The atmosphere is tense, but strangely quiet as the two soft bodies intensely engage in a struggle to determine which is the stronger. The only sounds in the room are occasional grunts and gasps, and the sound of skin slapping skin as the two attractive grapplers attempt to overpower the other. Gradually the stronger maneuvers herself into position and quickly wraps her smooth supple, but unbelievably powerful legs around her opponent's midsection and quickly begins to squeeze the strength from her worthy opponent's already exhausted body. Her opponent's gasps turn to moans from the unbearable pain of the scissors hold. "Give?" Judell growls through clenched teeth as she clamps down harder on the scissors hold. "No" mutters her squirming opponent who lies helplessly at Judell's mercy. She, desparately seeking relief from the pain, tries to pry Judell's magnificent legs apart. Judell's hapless victim's groans turn to shrieks of pain as Judell raises her hips to apply more leverage to the already agonizing hold. Judell's opponent grabs the hair on both sides of her head and pulls in an attempt to clear her head and take her mind off the crushing pain in her soft belly. Sensing victory is at hand, Judell squeezes ever harder. She periodically releases the pressure and then clamps down even harder in order to wear out her opponent. "Give it up girl" Judell shouts to her opponent, who no longer able to stand the pain, shakes her head in submission and mutters through clenched teeth, "I give". Judell immediately releases the hold, and jumps to her feet with her arms raised in triumph, while her exhausted opponent lays on the mat relieved the torture is over. Judell smiles as a hard fought match nears the end.

The preceeding was a purely fictional account of the final moments of a match between Judell Dulong Harrsch and one of her hundreds of opponents as I imagined the match ending.


Judell puts the finishing touches on another opponent.



Outside the ring, Sugar and Spice aptly describes Judell, whom I consider to be the undisputed Amateur Women's Wrestling Champion.Judell is all business when she steps through the ropes! However, once she stepped through the ropes, she was all business with only one thing on her mind; another opponent submitting to her grappling prowess.

Judell, now retired, began her amateur wrestling career in 1972, when she was 34; however, her experience came from earlier in life. She grew up with 4 brothers in Montana, and a father who "twinkled" whenever she beat her brothers at anything, so obviously wrestling soon came natural for her. Later, she found many of her opponents at a local gym where she lifted weights. All her neighbors knew she wrestled. Judell had local newspaper stories written about her wrestling, as well as articles in some of the wrestling magazines. Of all the articles published about her, Judell never had a negative story printed about her.  At one time Judell trained under the late Mildred Burke, and was preparing to enter into the professional world of wrestling.   However, that rapidly came to and end when she was to go to Japan to wrestle and leave her family  behind.  Judell made the right decision, and remained with her family.  Instead, she founded the California Amazon, and began taking on amateur opponents at home.   Judell faced many a tough opponent, and several of the women she wrestled early in her career were excellent. She recalled a girl in Milwaukee, Judy, was very good, and gave her a good match. Also, Angela Mack in England was tough. The holds Judell used really depended on the girl she was wrestling. However, she did like to use a body stretch which consisted of getting her opponent in a full nelson and abdominal scissors, then while pressing against her opponents head she would push down on her body with her hips causing excrutiating pain and eventual submission.   And of course, she liked to make use of the head scissors.   She liked to shake it causing her opponent to beg her to quit! She has lost count of the matches she has had. Judell favored submission style of wrestling over any other, and she is proud, and rightly so, to say she never submitted, nor lost a submission match. Someone once said that her opponent could tear off her arm, beat her over the head with it, and she still would not give up! She did wrestle once where pins counted. That match lasted 1hr and 10min, and was the first time she had ever wrestled for pins, and the last. She liked having her opponent say "I give". Cut and dried...not a 3rd party telling her what was going on. Judell says about herself, she really loves people. However, she is a very strong woman and likes to be in control, which explains her success at submission style matches.

Judell has two children, now grown, a daughter Sharon, and a son Jack. Judell passed on her love of wrestling to her children, and soon had a backyard full of girls wanting to wrestle. Judell began to train her daughter and the other girls, not only in wrestling, but also boxing. The girls she trained were the toughest; names like Nancy and Susan Skarvan, Laurie Hatch, and Karen Arnold to name only a few. As time passed, Judell's children grew into adulthood; however, their love of wrestling remained. .

Sharon in her hey day. She moved just like her mother on the mat




Sharon was a good student and won many of her matches under her mother's excellent tutelage.

Liz is ready for action! Liz, Judell's stepdaughter has also stepped into the ring.  At only 4'-11" and 105 lbs, she is usually the smaller wrestler in her matches.  However, she doesn't let the little things get in her way, and is ready to do battle.

As time passed, Judell's children grew into adulthood; however, their love of wrestling remained.  Sharon soon had a daughter, Jacqy, who quickly picked up the love of wrestling from her mother. The fire Judell used to have for wrestling has been re-ignited!! She gives her granddaughter credit for this! Jacqy is quite an accomplished wrestler, and now attends college. Jacqy loves this sport and her spirit is so catching. Judell's hope is that Jacqy will pass her love of wrestling onto her friends at college, and continue in her Grandmother's footsteps... Ours too!!

Jacqy rules the mat!

Jacqy in action!!! She looks just like her Grandmother and mother. This girl will go far, especially considering her heritage.





Judell continues to be active in her love, not as a wrestler anymore, but as an advisor to the women at the Washington Womens Wrestling and Boxing Club.   Judell has about 15-20 active students who are learning from the best.  We wish Judell good fortune in her endeavors, and hope to see some of her students particpicating in WCC events in the near future.


We hope to see and hear more about Jacqy in the future!


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