Former Arizona star in trouble
Associated Press
December 25, 1998


TUCSON, Ariz. -- A love affair has former University of Arizona basketball star Miles Simon in trouble with the law.
Simon faces a misdemeanor trespassing charge for allegedly going to the home of Baltimore Orioles baseball player Albert Belle, police said this week.
Simon, 23, and two friends were cited Dec. 15 on the charge after going to Belle's west Tucson home to see Simon's ex-girlfriend, a police report states.
A conviction would carry a penalty of up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine, police Sgt. Brett Klein said Thursday.
Simon, drafted by the Orlando Magic in June, is working out in Tucson while the NBA lockout continues.
According to a police report, Simon called Belle on Dec. 15 and asked to speak to the woman, and Belle told him she did not want to talk to him.
Simon told Belle he was coming to his home, and Belle warned Simon he would call police if he did.
When Simon and his friends arrived about 1 a.m., Belle phoned police and said someone was knocking loudly on his door. Without opening the door, Belle told them to leave.
Police said they found Mike Lee Karich, 23, standing outside Belle's door and Simon and his other friend, Darren F. Hite, 22, standing on a nearby walkway, police said. Simon denied to police that Belle told him not to come over.


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