AGM     15th December 1999    Last Update

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The Annual General Meeting of the Perth Football Club was held on Monday the 13th December 1999, where the Club declared an operating profit of $553.

A profit is a profit I suppose and considering the Dale Alcock Raffle fiasco that actually cost us money, it was probably a reasonable result.

Life membership was awarded to Peter Bosustow and Arthur Grey for their unquestionable commitment to the Mighty Demons and the members were asked to vote on their preference for the clubs 2000 playing jumper. If you would like to see the options just click here. When the results of the poll are announced I'll let you know.

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AGM   QUICK NOTES     8th December 1999    Last Update

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The AGM for the Centennial Year of the Perth Football Club will be held on Monday the 13th December in the Social Hall, commencing at 7:30 pm.

Please attend if possible.

Members will also be asked to give their opinion on the playing strip that the Demons should wear on match days in season 2000.

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A new and expanded range of club merchandise will be available in the new year.

Volunteers who can help out at the club are always welcomed as are people who can offer employment or accommodation to players.

Renewal of memberships for season 2000 has begun along with the drive for sponsors. For just $300 the team could be wearing your company name on it's back.

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PAYING UP   MOVING ON     16th November 1999    Last Update

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South Fremantle and even Subiaco could be asked to cough up $10,000 each for Gus Seebeck and Richard Pang respectively as transfer fees to the Perth Football Club.

The Demons will argue (successfully too I would have thought) that both players fall into the top bracket of Westar Rules footballers and as such would command the top transfer fees applicable for the league. Subiaco are believed to be more interested in player swaps for Pang than shelling out cash for him.

Both players have apparently reached in principle agreements with South & Subi so it appears that keeping them at Lathlain, our preferred option, has been lost.

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Nathan Mourish, Caine Miller and Chad Broughton will be driving to Mandurah next year to play for the Thunder.

Mourish has been asked to act as Aboriginal Liaison Officer for the club as well.

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LEAVING   REBUILDING     15th November 1999    Last Update

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It will in all probability be confirmed this week that Richard Pang will leave Perth to play with Subiaco next year.

For the same reasons that Wayne Allard said he was leaving us (and didn't he make a good choice), Pang wants to play in a Grand Final side and he thinks Subi is the team.

Gus Seebeck will almost certainly return to South Fremantle, now that the host club arrangement has been watered down between them and the Fremantle Dockers.

It is also rumoured that some of the disgruntled players who spent some time in the reserves this year under Shane cable, will follow him to Peel in the hope of getting more League opportunities than they believed they were getting at Perth.

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The Demons have already begun screening players for season 2000 with a session held last week with some 65 players who were specifically invited to try out for the club.

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RUMOURS     13th November 1999    Last Update

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Gus Seebeck claims that he has recieved a number of offers from various clubs and that he is weighing up his options but the word is that he wants out and South Fremantle is where he wants to go.

It is also believed that senior players are unhappy with Coach Gary Armstrong. I don't know why specifically but that's the word going around in most discussions about the Perth Footy club.

Here we go again hey! "I want to play for a sucessful club", "The coach works me too hard", Blah, Blah, F%#@*&^! Blah! When is this club going to find people, Players especially but management as well, who are prepared to make this club successfull, rather than jump off the ship the moment they see a leaking tap! People who will work hard towards making this club a top four REGULAR and not leave when it gets too hard for them.

This happens nearly EVERY FUCKIN' YEAR!!!

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THUNDERSTRUCK!!     10th November 1999    Last Update

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Shane Cable has been appointed as senior coach of the Peel football side for season 2000 and 1999 Captain and 137 game veteran, Russell Thompson has been appointed as his assistant and may pull on the boots and play for the Thunder next year also.

Former Perth and South Fremantle Ruckman, Stephen Pears is also heading south to play and coach.

Russell Clark, Peel's General Manager and former Perth Footballer, was the man the papers spoke to about the signing's. The report also claims that the Thunder are speaking with Perth Ruckman / Half Back Nathan Mourish!

Apparently Richard Pang is contemplating a move and is believed to have several clubs speaking to him. No doubt Peel is one of them.


Rumour has it that Senior Coach Gary Armstrong came close to walking out on the club a couple of weeks ago.

Is something rotten at Lathlain Park or all of these career changes just coincidental?

Rumour also has it that former Perth General Manager Warren Mahony will be Colts coach for East Perth next year.

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SIX DRAFTED!     MEDALS FOUND   1st November 1999    Last Update

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The Mighty Perth Football Club has supplied 6 players to the AFL via the 1999 November draft. The most of any Westar Rules Club this year.

Congratulations and Best Wishes go to,

DARREN GLASS - West Coast - pick No. 11

SCOTT STEVENS - Sydney - 21

LEON DAVIS - Collingwood - 34

CHANCE BATEMAN - Hawthorn - 48

RICHARD KELLY - Carlton - 60

RYAN HARGRAVE - Western Bulldogs - 66

A total of 16 West Australians were taken in the draft (not including recently de-listed AFL squad members) with the Demons tally being 6.

East Fremantle provided 3, Swan Districts 2 and every team except Peel had one draftee.

I believe this is a excellent result for the Perth Football Club and the boys who were drafted. They're all a good chance to play senior football in the very near future and the probability of another half a dozen fella's being drafted next year is just as likely, as those who missed out this year, develop for another year under senior coach Gary Armstrong.

There's exciting times ahead as our Victorious Colts side steps up to fill the void left by our 99 draftees so get onboard for season 2000.

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The Medals stolen from the Barry Cable Room at Subiaco Oval a few weeks back have been found after Police searched a house after a tip off.

Barry Cable himself has offered to help the youth get and stay on, the straight and narrow.

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THUNDER STRUCK?     BASTARDS!   26th October 1999    Last Update

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Rumour has it that Perth Reserves Coach Shane Cable will be the new League Coach of the Peel Thunder side for the 2000 season.

Cable came back to the Demons this year after having season 1998 off and took up the position of Reserves Coach. He guided the Reserves to the Preliminary Final in our Centenary Year.

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Club legend Barry Cable has had 3 Sandover Medals, 3 Simpson Medals and all his Butcher Medals stolen from the Barry Cable Room at Subiaco Oval.

I believe that these were the only items stolen from the room that's full of Cable memorabilia. The thieves have made these items worthless overnight. They'll never be able to sell them, they'll never be able to display them.


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HOST CLUBS DEAD?     SANDOVER   19th October 1999    Last Update

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It has been reported that the controversial Host Club arrangement that existed between South Fremantle & the Fremantle Dockers and Claremont and the West Coast Eagles, is over.... but,

East Perth have said that they would be interested in taking over the reins from the Tigers, if there were some concessions made.

It's my understanding that the underlying contentious point would be to only take Interstate recruits, thus allowing any and all Westar drafted players to remain at their present clubs.

I believe that South would maintain the arrangement if that was the case but I'm not sure if Claremont would come back around.

Hopefully, it's DEAD.

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THE WINNER IS...     SANDOVER   10th October 1999    Last Update

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The Butcher Medal for the Fairest & Best player for the Perth Football Club in our Centenary Season has been won by


Richard beat Gus Seebeck and Darren Glass who finished 3rd.

I didn't get a good look at the final tally but I think that I actually cracked it for the top five vote getters. Not in order of course (except for the winner) but I think that Dean Bertram and Drew Cornelius filled 4th and 5th respectively.

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WHO WILL WIN?     SANDOVER   5th October 1999    Last Update

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The 1999 Perth Football Club Butcher Medal presentation for the Fairest & Best Footballer will take place on Saturday Night, 9th October 1999.

I suggest that if you can get along on the night, please do so.

Most believe that it's a 2 horse race between our Sandover Medal winning Ruckman, Gus Seebeck and Midfielder, Richard Pang.

For what it's worth, my pick is Pang. No Doubt about it. I have second as a closely run thing between Dean Bertram (2nd pick), Seebeck and I'd like to think that Drew Cornelius will poll well and Darren Glass also.

I think the excitement on the night will be watching the race for second. Make sure that you are there.

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PREMIERS!!     SANDOVER   2nd October 1999    Last Update

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The Mighty Perth Football Club Colts side has taken out the 1999 Premiership by defeating East Fremantle by about 27 points at Subiaco Oval today.

Further details will follow as they become available.


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Is the winner of the 1999 Sandover Medal for the Fairest & Best Player in the Westar Rules Competition.

Gus polled a total of 33 votes to beat 2 other Ruckmen, Ryan Turnbull (32) from East Perth and West Perth's Ron Skender (31).

My personal tip for the Club Fairest & Best, The Butcher Medal, Richard Pang came in 4th with 30 votes.

Fifth was pre-count favourite Brad Bootsma for South Fremantle with 28.

Leon Davis was the best of the Rookies, finishing the count with 15 votes.

The Mighty Demons walked away with 66% of the Fairest & Best Medals on the night because Andrew Catalano won the Jack Clarke Medal for the Colts Competition.


But let's not stop there. The Prendergast Medal for the Fairest & Best player in the Reserves Competition went to Robert Hunt from West Perth. He beat Caine Miller and Troy Stubberfield, who you know are both from the Perth Football Club, by 3 votes.

Troy and Caine tied for second on 25 votes.

In our Centenary Year, well done to Caine and Troy and congratulations to Andrew Catalano and especially to Gus Seebeck,


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RETIREMENT     WANTED   11th September 1999    Last Update

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Dean Bertram announced his retirement in a pre-match address to the players before the East Fremantle game today.

Bertram played 167 games of WAFL/Westar Rules football for the Royals and the Demons and brought up the 150 game milestone earlier this season in fine style when we beat East Fremantle by 2 points.

Unfortunately we couldn't give Dean a winning send off today but I'm sure all supporters of the Perth Football Club would like to thank Dean and his family for their support and commitment to the club and wish them all the very best for the future.

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The Perth Football Club advertised for the position of General Manager today to replace Mike Fitzpatrick, who has been in the caretaker position since the departure of Warren Mahoney back in May.

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RESIGNATION   18th August 1999    Last Update

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Graham Mabbs has resigned from his position as one of the Perth Football Club Directors.

Graham resigned approximately 2 weeks ago for reasons unknown to me at this point in time.

Graham was one of the people at the club who had the foresight to see that this website had enormous potential to reach past, present and future, Demon and WAFL football supporters, where ever they may be and thanks to his contribution, I believe that we have made considerable steps in that direction and have paved the way for even more growth for the Perth Football Club and this web site.

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ON THE BRINK   31st July 1999    Last Update

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According to "The West Australian" Newspaper today, a review committee consisting of representatives from each club, have claimed that most of the clubs are technically insolvent and has called for an independent audit of the Western Australian Football Commission.

It apparently claims that the financial status of the best performing clubs is borderline and the majority are insolvent. It also said that the decline in status and support of Westar Rules has been exacerbated by a lack of aggressive marketing by the WAFC.

The report claims that the WAFC is fulfilling it's duty in terms of financial support for the Westar clubs and has called for an extra $150,000 per club per annum to recover losses and rejuvenate the league.

The review panel attacked the commission over it's administrative costs, claiming almost 1.7 Million dollars a year is spent on salary and corporate expenses.

From my point of view, you don't have to be Rhodes Scholar to realise that the competition is sinking. I believe that the WAFC must accept a huge portion of blame for this but my greatest disappointment is with the so called football fans of the Dockers and the Eagles, who have abandoned their WAFL / Westar club, since the inception of these 2 teams. They should be ashamed of themselves.

If players want to chase the almighty dollar in football, then they should have to earn it through the Westar competition. This will attract quality footballers to the leagues and therefore the clubs and should hopefully bring (some) people back the competition. It would help keep quality footballers who are chasing the dollar in the country or Interstate, at their Westar club. If they still want to go to the bush to play, then it would be obvious that it would be for reasons other than money.

If they want the pay, make then play. WESTAR!

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SHARKS/DEMONS MERGER!   HOST CLUBS   25th July 1999    Last Update

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It has been reported in the "Sunday Times" newspaper that the East Fremantle Football Club is set to launch a bid to merge with the Demons. It claims that the 2 clubs have had preliminary talks already and that the WAFC is prepared to endorse the merger with a $660,000 cash incentive.

The Shark proposal is for a new team to be playing out of Willeton with a new name incorporating the traditions of both clubs and if approved and backed with WAFC finances, WOULD be up and running BEFORE THE START OF NEXT SEASON!

The Sharks President said that quick progress on a merger would be in the hands of the two clubs members.

Other mergers being touted are Perth / Swan Districts, Subiaco / West Perth and Subiaco / Claremont.

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Up to 18 Fremantle Dockers and 15 West Coast Eagles are already eligible to play Westar Rules Finals football this year.

South are a shoe in and Claremont are only out of the 4 at the moment by percentage.

The situation on the host club arrangement is currently being reviewed and it is reported that it is only in favour of being retained by two clubs. Guess which two.

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GET RID OF PEEL!   18th July 1999    Last Update

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East Fremantle President Len Hitchen has called for the removal of the Thunder from the Westar Rules Competition.

Hitchen claims that $1.5 million has been spent on a club that has won only 2 games of football in nearly 3 years in the competition. That's money that he believes could be spent by the other 8 clubs. Money that could no doubt go towards attracting and keeping players at clubs, as opposed to losing them interstate or to the country areas.

Sunday Times Newspaper columnist, Brad Hardie, believes that Peel needs 6 or 7 quality Westar, established footballers at the club and he believes that appointing John Todd as senior coach, would enable this to happen.

Personally, I was originally in favour of expanding the competition to give it more of a State League kind of feel (like the State Basketball League). However, 2 games as winners in almost 3 years is certainly not helping the game evolve at all and based on the crowd percentage of Peel supporters at our last home game against Peel, I think that showed that the Thunder has done very little for the enhancement of the league.

I now believe that all it has done is weaken our competition and most probably those of surrounding country zones. I could perhaps be persuaded to give the Thunder one last chance but that's it!

The game needs a MAJOR overhaul and Peel are just one cog in the wheel. I could go on and maybe I might at the seasons end. For the moment I'll leave any further comment to you.

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12th July 1999    Last Update

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Congratulations must go the Western Australian U/18 State Football side that defeated Vic Metro in Brisbane on Saturday night. Well done to the Perth boys and especially to Darren Glass and Chance Bateman who were both selected in the All Australian team.

Seven West Australian's made the team but only the Demons had 2 players selected into this prestigious team. Great stuff fella's.

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The Perth Football Club web site is slowly beginning to display the information that we hope you're looking for and another step in this direction is the Merchandise page.

The page has just been uploaded with some pictures of the merchandise available and hopefully there will be more to follow in the near future.

Be proud and support "The Mighty Demons", visually and financially by purchasing some great gear.

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The match against Swan Districts in Moora is back on.

The game to support the people of Moora after 2 floods have wreaked havoc on the country town will be played on the 24th July, Round 16.

The club has organized a bus for any members and supporters who would like to make the trip and I think it will set you back only $10 and it'll leave at about 9:30am (Don't quote me on this).

Contact the club for exact details.

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JOE SMITH RETIRES     WESTAR, WHAT'S THAT?    3rd July 1999    Last Update

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Joe Smith has retired from football. Smith has cited persistent hamstring problems as the reason for retiring from the game.

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It was reported in todays paper that the name Westar Rules will more than likely bite the dust at the end of this year and that we will revert back to the West Australian Football League for the 2000 season.

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OBITUARY     WHAT'S THIS?    29th June 1999    Last Update

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On the 6th June 1999, Gordon Davey passed away. Gordon was thought to be our oldest living past player at the time.

Gordon played between 1934 & 1937 and played over 50 games for the Demons and represented the state on 3 occasions and was honoured by the club when he made the final list of 100 past players eligible for Team of the Century selection.

Gordon apparently travelled down by train every Saturday morning from Wyalkatchem when playing for Perth. He went on to become a 5 time premiership player for Wyalkatchem with 4 Fairest & Best's awards and 1for Best Player in a Grand Final. He also Coached the side in 1946, 1949 & 1950.

Gordon was present at the Team of the Century Centenary Luncheon held on the 1st May 1999.

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It has been reported and/or rumoured through the media that the Perth Football Club 'could be targeted' for a possible merger or radical name change.

What's perceived to be the most logical amalgamation, with East Perth, has been ruled out by the Royals, as they intend to battle on with their current lot, and remain/become the competitions inner city team.

I understand that the possibility of a merger with Swan Districts is being keenly sort by SWAN DISTRICTS and NOT the Perth Football Club and it's been reported that the club is negotiating a deal that could see us become known as the Burswood Demons.

May I take the opportunity to say that I am only the messenger here and do don't necessarily endorse nor condone any of the above possibilities

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CHANGE IN THE AIR?    20th June 1999    Last Update

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According to the Sunday Times Newspaper, all seven non-aligned Westar Teams are expected to oppose the retention of the Host club club scheme, that South Fremantle and the Fremantle Dockers and Claremont and West Coast currently enjoy.

There could also be feuding about next years fixtures not coinciding with the AFL (more so for Eagles and Dockers players not actually playing football, should their AFL team be playing finals football) as the Westar season could be moved 3 to 4 weeks earlier in starting.

The shocking Westar Rules name could be lost and a return to the West Australian Football League could also be on the cards and the clubs also want greater representation on the WAFC.

Looks like fun times ahead.

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PARKES LEAVES    12th June 1999    Last Update

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The Round 11 Football Budget reports that Kym Parkes has left the Demons to join A - Grade Amateur side Mount Lawley.

Former South Fremantle Reserves Coach, Phil Cronin, who resigned from the club a couple of weeks ago, has accepted a position as League coach at Mount Lawley and apparently lured Parkes and Swan Districts player, Rod O'Neill, to the club with him.

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MOORA'S OFF    28th May 1999    Last Update

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The game between Perth and Swan Districts which was to be held at Moora tomorrow has been cancelled.

All games have now been re-scheduled back to the original venue of Bassendean Oval.

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GM RESIGNS    17th May 1999    Last Update

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Warren Mahoney, the General Manager of the Perth Football Club, has handed in his resignation, citing family reasons for his departure. Warren will officially leave the position on 28th May 1999.

I'm sure all members and supporters extended their thanks and best wishes to Warren and his wife for the work, help and support they have given to the club during Warrens time as GM, and from my point of view, their efforts in helping to get this site where it is today.

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14TH MAY 1999


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The Round 9 Match against Swan Districts on the 29th May, has been moved to MOORA as a show of support to the local community, after the town was ravaged by the recent flooding.

The Match is a home game for Swan Districts but Moora is in the Demons country zone, therefore both clubs should be commended for their initiative in putting this game together.

The Football Budget says that a junior carnival and a Legends game are scheduled for the day so I suggest that if you're able, you should pack a cut lunch and a water bag and head on up to Moora for the day.

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On Saturday June 19th the State side will take on Tasmania in Kalgoorlie. This is a general bye for all clubs but the Perth Football Club will play a combined Avon/Mortlock/Central Midlands team in Northam.

A bus will be leaving Lathlain Park at approximately 11:30am for any supporters who would like transport to the match. Contact the club for further details.

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The Demons will be holding their Banquet Auction this year on the 11th July in the Boundary Room at the WACA. Contact the club for ticket prices and bookings.

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The Perth Football Club is pleased to report that the NRL game held at Lathlain on 8th May drew a crowd of approximately 8500 people.

The club and the rugby leagues involved in staging the event are confident that they have learnt a great deal from this one off game and are sure that they can improve upon and attract up to another 4 games of NRL to Lathlain Park next year.

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The Perth Football Club at Lathlain Park, will be hosting this years National Gaelic Football Carnival in October 1999.

Maybe Jim Stynes might make an appearance?

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The Perth Football Club will be hosting the Mini World Cup in Late October and through November at Lathlain Park.

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The following information has been sourced from "The West Australian" newspaper.


Gus Seebeck (South Fremantle), Dean Bertram (Back from retirement), Shane Cable (Back from retirement), Darren Rigby (Back from retirement), Willie Dick (Chapman Valley), Jermaine Davis (Northam), Joe Smith (Armadale/Claremont), Kym Parkes (Claremont), Vincent Proud (Moe), Bill Hansen (Darwin), Craig Smith (Scarborough).


Andrew Taylor (Claremont/West Coast Eagles), Gary Merritt (Victoria), Paul Maher (South Fremantle/Fremantle Dockers), Wayne Allard (East Fremantle), Corey Robertson (Wagin), Toby Jackson (Margaret River), Adrian Cachard (Wagin), Darren Capewell (Retired), Shane Evans (Retired), Troy Foote (Retired), Paul Lewis (New South Wales), Julian Burgess (Boddington).

It should also be noted that West Coast and Fremantle squad members who do not make their respective AFL clubs League side for AFL matches and who are fit enough to play Westar Rules, will play for their Westar host club. Eagles to Claremont and Dockers to South Fremantle. Claremont has access to 30 Eagles and South has access to 28 Dockers.

1998 news



The Demons had their first win of the year when they knocked off Peel Thunder at Lathlain Park yesterday, in the last Pre Season hit out before the Westar competition that starts next week.

I don't know if this was a full strength Peel side because, quite frankly, on paper I wouldn't know their best side from their worst.

What I do know is the scores and they are as follows.

Round 1

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter TOTAL


3.3 5.8 8.14 12.18 90
Peel 2.4 2.5 3.8 5.11 41

The 1999 Centenary Jumper Presentation took place later in the evening with 30 players being presented with their new look playing strip for this season.

It doesn't look too dissimilar to the current playing jumper and I think most members and suporters will give it a favourable response.

The down side on the day was that Joel Forsythe, who I believe to be one of the future stars of this club, rolled his ankle on Saturday arvo and is likely to be out for about 4 weeks. The good news is that John Haynes is still at the club and is about 4 weeks away from resuming football.

If anyone is interested, Subiaco thumped South Fremantle by 10 goals to win the Governors Challenge.

1998 news



Some old and some new faces will be seen around the club this year and the following list is just some of the people you may spot.



Dean Bertram, Shane Cable, Jermaine Davis, Darren Rigby, Willie Dick, Daniel Murray, Jeff Moore (Perth)

Kym Parkes, Mathew Taylor & Joe Smith (Claremont)

Keron Ugle & Glen Donald (South Fremantle)

Lorrence Farmer (Subiaco)

Dayle Bryant, Robert Thompson & Chad Harding (Amateurs)

Clive Hayden & Bjorn Kickett (Sunday League)



Gary Armstrong - League Coach

Phil Narkle - Centre Line / Assistant Coach

Shane Cable - Reserves Coach

Ken Marshall - Forwards / Weights

David John - Fitness Advisor

John Hathaway - Reserves Assistant Coach

Jeff Dickinson - Backline Coach

Sean King - Skills / Runner

Murray Couper - Colts Coach



There is a Busy Bee scheduled for Sunday 7th March at Lathlain Park, between 9:00am and Noon.

If you can spare a couple of hours to help out the Club you will be rewarded by meeting the players and enjoying a sausage sizzle and a drink with them at the end of the day.


1998 news



New Perth Football Club President Brian Lawrence says the Demons will not move from Lathlain Park.

Lawrence said that the move was unpopular with members and that no suitable site for re-location could be found and no viable merger options are available either (Thank God!).

Lawrence is confident that the Club can be a force both on and off the park and that we can remain debt free by the end of the year.

Round 1 marks the Clash of the Centurions at Lathlain Park as the Demons take on South Fremantle who are also celebrating 100 years. The clash also marks the 40th anniversary of the Clubs move from the WACA to Lathlain, also played against South.

1998 news



The Club has confirmed that Wayne Allard has definitely left the club to play for East Fremantle.

He reportedly said that he wanted to be associated with a successful club. So why East Fremantle?

We suspect that "I'm too busy to coach" had something to do with his departure.

It has been brought to my attention that we will be remunerated for the loss of Allard.

1998 news



It has been reported on Radio 6NR this evening that Wayne Allard has left the Demons and will play for East Fremantle this year.

According to the report, Allard was an uncontracted player and has gone to East Freo via Peel Thunder. This seems to suggest that Allard signed with Peel and then was traded to East Fremantle from Peel.

The ramifications for the Demons from all of this is that Peel will recieve the transfer fees payable by East Fremantle for Allard's services this year and we will not see one cent of it.


Wayne Allard was our Vice Captain in season 1998 and played a total of 138 games for the Demons. 12 more games and he would have achieved Life Membership of the club.

1998 news