The Campout II
Gym Dude

Also see ‘The Campout’ and ‘The Letter

Every day I hit my gym like a madman.  Not that I ever lacked motivation but that package of pictures I got from Claw Boy last winter continues to serve as a clear reminder that I need to be in the best condition possible or face a major ass kicking.  Every time I strain for just one more rep I picture in my mind what Claw Boy is doing right now.  How much bigger has he become since those pictures were taken?  How many men has he pounded into pulp as he trains harder and harder to face me in August?  I am approaching 30 and must fight for every pound of muscle I gain while Claw Boy is still 19 and just hitting his prime athletic years.

I had the picture of Claw Boy and the big muscleman he was manhandling blown up to poster size and keep it predominately displayed in the center of my gym.  Any time I think about quitting for the day I take a close look at the man being destroyed by this kid.  The stud is easily my size with a championship physique.  His handsome face is twisted in agony and total helplessness as the powerful young horse behind holds him tightly and cranks up the pressure.  The big man can’t move and the expression on Claw Boy’s face says it all, that mass of solid muscle is headed my way and it won’t be long before all his power will be unleashed on ME!

While Claw Boy’s buddies are lining up opponents for him to practice on, I’ve been sparring with some of the bigger guys at my gym and I hate to admit it, but I’ve been taking out some of my frustration on my new lifting buddy, Mike.  Mike is my postman and nearly every day after his route he drops by for a training session in my garage.  I have to hand it to him, the dude is really coming along.  In a short few months he has packed on another ten pounds of quality muscle.  The guy is strong and fast.  After each heavy lifting session we unwind and stretch with some wrestling in the back yard.  Sometimes I get a little wrapped up in the thought of facing Claw Boy in August and start taking it out on Mike.  While he is no match for a man my size, the stud can handle some real abuse then turn around and give it right back.  Mike is turning into one hell of a tough fighter!

I save my really heavy lifting for the gym.  I’ve teamed up with some powerful weightlifters and bodybuilders and the competition has really done me some good.  Slowly I have built myself up to the point that I can keep up with the strongest of these guys, maybe not with all the sets they do, but I can at least handle the heavy weights for a few reps.  I can really feel the effect of the accelerated program and the two-a-day workouts.  My muscles are clearly thicker and a great deal stronger.  After a particularly aggressive workout I flex in the mirror and like what I see.  Those muscle-guys at campout are not going to know what hit them.

My muscle buddies at the gym have mostly trained in the more disciplined sports of boxing and wrestling but have enthusiastically taken to no-rules no-holds-barred combat.  It seems like every day they are coming up with some new hold or maneuver to try on me or each other.  Every time they catch me in a seemingly unbreakable hold, I picture the face on the wall of my garage of that bodybuilder being destroyed by a muscle-teen.  The image drives me to twist and flex until I break their grip, no matter what it takes.  These workouts are great for me.

I carefully watch the big men fighting each other.  I will need to pick two of them to stand by my side in August.  I’ve already decided to put Mike up against Sleeper Kid.  I think Mike can take him, but it should be a great match-up.

As time goes by and Mike gets bigger and stronger so I set up a gym membership for him and introduce the dude to my muscle buddies.  Starting with his first workout, my postman takes to the heavier weight training like a natural and as the days pass his solid frame literally explodes with new muscle.  This stud is easily going to tip the scales at two hundred pounds by August.

While he is still dwarfed by the rest of the guys, Mike holds his own on the mats with even the biggest of the men.  Sometimes watching him fight reminds me of a fighter plane buzzing around a giant bomber.  Mike works to keep his distance then uses his speed advantage to get inside and deliver some damage then get out before getting caught.  Unfortunately time is not on his side and these big men don’t break down very easy.  Sooner or later my postman eventually gets tied up then its payback time.  Fortunately none of the guys go out of their way to bust him up but they are willing to work him over pretty good.  Mike responds well to the beatings which only makes him work harder the next time.  I really admire his spirit.  

As July approaches it’s time to pin down my buddies to see who is going on this year’s campout.  I need two men to go up against Claw Boy’s Muscleboys.  These guys are both about 6’2” and last year they were around 195 and 210.  I have nothing to base it on other than the realization that they have been working out for a year and I expect them to show up at 210 and 220 or so.  Claw Boy’s letter said he had been kicking their asses on a regular basis so I only hope they haven’t been training like he has or they would be freaking giants by now.  That is an unsettling thought; I could be setting my men up to be on the wrong side of a muscle crushing party!

During our next workout I bring up the subject of our campout over the second weekend of August.  As my luck would have it, the two men I was shooting for are both going to be tied up at a bodybuilding competition on the other side of the state that week but Doug and Craig both have open schedules and are crazy about the idea of testing their new skills against willing participants. 

Doug flexes his powerful right biceps and slaps it hard.  “Yeah!” he shouts, “Let’s see your Muscleboys face THIS kind of power!”  Not to be outdone by the 225 pound bodybuilder Craig flashes his double-biceps pose with every muscle on his 235 pound frame flexed.  “Find me a muscle boy who can stand up to this body!” he laughs.  Both men look spectacular and it is hard to imagine why they aren’t headed to the bodybuilding show themselves, but I am happy to have them on my side. 

Mike steps forward and drills a half-dozen powerful punches into Craig’s unprotected brick-wall abdominals.  It doesn’t look like the big man even feels it but finally he smiles down at the smaller man and calmly says, “Are you trying to tell me you’re interested in a gut-punching contest?”

Instantly, Mike steps back with his hands in the air, “No way, Dude!  I was just testing to see if those bricks were as strong as the look!”

“They’re even stronger!” Craig responds with a smile, “And these are stronger too!” he says as he flexes his massive canons again.  “Do you want to try these on for size?  How about I wrap these pythons around your chest and see if you can still breathe?”

“No thanks, Big Guy.” Mike backs away, “I think I’ll take your word for it.”  Everyone laughs but Mike gets the distinct impression he has just escaped with his life.

I move my poster from the garage to the gym and my muscle buddies are just as impressed as I am at the pained and helpless look on the bodybuilder’s face.  For the next month we train harder than ever.  Wayne and Sam are busy preparing for the bodybuilding contest but still find time to give us a run for our money on the mats.  Both men are incredibly strong but out of respect for the upcoming contest, we make sure not to hurt them, not that we could hurt either of these giants anyhow.

As July draws to an end, Mike steps on the scales with 198 pounds of solid beef, an incredible transformation from the 180-pounder I met in my driveway just 8 months ago.  I am next and proud of the fact that all my hard work this year has paid of handsomely with my ripped body now weighs in at 230 pounds!  SHIT!  I think to myself as I flex in the mirror, I look freaking indestructible!  How could ANY 19-year-old kid stand up to this body????

Doug and Craig were both hard and lean as ever.  The guys always look GREAT and weigh in at 225 and 235 respectably.

I look around the room at the amazing power represented in this team.  “DAMN!  We’re unbeatable!” I scream.  “Bring on the wimps, it’s time for LUNCH!” Craig chimes in.  “We’re gonna squash those kids!” says Doug.  “This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!” Mike responds.  We have to find an outlet for all our new strength and head back to the weight floor for another workout.  Lord, help any man who gets in our way today!!!  

At long last after a year or recuperation and hard training it’s finally Friday afternoon and as I help load our packs in the back of Doug’s Suburban, it is hard for me to imagine that it has been a whole year since my last camping adventure.  I can’t believe how long it took to heal from the savage beating administered by the Muscleboy team, especially the attack from Claw Boy.  That dude is just plain vicious!  I can’t help but flex the powerful muscles in my dramatically improved physique.  My new body can hardly wait to enter physical combat with the young studs that wasted me last year.  I turn to admire the muscle hunks backing me up this year.  Each man has made amazing progress in his fighting skills, toughness and especially pure unadulterated POWER! 

We’re all wearing shorts or cut-offs and tank-tops except Doug who doesn’t have a shirt on.  In Doug’s words, “Why hide a body like this?”  I have to agree but if we make any stops along the way, we are going to keep people talking about it for years.  As we climb in, it is hard for me to even imagine this much strength packed in one car! 

The drive out of town is uneventful except for the ideas guys keep popping up with about what they were going to do to their opponents and how much is was going to hurt those guys.  Then we all laugh.

My heart is already beginning to pound with anticipation as Doug turns onto the dirt road.  We finally wind our way to the parking area finding that we are not the first to arrive.  In fact, it looks like a crowd has preceded us.  Parked on a flat section of ground are a hot, red Camero convertible, a jacked-up 4-wheel drive Dodge pickup and a killer Ninja motorcycle. 

While we pack up our gear and prepare for the hike, we each speculate about who owns what.  I picture Claw Boy on the bike, Sleeper Kid in the truck and the Muscleboys in the convertible.  That is assuming that all of these vehicles belong to our intended combatants and assuming that they came alone.  Wait a minute!  Is that a safe assumption?  Is this going to be a fair man-to-man competition or are we walking into a trap?  My heart races like never before.  Am I psyching myself out before I even face my foe?  SHIT!  I’ve got to STOP thinking or I’ll drive myself crazy!  All the guys are as excited as I am, but I don’t share my idea about a set-up with them, there may be nothing to it.  These vehicles may not even belong to our friends, although hardly anyone knows about this place.  Damn it brain, SHUT THE HELL UP!

We load up our packs and excitedly head up the hill.  We’re all chatting and making jokes which helps to pass the time and before long we reach the stream.  We are halfway there and pause for a few minutes.  I take another look at all the premium muscle on these guys and think about what it would be like if we were at a pool or taking over a section of beach.  Damn, anyone would have to be crazy to face us!

Too eager to wait any longer we head uphill following the stream.  I have forgotten the incredible beauty of this place and how much I appreciated getting away from everything, or at least I did for a while.

“It’s right around the bend, guys.” I say as we approach the clearing.  Just as before, it is picture perfect, just like the first time I saw it except that there are tents on MY side of the river!

We gather at the campsite but there is no sign of people until I hear a dull THUD coming from the river.  We drop our packs and head over to investigate.  I’m amazed at what I see.

One very muscular guy is stretched out on a curved dome granite rock with one muscular guy on each side lifting a rather heavy smooth stone that must be at least 50 or 60 pounds then dropping it on the guy’s gut like a medicine ball.  With nearly no reaction, the kid tosses it back to them and they smash it home again.  Just like me, my buddies are impressed.

“YO Dudes!” I shout as we approach and make our presence known.  The action stops and as the dude on the rock stands up I recognize my old nemesis.  Beyond any doubt it is Claw Boy, only this time the kid is bigger, stronger and obviously a damn site tougher.  Claw Boy smiles as he brushes small pieces of stone from his washboard abs.  As he steps forward I can see he is no worse for wear. 

“My God!  Abs that can wear down granite! Damn incredible!” Craig utters not quite under his breath.

“I told ‘em you’d show up.” Claw Boy smiles as he reaches out to shake my hand.

“Naturally!” I chuckle, “And I decided to even up the odds.  This is Doug, Craig and Mike.”

“And I see you’ve been working out. I’m glad!  You’re looking a lot stronger.  I appreciate you bringing along your friends, it’s going to make things a lot more FUN!  I guess my letter was able to provide some incentive?” Claw Boy laughed.

I try to sound confident with my reply, “Yeah.  You could say that.”

“I didn’t know if you’d believe me or not.  Afterwards I thought I should have sent you room numbers.  Some of the guys I fought ended up in a hospital not far from your house.  You could have easily checked it out.” His eyes twinkle as he talks.  I didn’t doubt him then and I certainly don’t now.  Claw Boy has continued to grow.  The son-of-a-bitch is clearly bigger and stronger than he was in the pictures last winter, and I’m going to end up FIGHTING this kid!  SHIT!

Claw Boy takes a passing glance at the wall of solid muscle before him.  I had hoped for a look of shock or surprise but there was no change of expression on his face.  By now his team has gathered by his side.

“Guys, meet Aaron, Carl and Todd, I’m Scott.  Welcome to our annual campout.  We plan on really having a good time this weekend and I sure as hell hope you enjoy it too!”

It’s funny, I never really thought about these guys having NAMES.  I don’t know if I can adapt to calling Sleeper Kid as Todd.  It just doesn’t seem to fit.  And Scott, Great Scott!  This stud has put on at least another 20 pounds of solid steel muscle.  I swear the kid must be on ‘roids or something.  The stud is nothing short of incredible.

“Thanks for joining us.  This should be a memorable weekend.  We saved plenty of room for your camp in the meadow there.” Scott said as he motioned across the river.  I thought of this as MY space and now we’re being relegated ‘across the river’?  I could make a fuss but we’re going to have a much better opportunity to make our presence known a little bit later.  It is just annoying that I feel like I am already being controlled by this kid.  We pack up and make camp across the river. 

By the time we finish setting up camp we still have a lot of the afternoon available.  We meet up with the Muscleboys at their camp and start to plan the weekend ‘events’.  Comparing stats we learn that Aaron and Carl now weigh in at 225 and 210 with a buffed up Sleeper Kid at 195 and Claw Boy now a little over 6 feet tall and weighing a solid 220!  Damn, that’s about 40 pounds of muscle in just one year!  The kid must freaking LIVE at the gym.

The most obvious pairing is Mike and Sleeper Kid.  The kid is a couple of inches shorter but their weight is nearly identical.  Claw Boy has already made it clear that he and I have a score to settle and will do so with no interference from our buddies.  That leaves his Muscleboys to face mine.  With Doug and Craig at 225 and 235 and Aaron and Carl at 225 and 210, we’ve got the weight advantage. 

Both Claw Boy and I are anxious, but every time I look at this powerful young stud I wonder if this is such a good idea.  We agree that the two of us will face off today, one-on-one, best of three falls to KO or submission. Tomorrow’s competition will pit Mike against Todd, the Sleeper Kid, a natural pairing. 

It is tougher to decide how to fairly pair up the remaining four men.  While there is one muscleman on each team of nearly equal weight that would leave a 25 pound difference between the other two men.   We decide the fairest solution is to have the four musclemen compete tag-team.  All four men like the idea, especially my guys since we have the weight advantage.

We move to a clear area not far from the campground and everyone scours for sharp objects.  The area is mostly hard dirt and some low grass.  It seems perfect for our intentions.  The adrenalin is pumping through my body and I am eager to put my muscles to work.  I take in the view of Scott and he looks like he’s out for a walk in the park.  I wonder if inside he is excited as I am? Without being told, the six extra men move away from the center leaving me and Claw Boy alone.  No one has to say “GO!” we both clearly understand why we are here.

We slowly circle and prepare for the first lock-up.  The kid has a real shit-eating grin as he flexes and moves to my left.  I can’t help but admire the way Claw Boy has grown in the past year.  This stud has gone from a solidly built kid with incredible forearms to a magnificently muscular sculptured body to match his even more powerful arms.  It is fascinating to watch as the muscles flex and move under his thin, well-tanned skin.  Every ounce of his additional forty pounds is rock-solid muscle, in fact, harder than rock as he easily demonstrated upon our arrival.

Claw Boy is eager to clamp me in his incredible grip and make me suffer but he’s smart enough to realize that he is not the only man that has spent the past year in the weight room.  I’ve packed another ten pounds of solid beef on my already spectacular physique and I still out-weigh the kid, even though it’s no longer much of an advantage. 

Thanks to some real serious training and being still in his growing years, the kid is a little over an inch taller than last year making us almost equal in height.  I’m not going to have the reach advantage and judging from the mass of muscle before me, we could be very close in the strength department as well.

Neither one of us wants to make a mistake as we alternate between lunges and fakes.  While both our teams are offering verbal support, we still have not locked up.  Claw Boy takes a step back then raises both arms signaling a test of strength.  As I examine the tower of power before me, I realize just how close we are in size and shape.  It is clear that this is no longer a BOY; I’m facing a full-size, buffed and built MAN!  A man that is every bit my equal.  It is clear to me that the name Claw BOY no longer fits.

As he stretches up his massive arms and spreads his fingers my eyes follow his sinewy muscles to a pair of amazing forearms.  Scott’s arms were always the dude’s strong point and even though the rest of him has filled out to match, those arms are still phenomenal.  I pride myself for developing great guns but this young stud is truly exceptional. 

I smile back at my heavily muscled opponent and as I step forward I begin to reach one hand to meet his.  It is clear to me and all those around us that we are a good match for upper arms, but Scott owns the superior forearms.  This match-up does not look good for me.  As the kid looks up preparing his grip, I quickly spin delivering a solid round-house kick to the kid’s side.

I know my kick hurt my man but rather than doubling over as I expect, Scott stands firm inviting me to engage in a test of strength.  I step towards the muscle-teen again and surprisingly he offers no sign that he is ready to protect himself from another attack.  “Come on, Man.  Step up to the plate and let me crush you!” the kid smiles, “Unless you’re afraid of these!” Scott pulls his big arms down to shoulder height flexing his mountainous biceps to the amazement of the studs on BOTH teams.

I admit that the kid has killer arms, but so do I.  I began to raise my guns to a double-biceps pose and put the young athlete in his place but we’re not here for a pose down, instead I leap forward delivering a front kick to Scott’s chest slamming my heel to his solar plexus and knocking the big stud back into the men behind him.  A couple of guys nearly lose their balance catching Scott’s 220 pound bulk.

I seem to have gotten the kid’s attention.  Scott finds his footing and charges toward me.  At the last moment I side-step and drill the kid with a knee-lift to the gut.  Scott charges into the men behind me with the same result.  As the kid moves toward me again, I go low and grip behind his legs.  With his weight behind me, I flip up quickly and Scott’s buff physique crashes unceremoniously to the ground.  Before the kid can catch his bearings I drive a knee-drop to his right thigh.  Even though this dude’s leg muscles feel more like stone, I catch a groan from the impact and quickly deliver another before Scott kicks me back with his other leg.  The kid is on his feet before I can do much more.

We circle again, this time the kid is protecting his right leg.  This guy is really put together and it is my job to take him apart!  Scott knows his greatest strength is his grip and in order to use that power on me he has to get in close which plays into my plan perfectly.  As the kid moves in again, I slip under him, scoop the stud in the air and power slam him to the ground.  Without hesitation I am in the air smashing my knee into his right thigh and hamstrings.  This time I get in four damaging blows before the mighty kid can escape.  The stud is up but movement is much more difficult for him now.

His current game plan isn’t working and his buddies are offering every idea in the book, none of them good ones; “Grab him and kick his ass!” “Drop the sucker!” Get in there and CRUSH him, Man!”  But when he moves up to engage, I slide to my left and deliver another spinning back-kick striking solidly just above the back of his right knee.  The stud’s massive leg buckles.  With a pained expression on his face the handsome hunk drops to one knee.  Before he can set up to block me, I deliver another spinning kick to the jaw, driving Claw Boy face-first to the ground.

I still have to admire the muscles rippling on this powerful athlete as he presses his hands to each side in an effort to get back into the fight.  As he starts to rise I drop an elbow between his shoulders, the impact and my weight drive my man’s face back to the ground, HARD!

Scott is dazed and barely able to move.  His buddies stand in stunned silence while my team cheers me on.  Gripping Claw Boy’s right ankle and stomping with all my weight onto his damaged right leg, I drop forward wrenching his knee and for good measure, on the way down I drill an elbow to the back of his thick neck.

Barely conscious, the big stud groans and what little he moves has no obvious purpose.  I grip his arms and pull his upper body off the ground, powering his big guns behind his back stretching out his lean physique against my knee in his back.  Other than the inherent strength of his thick muscle tissue, Scott offers no real resistance to my surfboard hold.  As I wrench his mighty arms back even more the big kid groans but still is not fighting back.  I crank on his big body again and still get no resistance.

Only because it is convenient, I pull his arms tighter behind Scott’s broad back and pull myself to a standing position.  Gripping solidly under his jaw I pull the kid’s head up as I stand before him.  The muscular stud’s eyes are rolling around in his head and it is clear that he is done.  I drive one more knee up under his jaw and the big boy smashes helplessly to the ground, out cold!

“First fall to the Muscleman!  Any argument?”  There is none.

My team is going crazy slapping me on the back and rubbing my traps to keep me loose.  “We’re gonna crush those kids!” Doug laughs out loud.  “They are going to regret this for a very long time!” Craig chimes in, “I just can’t wait to unleash these babies!” Craig adds as he flexes his massive guns.

“Now, listen up guys.” I want to keep things under control, “I’m not done yet.  This kid could still be dangerous and we’ve got some close fights ahead.  Sure, I’ve kicked this boy’s ass once but this is no walk in the park.  Stay on your toes and don’t take these guys for granted.  They’re tough and they’re strong, even if they don’t look like it right now!”  I laugh a little as I look over my shoulder as the Muscleboys work to bring Scott around and get him to his feet.  I feel a little sorry for him since I damn near took his head off.  Maybe I’ll take it a little easier on him in the next fall, MAYBE.

We hadn’t set a time period between falls and I am anxious as hell to tear into my muscular opponent again before I cool off.  I keep moving around as they work on Scott.  On his feet the big dude looks real loose.  He’s shaky on his feet but starting to work the pained muscles in his shoulders and right leg.  The kid shakes his head like he’s trying to figure out what I hit him with.  It’s all me, baby.  And I’m ready with a lot more from where that came from!

Scott staggers slightly as he tries to walk.  Aaron reaches up and slaps the kid to get him focused.  Aaron, Scott and I are about the same size yet I don’t get the impression that Aaron gets away with slapping this kid around very often.

“Alright, Guys.” I shout.  “Get your man ready.  Times a wastin’, let’s get this show on the road!  It’s time to fight or quit, what’s it gonna be?”  The guys move back out of the way as Scott shakes his big muscles loose and tries to look like a bad ass.  Damn, kid.  I KNOW what shape you’re in.  Hell, you’re looking at the man who put you there!    Claw Boy is not moving too well and as he moves within range I fire a quick jab that bounces off his forehead snapping the dude’s head back.  I’m hoping to see those brown eyes spinning in circles again.  That was really cool!  Unfortunately all I get back is a cold hard stare.  The kid is moving a little more smoothly and I know I need to take him down quickly or he’s going to be one dangerous mother.

Scott is hurt and he’s pissed.  Both situations could work for me or against me, depending on whether I get stupid or not.  The stud lunges for a take down but his right leg buckles under his weight and pain streaks across his face.  “Thank YOU!” I shout as I drill the young stud with a knee to the jaw. 

“OH NO!” the Muscleboys scream as their man hits the ground hard, but Scott rolls to his feet before I can capitalize on my move.  He staggers slightly working to maintain his footing and his eyes are rolling around a little.  “Take him DOWN!” Craig cheers.  “You got him, Big Guy” Mike offers his support.  “He’s yours, Man.  Put him AWAY!” Doug adds.

As the big stud shakes his head to clear the cobwebs I sweep in and smash four extra powerful punches to Scott’s wide-open abs.  The kid is still guarding his head and makes no move to defend his body so I drill him with another six.  I expect the kid to drop just like most men after an attack like this, but Claw Boy stands motionless, still shaking his head.  The muscle stud is still offering no defense so with nothing and no one to stop me I pound away with another half-dozen of my bare-knuckle fists into the boy’s unprotected washboard stomach.  I fully expect the beaten hulk to collapse at my feet but he only takes a step back and starts to bob and weave.

The kid is coming around and getting back into the fight as though my thorough pounding of his abdominals has not hurt him at all!

Normally when I’m fighting I’m not considered what you call a head-hunter.  I’m not interested in trashing some poor stud.  I much prefer wrestling a man until he is exhausted and completely burned out then just put him away.  In this fight I’ve had my best luck knocking this big stud into next week then working on him while his defenses are down.  Scott is coming around and could be dangerous.  I need to stop screwing around and just knock the kid out! 

The kid has his guard up protecting his head as I move to my right and clench my fists preparing to end this thing, but something is wrong!  Sharp pain is radiating up my arms!  I can’t clinch my fists!  Both arms are in agony from my fists all the way up to my elbows!  I can’t believe it!  My full-power attack on Scott’s abs has destroyed my fists!  I try to shake the pain out of my hands but it feels like a popped a knuckle or two.  Or MORE!

I step back shaking my damaged hands, bewildered.  Every time I try to clench a fist the pain gets worse.  Claw Boy drops his guard and moves in.  As I try to shake out the pain, Scott reaches forward griping both hands as though he were preparing for a test of strength.  I look up in shock and surprise just as Claw Boy closes his powerful grip.  “AAAAAAAARGH” is all I can get out before the young stud twists my hands skyward.  The agony flashing through both my heavily-muscled arms was obvious to all as I scream and instantly drop to my knees.

If I had the chance I would beg for release but before I can, Claw Boy’s knee smashes home under my jaw and I crash to my back on the hard ground.  The iron-bodied young stud stands above me groaning at his feet and admires his handiwork.  “So what do you think of my new muscles now?  Am I stronger than the big bodybuilder yet???”

The kid stretches out his hands then bends over gripping solidly on each side of the thick pec muscles on my chest.  The muscles in the young fighter’s arms ripple as his thumb and fingers crush my pecs.  I am forced to scream again and the pressure escalates dramatically as Claw Boy performs a handstand driving his steel-like talons deeper into the chest of his helpless opponent. 

“UUUUUUURGH” my frightening scream is cut short as the muscular teen drops a single knee deep into the center of my muscled gut.  Anchored to the ground under his weight, I am forced to watch Scott’s muscles flex driving his big body to another handstand and knee drop.  My abs do not hold up nearly as well as the buff muscle-teen’s had done.  Scott performs his destructive move twice more while I can only cry out in agony.

Planting a foot on each side of my waist, with one mighty flex Claw Boy pulls my battered body from ground and returns me to my feet.  “You really like to punch me huh, Big Muscleman?” he asks with a knowing smile.  Claw Boy waves his massive arms to each side, “Go ahead, Stud.  Punch away!  Here’s your target!” Scott slaps his flat rippling abs, “I’m all yours.  Pound on me all you like!  Come on, Mr. Muscles.  HIT ME!”  The kid stands before me wide open, screaming at me to hit him and I can’t.  My fists are useless and my chest has been destroyed.  I can barely move my arms as the young stud laughs in my face and powers a hard right hand to my aching stomach.

I double over as the muscular teen’s fist smashes through my hard-trained abs.  The kid pushes me upright again as I stagger before him, barely able to stand.  Claw Boy opens his fist and drives his fingers and thumb deep inside my damaged midsection!

Uncontrollably my big body drapes over the teen’s powerful arm as Claw Boy grabs a giant handful of abdominal muscle.  With one powerful arm the young muscle stud lifts my 230 pound bodybuilder physique to shoulder height.  “UUUUUUGHHH” is all I can get out before the powerful young stud shocks everyone by one-arm pressing my frame to full extension.  

Instantly I am introduced to a new world of agony!  With only the action of muscle reflex, my big body twists in the air, bent in half over the powerful teen’s fist.

“Watch this, Muscleman!”  Scott already knows the big buff he-man in his powerful grasp can do little else but watch as the thick muscles in the teen fighter’s powerful arm flex until I can see every striation in each muscle group.   I am nearly in shock as Claw Boy clamps his fist shut, executing his signature move.

It is not even an instant before I’m screaming submission.  “I give! I give! AAAAARGH!  Please, Man!  I give!”

“I can’t quite hear you, Big Man.  Are you talking to me?” the kid is holding 230 pounds overhead with just the power of one arm and still his voice calmly mocks my helpless condition.

With every ounce of air and energy remaining in my powerfully built body I continue begging Claw Boy for release from his terrible hold, “I GIVE!  PLEASE! PLEASE, MAN!  YOU’RE TEARING ME APART!  PLEASE!  I GIVE!  I GIVE UP!  AAAARRGH!  PLEASE!  I GIVE!  I GIVE UP!  I ……. GIIIIIVVVEEE!”

At long last, showing his first sign of mercy Claw Boy demonstrates his power and control by slowly lowering my broken body to his shoulder, then flips me over and drives my broad back to the ground, the kid’s fist still firmly gripping my destroyed abdominals. 

“UUUUUUUGH, AAAAARGH!” I scream again as the kid instantly releases his powerful grip leaving me to writhe helplessly at his feet.

“Second fall to the Muscle Teen!  Any questions?” Carl shouts out smugly.

Mike cradles my head while Doug and Craig try to massage the life back into my crushed and cramping abdominal muscles.  I am thankful they are leaving me on the ground since I know it would kill me to try to stand.  I knew the kid was dangerous but still cannot comprehend the level of damage he is capable of delivering, WITH JUST ONE HAND!  Shit!  We’re about the same size, yet I’m wasted after fighting this stud.

“Come on, Man!” Mike starts to slap me around, “Get it together, Dude.  You GOTTA take this punk in the last fall!  YOU GOTTA!”  DAMN!  I have to fight this muscle-bound kid AGAIN?  How the hell am I going to do that?  I can hardly freaking breathe!!!!!!   “Don’t worry, Guys.” Aaron laughed at us, “We’ll give you a little extra time to get your man ready.”  Carl couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought, “This is going to be fucking COOL!  I should have brought a camera!”

It seems like an eternity since Claw Boy released me from his killer grip, but it is still WAY too soon as my buddies lift me to my feet and try to get me ready for whatever is to come.  Shit!  I can’t stand up straight and I can barely breathe.  I think that muscle stud as done some serious damage.  God I HURT!  As the guys walk me around I am slowly able to gain some control of my battered muscles.  I’m breathing a little easier now and can walk without stumbling as I hear Carl shout to us, “O.K. Muscleman.  It’s time to meet your maker!  Let’s get this done before sundown.  I want to see every move while Scott tears your big muscleman apart! HA! HA! HA! HA!”  The Muscleboys are really getting off on this.

We start to circle and Claw Boy is unable to hold back the laughter.  “Hey, Dude.  I have to admit that I’m going to really enjoy breaking down that big bodybuilder frame of yours, but do you really want to do this?  I mean, look at me!”  Scott flexes his massive arms and takes a deep breath.  His chest is huge and muscles jump out up and down his studly body.  “Look at these muscles!  You know I’m going to freaking KILL YOU, MAN!  Give it up now and save the embarrassment!  Just get on your knees and beg me and I’ll let you go!”

I couldn’t believe it.  This young stud wants ME to beg him?  He doesn’t know this muscleman very well.  While he’s playing fuck-around, I leap forward with a solid left and catch the smart ass right on the point of his chin.  My fist explodes in pain!  While I try to shake it out, the Muscleboy is being held up by his buddies.  They prop him up and push him forward.  The kid staggers a little and I can tell he is really hurt.  I just about have him, but I don’t have much left.  If I hit him again like that, I better put the son-of-a-bitch away because neither fist is going to work after that.

I decide I better rely on my wrestling skill and cut my losses. 

Dropping low I avoid the big right hand headed my way. I spin to sweep the big stud’s legs but he jumps over my legs and kicks me in the stomach.  My abs are wasted and now we both are well aware of that.  I double over on my knees and elbows as Scott drives an elbow to the center of my spine.  My big body is forced to absorb the full impact and I start to lose feeling in my legs.  If this kid hits me like that again, I’m going to be helpless.

Through the pain, I struggle to my feet only to face a wall of powerful teen muscle just waiting for me.  Scott locks his right arm around my head and effortlessly flips me over his hip, both of us crashing to the ground.  Muscles that have the feel of case-hardened steel crush my skull until it sounds like fire alarms in my head.

“Alright, my big Bodybuilder Buddy.  Get ready for the feel of some real MUSCLE!” Scott warns as his grip tightens ever harder.  I begin to black out.  I try desperately to power my fists anywhere I can into the kid’s muscular body but there is so much pain in my hands I doubt he even feels it.  Parts of my body are beginning to twitch and spasm as the kid grinds down harder on my brain.  “How do these biceps feel, Big Man?  You know, I can crack walnuts just by flexing my arms.  I don’t think your wimpy head is going to fare any better!” the muscle teen laughs at my helplessness.    I have never faced a fighter with such powerful arms.  Scott was right!  I have no defense against his incredible power!  “Well, He-Man.  It’s about time I put you out of your misery!”  Claw Boy says and drags me up to a standing position.  I am motionless in his grip and nearly incapable of standing on my own.  If I have even one body part that is not in agony, I’m not sure what it is. 

Scott props me up and back-fists me across the jaw but pulls me back upright before I can fall.  The kid smiles at the defeated muscle stud before him then he reaches forward flipping my arms aside and locks his muscular arms gripping tightly behind my back.  “I’ve waited a long time for this!” he whispers in my ear.  “I’m going to take my time and REALLY enjoy myself, at your expense, of course!”  Claw Boy tightens his crushing grip while he laughs at my plight. 

Thanks to the complete destruction of my abdominals there is not a lot of air left in my lungs, but Scott takes great pleasure in crushing out what little remains.  “OOOOOUUUGH” I respond as I realize the end is near.  I feel immovable muscles flex hard pressing deeper into my beaten body as Claw Boy unleashes more and more amazing power into his killer grip.  I can feel my ribs bending from the force as I struggle with what little power I have left.  There is no way for me to break Scott’s powerful grip.  Claw Boy takes his time drinking in the pleasure of the massive muscleman suffering in his mighty arms.  I try to pound on the kid’s thick shoulders but Claw Boy just laughs at me and takes a deep breath squeezing me ever tighter. 

With no plan and in complete desperation I am reduced to using the only tools I have left.  Slowly and painfully I wrap my left arm around Claw Boy’s thick neck then lock it in the crook of my right arm.  Claw Boy tightens his crushing grip again as I barely reach my right palm under his jaw. 

“I’m gonna crush your ribs, He-Man, unless I break your back first!”  Scott crushes his mighty grip tighter and I nearly pass out!  With everything I have left I slowly begin to press the muscle teen’s head back before flexing my biceps applying my own crushing power to the young stud’s neck.

Claw Boy laughs at my desperation move and flexes his mighty muscles even harder crushing tighter on his weakening victim.  My hold on his thick neck is truly a desperate move but also my only chance.  I know that this kid has more than enough power to crush me to death but if I can stay conscious long enough, the big stud’s brain will start to shut down.  Kill the head and the body dies!

“You big stupid shit!  Give it up before I really hurt you!” Scott screams while I flex my powerful biceps tighter into his neck.  The kid flexes again but this time it doesn’t hurt as bad.  It might be my imagination, but I think I caught a breath!  I adjust my right hand slightly and slide my fingers across the stud’s nose restricting his air supply.

“You asked for it, Muscleman.  Say goodbye to your ribcage!” Scott screams and I feel the steel-like muscles of his biceps cutting deeper into my worked over body like heavy steel bars.  My ribs are bending but have yet to break.  If he breaks his killer hold the muscular teen could easily finish me off but he is confident that his bear-hug will take me out.  If I can only hold out a little longer! 

“UUUUGH” Claw Boy strains to put me away but I begin to feel the effect of my reverse sleeper.  Scott is struggling but the powerful muscle teen refuses to release me from his killer hold.  It’s now a battle of perseverance.  Who has the air and the will to last the longest?   Claw Boy crushes down on my back again and I reply in kind.

The battle seems to rage forever but at long last I can feel Scott’s terrible hold weaken.  The kid is sure of victory and refuses to break his grip.  If the kid releases me from his bearhug he’ll have no problem putting me away.  I’ve got nothing left and am pouring every ounce of power into my sleeper.  The agonizing minutes drag by but slowly I’m able to get more and more air.  Slowly I gain more and more strength.  I am locked in a battle between guts and ego.  Ego never wins!

Claw Boy finally comes to his senses and realizing the damage my hold is delivering he breaks his death grip on my chest and begins to struggle against my reverse sleeper.  The muscle teen claws and pulls with his mighty hands but it is too late.  Scott is unable to move my pythons as I flex my mighty guns again and Claw Boy’s face reddens deeper.  His struggles rapidly become weaker and an instant later the powerful young stud slumps unconscious my grip. 

The battle is over!

I release the powerful youth and he slumps to the ground in a heap.  My buddies are going insane and the Muscleboys are trying to figure out what the hell happened.  How could their well-muscled hero steal defeat from the jaws of victory?

I know that my sleeper hold is not going to keep the young stud out very long and when he comes around he will probably not be pleasant.  I won our fight fair-and-square, but I also have vivid recollections from last year. 

Grabbing one of his powerful arms, I pull Claw Boy up and sling him over my shoulder.  “Come on, guys.  Give me a hand with the baggage.”

Carl steps toward me, “Hey!  What do you think you’re doing?”  His buddies are not far behind.

“You’ll see.” I reply.  “Unless you want a piece of me, too!”  These guys are all big dudes and fully rested but I have just taken down the man I suspect is their strongest and best fighter.  The dudes back off but trail my team as I lead the parade taking Scott’s muscular body over to a nearby stand of trees.  As I had hoped, the deep stakes were still in the ground and the nylon ropes were still tied high in the trees from last year.  The ranger had been right, nobody comes up here!

I lay Scott out and secure the kid’s ankles with a stretch of rope to each stake.  We pull the defeated athlete to his feet and Mike holds the stud in a bearhug while Doug, Craig and I grab a rope and pull the top of a tree over as far as we can.  “Hurry up!  This guy is heavy!” Mike hollers out.

“Get a good grip, Dude.  If he starts to come around before we’re done, you may have to put him out again!” I yell back.

Mike reconsiders his position.  His newly muscled arms are gripping 220 pounds of premium teenage muscle.  For the first time he considers what would happen if this kid regains consciousness and he will have to face the kid alone, “OH SHIT!” Mike exclaims as he tightens his grip on Claw Boy’s chest.  We all get a laugh as we struggle with the nylon rope.  With 460 pounds of musclemen pulling the tree down, I wrap the rope three times around Claw Boy’s wrist then the guys gently release the pressure letting the rope pull the Muscleboy’s big right arm toward the sky, much to Mike’s relief. 

“Come on, Guys!” Aaron shouts, “You don’t need to do this!”

“Shut the fuck UP” I return, “Unless you want the same.”  Aaron quiets down as he and his buddies are relegated to watching.

The three of us repeat the process with the second rope and in a few minutes Claw Boy’s magnificent physique stretches out spread-eagle before us.  Even unconscious this young horse is one hell of a vision.  A splash of water from my canteen and Scott slowly returns to the living.

“Welcome back, Scooter!” I slap his face a few times to bring him around. Claw Boy tries to pull his arms down, but they don’t move.  He looks to see why his legs don’t work, then quickly checks out both wrists.  For an instant the kid looks shocked at his position, then I suspect memories from last year start returning, with one important difference.  This time it’s personal!

I’m standing right in front of him and Scott starts to smile.  That sure as hell was not my reaction last year!  The kid flexes his massive arms and pulls against the tension on the ropes.  Huge muscles begin to explode all over his magnificent body.  Shit, this kid looks freaking terrific!

After a few reps testing his muscle power against the ropes and discovering, as I had, that they were not going to break, Claw Boy relaxes a little and allows the tension from the trees to pull his huge guns back up.

“You know, Big Man.  You are one lucky bastard.  I underestimated you.  You’re a good fighter but check this out!”  Claw Boy begins to flex his upper body and there is no debate, this kid IS amazing.  Scott’s biceps are like two boulders somehow molded together on top of each powerful arm.  Fighting against the hundreds of pounds of tension, his guns really start to work.  I swear the kid’s upper arms might even be bigger than MINE!

“I’ll bet you’ve never even SEEN a body like mine!  I’m not only stronger than you, I’m a damn site tougher too!  And I’m only 19!” Claw Boy brags about his progress and I have to agree, the kid is one major stud.

“You are in pretty good shape, BOY!” I emphasize the ‘BOY’ part, “Remember that you just fought a real MAN, AND LOST!” I chuckle and my buddies get a good laugh.

“You left out one word, smart ass.” Scott gets a serious look, then smiles and continues, “I just fought a real LUCKY man, and I’ll prove it!  You seem to have me detained for a few minutes and I can’t fight back.  Go ahead, pound away on this body and see if your big bad muscles can break me.  DO IT, Man!  Give me all you got!”

I look up and down at the mountain of muscle and remember what it was like for me last year.  The Muscleboys had open season on me and now this big boy is begging me to return the favor.  I’m going to LOVE this. 

I begin to clench my fists and once again I get shooting pain up both arms.  My pec’s feel as though the very muscle fibers have been torn apart and my lats and ribs feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck.  My face must show the anguish as Scott begins to laugh at me.  LAUGH AT ME!  That ass-hole!

“What’s the matter, He-Man?  Did the mean kid beat up your wimpy fists with his big bad stomach muscles?  HA! What a wus!”  The kid is right about one thing.  I really hurt myself pounding on his rugged abdominals.  Now his buff muscles are stretched out before me as a perfect target.  In anger I spin and smash my elbow to the center of Scott’s rippling gut.  He is still laughing!

I step back and power a front kick, a pair of side kicks and a spinning back kick.  Every blow bounces off the young stud showing no real effect.  I spin again ramming my knee with full force into that wall of muscle.  My broken down abdominals nearly cramp from the strain but again, Claw Boy laughs at my effort.  If I hurt him at all, he is not letting it show.  I almost limp from the impact to my knee, but will not give this stud the satisfaction.  Shit, that’s all I need now!

“Hey, Muscleman.  Why don’t you get some help?” Claw Boy knows how to get to me.  “You brought along some big dudes.  If you can’t do the job, maybe THEY can.”

By this time, my guys are more than eager, “Just be careful with your fists, guys.” I warn them from experience.”  You’ve still got your fights ahead of you.  Pound away on him all you want, just don’t screw yourself up like I did.”

Doug is first at bat, 6’1”, 225 pounds and the picture of health.  The big man loosens up then moves in on his target and releases a couple of dozen punches up and down Claw Boy’s washboard stomach.  There is a loud pop as each fist powers in against solid muscle.  Doug finally stops, looks at his fists then looks at Scott, still smiling.  Just as pissed as I was, the big man turns and drills his right elbow to Claw Boy’s upper stomach.  The kid’s expression doesn’t change and Doug returns to my side, casually rubbing his elbow.

“NEXT!” Mike shouts as he takes position in front of the larger Muscleboy.  The smaller dude unloads with every weapon at his disposal.  I am impressed with the dude’s speed and creativity.  In constant motion he nails the kid with knees, fists, feet and elbows.  Mike works up a good sweat, but Claw Boy hangs there unchanged.

It is Craig’s turn.  235 pounds of ‘Grade A’ beef!  The giant muscleman bobs and weaves as he moves in on his prey.  The impact of his huge fists slamming into Scott’s stretched out physique is almost frightening.  I cannot imagine ANY man standing up to Craig’s incredible power.  For nearly five minutes the big man works out on the Muscleboy before him.  I expect some grunts and groans or even to see the kid break but all I get are a few muscle twitches in his arms and legs, and I’m not even sure Craig caused those.

The massive athlete ends his attack and steps back.  Scott is still able to smile back even though the dude’s abdominals were now bright red from the crushing blows.  “Done so soon?” Scott asks the massive muscleman.

Craig just turns and looks for a long moment then the big man smiles, grips Scott on the side of his narrow waist with his big left hand and slowly runs his right fist down the four deeply carved rows of muscle before him.  “Hell of a rack you got there kid!” is all he has to say before turning and joining his team.

“So what the hell do we do with him NOW?” I ask aloud, not really expecting an answer.  Last year, I was unconscious after my bout on the ropes and Claw Boy was the one who put me there.  I really want to return the favor.

I look back at the teen stud and see him straining against the ropes.  I watch his amazing muscles flex before I come to the realization, Scott isn’t straining to get free, the son-of-a-bitch is working out!  I can’t believe it!  This kid never misses a chance.

Scott finally breaks the silence, “Listen, Dudes.  I know you’re all afraid of me, and you certainly have a right to be, but we have a deal.  I told you we would fight best of three falls and we did.  Lucky or not, you won fair-and-square and I accept that.  The fight is over and I will live up to my word.  I will not attack you for the rest of the weekend, unless you agree to fight me again.  It’s entirely up to you.”  Scott’s smile makes the kid look so damn likeable.  He really pisses me off!

“Dudes!” he goes on, “You may not be able to get your fists into my stomach, but I would sure like to put some food in it.  Come on, Guys.  I’m getting hungry!”

 My entire team of musclemen have been unable to make a dent in Scott’s rugged young body.  There seems to be very little we can do and we are going to have to let him down sooner or later anyhow.  My guys reach up and pull down on each rope while I untie Claw Boy.  The kid remains silent until his bounds are completely free.  Scott rubs his thick wrists where the ropes had dug in then surprises me by wrapping his massive arm across my shoulder solidly gripping my deltoid muscle on the far side.  He wasn’t hurting me, but his grip was secure enough to let me know he could do just about anything he wanted.  “You gotta know that you are one LUCKY bastard!” he slaps me on the gut and chuckles as we walk back toward camp.

By now, the sun is going down and I am feeling pretty jazzed about winning my fight even though my big body aches from the effort. As we finish setting up camp the team is charged and talking about a clean sweep.  I caution them about over-confidence even though our team holds a slight weight advantage and should have a lot more experience than the other team I know some tough battles are ahead.

We get back together with the Muscleboys to fix dinner around a campfire and things are going well between our two groups.  The guys give each other shit now and then and try to psyche each other out with their stories or occasionally flexing their solid muscles for show.  I can’t help but notice Scott making a point of being in my way or getting in my way.  When ever we pass one another he makes sure we bump shoulders or he bumps me off balance then snickers at the sight of me staggering.  At first it seemed like an accident but accidents don’t happen that often.

On a few occasions while a group of us are standing around talking, Claw Boy takes a fake boxer’s stance and fires a fist into my shoulder as an exclamation point, then he just laughs.  The son-of-a-bitch packs a hell of a punch and isn’t holding much back, he hits HARD.  After the second or third time I give him a questioning look and he just stands before me with a smile, his fingers motioning like Bruce Lee in the movies as he mouths the words “come on”. 

Every time I walk anywhere, Scott is in my way and moves at the same time I do just to stay in my way.  I am getting pissed off.  I won our battle and he will not fight me again on this trip unless I challenge him and he is going to do everything he can to make that happen!  I won the fight but my aching bruised body and his constant intimidation makes me feel like the loser.  It won’t be long before the rest of the gang notices what is going on.

We’re sitting around the campfire and I have to make a nature call.  When I get back, Scott is in my camp chair.  “Yo, Dude.  You’re in my place.” I point out as though he needed to be told.  Scott casually looks up at me, then lets loose with his killer smile and says, “You say that as though you think you can move me.”  This kid doesn’t give up!  He is doing everything he can to push me into a fight.  Once again, I must either back away or try to take him down.  While everyone around the campfire is watching for my next move, Claw Boy raises both arms as if to stretch then slowly lowers his arms into a double-biceps.  The kid’s entire upper body flexes as his massive arms form giant peaks on each side.  Turning his head to each side, the young stud admires his powerful guns then directs his attention back to me.  “Do you want to take on these babies?  Are you ready to see what happens when these pythons are unleashed on that big body of yours?  Just say the word big guy and I’m more than happy to oblige.”

The light from the campfire dancing across the muscleboy’s tan physique makes him look even more formidable.  “Screw it!  I’m gonna catch some shut-eye.”  I try desperately to make it look like I was going to hit the sack anyhow, but deep inside I know that the guys think I chickened out.  Of course that’s exactly what I did; I just don’t want people to think that.

 - - - - - - -  SATURDAY - - - - - - -

I awaken early in the morning and try to work my way out of my sleeping bag.  DAMN!  My arms will barely move!  The damage done to my chest becomes painfully apparent with each minor muscle flex.  I try to sit up and my entire stomach erupts in agony.  I am in so much pain that it takes me a while to remember that I was actually the winner!  After five minutes of controlled effort I quietly slip out of my tent.  The sun is just coming up and the morning air is delightfully cool.  With only the sound of the birds and the river I begin to relive my original fascination with this place.  I reach down to pick up a small ‘skipping’ rock by the river and as I grip it the shooting pain in my arm reminds me of the day before.  I look at my fist and see an ugly bruise surrounding two knuckles.  Damn it!  He’s not even here and Claw Boy is screwing up my first enjoyable moment of this trip!  God, I HATE that kid!

I slip into the water for a relaxing swim to work out some of my hostility and pain hoping to get back into a better frame of mind.  It’s kind of hard to do laps across the swimming hole, but it serves it’s purpose and after a while I get bored and crawl out on the other side of the river to do some exploring.  No one seems to be up yet and I enjoy the peace and tranquility.

A rustling in the trees up ahead captures my attention and I decide to investigate.  Wait a minute, it could be a bear!  Or maybe a mountain lion!  I’ve got no weapons with me, what should I do?  I start to laugh at myself for my vivid imagination, ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!’  Why does that come to mind NOW?  I mean, don’t bears live in the woods?

I keep my distance from the dense foliage as I creep around the side to investigate further.  What I find before me is as unexpected as lions and tigers and bears!  Here in the clearing is Scott!  The kid has tied his own ankles to the stakes and griping the nylon ropes is using the trees as a Bowflex!  I watch with fascination as he works various muscle groups and I have to give him credit for ingenuity.  Here we are miles from civilization and Scott is able to get a gym quality workout from a couple of trees!

I don’t know how long he has been working but the young stud has developed one hell of a pump.  This kid’s physique just amazes me more every time I see him.  It pisses me off that Scott is able to intimidate me even while he has no idea that I am watching.  Even after loosening up my muscular frame is sending constant flashes of pain from every part that moves and a few that don’t.  Meanwhile the loser of the match stands before me looking like he’s ready to go ten rounds with a freight train!  The incredible sight leaves no doubt in my mind that this kid is more than a match for me in both muscle size and strength.

I finally get the courage to approach, “Hey, Good morning!”

Claw Boy looks up with his ever-present confident smile, “Hey!  I didn’t expect everybody to be up yet.” He responds.

“They’re not, just you and me.  I heard a rustling in the brush and thought it might be a bear.” I laugh.

Scott laughs as well, “And it turns out to be something a lot more dangerous!”

Shit!  This kid never misses a chance to rub it in.

“I’m just catching a little warm up.  Don’t just stand there.  Come over here and get your ass in gear, Dude!”  This guy always has to be in control, but I have to admit I want to find out how it is to work out against trees.

Scott walks me through the exercises he’s discovered or invented and even though he has been working out for some time before I arrived, as we trade off on set after set the kid makes sure he always pulls more reps than I do.  With the added muscle from the past year and the great pump from the morning workout session my battered body is coming around.  I have to admit that both of us are looking damn good!

Working together we are able to get in most of a full-body workout then we spend a few minutes flexing and stretching.  “You are looking damn good, Dude.  I am really impressed with your progress this year.” Scott seems sincere with his compliment. 

“And your development is absolutely staggering, but then you KNOW that!” I add and we both laugh. 

“I knew last year that you were one really strong dude, but even though you still out-weigh me by ten pounds with my added muscle I’m pretty sure I’m already stronger than you.” Scott says matter-of-factly.  I can’t tell if he is making an observation or a threat.   

Claw Boy puts his massive arm around my shoulder and tightens his grip convincingly.  “Come on big guy.  Don’t make me wait for next year to kick your ass.  You know I will!  Look at how I’ve grown since last year.  I’ve become a freaking muscle machine!  Give me another year of growth and training and I’ll crush your puny body in a heartbeat.  Why put it off, Dude?  Just say the word and we can take care of the humiliation right now!  Please, Man.  I’m begging you.  Face me.  Fight me right now!  Let me show you that there is nothing you can do to stand up to this body!”  Scott flexes before me and again, this young stud is freaking incredible!  Standing before me is muscle packed upon muscle.  The flesh on this kid’s body is like armor plating! 

I lean forward and fire a hard right to the kid’s chest.  Damn!  The boy’s pec muscles feel like steel and pain quickly reminds me of the damage I’ve caused trying to punch this dude’s muscles.  I try not to show the pain as I let out my best fake laugh and pass off his offer, “I am much more interested in breakfast, thank you very much!”

Scott laughs and slaps his rippling abs with a loud ‘POP’, “Yeah.  Me too!” he says and we head back to camp.

We combine our supplies for a surprisingly healthy breakfast then clean up the area and spend a little time at the swimming hole and catching some rays.  I can tell Mike is getting anxious as he and Todd get a little physical playing football in the water.  There is no damage done, it’s just easy to see the testosterone is flowing and the two young bucks are ready to take on one another.  We wait long enough for breakfast to digest and it’s time for some real fun.

I had prepared Mike for the battle ahead as much as I could.  He knows the kid is strong and capable of putting up a good fight.  “No sweat, man!” Mike chuckles as I rub his shoulders.  My postman has packed on some serious muscle and even though our workout partners are premium ‘Grade A’ bodybuilders, he has never hesitated to mix it up with the big boys.

“I told you before,” I said with caution. “Don’t get over-confident.  You’re damn strong and a good fighter but don’t take this kid too lightly.  I know first hand the kid can be dangerous!”

“No problem, Coach!” he smiles.  “You took your man yesterday.  I get to take mine down today!”

I feel a hardy slap on my shoulder and turn to face Scott, “Times a-wastin’, Big Guy.” He says with a grin, “How about we let these boys get the fun started.  And maybe you can take on the winner and then I’ll take on the winner of that match?  That would be COOL!” 

Shit!  This guy just won’t back off!  “Not today, Dude.  We’ve already set up the competition.  We’ll stick to the plan.  Thanks very much!”  I hope I put this constant egging to rest, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing more from the big stud. “All right!” I announce for all to hear, “It’s Show Time!”

Physically, both men could pass for twins.  This is shaping up to be a great fight.  The guys adopt a wrestler’s crouch as they cautiously test one another.  Each man moves in with a few feints then Todd makes a move to the inside and Mike surprises the kid with a hard right hand upside the head.   Sleeper Kid shakes his head and moves back.  The kid is stunned but doesn’t want to show it.  Todd forces a confident grin and raises his guard stepping in toward the older athlete.  The instant he is within range, the Postman drops his guard and comes in low ramming his head into the boy’s gut and gripping behind Sleeper Kid’s legs.

“OOOOFFF” the kid let’s out a groan from the unexpected impact.  Before he can make a move Mike leans back lifting slightly, pulls Todd’s legs up and slams the muscular kid’s head and shoulders to the hard ground.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH” is all he can get out as the Postman drops to his knees and begins to fire fist after unanswered fist into the boy’s solid gut.

Even I’m surprised to see Mike not holding back at all, apparently the result of all that time mixing it up with the big boys, the Postman has learned to hit hard and hit fast if he’s going to make an impression.  Mike is certainly making one hell of an impression on Sleeper Kid, poor Todd hardly knows what hit him!  Todd’s abs are just barely holding up as he tries to shake out the cobwebs from the Postman’s powerful attack.  Mike is pounding on the kid’s gut like a mad man.  Just as I start to wonder if this fight might be just about over, Sleeper Kid raises his legs and locks his ankles behind his muscular opponent.  I guess the kid still has some fight in him after all.

Mike has obviously trained hard since we’ve been working out.  He’s added nearly 20 pounds of very impressive muscle and seems happy to demonstrate that he knows you to use it.  Todd is no slouch in the muscle department either.  The kid was in great shape last year and really showed me he could hold his own in a fight even with bigger guys.  Sleeper Kid has been working out himself and packed another ten pounds of solid beef on his 5’11” frame.  The kid looks strong and tough.  He’s got some power in those muscular legs which he’s really going to need if he’s going to get back into the fight and avoid getting his young ass whipped by my mailman!

Todd cranks up the power on his body scissors and gains as immediate response from his attacker.  “AAAARRRRHHHHH” Mike bellows as he stretches back from the constrictive force of the hold, but in an instant he’s back pounding on Todd’s gut even harder than before.

“UUUUGHHH” Sleeper Kid finally responds to the fierce pounding and just as it looks like Mike is ready to put the boy away Todd crunches down even harder on his man.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH” The Postman shows his opponent still has enough brute strength to do some damage.  Out of instinct Mike slaps his hands on the thick corded muscles working to crush his waist, then clinches his fists and begins pounding on the kid’s mighty thighs.  More experienced fighters know that especially at that angle Mike’s punching is just wasted effort.

The Postman continues pounding his fists into Sleeper Kid’s powerful young legs but Todd’s fearsome grip only gets tighter and tighter as he slowly recovers from Mike’s initial attack.  Sleeper Kid flexes and crushes down again as Mike’s lean physique arches back in response.  My Postman has to do something quick or the kid’s powerful legs are going to put my man out of commission.  

In desperation Mike throws a strong right toward Todd’s jaw only to find his target out of range.  My Postman begins to pound the only target he can get to but by now his fists are just bouncing off of Sleeper Kid’s fully flexed gut.

Mike knows he is getting nowhere and surprises us all by showing just how tough and resilient a fighter he is by gripping Todd’s powerful legs and forcing his way to his feet.  While Sleeper Kid struggles valiantly to counter his opponent, Mike skillfully twists the younger man over and leans back into a crab hold.

Straining with all his might, Mike crushes the boy’s chest into the hard dirt forcing his opponent to groan as Todd’s agonizing body scissors becomes ineffective.  The young stud proves he is not completely out of the fight yet and he strains his young muscles to get to his elbows and forearms even as the older fighter powers down bending the tough kid even further.

Even I am amazed at the sight of the thick muscles flexing in Mike’s powerful legs as he pours more power into his devastating grip while Todd moans and flexes his muscular frame to resist.  Sleeper Kid’s handsome physique collapses back to the ground but the young stud slowly presses his  palms into ground and flexes up again.  With every last ounce of power, Todd unleashes a major force to kick back and throw the muscle dude off.

Shocked and surprised, Mike staggers forward and is caught by Big Craig who turns the smaller man around and slaps Mike on the back, “Go get ‘em big guy.  You’re off to a good start!”

Each team is enthusiastically cheering for their man knowing that nothing has yet been decided.  Todd makes it to one knee working to stretch his back and legs.  Mike reaches forward to grab an arm and Sleeper Kid unloads a hard right hand to the center of The Postman’s gut.  I’m impressed by the obvious power in the kid’s punch but even more impressed that Mike reacts as though nothing at all has happened.

Mike pulls the kid to his feet as though he wants to slingshot the boy to the other side but Todd tangles The Postman up in his strong young arms and tries for a Bear Hug.  Both fighters battle to secure a grip but neither man seems able to lock up the other.  Mike twists to escape his man but he turns directly into Todd’s left arm wrapping around his neck.  Before The Postman can counter the move, Todd’s left arm locks into his right.  Mike struggles valiantly but is unable to avoid the young stud’s right hand anchoring hard behind his head.  Sleeper Kid’s signature hold is locked on with authority!

I can’t help but wince as I recall first-hand just how strong this little shit was last year and I can only imagine what Mike is feeling now that Todd is even more powerful now.

Mike twists and turns like a puppet on a string.  Sometimes it looks as though he could break his own neck.  Todd’s muscular young arms show no sign of weakening.  I can see the strain in Mike’s lean muscular body as he strains to pull forward in an effort to get to Todd’s legs but the kid is just too strong.  I know that few men would be able to last much longer and even with his newly built muscles and hard training, my Postman is showing signs of slowing down.

In desperation, Mike works his feet behind Todd’s, then pushes with all his might and the two muscular fighters crash to the ground with Mike on top, but Todd’s devastating grip is still doing it’s damage.  Mike starts ramming his elbow with full-force into Todd’s rippling abs and it only takes a few before he starts to get the kid’s attention.

This is turning into a great fight as now both men are on the attack and it is only a matter of time to see who comes out on top.  I wonder if Todd’s abs can take the vicious pounding long enough to take out his man.

 Mike is desperate.  I’ve seen this little bundle of muscle fight much bigger men and I know it takes a lot to get the best of him, but I’ve also had this kid work me over in his sleeper and he isn’t playing around either.

“UUUUMMMFFF!  HOOOOOOF!  AAAARRRR” Nearly every one of Mike’s powerful blows to the kid’s gut is now gaining a response.  Mike’s face is as red as a tomato but he is still pounding on this kid as though his life depends upon it.  The Postman is hell bent on NOT being the first man on our team to fail.

“OOOOOF!  AAARRRGGHHH!  NOOOOOOOOO!”  I know something is about to happen as I watch Mike pummel Todd’s damaged body.  I can hear the sounds of a man’s abs breaking down but the outcome is still not totally clear.  Finally after another ten powerful blows I can see the first signs of Todd’s death grip beginning to fail.  With each powerful crushing blow the young stud’s lean body shakes a little harder and in response to the pounding his powerful arms pull down a little further.  Mike’s face is getting closer to its natural color as I see signs, small signs, that the raw muscle force behind his body blows is gaining strength just as Todd’s ability to hold him off is failing.

“AAAAAGGHHH!  OOOOOOOGGGHHH!” Todd finally groans as his powerful arms pull away from Mike’s neck in an attempt to protect what little is left of his battered abdominals.  MIKE IS FREE!

Todd tries to push the stud away and it looks as though Mike is going to back off and regroup but instead jumps toward his rugged foe dropping his knee to the center of the young dude’s gut.  Todd’s blue eyes nearly bug out of his head as he rolls to one side desperately trying to cover his broken-down gut with his arms.  Mike doesn’t let his man off easy and drops again with a knee to Todd’s right obliques gaining a painful scream from the younger stud.

Mike grabs Sleeper Kid’s arm and pinning it to the ground he drops a knee directly on the biceps.  Todd screams in agony letting us all know just how much damage the older man is doing.

Again my Postman grabs the kid’s arm again and pins it to the ground but this time Todd muscles up locking his ankles around the Postman’s neck and in a burst of energy throws his attacker off to one side.

Mike wants to put the young fighter away as soon as possible and now is his chance.  He moves in on his beaten prey but Todd has a few surprises of his own.  The kid spins quickly tangling Mike’s legs and dropping him face-first to the hard ground.  In one blinding second the kid has locked up Mike’s left leg in his own legs and leans forward applying incredible pressure on the powerful dude’s knee.

“AAAARGH!  Son-of-a-BITCH!” the Postman screams as the kid starts powering his fists into the stud’s low back.  Mike is hurt and pissed as he struggles to grip an arm or leg of his hard-bodied opponent but Todd just continues with powerful punch after punch to Mike’s weakening back.

“OK, Tough Guy.  It’s payback time!” Sleeper Kid shouts as Mike reacts to the damage being inflicted to both his left leg and low back.  “AAAARGH!  Damn!  OOOOOOGGGHH!”

To add insult to injury, Todd grabs a handful of hair and pulls Mike’s head back so we can all see the anguish on his face.  It is a stunning view to see a man in an inescapable hold when all he can do is suffer.

Mike is reduced to pounding the ground with his fists as he fights the pain and when he tries to rear back again Todd grips a handful of hair with his right hand and pulls the stud’s head back even further.  This time Mike is at the breaking point, he can’t escape the hold and he can’t withstand the agony but before he is forced into submission, Todd stretches forward locking his left arm around the lean muscleman’s neck.  Mike starts screaming as the kid leans further forward placing even more force nearly destroying Mike’s knee.  The kid doesn’t even have to fight to lock his left hand through his right arm and anchor his palm behind Mikes’ head.

Todd smiles a self satisfactory grin as he slowly starts flexing his left biceps.  From my angle I can see the thick muscle growing as it presses harder and harder against Mike’s neck.  This time he can’t move.  The Postman’s weight-trained arms and legs are useless to him now.  His lean muscular physique is pulled back like a bow and the rugged fighter is held helpless.

Mike strains and struggles to find some way, any way to free himself and stop the pain but he seems to be the only man here who doesn’t know that this fight is over.  Mike’s strength and power are evident by the definition in his muscular body but Todd’s smiling face tells the story.  Sleeper Kid’s 195 pounds is more than enough to tear up the man’s leg as the boy flexes his biceps thicker and harder, crushing into the side of Mike’s neck.

“AAAARGGHH!  OOOOOOGHHH!  NOOOOOOOOO!” Mike is holding on in an effort to find some way to avoid submission but the muscular stud has no other option.  The pain in his leg, back and neck is overwhelming and Sleeper Kid’s signature hold is starting to take effect.

“I ………. Give!” the stud finally mumbles for all to hear.  I think we are all relieved that he didn’t allow the kid to hurt him any more.  Sleeper Kid backs off slightly on his sleeper hold but fails to release the defeated fighter.

“I ……. Give!  I give up, damn it!  I’m done!”  At long last, Todd ends the torment and releases his destructive holds.  Self-satisfied that he put his team on the boards and evened up the score, Todd reaches down to pull Mike to his feet.  Mike seems happy to stay on the ground for the time being, but being the good sport that he is reluctantly accepts Todd’s assistance back to his feet.

Todd’s team is cheering like crazy while we offer words of support to our man.  “Dude!” I said, “You fought one hell of a fight.  I told you that these guys could be dangerous.”

“I’m sorry, Joe.  Sorry, guys.  I didn’t want to let you down.”  Mike had been hurt much more than physically.  In training he had been whipped by much bigger men, but even they took his full measure before putting him away.  He’s just not accustomed to getting beat by someone his size.

“Don’t worry about it, Man!”  I reassure him. “The cards are still stacked in our favor.  You done good, Man.  Don’t let it get to you.  Todd is one tough son-of-a-bitch.  I KNOW!”

Mike forces a shallow chuckle, “Yeah.  Me too!” 

We have lots of time before the tag-team battle this afternoon.  My massive muscle-team helps Mike walk over to the stream for a good soak and I sit off to the side on a rock in the sun.

Scott’s constant intimidation is really getting to me. I can’t handle it any longer.  Everywhere I turn, Claw Boy is in front of me ragging on me to fight him.  I never get a moments peace.  I was the man to walk away a winner, but this dude is making me feel like the biggest loser of all time.  Every chance he gets he reinforces his dominance.  He agreed that since I won our fight fair-and-square he wouldn’t attack me for the entire weekend.  If we ARE going to fight again this trip, I will have to challenge him and he is going out of his way to push me until I do.

I need some time to think and take off by myself for a hike in the woods.  All these thoughts and emotions keep running through my head.  We have another day to go and this guy is going to be on me every minute.  I have to admit the guy is probably stronger than me and he is happy to demonstrate for all to see that his big buff body appears to be unbreakable.  If I fight him now, the son-of-a-bitch will probably kick my ass, but if I wait until next year and he keeps growing the way he did last year, this guy will certainly destroy me.

At least now I will have a chance, if I can only come up with a plan.  I need to take this guy down and take him down HARD.  I have to find a way to beat him so soundly that he will never want to face me again!  If I can break him down enough, I can be the one to give him shit for the rest of the weekend.  I can push him to fight me again and see how he likes the kind of torture he’s been inflicting on me.  The only thing I need to make my plan work is some way to guarantee that I can beat this guy.  Yeah!  I chuckle as I return to reality; ALL I need is some way to beat this guy.

As I follow the stream towards camp I turn a bend and there he is.  SHIT!  Can I never get away from this guy?

Claw Boy seems to be alone.  He is sitting on a large rock with his toes tucked under a fallen tree.  Across his chest he is holding a fairly large river rock.  From the flex of his biceps I guess it to weigh 80 to 100 pounds.  I watch as he presses the rock over-head then lowers it to his chest.  Then he leans back stretching his abs until his head nearly touches the ground and slowly returns to sit-up position.  He performs his exercise over and over as I stand and watch in amazement. 

This young stud is intent on getting a workout no matter where he is!  He has no idea anyone is nearby.  He just finds the heaviest things around and uses them for weights.  I marvel as I watch his thick muscles work and wonder how many men are able to do what he does?

Glistening in the sun breaking through the trees, the kid’s tan body looks as though it were crafted from solid steel.  I am mesmerized by the sight.  I swear I can see every muscle fiber flex on that tight physique!

I lose track of the number of reps he’s performed and finally decide to get back to camp.  There was only one obstacle in my path, a big one.  I clear my throat as I step closer and catch Claw Boy’s attention.

“Yo, Dude!” he smiles as though he is excited to see me.  “I was just knocking out some ab work.  Care to give me a hand?”  Yeah. I do.  I want to find some way to crush that son-of-a-bitch and put him in his place.  My violent thoughts are somehow out of place since Claw Boy genuinely seems like a great guy.  I chuckle to myself at the thought.  Yes, he is a great guy and fun to be around except for the fact that his idea of fun is getting me into a fight so he can beat the shit out of me in front of his friends and mine.   “I don’t have a medicine ball handy and I usually have a couple of my buddies help with this but do you think you’re strong enough to work my abs with this rock?”  I think if I wasn’t, I sure would find a way to lift THIS rock and some a lot bigger!  I am surprised at the weight as I lift the stone from his hands.  Lifting rock is a lot different than dumbbells and barbells.  There is no handle and nowhere to grip.  I am barely able to maintain control over the heavy stone the first time I lift it!  This is a real dangerous way to workout.  There is no padding and little control so you really have to trust your workout partner.  Just a little misjudgment and you could break a rib or even crush a man’s ribcage. Hmmmmmm.  No!  Don’t even think about that.  Talk about being a bad sport!  But, what if it were an accident?  No! Damn it!  Don’t even think about that!

The first few reps I concentrate on balancing the stone which isn’t easy with all that weight, then I drop it in the center of his gut.  After a dozen reps or so, I can tell he is no worse for wear and I start powering the stone down harder and harder.  My shoulders and biceps are beginning to feel the strain of repeated lifting and literally throwing this giant rock into Claw Boy’s rugged gut.  I am caught between the amazement that anyone can take just one of these blows and the fascination at the strength and toughness of these magnificent cords of muscle.

It is becoming obvious that my arms are tiring from the unexpected workout so after each impact Claw Boy starts grabbing the stone and tossing it up to me.  “Harder, Dude!” he shouts enthusiastically, “Drive it home, buddy.  Make me work for it!”  Shit, I want to.  He has no idea how much I want to.  If I thought for a moment that I could handle a much bigger rock, I would be more than happy to get one!  I would die of embarrassment to try to pull up a bigger stone and not be able to lift or control it, especially since Claw Boy would probably just grab hold of it himself and start doing stomach crunches just to prove to me that his abs are stronger than my big arms! 

I am so pissed off at the thought that unconsciously I start driving the stone down harder and harder until I hear a loud ‘SNAP’.  Oh, SHIT!  I wasn’t paying attention and must have hit a rib.  Damn, I really didn’t want to do that.  I look down in shock only to find the river rock broken in two and falling on each side of Claw Boy’s rippling abdominals.

“Damn!” Claw Boy exclaims as he sits up and wipes chunks of rock from the deep creases in his abs, “I HATE when that happens!  I really liked that rock.  It was almost the right shape for working out.  If it had been bigger it would have been perfect!  Now I’m going to have to hunt down another one.”

“Dude!” I stammer in amazement, “You busted that rock in pieces with your ABS Man!”

“Don’t get too excited, Big Buddy.” He says calmly, “It probably had a crack in it that we didn’t notice, here look.”  Scott reaches down gripping a section of the broken rock in his right hand as the muscles in his massive forearm jump to attention and his fist closes tightly crushing the rock into smaller pieces.  “See? The rock is just WEAK!”

I stand in amazement at the demonstration of pure unadulterated POWER.  It becomes instantly clear to me that I have to find some way to make it through the weekend without getting suckered into another fight with this dude, now or EVER! 

We walk down the trail back to camp and Claw Boy reaches up and places his big arm over my shoulder.  His solid biceps on one side of my neck and one of those incredible forearms on the other makes it feel like my neck is suddenly incased in a steel jacket, a VERY tight steel jacket!  The kid is not even applying any real pressure it’s just that his muscles are so freaking HARD!  “So how about it, Muscleman?  You and me, here and now!  Just the two of us with nobody else around to see your big muscle-bound body get beat.  You KNOW you want to.  I don’t know what’s keeping you from just saying the word.  Come on!  FIGHT ME, DUDE!”

Claw Boy is right.  The young bastard is always right.  I did want to fight him!  I want desperately to kick his ass!  Alone or in front of our friends doesn’t make a big difference anymore.  God! I WANT to fight this guy.  But especially standing right next to those thick, powerful, tougher-than-stone muscles, deep inside I know there is no way I can win.  I will have to give him the fight of my life just to survive!   We return to camp and find my two weightlifting buddies preparing to battle the two Muscleboys in tag team competition.  Two 12” thick pine logs have been planted in the ground to resemble ring posts.  There is about six feet of the post exposed and they are about twenty feet apart.  A two foot section of rope is firmly attached to the top of the post intended to keep the tag partner in his “corner”.  Standard tag rules have been agreed upon, with the additional agreement that both members of a team must be defeated for a ‘win’.

While I greatly admire the strength and obvious muscle power that Craig and Doug have developed, my buff buddies take nothing away from the Muscleboys.  It was clear to me last year that these two horses have spent their share of time bodybuilding but Aaron and Carl have themselves clearly been working hard during the past year.

With one win for each team, everyone knows that this battle is for all the marbles.  The fight begins cautiously with the biggest guy from each team.  My big muscle buddy, Craig at 235 pounds has a slight 10 pound weight advantage over Aaron, the biggest of the Muscleboys.  Doug will be an even match for Aaron but will have a 15 pound advantage over Carl.

As the big boys lock up, Craig is using his superior power to take the fight to Aaron.  Both men are great looking bodybuilders making the battle all that much more fun to watch.  The men lunge to lock-up but in the tangle of arms it is Craig who winds his massive guns around Aaron’s head then flips the Muscleboy over his hip driving both men to the hard ground. 

“OOOOOFFF” Aaron reacts to the 235-pounder dropping on him.  “AAAAGGGHHHH” he screams as Craig’s massive biceps crushes into Aaron’s skull.  Craig has no problem maintaining his devastating hold as he pulls his tortured opponent to his feet but the big man fails to notice as Aaron positions one leg between Craig’s then grips and lifts backward on the other.  The big man loses balance and his hold as Craig falls forward smashing his head and shoulders to the ground.  A desperate Aaron rolls to his corner and tags Carl into the fray. 

The fight is young and Craig has a 25 pound weight advantage over the well-muscled young bodybuilder.  Though the big man is not really hurt from his rough landing, Craig brushes some dirt off his massive pecs and tags Doug into the battle.  “Go ahead, Buddy.  Kick some ass!” Craig smiles.

As the two men test one another with simple fakes, take-downs and holds, I can see a battle shaping up between skill and power.  Even with a 15 pound weight advantage, Doug is having trouble controlling Carl.  The lighter Muscleboy seems to be the superior fighter.  Doug has the power but Carl keeps escaping Doug’s holds before he can get them secured.  Finally one of Carl’s fakes isn’t a fake and the Muscleboy gets inside securing the bigger man’s legs and shows his own power by lifting then smashing Doug’s broad back to the ground. 

A loud “OOOOOFF” is a clear sign of the damage done with another “OOOOOOGGHHHHH” resulting from Carl’s knee entering the bigger man’s midsection.  Carl grips a leg and pulls his man toward the corner tagging in Aaron.  Now both men in the fight are physically equal except for the fact that Doug is winded and on his back.  Before he can gain release, Aaron drops a knee to Doug’s battered stomach with a resounding “AAAOOOOOGHHH” letting all of us know the big man is hurting.

Powerful and rested, Aaron demonstrates both his fighting skills and power as he punishes his man while carefully controlling Doug’s battered frame within tag range of the “enemy” corner.  While Doug struggles to get his wind back, Aaron works on his man’s muscular legs finally wrestling Doug into a figure-four leg lock leaving his stunned opponent writhing in the dirt. 

The look of disbelief on Doug face tells it all.  He can’t believe Aaron’s ability to manhandle his muscular frame.  I know the kid could take him out with this hold but for some reason the Muscleboy doesn’t crank up his obvious power instead he shows the mark of a much more experienced fighter than his age would indicate.  Aaron is happy to hold his prey and agonizingly take him to a point just short of submission.  Just as Doug starts to show the inability to fight or resist, Aaron lessens the pressure giving subtle encouragement to his captive to struggle harder.  My weightlifter buddy is thrashing about on the ground as though he has a chance while Aaron is playing with the stud’s mind like a cat does a mouse.

 Finally after a good five minutes of incredible torture, Aaron releases Doug’s once mighty oaks.  My man is exhausted and in outrageous pain while his opponent is fresh and ready for more.  To my surprise Aaron reaches over and tags his partner.

Carl flexes his powerful body and stretches to loosen up.  It’s been a long time since he’s had a chance at this guy.  “Come on, Big Man!” he screams at the helpless fighter.  “Get up and fight!”

Doug’s big legs are not much help and as the powerful stud rolls to his back Carl drops a knee with his full 210 behind it, deep into Doug’s washboard abs.  “OOOOFFFFF!” is all the big man can get out before the smaller fighter shows his strength by picking the big man up and slamming his back across the kid’s waiting knee. 

“AAAAAAAGGGHHR!” my man screams in agony as Carl smiles and allows his victim to roll face first to the ground.  Doug is certainly providing no reason for the kid to attack but Carl doesn’t seem to possess Doug’s patience.  Carl grips and easily controls Doug’s big right arm wrenching it into an arm bar while driving a knee into the bigger man’s muscular back.  My muscle buddy struggles against the kid but Carl has both power and leverage on his side.  The kid finally takes his time, slowly adding his strength to the hold while Doug’s muscular shoulder is drawn closer and closer to complete disintegration. 

Doug’s muscular frame begins to spasm in the dirt then I see his resistance begin to fade.  Doug is one strong and tough son-of-a-bitch but he hasn’t really been in this fight for quite some time and now I think he knows it’s over.  Unfortunately, Carl seems to be one step ahead of him and before Doug can submit, the kid releases the buff stud and tags in his partner!

“Alright, Muscleman.”  Aaron picks his man up and brushes some of the dirt off Doug’s sculptured chest.  Doug’s legs are barely working, but better than they were the last time he faced the Muscleboy.  Doug is badly hurt but more pissed-off and embarrassed at being manhandled by these young studs.  Unexpectedly Doug powers a left fist upside Aaron’s head shocking us all, especially the Muscleboy!  Aaron doesn’t go down, but as he turns back the kid fires a right uppercut into the muscleman’s upper stomach.  The wind explodes as Doug’s muscular body doubles over.  Aaron grips over the man’s shoulders and between his legs, lifts and powers his man across his knee in a stomach buster.  Already hurt, Doug can only groan as Aaron stands triumphantly letting Doug fall face first in the dirt.

The kid grips the man’s left arm twisting a hammerlock deep up his broad back.  Aaron shakes his head loose from the earlier punch then twisting the big man’s wrist he begins to destroy Doug’s muscular left arm.  The man begins to moan and beg but Aaron won’t release his killer hold.  Now and then the kid presses his man down while standing only to deliver a deadly knee drop to Doug’s biceps and triceps.  It doesn’t take many knee drops before Doug’s mighty arm muscles begin to loose their shape.  Aaron seems to have had his fun and tags Carl.

You wouldn’t guess it now but Doug is a pretty good fighter.  I wouldn’t have invited him up here if he weren’t but even with his amazing strength Doug’s struggle against the Muscleboys has been useless.  The Campers continue taking turns using agonizing arm bars, hammer-locks and surf-boards to work-over Doug’s powerful guns, chest and broad shoulders. Even after years of heavy training, Doug’s massive muscles have failed under the unrelenting pressure administered so effectively by the two powerful young fighters.

After a viscous thirty minute pounding with virtually no resistance, the Campers have rendered the stud muscleman helpless.  Carl wrestles Doug’s arms behind his back and forces the big hunk to his feet as Aaron reaches in to make the tag.  With the big man barely upright before him, the Muscleboy fires six full-power punches deep into the battered stomach of the broken down muscleman.  Doug’s jaw drops in a vain attempt to gasp for air and as Carl releases his hold the bigger man drops into Aaron’s muscular arms.

No one knows what the young bodybuilder is going to do, but we have a good idea that it won’t be good!  Aaron walks across the “ring” while Doug moans and groans softly.  Reaching the other side the bodybuilder looks Craig in the eye then drops to one knee while smashing his opponent’s back across the other knee.  Doug is clearly ‘out of it’ but the fight isn’t over until BOTH men on a team are finished.

Craig’s massive muscles seem to all flex at once.  The big man is pissed off and ready to mix it up with anyone and everyone who is dumb enough to get in his way.  The massive he-man reaches down to his barely conscious partner and tags in.  Meanwhile, Aaron is smart enough to make tracks to the other side.

Craig is one of the strongest and most aggressive lifters in our gym and it should be no surprise that he is one of our best fighters.  Naturally, when you’re 6’ 2” and 235 pounds of muscles that look like a work of art, not many guys are dumb enough to want to fight you, but Craig enjoys mixing it up whenever he gets the chance.  Anything he might lack in finesse is easily made up in sheer unadulterated POWER!

Even though he’s pissed at the working-over that his partner has endured, Craig knows this battle is now two-on-one and keeps a clear head.  At 225, Aaron can be a close match for the big man.  The guys lock up collar and elbow and I’m surprised to see Aaron stick in there with the bigger man.  Both guys are very well muscled but Aaron is showing more strength than I imagined.  Craig is first to break, wraps his massive arm around the kid’s head, he locks down hard enough to get a loud groan from the Muscleboy before flipping him over his back and throwing the kid to the ground.

Aaron takes a hard bounce with a ‘grunt’ but has the awareness to roll to his corner and tag out.  Craig knows better than to follow him to his “corner”. At 210, Carl shows his speed as he quickly closes the space between them in an effort to take the big man down with a cross-body block.  Craig catches the Muscleboy in mid-air, spins and powers the kid to the ground.  We all flinch knowing that has to hurt and Carl’s groans confirm our suspicions.

Craig demonstrates his power by lifting the 210-pounder as if he were a toy, spins again and powers the kid into the dirt.  Carl is clearly hurting from the big man’s powerful body slams but still knows to roll away and tag his partner before more damage can be done.

As the ‘battle’ wears on my big muscle buddy clearly has no problem taking the fight to the two smaller Muscleboys. His 235 pounds of pure muscle is standing up well and it’s easy to see both of the Muscleboys are overwhelmed by Craig’s strength.  The only tactic that seems to give them any chance at all is keeping a fresh man in the fight.  No longer showing signs of anger, Craig appears content battering whichever man is in the fight at the time.

Aaron shows both speed and skill as he charges his opponent then drops tangling their legs and drops the big bodybuilder face-first to the ground.  Knowing he won’t be able to control his man, Aaron is up first, dropping a knee to Craig’s right thigh.  The big man tries to roll out of the way, but the knee drop still catches the muscle on the back of his leg, sometimes called the leg biceps.  I would have worked my man harder, but Aaron tags in his partner.  During the tag, both Muscleboys grab one of the big man’s powerful legs dropping a series of knees to the back of the upper leg before Aaron leaves the ‘ring’.

Back to fighting one man at a time, Craig kicks Carl clean and makes it to his feet.  It is clear that the Muscleboys have done a job on the big man’s hamstrings.  Carl is limping around working to loosen up his big leg muscles and turns just in time to take a drop-kick to the chest driving the big man back into the thick wooden post.  For the first time, I’m seeing my bodybuilder buddy shaken.

The Muscleboys tag and Aaron grips the big man’s right arm and smashes it into the post.  As Craig turns to move away Carl catches the big man with a perfectly timed drop-kick to the stomach crushing his muscular body against the post.  Aaron grips his left arm and smashes it against the post for good measure as the Muscleboys tag again.  Before Craig can figure out which guy he’s fighting, Carl storms forward with a hard knee-lift between the muscleman’s legs.  Craig’s jaw drops and his eyes cross with shock as the massive muscleman drops to his knees.  The Muscleboy’s high-five and tag.

It doesn’t look good for my big buddy.  Aaron steps before the wounded warrior and grips his head but before he can execute Craig’s mighty fist smashes deep into the Muscleboy’s unprepared gut.  Aaron’s wind whistles between his gritted teeth as Craig rises to his feet and plants another power punch to the young stud’s well-muscled midsection.  Aaron slumps against the post and his partner tags himself in.   The fight continues with the bigger man putting up a great fight against two very well-muscled young opponents but every time he starts to make some headway he is suddenly facing a fresh man.  The Muscleboys demonstrate their speed and fighting skills getting their licks in especially during the tag when they take full advantage of the chance to double-team the big bodybuilder.

Eventually, even Craig’s powerful physique begins to wear down from constant strain of battling both strong Muscleboys.  Nearly exhausted and in desperation the big man is finally forced to tag his partner back into the battle.

Not completely recovered, Doug shows reluctance to mix it up against these two apparently superior fighters.  He also knows the best chance his team has is for Craig to get enough rest to get back in the fight and kick some ass! Doug’s job is to buy the big man some time.  The stud muscleman has not regained his speed and strength and even though he works hard to avoid seriously tangling with these guys it is clear that either young Muscleboy makes a good match for him in his present condition but against both of them the muscleman is clearly doomed.  The young horses begin taking turns playing with the buff stud.

Carl, the smaller of the two Muscleboys shows his strength and ability first locking the bigger muscleman in a headlock with enough power to make the big boy scream out loud then with a twist, the Muscle Kid flips the helpless he-man over his hip, slamming the muscleman to the ground.  Doug is hurt and it shows but Carl is just warming up.

Reaching down and grabbing one arm, Carl pulls the winded muscleman to his feet only to slip under Doug’s weak defenses.  Digging his head deep into Doug’s broken down abdominals, Carl quickly stands upright flipping the big man to the ground, head and shoulders first.  “OOOOOOFFFFF” is all Doug can utter as the young stud laughs above him and tags in his buddy.

 Hold after hold both Carl and Aaron clearly demonstrate their ability to both out fight and overpower their badly weakened adversary.  Fresh after a long rest period Aaron approaches just as Doug barely struggles to his knees.  Both men are equal in height and weight but that means very little now.  Aaron flexes his lean hard body as he jumps up driving a knee to the center of Doug’s back, right between the shoulder blades.  The muscleman is crushed to the hard ground under their combined weight as all the air is smashed from his body.

The larger of the two Muscleboys demonstrates his power and dominance by pulling the muscleman back to his feet then gripping Doug’s neck and crotch.  Aaron lifts the big man to his chest then with an explosion of raw power the young stud drives the 225 pound athlete over his head in a military press.  Performing that lift with a barbell is astounding enough but using a man’s dead weight, I am really impressed.  Aaron holds Doug overhead for a few seconds before jumping and flipping the big man head over heels to his back.  “OOOOOGGHHHHH” Doug’s big muscular body bounces from the impact. 

It is plain to see that the big man is not going to be making a comeback as Aaron lifts the battered athlete again then power-slams his semi-conscious body in his own corner. Doug is barely able to crawl a few feet past the post before he collapses, badly beaten and broken. What started out as a battle had become a contest to see just how much punishment the muscleman can take before he gives up completely.  Doug got his ass handed to him by both rugged Muscleboys. 

Even though he is the biggest man in the fight, Craig has not had much time to recover and his partner is not going to be much help now.  The big man painfully stretches his thick muscles as he prepares to face The Muscleboys. They get ready to pick up where they left off. 

Carl has sacrificed his body to buy Craig some time, but would it be enough?  The big man is still shaking out his massive muscles as he steps forward prepared to make short work of Aaron’s solid young physique.  All he needs to do is get this kid wrapped up in his powerful arms or legs and the young stud will be begging in no time.

Craig steps forward raising his arms in the air with a clear signal for the test of strength.  I am always amazed with this man’s incredible body.  It is so freaking intimidating!  I can only imagine what is going on in this kid’s head.  Aaron flexes his own powerful physique and pops a double-biceps pose showing that his muscular development is not that far behind the big bodybuilder.  The kid looks great and has nothing to worry about from most people, but he’s not in the ‘ring’ with most people.  Uncurling his own massive guns Aaron steps forward but as he approaches the big man, the kid reaches down gripping Craig’s left leg, ripping it from the ground and driving the massive athlete to his back!  Reaching up to make a quick tag, the Muscleboy holds Craig’s legs captive as Carl drops his knees across the thick trapezius muscles on the big man’s broad shoulders.  Before the big man can even react, Carl grips his hands together driving both fists into the big man’s upper abs.  As Carl raises and Craig gasps for air, Aaron drives a head-butt into Craig’s lower abs.  Over and over as one Muscleboy rises, the other attacks.  It’s not long before even Craig’s massive muscles begin to fail.  Finally, Aaron releases the bodybuilder’s legs leaving Carl as the legal man.

“Get ready, Muscleman!  Payback is a BITCH!” Carl shouts as he grips Craig’s muscular left arm and pulls the bigger man to his feet.  Craig staggers as he gasps for air, his rugged abdominals barely functioning.

Carl shows off his own strength and coordination by pulling the big man off balance and sending him crashing right shoulder-first into the post.  The big weightlifter is clearly hurt as he grips his shoulder Carl scoops the big man in his arms, spins and smashes Craig’s muscular back around the thick wooden post.  “OOOOGGGHHHH” is the only response but the smaller man is still in control.  Still holding the mighty athlete across his chest, Carl spins again wrapping the big hunk around the post.  “AAAARGH” Craig exclaims as Carl turns toward us again.

I am amazed at the kid’s power that he is able to hold and control this 235 pound fighter so long.  Carl flexes his lean muscles again lifting his opponent a few inches, the kid drops to one knee guiding the muscleman’s helpless body across his outstretched knee.  I fear the move might break my buddies back!  “AAAARRRGHH!” is Craig’s only response.  The massive bodybuilder can only lie there as the Muscleboy grips his jaw and knee forcing the big man to bend father and farther.

Carl smiles satisfied that he can single handedly work over this muscular powerhouse.  Triumphant the kid stands, dumping the he-man face-first in the dirt.  Carl flexes his own considerable muscles and high-fives his buddy.

“No submission yet, Huh, Big Man?” he shouts to the muscleman groaning at his feet.  “Good deal!” Aaron chuckles as the takes position straddling Craig’s buff frame.  The Muscleboy grips the bodybuilder’s massive biceps and pulls the big man’s chest from the ground.  Locking his arms across the kid’s knees, Aaron grips across the big man’s jaw as he slowly sits across Craig’s broad back.  The he-man instantly crumbles from the weight.  Incapable of resisting the force Craig’s big body stretches back as his rippling abdominals press against the ground.  Through his gritted teeth the he-man struggles for air while the Muscleboy adds more and more pressure.

I’ve never seen the big bodybuilder behind in a fight, let alone close to submission.  It is an incredible sight to see that much muscle being crushed by a smaller fighter, even though these guys are certainly not slouches in the muscle department!

Aaron begins to show his restraint just as he had done before.  When it seems he is about to break the bigger fighter in half, he lets up just enough to keep his man in the fight.  Craig is in absolute agony and Aaron is more than happy to keep him there.  At long last, the Muscleboy drops his battered foe and tags his partner.

Carl almost seems at a loss to decide what to do next.  As he approaches the fallen he-man, the kid grips Craig’s jaw and pulls the big man’s head back.  Wrapping his left arm around the muscleman’s thick neck, Carl locks his hand across his shapely right biceps and clamps his right hand securely behind Craig’s head.  Even if he knew what was coming, my bodybuilder buddy shows no real sign of resistance until Carl locks down on his killer grip.  Craig tries to struggle but lacks the power to do much.  His massive body flexes in various and seemingly unplanned directions.  Carl seems to be having the time of his life as he grips down harder on the helpless hunk.  Not that it was necessary but the young stud then rolls to the ground dragging the muscleman with him.  Craig’s struggling body is wrestled across the young stud’s leg just as Carl crosses above with his other leg and locks ankles crushing the big man’s waist in his body scissors.  Every time Craig is able to catch a breath, the smaller fighter crushes it out of his beaten frame.

It is clear to all that Craig’s body has taken about all it can so when Aaron approaches the fighters, I thought he was calling it off then suddenly the Muscleboy drops carefully planting his knee between the bodybuilder’s legs!  Craig’s muscular body jolts against the fierce wrestling holds restraining him, but to no avail. 

Up to this point things have been pretty much according to the agreed upon rules but this move is totally uncalled for!  “FOUL” I scream and start to step forward only to find Scott in my path.  “What the FUCK?” I exclaim!

Scott looks me square in the eye and says calmly “Unless you want to make this fight four against four, I strongly suggest you stay out of it.  But, I’m already to jump in if your team is”.  I look over at the postman and see that Sleeper Kid has already locked his powerful grip on the stud’s neck. Mike is struggling against the hold but Todd is just confidently waiting for the signal to put his man away.  It is clear that we have no choice but to let the guys fight it out and hope for the best.

 Reluctantly I step back while Carl releases the big man from his grip.  Together the Muscleboys pull the bodybuilder to his feet.  By this time Craig is unable to stand without their support.  Standing before the big muscleman, Carl presses his massive chest pinning Craig against the thick wooden post. From behind the post, Aaron the grips the big muscleman’s once powerful arms and pulls his massive guns behind him until he is able to offer little, if any, resistance.  The 225 pound athlete props one foot on the post for support then wrenches the bodybuilder’s weakened arms back in a painful surfboard hold.  Carl goes to work pounding his fists into the helpless he-man’s big body while Aaron strengthens his agonizing hold.  Craig struggles with what little strength he has left, but in his present condition is no match for the Muscleboys.  The big man flexes his mighty arms but Aaron pulls back increasing the pain while Carl fires punch after punch into the big man’s chest.

Unable to resist the power of both men working on him, Craig stands helplessly wrapped around the post as Aaron converts his surfboard to a double-hammerlock.  Doug is barely up to his knees and of no help at all as Carl pulls on the tag rope and ties it securely to Craig’s wrists, both arms wrenched high behind the mighty stud’s back.    Both Muscleboys are now free to give Craig’s washboard abdominals their undivided attention.  The Muscleboys frequently trade off keeping a continuous barrage of power punches smashing into Craig’s muscular stomach.  “Uuuugh!  AAAgh! OOOOOF” With enough pounding, even this massive he-man’s abs break down.

Doug struggles to his feet and witnesses the double-team attack on his helpless partner.  The bodybuilder gathers his remaining strength and storms across the ring to the rescue.  In his fury, Doug’s attack is not well planned.  The muscleman has not regained much of his power and is now facing two reasonably fresh fighters.  The two Muscleboys enjoy easily destroying what little fight remains in the stud before he is hammer-locked in his own corner, his wrists behind his back tied high to the post as well.

Each of the young Muscleboys targets his man’s abs as they begin the total destruction of their well-muscled opponents.  It doesn’t take long before Carl has earned numerous submissions and endless near-breathless begging from Doug’s battered physique.  Aaron, the more powerful of the two continues pounding Craig’s heavily muscled body and while the big man is breaking down, he is not a man to submit.

I wonder where this is going?  Neither man has a chance of breaking free, and this has not been a ‘fight’ for some time.  With only one man offering submission, the ‘tag match’ has been reduced to nothing more than a back-ally beating.

At long last, Scott steps in half-way between the two Muscleboys.  “Good work Carl!  Aaron, you’ve pounded on this guy long enough.”  Claw Boy flexes his massive right arm and his biceps becomes a thick, massive mountain of muscle.  “Now, I could step in and show you how it’s done, but that wouldn’t be fair.  Men, it’s time you really finish these weak bastards and prove to them both who the real winners are!  Remember how I taught you to apply the claw hold?  Do it!”

Both bodybuilders hang helplessly from the posts with hammerlocked massively muscled arms twisted high behind their backs.  You can see every cord of striated muscle pull tightly across their shoulders as their beaten bodies hang defenseless.  What is left of their stomach muscles flex in and out in an effort to pump life-giving oxygen back into their beaten physiques.  Both buff he-men have a shocked and pained look at the mere thought of an agonizing claw hold being applied to their broken down abdominals.

As directed, Aaron and Carl spread the fingers on their right hand and step toward the defenseless studs before them.  With a sinister smile on their faces, each Muscleboy’s right arm sweeps forward, but instead of applying a stomach claw, both young men tightly lock their fearsome grip on each opponent’s CROTCH!

Nearly unconscious from the endless pounding of his abdominals, Doug’s head drops to his chest in agony.  Craig’s head bounces back against the post as the massive he-man tries to steel himself against the attack.  Both men let out a gut-wrenching scream.

“Come on, Man!” I scream.  “You’ve got what you want and both men are obviously unable to fight back.  You’ve won.  Call off your dogs!”

Scott signals his men to let up slightly on their death grip and my muscle buddies slump against the posts.  Doug is whispering his total submission over and over while Aaron maintains his grip and fires a few extra punches with his left fist into Craig’s worked over abs.  Craig hangs silently on his post.

“I’ll tell you what.” Claw Boy smiles at me.  “My boys will accept submission from your two muscle hunks, as soon as you agree to give me a rematch!”

Doug is far beyond submission but Craig is still not giving in.  Aaron begins to flex his right arm and as the pressure mounts Craig looks to me and through gritted teeth says, “Fight ….. him.” I know the big man has taken a lot and this is as close as he will get to submission.  My agonizing decision is here.  I have no choice.  “All right, I’ll fight you, you bastard.”

“Hey!  Come on, Buddy.” Scott smiles and looks more confident than ever. “No need for names!  I’m a nice guy.  The only people who don’t think so are those who don’t give me what I want right away.  I ALWAYS get what I want!  Just like now.  I knew you would fight me, you just needed the right incentive.”

“O.K. Ass-hole.  You got what you wanted, now let my buddies go!”

“Not so fast, Muscleman.  My boys will accept their submissions, but your guys will stay where they are while you and I have our fun.  Besides, this way they will get a better view of this!”  Scott flexes his powerful body and premium muscle seems to explode from everywhere.  A bolt of fear shoots down my spine as the realization sinks in ….. I am about to fight this muscle teen and I still have no plan what-so-ever about how to do it!

I pull off my tank-top and stretch my muscles as I cautiously step forward.  That which I have both secretly desired and consciously dreaded is about to unfold, best two out of three!  The fight is on!

At 230 pounds of weight trained muscle I’m a big man and a formidable fighter.  Scott is packing 220 pounds of incredibly buff and highly destructive muscle.  I’ve taken the kid once this weekend, if I fight smart I can do it again.

We approach one another cautiously reaching, pulling, slapping but neither securing a grip.  Clawboy sports his ‘best buddy’ shit-eating grin showing his well deserved confidence.  “Thanks for ‘volunteering’ for a rematch, Pal.  I really didn’t want to wait another year for this.  You know, even with that big muscle-bound body of yours, you don’t stand a chance in HELL against my power.  I’m going to fucking KILL you, Man!  And you’re not going to be able to do a thing to stop me!”

“I dropped you last time, Punk!  And I’ll do it again!” I try to sound brave but deep inside this kid has me scared shitless!

I’ve got to take this kid out FAST.  The longer we fight the more opportunity he has to crush me with those incredible arms.  I move first and surprise him with a double-leg take down.  But I’m the one surprised or shocked would be a better word.  As I ram my head into this kid’s gut it is like hitting a stone pillar!  My eyes cross from the impact and as I grip to pull his legs out from under him, they don’t move!  Before I even get a chance to reset two powerful hammer-like fists smash into my upper back and an instant later two more drive me to my knees.  I’m still shaken as another pair of fists hit like 15-pound sledge across my traps nearly breaking my collarbone.  I feel an electrical jolt run down my arms as they are overcome with weakness.

I try to maneuver away and escape this kid’s destructive power as the mighty stud reaches out securing a solid grip on each of my pec muscles.  I am instantly reminded of this kid’s killer grip.  In one moment I see the corded muscles begin to flex in Scott’s massive forearms and the very next moment I hear a terrifying scream echo off the canyon walls.  It is the second echo before I become consciously aware that the scream is MINE!

Clawboy flexes his mighty arms and lifts my 230-pound frame as though it were nothing.  My chest muscles feel like they are being torn from my body!  That grin is still on Scott’s face as he easily lifts me off the ground.  The pain is so overwhelming that it takes a few seconds for me to remember I am still in a fight.  My arms are hanging limp and useless as I swing my legs up and lock them behind the kid’s back.  I concentrate to block out the pain and direct all my power to crushing this stud’s waist even as I feel his grip tighten on my damaged pectorals. 

Scott lets out a faint “uuugh” from my efforts then lets out a chuckle, “I’ll give you credit, Muscleman.  You’ve got more power than I gave you credit for.”  The muscle kid jumps in the air smashing both muscular bodies to the ground with his solid waist crushing between my legs leaving me the worse for wear.  In an instant Scott is on his feet gripping my legs and dropping to his back forcing my aching body from the ground flying over his head and crashing face first in the dirt.  It seems like only a heartbeat before I feel Clawboy’s 220-pound body crash knees first across my upper back.  Clamping his unbreakable grip on my wrists, the kid leans back forcing my big arms behind my back in a vicious surfboard.  I am left anchored to the ground able to only squirm in agony while the muscle kid laughs at my plight.  “Shit, Dude!  I thought you were going to put up some kind of fight!  Damn!  I can find hundreds of musclemen to pound on, I came up here to FIGHT!”  With that, and still maintaining his hold, Scott jumps to his feet and pulls me up while forcing my arms tighter behind my back.  I swear he is about to destroy my shoulder joints and the pain in my damaged pecs is outrageous!  This so-called battle has just begun and I am already helpless against this man’s power!

Scott seems nowhere near ready to finish me off.  The muscle kid releases me from his torture hold only to apply his fearsome grip across my traps.  I try desperately to flex my traps in a vain effort to fight the kid off even knowing I don’t have a chance.  Scott’s crushing claw hold drives me to my knees only to have the muscular kid reach behind my back and lift me in the air upside down, driving my shoulder repeatedly into his knee. 

“No more” I struggle to get the words out, but he seems to hear nothing.  Three shoulder breakers on each side are followed by an over-the-knee back breaker.  Scott is happy to give everyone a demonstration his muscle power by throwing me around like a rag doll.  With my broad shoulders battered nearly to the breaking point Clawboy lifts me to my feet and laughs as I feebly stagger before his might.  One gentle nudge to the shoulder spins me around as he drives his heavily muscled arms under mine securing his full nelson.  With my jaw crushed firmly into my chest and nearly unable to breathe he finally accepts my submission.

In no time at all I see a huge shadow on the ground before me.  I look up to see a tower of teenage muscle flexing and twisting and ready for battle.  “No more, Man.  I’m done.  Please no more.”  Scott could only laugh at my helplessness.  “Look at the big bad muscleman.  Everyone is supposed to run and hide from his amazing power and gigantic muscles!”  Scott raises his arms in an incredible double-biceps pose.  I’ve never even seen a teenager in the bodybuilding books with his size and definition.  “Check it out, Man.  Stand up and test that beef against some teenage MUSCLE!”  As he flexes it looks like muscles flexing on top of muscles!  This kid seems to be growing before my eyes!  “Get with it, Big Man.  It’s time for round two!”

The muscle kid reaches for my arm and literally rips me to my feet.  “I don’t want to do this.” I stammer.  Scott just smiles and says, “You might not have noticed, Muscleman, but for once this isn’t about what you want.”  

Without even making a pretense of starting the fall, Scott grips over my shoulder and between my legs, lifting me face down and smashing my abdominals across his knee.  I count six gut-busters before he drops me in a heap.

Taking a seat across my aching low back, the kid pulls my arms behind my back and wraps his legs around them crossing behind my neck.  “I call this hold a ‘lotus’ he tells his buddies as the Muscleboy powers his leg muscles leaving me screaming in some kind of an unbreakable surfboard, full-nelson combination.  Clawboy scoffs at my feeble attempt to withstand his power, “So, Big Man!  How does it feel to be in a fight with someone strong enough to snap your big body in half anytime he wants?”

Round two becomes a replay of Scott’s total physical superiority.  He rags on me to fight him and gives me every chance to make a comeback, then nearly destroys my arms and chest.  The Muscleboy leaves me battered and broken in the dirt.  I have no idea what is coming as he lies down beside me.

I am confused as the big muscle teen starts to actually beg me, “Listen, Muscleman.  You’re one strong dude.  You can do it.  Find your balls Big Guy and get back in the fight.  Who knows you could get lucky like you did last time.  You MIGHT catch me and put me away.  It COULD happen.  What do you say?”  Before I knew what was happening, Scott pulls my broken down frame on top of his and is squirming on his back in the dirt screaming “I GIVE.  I GIVE!  You beat me, I give UP!”  It takes a second to figure out what is happening. Scott is throwing the fall so he can beat me up some more.  Two out of Three was the agreement.  I’m not about to accept, then Clawboy reapplies his fearsome grip on my pecs.  My eyes tear and it feels like he is ripping the muscles away from my body.  “I GIVE!  I GIVE!”  I scream.  “Wrong answer, Idiot!” Scott yells in my ear.  “I….accept….your….submission.” I slowly admit and my chest is once again my own. 

GOD!  I hurt.  From head to toe I am in agony.

Time to recover is all but nonexistent.  Before I know what hit me, Scott has me in the air, military pressing my frame like a barbell.  I can’t believe it as the kid cranks out ten reps.  My God!  That’s 230 pounds.  Just how strong is this kid? 

The lifting display gives me time to think.  If I can sneak out a surprise like last time, thanks to the fake pin ending the second fall, I only need one fall to win.  One more trick up my sleeve and I can pull this out.  I don’t get a chance to think about anything else as my body is flying through the air and crashing on my head and shoulders.   I struggle to my feet and face the mountain of muscle before me.  A joint lock!  Ken Shamrock used it to take down any size man.  That’s what I’ll use as soon as this smart-ass young bastard gets close enough.

Scott is laughing with all the confidence his massive muscles can instill.  “GOOD!  It’s about time you got up on your hind legs and started to face me like a man.  I like to see that, just before I tear your helpless muscles apart!”

Just before locking up, I drop to the ground tangling the kid’s legs causing the Muscleboy to fall face first.  My ankle-lock is secure before he knows what hit him.  “You Son-of-a-BITCH!” he screams and I pour on the coal with more satisfaction than anyone can imagine.  For the first time in this fight I have a real chance!

“AAAARRRGGGHHH!” I expected the scream to come from him, not from ME?  Scott has gripped my jaw from behind tearing away my power hold.  I either travel with my head or lose it as the kid drags me even with him.  

Making it to his feet, the Muscleboy locks his mighty arm around my head.  I struggle as I feel muscles as hard as steel digging into my skull, I know that iron-clad arm is not going to be dislodged.  I try to resist but the Muscleboy is in control.  I think my head is about to be crushed as we speed forward only to come to a sudden stop.  My head hurts from hitting something solid. 

“Check it out, Dudes!  This is COOL!” Clawboy chimes out and for once lets me see our target.  I struggle helplessly and again we speed forward as Muscleboy powers my head into Craig’s rippling abdominal muscles.  Even after the pounding he’s taken my buddies abs are hard enough to make my ears ring, especially after smashing into them a dozen time or more!

I hardly know where I am anymore by the time the young muscle stud lifts then power slams my body to the ground leaving me spread eagled in the center of the ‘ring’, unable to move.  Scott stands like an indestructible giant above me, then drops with both fists digging deeply in my abs.  The young powerhouse crushes his powerful fingers in twin stomach claw holds taking his time and destroying what little muscle is left.

I am done.  There is no fight left in me.  “I GIVE!” is all I can get out, from then on it is just a series of mumbles.  “I givee….I giv….I guuuu…IIIIIIII”

I am scarcely conscious as Scott drags me to my feet.  I can no longer stand before him and collapse helplessly to my knees.  I feel the incredible warmth of amazing muscle power as the kid wraps his arm around my neck and locking it in place he slowly begins to increase the pressure of his sleeper hold.  The Muscleboy locks down his unbreakable hold as he calmly starts to give me shit about what a looser I am and how weak my big muscles are against a real man like him.  Scott languishes in his long agonizing humiliation before flexing his incredible biceps as my consciousness drifts peacefully away.

I don’t know how long I was out, but as I come around I see the Muscleboys untie Craig.  His massive arms are useless.  Scott presses the big man against the post with his left hand and fires an incredible right fist into the weakened athlete’s upper stomach.  The he-man drops breathlessly to his knees and they turn their attention to Doug.  As he is released, Doug collapses, unable to even stand.

The guys decide to call it a night and leave Mike to care for his badly beaten team.

- - - - - - -  Sunday - - - - - - --

Morning comes and it is as though I’ve had a VERY bad dream, except that every muscle in my body feels like it’s been run through a blender!  I don’t ever remember feeling this weak!  It takes time but I slowly stretch and work out the kinks enough to make it outside my tent.  In the clearing I see Doug and Craig trying desperately to get their beaten bodies to function.  “Guys, Shit!  I don’t know what to say.  I am SOOOO sorry.” 

Craig makes an effort to lighten the mood, “Hey, Buddy.  Don’t blame yourself.  We got our asses whipped all by ourselves!”

“Yeah, but it was ME who talked you into coming up here in the first place.  I’m really sorry, guys.  After all, the blame is all mine.”

“Listen, Dude.” Mike says, “You have a good point.  But there will be lots of time to work that out when we get back to the gym.”  I’m not sure what he means by that but it doesn’t sound good for me.

We concentrate on getting packed and move our stuff to the other side of the river.  I had hoped that the Muscleboys would be gone early, but that was not the case.

Scott walks up to me and stops about a foot away.  The kid stands motionless with a slight smile on his face and his big arms hanging relaxed at his sides.  His unflinching bright brown eyes are locked on mine as the powerful stud just stands there not saying a word.  His presence, his bearing are saying ‘Hit Me’ but he just stands there.

I break away from his controlling gaze to look up and down Scott’s remarkable physique.  I can see the kid has already had his early morning workout since every muscle on his body is pumped and ready.  I clench my fists and try not to show the pain radiating from my damaged hands, my knuckles broken down from smashing into this stud’s unbreakable abdominal muscles.

Our eyes meet again and his expression has not changed.  I hold a tiny advantage in height and a slight advantage in weight but you would never know it.  Scott’s gaze has me locked in place.  His eyes are boring a hole into my brain.  Without a single sign of movement or saying a single word, this kid is demonstrating his clear dominance over me!  Showing no sign of defense, he is telling everyone here that he has no fear of ANYTHING I might do to him.  The simple fact that I am afraid to attack is confirmation enough of his control. 

Scott doesn’t move a muscle and finally I can take it no longer, “What are you looking at?” I ask with a little hesitation in my voice although I try to sound real tough.

“Not much!” the teen muscle stud replies without hesitation.  I HATE how easy it is for this powerful shit to put me in my place.

For at least another full minute the mighty stud just stands there motionless staring into my eyes then with no warning his right fist smashes into my upper abs.  All the recovery in the world would not have prepared me for the force of his sucker punch.  My eyes bug out of my head as gravity takes over and my muscular body doubles over and I drop to my knees in the dirt.

For a few moments I gag and gasp for air then the young athlete grips behind my neck pulling me to my feet.  I can barely maintain my footing as once again Claw Boy locks me in his hypnotic gaze.  I can’t pull my eyes from his then another powerful right hand powers into my broken down abdominals.  The air explodes from my body as I drop uncontrollably to the ground again.

After just a few moments enjoying my agony the kid pulls me to my feet and in a few seconds smashes another power right deep into my damaged body this time lifting my muscular frame from the ground as my helpless body wraps around Scott’s massive fist.  I drop to the ground in a fetal position and can only watch as Claw Boy takes position in front of Craig. 

From my perspective on the ground I can’t fully appreciate the view of this 235 pound bodybuilder standing face to face with the 220 pound muscle teen.

 “What do you think?” Scott askes the bigger muscle hunk.

“I think you pretty much wasted your man.” Craig observes.

Before he can say any more, Scott’s destructive right hand comes crashing into Craig’s upper stomach and the big man doubles over.  Claw Boy props the big stud up with his left hand, then delivers another body crushing blow to the gut with his right.  The massive muscleman drops to the kid’s feet.  Craig is left breathless and unable to resist.

Scott takes position in front of Doug.  The studly 225 pound bodybuilder has been physically destroyed during yesterday’s battle and is still a long way from recovering.  Scott just locks Doug in his stare and the big man is finished.  “Don’t hit me, Man.  I’ve had enough.  I can’t take any more.”  It tears me up to see this big muscleman begging the teenage fighter not to hurt him.  These guys are NEVER going to forgive me for getting them into this mess.  The muscleman’s damaged frame is unable to take even one more punch. 

“Don’t worry, Big Stud.  I can see you’re in no position to fight me, but then you never WERE.” Scott needs no defense against this broken down bodybuilder.  He reaches his left hand up and clamps a solid grip on the back of Doug’s neck.  The big man cringes at the powerful hold but knows better than to attempt to break away.  Scott flexes his massive right arm and holds the mountainous muscle in front of the bodybuilder’s pale face.

“You call yourself a bodybuilder?  Look at this arm!  If you workout hard enough, maybe one day YOU can have muscles like these!”  Doug’s teeth clinch hard to fight the pain from Scott’s powerful grip.  The big muscleman’s eyes are fixed on the mountain peak of muscle before him.  “Just look at this mass of solid muscle.  LOOK AT IT!” Scott screams point blank at the defeated athlete then in one swift motion, Claw Boy slams the buff bodybuilder’s face into his huge fully-flexed biceps.

“UUUUGH!” Doug moans from the fierce impact.  “LOOK CLOSER!” Scott warns as he powers the he-man’s face into his rock-solid arm again.  “How’s that FEEL, Big Man?  What’s it like to get an intimate introduction to the quality of muscle YOU will never know?”  Doug is nearly out on his feet but Scott smashes the stud’s face into his powerful right arm again.  “There you go, Big Buddy!  Just a little something to remember me by.  Not that you’ll ever forget the day you stood next to a REAL man!”  Scott shouts even though Doug’s ears are only inches away.  The massive Claw Boy releases his deadly grip and Doug’s worked-over body drops to his knees.

“Leave him alone, ass-wipe.  Haven’t you done enough????

Claw Boy turns and reaches his mighty hand behind Mike’s neck and pulls the postman forward.  The little stud has a ton of moxie as he stands defiantly to face Scott’s overwhelming strength.  Scott looks over to the other Muscleboys around him, “I LIKE this guy.  Stud, you take a good beating and still keep coming back for more.”  Scott flexes his massive right arm, “I could power my fist right through your face and you KNOW that, yet you stand here without running.  I like that!  I want to see you up here next year!”  Scott pulls the smaller man to him and pats his face.  Mike doesn’t seem to appreciate the gesture but knows better than to question a good thing.

Scott looks around as if to survey the scene, “Well, I hope every man who deserves it had a good time!”  All the muscleboys cheer in agreement.  “Let’s hit the trail.  Did you guys pick up the garbage?”

Todd takes one look behind him to see Doug and Craig make it to their feet while I’m still rolled up in a ball.  With more than a little spunk he challenges his heavily muscled buddy, “Hell, you’re the one who beat the shit out of him.  You ought to be the one to pack the garbage down the hill.”  The other two Muscleboys stop cold to see Scott’s reaction.

The young powerhouse just laughs at his smaller friend and he steps toward me saying “Damn good idea, Todd.  Damn good idea.”

I feel a bolt of fear shoot down my spine and the young powerhouse approaches.  Scott clamps his iron fist around my neck pulling me to my feet but doesn’t stop there.  Bending slightly the heavily muscled kid slides my 230 pound body across his broad shoulders as though he’s done this a thousand times.  Gripping across one knee and my jaw Scott flexes his rock solid muscles and despite my countless years of weightlifting and bodybuilding, my body arches back painfully.  The muscles in Scott’s shoulders are every bit as solid as his indestructible abs.  My mighty he-man muscles fail instantly under the pressure.  Before I can scream, he lets off just a little force to keep me quiet. 

“Don’t!  Please don’t do this.  I can’t take it, Man.  PLEASE!  DON’T” I hear myself begging this young stud like a whipped dog.  “Hey!   No sweat, Muscleman.  It’s the least I can do to pay you back for a fun weekend!  Best camping trip EVER!”

Carl speaks up with one last problem.  “That’s fine for you two but what about your packs.  While you’re having fun rearranging this punk’s spine, who’s gonna carry your packs?  Not ME!” 

“Come on, Wimps.” Scott twists my aching body forward.  “Strap ‘em on.  I can handle it.”  The guys give a laugh and Aaron loops my pack across my legs and ties it secure with the straps then Carl takes Scott’s pack and threads my arms through the straps before tying them secure.  Now I’m not only struggling against the powerhouse torture rack I have to fight the nearly 100 pound weight of my pack pulling on my legs AND what must be 70 or 80 pounds of Scott’s gear pulling down on my arms.  His load secure and me moaning in agony, we begin the trek down the mountain.

No one would ever question Scott’s incredible muscles again as the young Muscleboy carries his bodybuilder load held tightly across his broad shoulders all the way down the mountain without even taking a break.  I swear the kid is sure to jar and bounce as much as possible.  I lose consciousness then another back-breaking jolt brings me around again.

We finally reach the parking lot and my back, arms and legs are so totally destroyed I am barely able to even moan in pain.  Everyone is amazed that the young muscle-stud can perform such an incredible feat. 

It seems to take forever, but Craig and Mike untangle my arms and legs, tossing my pack in the SUV with theirs.  I’m being nearly broken in half while the men on both teams rave about Scott’s power.

Obviously proud of his development, Claw Boy begins to flex his massive arms and between screams of pain I start begging for submission over and over and over.  Scott is too busy showing off his muscles to pay any attention.  I feel the thick muscles in his rock solid young body flexing again and hear part of one last gut-wrenching scream echo off the mountain wall before passing out. 

I feel what is left of me start to come around as the Suburban bounces to a stop at the end of the dirt road.   Before us is the Ninja motorcycle idling powerfully with two thickly muscled legs stretched out for support.  As I guessed, Scott is in the saddle.  Wearing just his hiking boots, gym shorts and helmet the young stud makes an amazing image of muscle and machine.  Waiting for traffic to clear takes some time because passing drivers are nearly breaking their necks straining at the sight of this buff, bare-chested biker.  The kid is equally striking from in back.  Scott leaning forward on his bike accentuates the muscular appearance of his narrow waist tapering up at a sharp angle as his thick, powerful lat muscles flare to each side reaching out to meet his broad shoulders.  I squirm in my seat as I flash back to my personal knowledge of just how strong and how hard those muscular shoulders are!

“Check out the helmet, Dudes.” Doug points out.  Shit, the helmet was the last thing I notice, but there on the back of Scott’s helmet is a picture, instantly recognizable as the poster hanging on the wall at our gym.  It is the very same photo that sits in the center of the mirror in my garage weight room.  Scott must have appreciated the message as much as I had and wanted to share it with the world, possibly as a warning.  There on the helmet is an image of an extremely well-built bodybuilder firmly locked in an abdominal stretch by a very muscular young wrestler.  Scott’s confident smile beaming as he stands in total control of his beefy opponent tells much of the story, but the image that locks in your mind forever is the helpless look of fear and pain on the face of the heavily-muscled athlete being slowly destroyed in the unbreakable grip of the teen Muscleboy.  You instantly know that the big buff muscleman has struggled valiantly to find any possible way to escape as the massive teen fighter slowly adds more and more pressure while the he-man’s powerful physique gradually disintegrates. The big muscle hero has come to the realization that his only hope of survival is his total submission to the powerfully muscled teenage stud.

I know exactly how he feels!