sometime last year. I write about all things such as life, love, and whatever else comes to mind. Walt Whitman is my favorite poet.
Here is one of my newest poems... And if you would like to see some more then click on the book and it will take you to see them.

The Butterfly

Love is like a butterfly,
Beautiful to see, but impossible to possess.
Knowing this fact,
We still try our best.
You may capture it,
For just a while,
But it would leave,
While your hearts broken pieces lay in a pile.
Love is a sword,
With a sharpened blade.
The cut is swift and sweet,
While the pain is made.
Medicine to heal a broken heart,
Cannot be bought,
But new love heals the pain,
When another butterfly is caught.
This cruel cycle,
Is what keeps us going,
Will you love or lose?
There's no way of knowing.


I own a copyright to all my poems as most good poets should. If you have comments or questions feel free to write.

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I hope you have enjoyed what I have done so far, please come back to view the changes from time to time. My page will never be done.

This is how many people have come to see my work so far. I know it isn't much but hey I just got started give it time, okay?

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Au revoir.

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