Private Pony
by Herdsman

The ponygirl knelt on hands and knees in the stall.  Her breasts were clamped in the vice-like tit clamp and her hands closely enclosed inside of hoof gloves, hooves with an internal bar which she grasped with her hands which were encased in a glove like covering that was part of the hoof and which laced tightly.  In front of her was a hay manger with feed trough and water trough.  In the feed trough was oat bran and in the manger dried alfalfa sprouts.  In the other trough was water.  The ponygirl ate desultorily of the alfalfa hay and the oat bran.  It tasted horrible and was hard to eat around the steel bit that resided permanently in her mouth, but, she was very hungry.  For two months, since she had been taken off the street, all she had to eat was this rough fare.  The restricted diet and the exercise she had to perform had dropped her weight from 160 pounds to 120 pounds and tightened all of her muscles.  She would not recommend the regimen however, her breasts still stung from the caning she had received that morning for not being quick enough in responding to the lunge whip as she was trotted in a circle practicing her high stepping trot.  She chewed the dry alfalfa and the bit clicked against her teeth, the ones that remained after having her front molars and eye teeth removed to make room for the bit.  She thought:  ‘Here I am in a pony stall in the basement of this house while neighbors go about completely oblivious to the torments that take place here.  Here, I’m an animal slave to be trained and beaten into submission and whipped until I perform to his satisfaction.’

 He was her captor, the one they called master.  She hadn’t known him before her capture.  Then she had ridiculed the woman called “O” for the collar she wore and the chains that led from the collar to the woman’s nipples.  It had been after work when she had seen the woman in the restroom adjusting the nipple chain and collar before leaving the office building.  She recognized her as one of the new employees, “O”?,  that was right, “O”.  The woman was pretty, built along the lines of a Frazetta illustration, with very large breasts.  Jan, for she had been named Jan then instead of ponygirl or pony, felt jealous and envious because, despite her excess weight, her breasts were small.  It was this envy that was to cause her downfall.  She called out: “What’s with the collar and chain “O”, are you a slave or something?”  The woman, “O”, looked back at her and calmly said:  “No.  I’m a pet, a bitchcunt.”  Jan was taken aback and blurted out:  “Well miss bitchcunt, lets see what the rest of the office thinks of your collar and chain.”  Then she had strutted out with her nose in the air.  Two hours later in the parking lot of a supermarket, a man came up to her while she was getting out of her car.  He wasn’t tall but was as wide a man she had ever seen.  The stranger rumbled in a bass voice “You seem to look down on my pets, cunt.  Let’s see how you like being livestock.  Then he seized her in an inescapable grip with one hand and held a cloth over her face with the other until she lost consciousness.  She had woken up here secured in the stall with a clamp tightly squeezing her tits until even her size B breasts bulged purplish below the clamp.

 Then she felt the swelling in her belly and bowels as she was “flushed”.  This horrible procedure took place every hour that she was in her stall.  Over the first month she had been a captive, her master’s slaves had forced increasingly large dildos and butt plugs into her pussy and anal passage.  Her urethra was not spared either and was repeatedly distended by a slender prod that grew larger and larger each day.  When her pussy and anus could stretch to fit a four inch thick prod, a flanged circular fitting made like a car wheel with no center, or like a sink drain fitting that was four inches thick in the center and five inches in diameter at the edge of the flanges, was forced into each orifice.  To these were connected four inch hoses with smaller hoses inside.  The one in her pussy was also fitted with a half inch diameter catheter that passed into her bladder and was held there by a bulge in the hose.  Each hour, hot water flooded into her bladder, vagina and bowels through the small hoses and was quickly sucked out through the large hoses.  Then icy cold water was pumped in and five minutes later, pumped out.  When she was not in her stall, a large plug was screwed into her anal fitting and a small plug into the catheter.  Her vagina was usually left gaping open to become a target for flies and gnats.  She had not had a natural bowl or bladder movement for a month as products of elimination were pumped out with the flush water.

 The ponygirl shivered as the flood of chill water rushed into her body, dropping her temperature several degrees, and the metal fittings on her nipples and clitoris tinkled.  She had an unusually large clit which had been stripped of its hood and pierced.  Through the sensitive organ, an eighth of an inch thick, one inch diameter ring had been inserted and soldered closed.  Her prominent nipples had an intricate piercing.  Each had a quarter inch horizontal post piercing the breast through the aureole just back of the nipple base.  On each end of each post, a screw on ball secured the post in place.  Piercing each nipple through the center was another quarter inch post that screwed into the center of the horizontal post.  Thus, each breast had a steel post emerging from its nipple.  At the end of each of these posts was a hole through which an eighth of an inch thick, one inch in diameter ring passed.  Finally, she had a three eighths inch thick, one inch in diameter ring piercing her septum.  It was this hugely thick ring that made her feel, more than any other, like an animal.  She shivered as her belly swelled with the inrushing water and her bladder felt like it would burst.  ‘Why did her Master subject her to this?’  She thought.  Still hungry, she stuck her loosened tongue out past the bit and licked up some of the oat bran.

Five minutes later, the ponygirl felt the suction start as her bladder, vagina and bowels were sucked empty.  It felt like her insides were being sucked from her body.  Then, just as the suction died, she heard someone approach.  ‘Oh! No! Not more training!’  She cried silently since speech would bring on another whipping.  But, training it was.  A slave girl, nude but for a chain link choker collar and a full set of piercings, came into her stall and turned several valves and threw several switches.  Then the slave squatted and unfastened the hoses that entered her body.  “The master has ordered a present for you” the slave said.  She took a trowel and began to pack a mixture of fresh ginger and green chilies into the ponygirl’s vagina and anus.  Once they were full and already starting to burn, the slave screwed plugs into both fittings and proceeded to pump a reddish liquid into the ponygirl’s bladder.  “Tobasco and water”  The slave said.  “The master was disappointed with your performance this morning.  This should keep you alert..”  By this time the wretched ponygirl was writhing as her insides felt as if she were on fire.  Then the slave unhitched the ponygirl, unclamped her breasts, and led her out of her stall.

Once out of the stall, the slave drew the ponygirl to her feet which were enclosed in hoofboots which enforced a tiptoe position.  Then the hoofgloves on her hands were removed and her arms fastened elbow to wrist behind her.  Then she was lead out of the basement and into the back yard.

There, standing in the shade, was her master.  He was holding a driving whip and beside him squatting in a seated position was his bitchcunt.  She looked hard used, covered with whip and cane lashes and with huge prods in her pussy and ass.  An unusual leash connected her clit to her nipple rings and passed through a ring on her collar.  Periodically, the master would twitch the leash and the bitchcunt would yelp in pain.  Occasionally, he would throw a rubber dog toy across the yard and the bitchcunt would scurry to it, pick it up in her mouth, and return it to her master.

When the master saw the ponygirl, a frown crossed his face.  “That pony is either stupid or lazy” he said.  Tie her to the hitching post and give her a thorough whipping.  Use a flogger.  I want every inch of her hide below her neck a dark red from the whipping.  Then we’ll see how she trots.  The ponygirl let out a whinnying wail from her altered voicebox when she heard this but was soon tightly hitched to the post in the yard and whinnying in pain while the flogger cracked as it fell on her rapidly reddening tits.

 Fifteen minutes later a chastened ponygirl stood at the hitching post.  Her hide was a deep red color like roan horse’s with no sign of white skin showing.  She was whimpering with whinnying groans.  “Now, let’s see if she trots any better.”  The master said as the slave unfastened the ponygirl from the post and connected the lunge rein.  She shook out the lunge whip and cracked across the ponygirl’s rump, starting her off circling the slave at a trot.  “Crack!”  The whip cut into the back of the ponygirl’s knees.  “Keep those Knees up”,  the slave said.  “Prance!”  The ponygirl desperately lifted her knees in the collected trot as sweat poured off of her and she burned inside as her hide burned outside,  Just outside her endless circle, the master was whipping the bitchcunt’s tits with a leather strap as the puppygirl sucked desperately at his cock, her pussy and anal prod wiggling with her effort.  Despite the constant abuse, the ponygirl was convinced the bitchcunt enjoyed her treatment.  A slave could tell.

 Hours later, the slave, actually a stablecunt, led the exhausted ponygirl into her stall.  She laced the hoofgloves back on the pony’s hands and fixed her on hooves and knees in the stall, clamping her tits securely.  Next the stablecunt unscrewed the plugs from the fittings in the ponygirl’s pussy and anus and connected the hoses.  She flicked some switches and turned some valves and the flushing began with the hot water.  The ponygirl screamed as her already full bladder was pumped to twice normal capacity as the hot water rushed in.  At the same time, the hot vegetable mix in her vagina and bowels was pushed deeper inside her.  Finally, the suction came and she was emptied to be refilled with the icy cold water.  This time it was welcome.

 Five minutes later, after the cold water had been suctioned out, the stablecunt arrived and unconnected the hoses.  She then connected an extrusion from a box-like container to each of the fittings.  Then she threw a switch.  The ponygirl felt an object entering her vagina and another entering her rectum.  Relentlessly, the objects pushed into her body a full fourteen inches before they began to withdraw.  Meanwhile, chill water flooded into her bladder until it was painfully full and was sucked out as the objects withdrew.  When the objects were fully withdrawn, they started pushing in again repeating the cycle.  Once again, chill water rushed through the catheter into her bladder.  It took about ten seconds to complete a cycle.  The ponygirl was still in shock when the stablecunt said:  “Master wants you on this mechanical fucker while you are in the stall.  He wants to ready you for breeding to horses.  He also said that he want’s to see if a ponygirl can get calluses on her vaginal or anal passages.  Those shafts will fuck you for fifty minutes and then withdraw enough to allow the hot and cold water flush cycles.  Got to keep our little pony clean.  Oh, master has been good enough to give you a name.  It’s Squeal for the noise you make when you get the extra whippings you get each day for treating the masters beloved bitchcunt the way you did.  You’ll be branded tomorrow, on the inside of your rear cheeks on either side of your anus.  You will also get some company later today.  Master purchased another ponygirl, actually a ponycunt.  She’ll be delivered later today.  Now eat your feed.  A pony has to keep her strength up.”  The newly named Squeal absorbed this new information as the prods plunged in and out of her body.

 Two hours later Squeal was whinnying in agony from the abrasion and stretching of the implacable mechanical fucking and the pain of the cane as the stablecunt gave her regular evening beating on her rear with a thick cane.  She regretted her mean remarks to the bitchcunt for the umpteenth time just as she would regret them again tomorrow morning when her tits were caned.

 An hour later Squeal woke from a fitful daze to hear the clop of shod hooves moving across the floor.  She lifted her head and could see another restrained woman being led into the next stall.  The woman was another ponygirl but unlike Squeal, she walked bent over at the waist with her back horizontal.  The stablecunt used the ponygirl’s bit to force her to her knees and then pulled her tits between the jaws of the tit-vice by the nipple rings and tightened the vice until the ponygirl whinnied in pain.  Then the stablecunt unfastened the pony’s hands from behind her back and buckled on hoofgloves.  Once this was done, a fucking machine like the one tormenting Squeal was rolled up behind the ponygirl and soon four inch thick prods were pistoning in and out of the ponycunt.  A check of the headstall, a small bucket of oat bran, some water and an armload of dried alfalfa sprouts and the stablecunt left.


 “What kind of place is this?”  The ponycunt asked Squeal in the mumbling whinny of the ponyslave.  “I was on a training farm out in the country until a crew put me in horse trailer and unloaded me into this building.”

 “It’s a private home.”  Squeal replied.  “The master lives here with his bitchcunt and the stablecunt.”

 “What’s the bitchcunt’s name?”  Asked the ponycunt.  “Please don’t let it be “O””

 “That’s her name.”  Squeal said. “Is that bad?”

 “It’s horrible.”  The ponycunt replied.  “Your master is the man whose friend I cheated on in a relationship and whose money I stole. Your master had me captured and sent to be trained as a ponycunt.  I was hoping I would be sold to a stranger.  He had me whipped twice a day the entire time I was in training.”

 “You may be in the same situation here.”  Squeal said.  “I insulted his bitchcunt, and for that, he kidnapped me and made me a ponygirl.  I get whipped twice a day in addition to training and punishment whippings.”

 “Even with that, you are more fortunate than I.”  The ponycunt said.  “The vet at the training farm operated on my back and hips and now I can’t stand erect.  See these two steel bands cinched about my tits, they are what I pull wagons, surreys, and carts with.  It hurts!  So does the bouncing of the draft chain where it goes through my clit ring.  But pull I do.  The whip sees to that.”

The two animal slaves grew silent as the stablecunt drew near.  It was time for each’s evening whipping.  Soon screams echoed throughout the sound proofed basement masking the plunger sounds of the mechanical fucking machines and the sounds of the pumps that periodically filled and emptied the ponyslaves’ bodies.

 The next morning, after the morning feeding, the morning whipping and morning training, the two ponies were taken inside and tied by their reins to a hitching post.  Then, the master came down the stairs and took a seat in a nearby chair after leaning his Blackthorn stick against the wall.  The bitchcunt seated herself beside him and licked his hand.  Squeal could see from the marks on her bottom that she had been severely caned.  Her breasts also were striped with the unmistakable double tracked marks of the cane, many of them, top and bottom.  Yet, she looked deliriously happy as she licked the hand that had whipped her so thoroughly.

 Then all speculation was driven from Squeal’s head as the stablecunt approached with branding irons and a MAPP gas torch.  She had seen the brands before.  One was an Old English capital A, the master’s initial for his name Abbadon.  A  The other was a stylized W for Whipstock trainers, the masters training establishment.  W  The Master took one brand and began to heat it with the torch.  Squeal shuddered, the master was feeling cruel today.  He was going to do the brands one at a time.

 “Bring the ponycunt” the master said in his rumbling bass voice.  The stablecunt went to the hitching post and took the horizontal ponyslave’s reins.  As she led the ponycunt over to the master’s chair, the pony whimpered in fear.  “I’m going to give you a name, cunt.”  The master said.  “Henceforth, you will be named Wail, after the noises you make when you are beaten.  Stablecunt, present Wail’s ass for affixing her first brand”  The stablecunt pulled the newly named Wail over to the master, lashing her tits with a short dog whip as she hesitated.  When she was positioned next to the Master’s chair, he unscrewed the cap on her anal fitting and shoved a four inch metal shaft a full sixteen inched into her bowels.  Holding her by this shaft, he took the A brand, dipped it into a jar of red powder, and pressed the glowing letter into her flesh an inch out from her distended anus.  Wail justified her name as she let out an anguished scream that lasted far longer than the ten seconds that the master held the brand against her flesh.  When he removed the brand and set the hot end in an iron bucket, he picked up a stiff brush and cleaned the brand of the black charred flesh and skin.  Then he dipped another brush into the jar and carefully painted the raw flesh with the red powder.  Squeal could see that the letter had burned a full quarter inch into Wail’s flesh.  Turning to the bitchcunt, the master said “The dye will keep the brand a bright red as long as she lives.  Now stablecunt, take her back to the hitching post and tie her.  Leave the shaft in, it’s connected to her anal fitting.  Then bring Squeal over while I heat the iron.”  As he said this, he cleaned the brand with a metal brush and began to reheat it.

 Squeal whimpered as she was led over.  Then she broke into a whinnying scream as the A brand was thrust into the flesh next to her anus.  She screamed on and on as the iron burned its way deep into her hide.  She kept screaming as the brand was cleaned and painted with dye and was still moaning as Wail was branded with the W on the opposite side of her anus from the A brand.  Indeed, she was still weeping as her own second brand was pressed into her hide and she screamed again.

 When Squeal’s second brand had been cleaned and the dye applied, the master told the stablecunt:  “Take these two cunts out and whip their tits and rumps with a thick cane.  Fifty strokes to each tit and fifty to each buttock.  Then, work them hard on the lunge circuit.  I’m going to take them for an outside jaunt in a couple days.

 Three days later, right after the morning feeding, the ponyslaves were unfastened from the enema hoses and fucking machines, had their plug caps screwed in and were led outside by the stablecunt.  There, in the back yard, was a horse trailer hitched to the master’s SUV.  The stablecunt led the two ponies over to the trailer and prodded them inside.  There they saw a light surrey complete with hitching leather and traces.  Once inside, she hitched them to ring bolts mounted on the wall.  Then she exited the van and went to the master.  There, she took the bitchcunt’s leash and led her too into the van and leashed her to a wall ring bolt.  Finally, the stablecunt used two padlocks and a light chain to fasten her own clit ring to a wall ring bolt.  The master closed the rear door and locked it.  Then he climbed into the front seat of the SUV and drove off.

 The trailer was warm from the sun and large enough for the two ponies to stand, the bitchcunt to sit in a dog like position and the stablecunt to sit on the straw covered floor as well as hold the surrey.  The windows were shaded to prevent curious gazes from spying.  The ride was soft and soon the livestock and the stablecunt were soon dozing.  Later, they were wakened by the bouncing of the trailer.  Soon they came to a halt.

 The master unfastened the trailer’s rear door and lowered it to form a ramp.  Then he handed the stablecunt a key and stepped back.  The stablecunt unlocked the padlock connecting her clit chain to the wall bolt and then unlocked the padlock connecting her clit to the chain.  Next, she unleashed the bitchcunt’s leash from the wall ringbolt and led her out to the master.  Finally she led the two ponies down the ramp and wheeled the surrey out.

 When the stablecunt had rolled the surrey out of the trailer, she started to hitch the two ponies to it.  “Wait,”  said the master.  “Take the large paddle from the equipment box and redden the ponies rears.  Give them at least fifty hard swats or enough more to make their rears a deep reddish purple.  A pony with a red ass is easier to drive.  Makes the rump more sensitive to the whip.”  The stablecunt went to the equipment box fastened to the side of the trailer and took out a wooden paddle, similar to a small canoe paddle and soon the whinnying squeals and wails of the two ponies echoed throughout the grove.  Twenty minutes later, the sweating stablecunt finished beating the two ponies and began hitching the two moaning ponyslaves to the surrey.

 Squeal was hitched in the customary manner for a ponygirl.  The left tongue of the surrey was lifted to the height of her waist and the ring on the end was connected to the left side of her waist belt with a heavy snap.  Then, the ring at the rear of the belt was clipped to a chain that in turn was connected to the front of the carriage to form the main trace with which to pull the surrey.  Wail’s hitch was more exotic.  She too had a waist belt to which the right carriage tongue was fastened, but, the trace chain was connected quite differently.  A small single tree was clipped to her tit clamps using the ring on each.  Then, a chain was connected to the center ring of the single tree and led back to her pussy where it passed through her clit ring, between her legs and back to the front of the surrey.  Thus, while Squeal would pull the carriage with her belt, Wail would pull it with her tits.  Reins from each’s bit lead back to the drivers seat.

 As the stablecunt finished hitching the team, the master spoke again:  “Unscrew the caps on the animals’ pussy and anal flanges and stow them in the equipment box.  Then, spray some honey water into each opening.  That will attract flies and gnats just like those that pester real horses.  Must have verisimilitude.”  The stablecunt hastened to obey and soon insects were buzzing around and within each of the ponies openings, biting and stinging as they explored the openings.  Then she connected her clit ring to the left side of the carriage by a short chain and stood waiting the master’s pleasure.

 The master swung his carriage whip back and then brought it forward to slash across the bottoms of the ponies.  Immediately, a deep purple welt, raised almost a quarter inch above the bright red surface of the ponies rears, just above their nates appeared.  The ponygirl and ponycunt both let out an agonized shriek and went from stationary to a fast trot in seconds.  “Good job of training them to do a jump start”  The master said to the stablecunt who was now running beside the cart.  You may have an hour on the Sybian Saddle tonight, two dildos.  The stablecunt smiled as she thanked the master.  The pumping, twisting rotation of the device’s dildos would bring her at least five orgasms in an hour.

 The carriage boweled along, the muscles of the ponies rears visibly working beneath their red hides that grew increasingly welted as the master plied his whip to keep the ponies at the desired pace.  The first two miles were on a country road and the ponies hooves clopped as their pasterns (the balls of their feet) hit the sandy dirt..  Squeal could see little of the surroundings as her blinders restricted her vision to a twenty degree arc in front of her and her bridle prevented her from turning her head or looking down.  She could not see the road immediately in front of her.  When she cast her eyes down, all she could see was her heaving sweaty breasts that jutted out in front of her.  Whine could see little more.  Her blinders restricted her forward vision just as did Squeal’s and her breasts were pulled painfully back out of her sight by the trace chain of the tit harness.  She too was denied a view of the road surface by the head strap that connected her bridle to the back of her chest strap and held her head up so that she faced forward, despite the horizontal position of her torso.

 At the end of two miles, the master reined the team to a halt at a water trough.  The stablecunt, now loosened from her clit chain led the ponies up to the trough and adjusted their head harnesses so that they could drink.  Both drank eagerly with water slopping out of bitted mouths and running down sweaty tits to drip off of nipple rings.  When the two were sated, the stablecunt tightened their head harnesses to the original position.  Then she dipped a bowl of water from the trough and set it on the ground.  The bitchcunt made her way to the ground and lapped up most of the water.  Then, she climbed back into the carriage.  Meanwhile, the stablecunt bent and drank her fill of the water and then connected her clit chain back to the carriage.  All in order, the master cracked another powerful stroke to the nates of the ponies and they were back to a fast trot before the welt could swell on their red bottoms.

 This time the master directed the team cross country onto a wide field covered with harvested  stubble.  The dry stalks scratched the ponycunt’s nipples and lower breasts and especially her clit.  It also scratched Squeal’s clit as it passed between her legs.  The stablecunt also experienced the scratches to her pussy and clit as she ran beside the carriage.  Both ponies were soon breathing heavily as the carriage was much harder to pull in the harvested field.  Finally, near the center of the huge field, the master reined the panting team to a halt.  Turning to the stablecunt, he said:  “Call the Equestrian Society contractor and put him to work building a stable in the back lot.  We have twenty acres there so there will be room for a paddock as well.  I want eight ponygirl/ponycunt stalls and four stalls for full sized horses.  Tell him to put in two donkey/pony stalls as well and a four pair breeding parlor.  Have him arrange for the installation of the flushing and mechanical fucking equipment for each of the ponygirl stalls.  I’m going to have another ponygirl and another ponycunt sent down from the ranch to fill out this team.  A pair of ponygirls in front and a pair of ponycunts in the rear will make a nice team.  Have him put in a kennel large enough to hold ten to twelve large dogs in individual cages and with a large training cage onto which all the individual cages open.  Also, have a doghouse large enough for the bitchcunt here to sleep in built.  We need somewhere for “O” here to sleep when she has been naughty or when I am out of town.  Can’t have her having the run of the house when I’m not here.  She’ll get spoiled.”

 The stablecunt, who despite her current status, was a graduate accountant and a CPA, spoke up:  “Master, you may have to get another slave to do the administrative work.  I’ll be really busy serving as a stablecunt with that large a stable, not to mention the kennel.”  The master replied:  “No, You will take over as estate mistress.  Don’t worry, you’ll be a slave and will be soundly whipped if everything doesn’t run perfectly.  Indeed, if something goes wrong, You will present yourself to me with a whip in one hand and a cane in the other.  You will also stay naked except when clothing is absolutely necessary.  I’ll have a pair of stablecunts sent down to handle the ponies and a kennelbitch to handle the dogs.  I’m going to install ten very large male dogs and she can give them something to fuck when I do not provide one.  It’s been my experience that one has to keep one’s dogs in training by giving them a bitchcunt to fuck every day if one wants them to perform every time you put them to a woman.  She can also give each one a daily blow job to accustom them to fellatio.  Fucking, sucking and cleaning up after ten dogs will keep her busy.  You will be in charge of the whole household, including the slave maids and the cook as well as serving as stable and kennel mistress.  Don’t spare the leather.  And don’t forget that you are a slavecunt.  Each month you are to be fucked in pussy and ass by a horse, just like any stablecunt and you are to suck a horse to climax, swallowing the semen, once a month, again like any stablecunt.  You are also to be bred, once a month, to one of the dogs, pussy and ass, and suck one to climax, swallowing the ejaculate, just like any kennelbitch.  And keep up your Kegel exercises.  You’ll still have to entertain guests.  I don’t want any complaints about a slack pussy or a loose ass.  Make arrangements for all of your rings to be increased two sizes in thickness.”

 “Yes master” the stablecunt replied, happy that her slavery would continue, or even increase in intensity.  She had been afraid that master might free her.  She should have known better.

 The master descended from the carriage pulling his bitchcunt down by her leash.  Then he held her tightly by her leash and took a Q-tip and swabbed the inside of her nasal passages with an ointment from a small bottle.  “I know that you have trouble smelling, my “O”.  This intensifier won’t last more than six hours, but it should let you function as a proper bird dog.”  “O” lifted her head as a rush of olfactory sensation flooded her nose.  She heard the master say:  “It can’t be used but once every four days so it can’t provide a permanent cure.  But, it will let us hunt in a proper fashion.”  Then he uncapped another vial and held it up to the bitchcunt’s nose.  “Sniff this.”  He said.  “This is what a quail smells like.”  The bitch smelled the musky odor.  It was distinctive.  Quite different from the male smell of the master or the sweaty musk of the well worked ponies.  “Now, when you smell that, stop and point your head at the source of the smell.  Make sure it is quail you smell.  A terrapin or a snake smells musky too.  If you point one of them by mistake, you will be soundly whipped on the spot.  That is how bird dogs are trained.  If you overrun a bird or birds instead of pointing them, you will also be whipped.  If I shoot one or more of them, you are to run to where it falls and retrieve it.  You may have to track it by smell.  They are tough to kill.  If you have to kill one, bite its head and shake the body to break the neck.”

 At a sign from the master, the stablecunt pulled the dildos from “O”’s pussy and anus and replaced then with a single unit with even thicker shafts and a larger knot.  Then she fastened a white haired tail, similar to that of an English Setter, to the double dildo so that the tail curved upward like a setter’s.  “Good”  The master said.  That should allow us to see her in the brush.”  Then he removed “O”’s leash and said:  “You are to quarter this field at a run until you smell quail or have determined that there are none in the field.  Now, Hi On.”

 “O” was clad only in her collar, glove paws and knee protectors.  The only other things on her body were the straps that held her calves to her thighs, tight wires fastened about her nipples and clit and the posts that emerged from her nipples.  Thus, as soon as she began to search the field, her movement made her breasts sway wildly from side to side; the stubble scratched her nipples, breasts, torso and shaven pussy.  The double dildo moved in a twisting motion as the artificial tail swayed from side to side.  “O” was a quintessential sexual being as well as a masochist and thus the punishment from the stubble coupled with the motion of the tail soon had her on the verge of an orgasm.  She slowed her pace as the sensation built.  Suddenly, a wash of fire licked across her back and a lightening bolt hit her nates.  She looked up to see the master in the carriage holding the driving whip and the stablecunt standing beside her with a multi-thonged whip.  “No stopping to cum, bitch!”  The master said as he laid a burning lash across her breasts just below the nipples.  “O” let out a yelp and returned to quartering the field with the master keeping near with the carriage and team compensating for his crippled knee.  “O” had numerous orgasms as she worked the field but, after the third encounter with the driving and multi-thonged whips with the strokes tripling each time, she learned to orgasm on the run.

 Running on knees and arms was wearing her out when she smelled a strong musky odor.  “O” stopped, sniffed the air and then froze with her nose pointing toward the source of the smell.  The master drove the team quietly up beside her and the master got out of the carriage with a superposed shotgun.  He hobbled up beside “O” and said:  “Now bitch, I want you to walk to the source of the smell and flush the birds.”  Obediently, she crept toward the source of the musk.  But no birds flew up.  She searched around.  ‘Oh there, Oh no.’  There on the ground was a turtle.  A terrapin.  It was the source of the musky smell.  Only now could she distinguish the difference of its smell and the smell of quail.  Then, the stablecunt stepped up beside her and picked up the terrapin.  She heard the master approaching.

 “Mistake, “O”.”  He said.  “Now we must make sure you will not make that mistake again.”  The stablecunt handed him an evil looking cat of nine tails and he began whipping her already sore breasts.  The lashes continued until her breasts were bright red.  Then he moved his attentions to her belly, then her pussy and anus and then on until her entire body was whipped to a vivid scarlet.  All the while, the stable cunt held the terrapin under her nose so she breathed its musk when she inhaled after each scream.  With each lash, the master said:  “This is a terrapin.  It smells like pain.”  When the whipping was finally over, the master let her smell the quail scent again.  Now, it smelled completely different from terrapin.

 “O” was sent back to searching for quail and, after a while, she hit upon another scent.  Unfortunately, it was a snake and the horrible whipping was repeated with the stablecunt holding the snake under her nose as “O” screamed and smelled.

 “O” was very tired by the time she had searched half the field.  She had scented several more terrapins and one snake but easily identified and bypassed each.  Truly, in pain there was learning.  The master called a break and “O” was given a bowl of water which she drank avidly.  She was allowed to rest and without thought collapsed in the mud of the field, getting mud all over her welted tits.

 A half hour later, the master sent “O” back to the field and, wonder of wonders, she smelled out a covey of quail.  She flushed them properly and the master executed a snappy double that left “O” the task of retrieving the dead birds.  She managed to sniff out the first bird in the stubble and returned to the master with the bird like a ball gag in her mouth.  The second bird had fallen in a hedge row and “O” had to worm her way through a briar bush leaving her back and breasts deeply scratched.  Despite this, she was happy when the master petted her and said “good dog, good bitch” several times.  She was so happy with her performance and the master’s approbation that she rolled around on her back as the master rubbed and petted her belly.  Then the master snapped her leash back on and led her to the carriage.  The stablecunt attached her clit chain to the carriage and with a lash to the nates, the ponies were started for the trailer.  On the way, the master promised “O” future hunting sessions pursuing rabbits and retrieving ducks among other activities.

 Chasing after “O” as she hunted the field had tired the ponies and the master had to ply his whip on their breasts to keep them at a trot.  And, by the time they were back at the trailer, their breasts were welted with a crosshatch of marks that made them look like grilled squash.  When they did arrive, the stablecunt sprayed their pussy and anal openings with bleach to clear out the flies, and, after tapping each pony’s catheter to relieve bladder pressure, screwed in the plugs.  Then, the livestock: the ponies and “O”, the carriage, and finally the stablecunt were secured to the ring bolts of the trailer, the rear door was closed, and the master drove home.

 That evening, the ponies were fed the same unappetizing fare as always, hooked up to the fucking and flushing machine and given their evening whippings.  Upstairs, the stablecunt was given to a friend of the master who spent the evening whipping her tits, pussy and ass as she sucked his cock.  Both enjoyed it immensely.  Meanwhile, the master dined on quail on toast and his beloved bitchcunt “O” shared quail treats from the master’s plate.  After dinner, the two retired to the master’s study for their usual evening session of him reading and her sucking and licking his cock. Later, he went to bed with a warm bitchcunt cuddling up to him and placing his cock in a hot moist place while she licked his neck.  After some vigorous exercise, the pair rested in each other’s arms, and, with no one watching, a pair of leathery wings appeared and enfolded his beloved pet as they fell asleep.

 A month later two events took place.  First, the stable at the master’s house was completed and the two new ponies delivered, and second, the start of duck season approached.  The new ponies were both experienced animals, well trained animal slaves.  One, the ponygirl, was renamed Whimper and branded on each buttock.  The other, a ponycunt, was renamed Moan and appropriately branded.  In addition to the new ponyslaves, four stallions were installed in full sized stalls.  For two days, the ponyslaves listened to the shrikes and cries as the stablecunt was fucked in pussy and ass twice daily by each horse so as to keep them accustomed to breeding with human ponies.  After two days their own cries echoed through the stables as they started a breeding program involving being fucked vaginally and anally twice each day by one of the horses.  This was scheduled each morning and evening.

 Whimper was a woman of thirty years of age who had been a ponygirl for five years.  She had originally been a voluntarily slave but, once she was sold s a ponygirl, her desires and wants became irrelevant.  The efforts demanded of .  ponyslaves were so great that only severe application of the whip would make the ponies render them thus no ponyslave was voluntary once training started.  Now, at thirty, Whimper was lean and muscular with large breasts that were tightly cinched by metal sleeves that extended four inches out from the bases of her breasts.  The sleeves were tight and her breasts ballooned out past the end of the sleeves to form two tight balls of flesh which had a purplish tinge.  Her nipples had training cages secured by bars through holes pierced a quarter inch back from their tips which stretched them out a full two inches from the distended breasts.  An inch back from the tip of the cages, two inch in diameter, quarter inch thick rings dandled from their own piercings.  She had passed through the hands of several owners and her journey was marked by the brands on either side of her anus where master Abbadon’s A brand and his stable’s W brand were the fifth set of brands to be burnt into her flesh.  As the master had obliterated the eight other brands with a blunt steel oval, Whimper had suffered quite a bit at the branding.

 Whimper had a short mane, a Mohawk, that was a strip of hair in the middle of her head.  Otherwise, she was devoid of hair except eyebrows and eyelashes.  She also had cored nipples: nipples routed out so that each had only one milk duct.  When she was milked, as she was twice daily, only a single thick stream emerged from each teat when it was squeezed.  Her milk was served at the master’s table and any surplus was fed to the master’s bitchcunt.

 Whimper was capable of a fine gait and was a strong draft animal.  Unfortunately, she was lazy and reluctant to give of her best.  This resulted in frequent use of the whip while she was being driven and several times a day chastisement for lack of effort.  Her drivers would usually whip her during rest stops and the stablecunt was usually instructed to flog her when she was returned to the stable at noon or in the evening.  She also frequently had her pussy and anus packed with nettles, holly and pine cones by frustrated drivers.  Indeed, the stablecunt had taken to equipping the carriage with bottles of cinnamon oil and Habanero pepper paste with swabs and spoons to put the burning substances in Whimper’s orifices so as to “smarten her up”.

 Moan was a completely different animal altogether.  She was only eighteen but had been a working ponycunt for six years.  She had been trained by an Arab equestrian who had owned her mother.  Her mother had birthed her in the stable where she lived as a ponycunt and had nursed Moan in her stall.  At the age of three, Moan was bent over at the waist and fixed in that position by a chain connecting her tiny pierced clit to a metal bar that crossed her nates.  By five, she was fixed in the bent position forever.  Her nipples were ringed at ten and at thirteen, her breasts were cinched.  Now, she had five inch wide breast cinchers with enormous swollen breasts emerging from them, purplish from the constriction.  As her breasts stretched from pulling her loads with them, the breast cinchers were widened and tightened to keep her breasts firm.  She too had nipple training cages and large nipple rings.  Her nipples were cored, but, she was not in milk at the present, although she had spent some time as a milker.  She had passed through the stables of three owners before Abbadon had purchased her, and thus, now had four brands on either side of her anus.  Almost unique among ponyslaves, Moan had an additional brand, a B branded in the space between her pussy and her anus, signifying that she was a born ponycunt, that had been placed there when her bones had fused into the bent over position when she was five.

 Moan was raised as an animal, a horse, and thought of herself as a horse.  She spoke only in whinnies and nickers and accepted her labors and punishments as her due.  She had been started on a breeding program as soon as she started menarche and by now could accommodate the largest horse in pussy and anus.  Indeed, she enjoyed being fucked and buggered and came repeatedly as the horses fucked her.  She enjoyed licking the horses cocks between fuckings and frequently came as she cleaned the horse cocks.  Since ponyslaves were not bred for their pleasure but for verisimilitude and to degrade and punish them, the stablecunt would slide elastic bands covered in hard rubber spikes, and others that added thickness, onto the horses cocks before they were bred to Moan so that she too would scream and weep as she was fucked and buggered.

Moan had also been whipped vigorously at least twice a day since she was ten as part of an experiment designed to test whether regular beatings would hasten ponycunt training.  The experiment was a failure.  Whipping during training had been shown to be most effective but regular whipping for no particular reason had not.  Still, her transfer papers had a clause that required a twice daily twenty lash beating with a single tail whip.

During the time that the stable and kennel were being built, the master had been overseas on a consulting engagement.  “O”, the bitchcunt, went to work as usual, but, upon arriving back at the master’s house, she immediately stripped and put on her collar, knee protectors, thigh straps and mittens.  Then, the stablecunt fastened her clit-nipple leash to a chain connected to the new doghouse which was her home when the master was away.  “O” was fed from her dog dish in front of the doghouse and slept during the increasingly cold nights naked on the straw covered wooden floor of the small hut.  She relieved herself in a sandbox situated behind the doghouse that was just within reach when she was chained up.  This arrangement was ordered by the master not only to push “O” further into the bitch role but also to accustom her body to the cold so that she could serve the master on upcoming hunting trips.  The ponies in the unheated stable were undergoing the same process.  “O” understood the reason behind the masters orders but that was small comfort when she huddled naked in the doghouse with the tips of her nipples aching with the cold as the wind of a “Blue Norther” howled outside and cold gusts entered through the open doorway.  Each workday morning, the stablecunt would release “O” to go to the house, bathe and dress, and go to work.  During this time, “O” was fed exclusively on the puppygirl chow produced by her employer.  Worst of all, the master was gone.  “O” missed him terribly.  The stablecunt kept “O”’s pussy and anal passage filled with the huge dog cock shaped dildos and whipped her breasts and bottom for the slightest infraction as well as administering the daily breast caning and bottom paddling ordered by the master. But it was not the same, to say nothing of the lack of master’s cock to be licked and sucked each night, and the chance, if she was a really good bitchcunt, of sleeping with the master and, if she was especially good, of being fucked by him.  Instead, she was shivering in the cold doghouse listening to the pumps flushing the ponyslaves and the mechanical devices thrusting in and out of the ponies’ sore pussies and anal passages and hearing the moans and whimpers of the abused ponies.

It was noon on a bright cold Saturday and “O” sat chained to her doghouse.  Her nipples were chilled from the cold conducted from her nipple rings to the studs buried deep in her nipples.  Her pussy and anus ached from the metal prods she was made to sit upon and which penetrated deep inside her.  Each was almost three inches in diameter and extended a foot inside her body.  They were mounted on a hinged pedestal to which “O” had to back up, impaling herself as the prods moved to the vertical until a click signified that the lock had fixed them in the vertical position.  Since “O”’s lower legs were strapped to her thighs, she was now locked in her position by the shafts in her pussy and anal passage.  She had been enduring this position every day, except when training, being exercised, at work or sleeping in the dog house.  Tears fell from her eyes.  She missed her owner who was away on a business trip and the cold acclimatization training was arduous. She would sit freezing on the prods and then, every hour, a stablecunt would thrash her with a birch until her skin was red.  At days end, she would be caned and fed, then, she would be allowed to creep into the doghouse to shiver on the cold straw.

“O” has company!  To “O”’s surprise, a new bitchcunt was now sharing the doghouse with her.  Her name was Jade, a tiny Thai girl, who belonged to Owen.  Owen had added her to Roxie and the other bitchcunts who made up his pack.  She was here to be bred to the dogs in the newly installed kennel.  Thus, Jade spent her days being fucked and buggered by the dogs and was not fed, only watered.  Her sustenance came from the semen she gained from the dog cocks she fellated while she was mounted by the dogs who fucked her pussy and anus.  Since she was bred continuously from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, she swallowed enough semen to keep her well fed, although her pussy and anal passage were red and sore from constant use.  The little Thai spoke no English, however, both bitchcunts were warmer at night because they could snuggle up next to each other.  Jade too was whipped and caned twice a day, just as was “O”.

“O”’s back and neck hurt almost as much as her upper legs and calves.  For the last two weeks she had been undergoing all fours training: walking and running on hands and feet rather than hands and knees.  This left her back slanted downward toward the front and placed a significant proportion of her weight on her hands and arms.  Her knees now had light pads that contained sharp needles which would prick them if she rested her weight on them.  She also wore a bridle like muzzle similar to the muzzle worn by racing greyhounds. Straps contained her head and face and a leather strap went through her mouth like a bit.  Her neck hurt from holding her face horizontal while her back was sloped downward but if she let her face fall, her trainer would lash the vicious single tail whip into her sore pussy and later cane her breasts for the fault.  She was running ten miles a day on hands and knees and had lost twenty pounds which had required the tightening of her breast chinches.  She also wore a tail fixed in her pussy and anal passages by pump up plugs and which curled up behind her in proper retriever fashion.  Now, she was forced to sit like a dog, knees up and resting on her hind feet with her forelegs straight and her forepaws on the ground.  The position forced her tail dildos deeper in her pussy and rear passage.  And, as always, she was soundly whipped twice a day in addition to training and disciplinary whippings.

Yelping past the mouth strap of her muzzle, “O” ran across the field, where earlier that fall, she had hunted quail.  The stubble scraped her nipples and breasts which ballooned from the leather straps at their bases and swung wildly as she ran.  She didn’t notice the scraping.  She ran on all fours: front paws (hands) and feet, back sloping forward, her position enforced by a metal strap down her back connecting her collar to her pussy lips which would be cruelly pulled if she tried to stand erect.  These were only minor discomforts compared to the pound of chopped fresh green chilies packed into her pussy and anal passage and held in by the tail dildos.  But, worst of all was the pain in her clit.  That sensitive organ, already bulging from its collar of gold wire and made especially sensitive by the continual tugs of her three point leash, had been abraded by her forced masturbation with a stiff toothbrush dipped in essence of cinnamon for two hours.  Then, worst of all, a condom like sleeve filled with chopped fresh Habanero peppers sprayed with the strongest pepper spray available was stretched over the already tormented clit and fastened tightly around her clit’s base.  Finally, the trainer had pinched the sleeve between thumb and forefinger, forcing the crushed Habanero against her clit.  It felt as if her clit was being burned off with an oxy-acetelene torch.  The pain was so bad that she had to run, just like a dog in agony, trying futilely to escape the pain.

The bitchcunt trainer/kennelbitch watched as the beautiful large breasted bitchcunt ran blindly through the brush and briars.  “Have to wash her down with a pepper wash tonight.  Right after a sound birching. And give her a vigorous brushing in her vaginal and anal passages with a stiff bottle brush before inserting the peppers.  Teach her to watch where she’s going.”  She thought.  That was the object of this training session: Training “O” to ignore the strongest pain when she had a task to perform.  The tormented bitchcunt would repeat this exercise daily until she could hunt the field methodically, despite the agony of her anal passage, pussy and clit, until she found and retrieved the twenty four small rubber balls hidden in the brush of the twenty acre field.  “Time was short.”  The kennelbitch thought.  The master would be home soon and if his prized bitchcunt was not fully trained, she, herself, would be yelping with the pain of the burning peppers all day and spending her nights being fucked and buggered by the kennel dogs and sucking their cocks as did that wretched oriental bitchcunt Jade during the day.

Several weeks later, “O” was able to find and retrieve all twenty four balls and stand in front of the trainer with only an occasional twitch revealing that her vaginal and anal passages and especially her clit were afire with torment.  She had passed her tests, just in time.  Tomorrow, the master would return.  Now, she lay in her chilly doghouse, snuggled up to jade for warmth.  She was now thirty pounds lighter than when her training began.  No longer resembling a Frazetta illustration, she looked like a Boris painting.  She took advantage of her newfound flexibility to lick her still burning pussy and clit to remove the last of the burning pepper oil and slipped off to sleep to dream of the morrow when her beloved master would return.

“O” was ecstatic.  Her pussy and anus were red and sore from a severe caning and her breasts glowed red from the cane’s application.  Her rear too was sore from the application of the two handed paddle until it was purple.  Yet, she was happy.  She could taste the salty musk of her master’s semen from the fellatio she performed upon him as he caned her anus and her vagina glowed from the fucking he had given it as he caned her breasts.  Now, she walked on all fours, dildo tail secure in her pussy and anal passage, swaying with the movement of her rear as she walked at heel, her three point leash held firmly in his right hand.  Occasionally, she would lick his hand and, overcome with excitement, run ahead, only to be jerked back with agonizing pain in her clit and breasts as the gold loop and the nipple implants exerted their designed discipline.  “Happy to see me little bitch?”  He said.  “I could tell that you enjoyed the canings almost as much as the sex.  If you are a good girl, I’ll play a game with you this evening.  You suck my cock and I’ll whip your rear, anus and pussy with my new two foot single tail.  I’ll whip you as long as you keep sucking.”  “Now, sweet one.  Let’s see how you can run on all fours.”  Hours later, basking in pride from her masters praise at her new fleetness, she sucked his cock for two hours while he whipped her rear, pussy and anus until they were purple and then squealed in erotic passion as he fucked her in both orifices.  Finally, she curled up next to his thick body, hoping that tomorrow would be as wonderful.  Truly, she had found her proper role, a well loved and cared for bitchcunt.

“O” slept by the master until 1:00 AM when the kennelbitch came for her.  Then, leaving the master’s warm bed, she was led to the kitchen where she was muzzled, had her dildo tail crammed into pussy and anal passage and had her paw gloves and spiked knee pads put on.  Then she was led out to her kennel to shiver from the cold as she huddled next to the shivering Jade.  The next morning the kennelbitch had her out running in the dusting of snow that had fallen during the night.

The following days were a mix of torment and joy.  She was off from work and, during the day, was whipped into retrieving objects thrown into a pool which had a skim of ice on the surface.  After each retrieve, she had to squat dog like on the frozen ground as her wet breasts turned as cold as ice and the metal prods in her orifices chilled her insides.  The evenings were, however, great.  After a meal of bitchcunt chow, served in her bowl in front of the doghouse, the master would arrive and administer her evening whipping.  Then she would be led inside to suck the master’s cock as he whipped her.  It was a game between them.  Her goal was to suck him as long as possible, despite the whip cutting into her rear, anus and pussy, his to whip her away before he was totally drained.  She won every time, her masochism and lust keeping her spread open to the whip as she deep throated him.  Then, unless he took her to bed to fuck, she would be led out into the cold to sleep in her doghouse.

A week later found “O” scampering across a snow covered field , tits leaving twin grooves in the eighteen inch deep snow.  Behind her trotted the four ponyslaves, ponygirls leading and ponycunts following as they pulled a sleigh driven by the master and containing his friend, Owen.  Behind the sleigh trotted the stablemistress, the former stablecunt, naked, with cinched tits and ringed nipples bouncing and with nipple bells chiming in time with her clit bell.  Tied to the sleigh was Jade, nipple and clit bells chiming merrily.  Both bitchcunts were equipped with doglike tails held on by expanding pussy and anal plugs.  They had driven for thirty-six hours with master and Owen trading off driving and the sleigh, ponies, bitches and stablecunt in the rear of the van.  They stopped only three times, other than for gas and food for the masters, to feed and allow the livestock to attend to natural functions (they were securely plugged to preclude fouling the van when locked away).  Each time they stopped it was noticeably colder.  Now they were in the Ozark country where ponds thronged with waterfowl on a large farm owned by Owen.  “O” was finally going duck hunting.

As they trotted along, the ponies steamed from the moist heat exuded from their heated bodies.  Pulling the sleigh was hard work and the master had to keep the whip cracking into their breasts and pussies to keep them at speed.  Jade and “O”’s hides were also striped from their morning whippings and they too steamed in the cold sunlight.

Squeal trotted desperately as the master’s whip lashed her breasts and rump at the slightest deviation from the proper pace.  Beside her, she could hear the lash as it landed on Whimper’s breasts, encouraging her to the proper effort.  Behind her she could here Whine gasp as a whip lash hit her gaping anus or pussy and the same sounds from Moan as the whip lashed the same targets.  The two ponygirls and two ponycunts had been given total body whippings by the stablecunt while the masters ate breakfast to tenderize their hides and make them more responsive to the whip.  The two bitchcunts had not been spared either.  However, the heat generated by the whippings had subsided and all six animals were chilled by the below freezing temperature.  This was not helped by the snow that the stable cunt had packed into the ponies pussies and anal passages, ramming it in with the butt of the whip until it formed a solid ice plug in each orifice.  These plugs were melting slowly, but, still caused cramping.  But, the whip commanded and the ponies trotted on.

Two miles from the van, the panting animal slaves were halted at the edge of a large pond where a brush blind was set onto the shore.  The master and Owen climbed from the sleigh and carried their guns into the blind.  The stablecunt brought in cushions and blankets as well as two smaller blankets for the bitchcunts and several thermoses of coffee.  Then, she got in the sleigh and drove the ponies back to the van where she tethered them to the vehicle and placed horse blankets over them to prevent chilling.  The two men called the bitchcunts into the blind and had them sit on the plank floor.  Then they covered the dogs with the dog blankets.  Slowly, “O”’s chilled nipples and breasts warmed but the chill floor kept her pussy and rear chilled and the tail dildos, being of metallic construction, conducted the chill into her vagina and bowels.

“Listen up bitchcunts!”  The master said.  “Your job here is to be retrievers.  When Owen and I shoot a bird, you are to watch and mark where it falls.  Then, when the shooting stops, you are to run out, jump in the water, swim out to the fallen bird, kill it if necessary by biting it’s neck until it cracks, and swim back here with it.  Then, if there are other fallen birds, go get them.  You are to mark all fallen birds.  If you lose any birds, you will be whipped by the stablecunt until you locate them.”  As the master spoke, Owen noticed jade rubbing her pussy and tail dildo on the floor.  Ahah.”  He said.  “All those dogs fucking you all day have sexualized you so that you miss them.  You’ll scare the ducks away.  I’ll cool you down.”  He pulled the little Thai bitchcunt over by her clit leash and, breaking off a pair of three inch thick ice-sickles, jammed one in the Thai bitchcunts pussy along with the metal dildo already stretching it and did the same to her anal passage.  The little bitchcunt squalled like a cat from the stretching pain, only to be struck with a plastic sjambok whip until she was silent except for cowed whimpers.  She huddled on the floor with some ten livid welts striping her rear and belly.  “You can do without the blanket until you cool down some.”  Owen said.  “O” huddled in the corner of the blind, hoping not to attract attention.  She had never seen a sjambok before and was terrified at it’s effect.

Time passed and the two bitchcunts shivered on the floor of the blind.  Finally, dark approached and with it the whistling sound of wings overhead as wild ducks vectored in to the pond where Owen’s tenants had placed decoys.  “O”’s master whispered:  “Don’t move cunts, it’ll scare the ducks!”  Then he and Owen stood up and the boom of ten gauge shotguns echoed across the pond.  “Mark the falls cunts!”  Master said and “O” stuck her head out of the blind just in time to see four ducks fall from the sky into the pond.  Two floated quietly in the water and the other two thrashed desperately.  “Fetch!”  Came the command and both “O” and Jade jumped from the blind into the freezing pond.

“O” struck the freezing water and immediately the chill made her nipples contract so hard that it felt like someone had put clips on them.  She let out a whimper and swam out to the fallen ducks.  Taking one’s wing in her mouth, she towed it back to the blind and presented it to her master.  Then, as she jumped into the water again, she saw the oriental bitchcunt entering the blind with a duck clasped in her mouth.

The second duck was different.  It had only been wounded and had swam over to a cattail thicket where it was now hiding.  “O” crawled into the cattail marsh, her front and rear feet sinking into the near freezing mud until her breasts dragged in the surface mud.  Her master had given her the medicine that enhanced her sense of smell and she now sought the musky scent of duck.  Soon, she caught the scent, and galloped through the cattails in pursuit of the crippled prey.  She caught the duck and, despite her qualms, seized it’s neck in her teeth and, with a shake of her head, broke it’s neck.  Then, she dove into the pond and swam back to the blind to deliver the duck.

When “O” got back. Her master praised her and covered her with the blanket.  Unfortunately for the Thai bitchcunt, she could not find her masters duck.  As a result, Owen used the sjambok to whip her tits into a welted mass of corrugated flesh and then, ordering her to play dead, whipped her pussy into the same condition.  Then, he and “O”’s master removed the double dildos that held the bitchcunts’ tails and replaced them with metal cage dildos that gave the elements access to the bitchcunts vaginal and anal cavities.  “This will encourage them”  Owen said.  Then both bitchcunts were sent out to find the missing duck.

This time, when “O” hit the water, the icy liquid surged into her pussy and anal passage felt like she was being impaled on icicles.  She whimpered in pain and swam out in the pool.  She swam around and hunted through the cattail thicket but was unsuccessful.  Meanwhile, the Thai bitchcunt was hunting the shoreline with master Owen encouraging her with lashes of the sjambok to her increasingly welted rear.  Finally, in desperation, both bitchcunts began diving and searching the bottom of the pond.  After fifteen minutes of freezing effort, “O” found the duck, dead, but still gripping a bottom plant in its beak.  She brought the duck to Owen and then had to stand shivering as Owen whipped the Thai bitchcunt’s pussy and tits to a royal purple.  Then, the hunters and huntresses huddled in the blind to await more ducks.

By noon, the ducks were no longer flying, the hunters had reached their bag limits and both ponycunts had had their pussies, rears and tits whipped to a welted purple because of errors in retrievals.  Master Owen blew a whistle and the sleigh soon arrived with the stablecunt driving it.  The hunters climbed in the sleigh and, with the bitchcunts tied to the rear and the naked stablecunt running behind, whipped the team of two ponygirls and two ponycunts to a smart trot.  Soon, they were back at the van where the shivering bitchcunts and the ponies were fed.  Then, the livestock was allowed to attend to natural functions, repluged, and put in the heated van to rest.  The hunters then climbed into the middle part of the van which was outfitted as an RV and cleaned the ducks.  Then, they fed the animals and, with the bitchcunts licking and sucking at their cocks, settled down for a leisurely lunch and a rest before the late afternoon try at geese.

For three days, the ponies, bitches and hunters worked the ponds around Owen’s property.  The animals suffered from the cold and the frequent disciplinary whippings.  In addition, Jade was so sexualized from her breeding to dozens of dogs each day that, to keep her calm, “O” was fitted with a strap-on dildo in the shape of a large dog penis and whipped into fucking Jade to climax several times a day.  Finally, the hunters headed toward home.  As they drove, “O”’s master discussed his plans for breeding “O” to the dogs in the kennel.  Owen also decided to keep Jade on the intensive breeding program she had been enduring.


Once home, the master called the kennel mistress into his office where “O” crouched on the floor in front of the fire.  “It’s time to start this one on a breeding program.”  He said, indicating “O”.  I want her exercised as usual but the rest of the time, other than sleep, I want her in the pen with the other dogs.  You can put the oriental bitchcunt on the same schedule.  Use the same medication on this one as you do with the oriental.  Eliminate her food rations.  I want her to suck at least twenty dog cocks a day and swallow the semen.  That’s a fair amount of protein.  She and the oriental can lick the semen out of each other’s pussies.  Start her on the full training tomorrow.  Tonight, she should suck one dog cock, be fucked and buggered one time each and watch the oriental perform.”

 “Yes master”  the kennel mistress replied, leading the two bitchcunts off to the kennel.

 At the kennel, the kennelmistress gave each bitchcunt a thorough enema, filling each’s belly with a gallon of soapy water and repeating with clear water until it ran clear when expelled.  Then she tied “O”’s leash to a ring. She clipped something to Jade’s clit ring and to the bitchcunt’s left nipple ring.  She placed a belt about Jade’s waist and fastened a box the size of two packs of cigarettes to it under Jade’s belly, then taking Jade’s leash off and her tail out, she turned Jade into a large tile floored cage.

Suddenly, a door opened and dogs poured into the cage.  A Great Dane mounted Jade and began to fuck her in her anus.  A mastiff positioned himself so that his cock sheath was adjacent to Jade’s face.  Jade hesitated   “Damn it you stupid cunt”  The kennel mistress shouted.  “Get it into that bitchcunt head of yours that it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, you have to suck any dog cock presented.  That’s the way you get fed.  You get nothing else!”  She took a control from a shelf and pushed a button.  Jade reacted by squealing and shuddering as a harsh jolt of high frequency electricity jolted her clit and left nipple.  The shock was so strong that she was anchored where she was with the Great Dane still buggering her.

“When you start sucking that dog’s cock, I’ll turn it off.”  Said the kennel mistress.  “Otherwise. You’ll stand there and buzz all night.”

 The agonized Thai bitchcunt turned her head and began to nuzzle the mastiff’s cock sheath.  Soon, his red penis emerged and Jade began frantically to suck it.  Nonetheless, the kennel mistress kept the electricity flowing until Jade had managed to suck the dog’s entire erection into her mouth.

At jade’s rear, the Great Dane was pumping his erection into Jade’s anus.  He grew more excited and, with a sploosh, he pushed the softball sized cock knot into her.  Jade let out a moan around the mastiff’s cock and hurriedly went back to sucking.  Soon, the Great Dane climaxed and became hung up in Jade’s anal cavity.  He tried to pull out but only succeeded in causing Jade to cry with the pain.  Meanwhile, the mastiff began to ejaculate.  Seeing this, the kennel mistress warned Jade:  “Let any of that semen drop to the floor and I’ll shock your clit for the next two blowjobs!”  Jade, despite the pain in her anus, sucked and licked all of the mastiff’s semen and swallowed it.

The Great Dane finally pulled his cock from Jade’s ass and moved off only to be replaced by a German Shepherd who mounted the Thai bitchcunt and plunged his red cock into the bitchcunt’s pussy.  Shortly, he managed to get his cock knot inside and began rogering her furiously.  Meanwhile, Jade was sucking a poodle’s cock.

“O” was fascinated and repelled by the sight of Jade being fucked, buggered and sucking the dog’s cocks.  This was what she would start doing tonight?  Her mental question was answered when the kennel mistress buckled a belt about her waist and fitted a box, just like Jade’s to it.  As with Jade, the woman connected a lead to her clit ring and to her right nipple ring.  Then she told “O” to spread her legs thrust a huge syringe into her pussy, worked it into her cervix and injected 100 ml of a molasses like liquid.  “O” sharked in pain and the kennel mistress said “That’s the stuff that makes you smell like a bitch in heat.  Be grateful that we only need to put in weekly.  Give us trouble and we’ll give you a daily dose.  For the first week, we shot Jade up every day.  The stuff was running out of her pussy and the dogs were going wild.  Each one fucked her four or five times a night.”

 She led “O” to a cage next to the one in which Jade was being “pack fucked” and unleashed her.  Then she pushed her inside.  A door opened and the Great Dane entered.  The kennel mistress said:  “A dog can fuck at least five times a night, but, each time takes longer.  Now, go suck that dogs cock.”  “O” hesitated and the shocks hit her clit and nipple.  It felt like both were being burned off.  She let out a scream and began to frantically nuzzle the dog’s cock sheath.  Soon, the animal’s red cock slid out and “O” sucked it into her mouth.  Only then did the shocks stop.

As she fellated the dog, “O” could taste the cock.  It still held a trace of Jade’s anus but the primary taste was musky.  The texture was different from a mans.  The entire cock, down to the knot, was smooth and slick, like a mans glans.  It was also hot. Dogs must have higher body temperatures than humans.  As she sucked the Great Dane’s cock, she explored the shape with her tongue.  The tip was slanted and came to a blunt point from which the hole for the urethra emerged.  This dogs cock was huge: eight inches long and one and a half inches thick (almost five inches around) and was spurting something (precum?) as she slid her mouth up and down, letting the hot prod slide down her throat.  It’s surface was covered with tiny arteries giving it its red color.  “She could learn to like this”. she thought and then cringed at such a depraved thought.  The dog cock slipped from her mouth and, suddenly, the shocks hit her clit and nipple.  “O” sucked the cock back into her mouth and began sliding it in and out frantically, and, the shocks stopped.  As she continued she thought:  “Master wants me to do this so I’ll obey joyfully, also, I might as well enjoy it, I’ve got no choice in the matter.  Anyway, dogs fuck bitches, and I guess, bitchcunts.”

“O” sucked the dog’s cock until it began jerking and squirted the dog’s semen into her mouth.  It was watery as compared to a man’s and tasted very musky.  Remembering the threats to Jade, “O” tried to swallow it all but some dripped down her chin and onto the floor.  “O” continued sucking until she had extracted all of the dog’s semen and licked the cock clean.

His lust temporally sated, the dog walked through a door and out of the cage.  “Crack” “O”’s rear burst into pain.  “Crack” another agonizing stroke.  The stable mistress was whipping her with a sjambok.  “Listen cunt”  she said.  “Look at all the semen you let fall.  I’ll keep whipping you until you lick up and swallow it all.”  “O” frantically licked the floor but received four more strokes before the whipping stopped.  She sat panting and trying to ride out the pain.  She enjoyed her master’s whippings and canings even though they hurt but the sjambok was just too excruciating.

The next step in “O”’s training was humiliating.  The stable mistress let an ugly female bloodhound into the cage and told “O”:  “I want you to french kiss this hound.  Start by licking her muzzle, especially her lips.  Lick up and swallow all her saliva.  Then suck her tongue into your mouth and massage it with your tongue. I’ll tell you when you can stop.”  “O” was disgusted.  For some reason, frenching a dog was worse than sucking a dog’s cock.  Then, a blaze of pain cut across “O”’s breasts as the sjambok landed again.  And again.  And again.  “O” leapt to the dog and began licking it’s muzzle.  It tasted sour from the dog food the dog had eaten.  She licked until the hound’s tongue lolled from it’s mouth and than licked the saliva from the dog’s mouth and sucked the long tongue into her mouth.

“O” held the dog’s tongue in her mouth massaging it with her tongue.  The dog responded by massaging “O”’s tongue and licking the inside of her mouth.  The hound was obviously trained for this as it opened it’s mouth and engulfed “O”’s face.  She could feel the canine teeth on either side of her face just below the ear lobes.  She had to breath through her nose.  Then she heard the kennel mistress say:  “Keep frenching that hound until I tell you to stop.  She’s trained for just that and, since she’s female, your scent won’t bother her.”  Still feeling the stripes from the sjambok on her rear and tits, “O” obeyed.

Ten minutes later, the kennel mistress told “O” to stop and lick the hound’s mouth swallowing all the saliva.  Then she let the hound out through a door to the cage.  “The next step is to have you fucked by one of the dogs.  If he has trouble getting it in, I’ll help.  You, stand there on hands and knees with your legs spread.  Don’t move from that position until the dog is through, then you lick him clean.”

As the kennel mistress went to a door to let the next dog in, “O” looked at the adjacent cage.  Jade was still sucking dogs’ dicks and being fucked and buggered.  Her pussy lips and anus were red from the stretching and abrasion and semen dripped from both pussy and anus.  “O” noticed that someone, likely a kennelcunt, had placed a bowel under Jade’s pussy to catch the semen.  Then the kennel mistress was back leading the mastiff that Jade had fellated earlier.  The dog sniffed “O”’s pussy and mounted her.  After several false moves, it shoved it’s erect cock into her pussy.

The dog had a sizable cock, seven inches long and an inch thick.  To “O”, it felt like a very warm greased latex dildo.  As the dog fucked her, she began to get excited.  She must really be a bitchcunt to cum when fucked by a dog.  She felt the swelling Knot as it banged into her pussy lips and clit and got more and more excited.  Then, the kennel mistress grabbed the dog’s cock back of the knot and shoved the knot inside of “O”’s pussy.  “O” screamed in pain but the dog, used to bitchcunts screaming rogered her even harder.  Now, “tied” to the dog, “O”’s climax mounted until it exploded making her whine and moan,  The dog continued fucking her.

“O” orgasmed four more times before the mastiff finally climaxed, pumping her pussy full of his watery semen  It felt different from a man’s as she could feel the hard squirts against her cervix, and it was hot.  Then she had to stay quiet as the dog tried to pull the knot out of her pussy.  The dog slipped off her back and stepped over his cock, leaving himself and “O” rear to rear, connected by the cock sticking out between his rear legs.  Then he tried to pull away making “O” scream in pain as the huge knot would not pull free.  Finally, after some ten minutes ,the knot pulled free and semen and “O”’s vaginal lubricant dripped out of her pussy into a bowl placed below her by the kennel mistress.

“Time to clean up bitchcunt”  The kennel mistress said.  “Get over there and lick his cock clean.”  Fearful of the sjambok, “O” scurried over and licked and sucked the dogs cock clean of semen and juices.  As she finished, the dog’s cock swelled.  “No boy”  the kennel mistress said.  “You’ll fuck that Jade cunt next.”  Then she led the mastiff out and let it into the large cage.  She selected a poodle with a very large cock and soon the poodle had it’s cock, knot and all buried in “O”’s anal cavity.  “O” cried at the pain in her anus and thought of what a bitch she was.  Then, just as before, she gradually built to a climax, orgasming hugely as the poodle fucked her ass.  That orgasm was followed by three more, the last just as the dog filled her with his semen.  Then it was the same as with the mastiff, they became tied and it took five minutes before “O” could clean the poodle’s cock.

As the kennel mistress took the poodle to the other cage, “O” could see Jade sucking on the Great Dane’s cock while the mastiff fucked her in the ass.  “Jade must be stretched bigger than I am.” She thought.  “She gets hung up for only a few seconds.”  Then she noticed that, despite the marathon suck and fuck, Jade was climaxing repeatedly, at least once for each dog that fucked her in the pussy or ass.  Remembering her own climaxes, “O” thought that this won’t be too bad when she is pack fucked, despite the pain of taking the knot from each dog that fucked or buggered her.

Jade and “O” had started with the dogs at five thirty in the evening and it was eleven thirty before the pack was fucked out.  Then, after the last blowjob, to a beagle, Jade was put into the cage where “O” was.  The kennel mistress then said:  “All right cunts, start licking the dog semen out of each other’s pussies and anal cavities.  Use those loosened tongues and get it all.”  Completely dominated, the two bitchcunts licked each other’s pussy and anal cavity clean, swallowing the semen that they extracted.  Jade had some trouble cleaning “O” since her orifices had contracted, but Jade’s pussy and anus gaped open several inches from the many dog cocks that had plunged into them.  She twitched as “O”’s tongue touched the red and sore openings.  Once they were done, the kennel mistress divided the bowls of semen into two equal portions and fed it to the bitchcunts.  Menaced by the sjambok, “O” and Jade ate it all and licked the bowls clean.  Then they both were taken back to the large cage.  “Tomorrow morning at six o’clock,”  the kennel mistress said,  You will spend an hour with the pack getting your breakfast.  Then you will go to training until eleven AM, then another two hours with the pack.  Then training until five fifteen and back here with the pack until they are fucked out.  And don’t think that you are going to get some relief from the other bitchcunt.  Master has doubled the size of the pack.  The new ones have cocks like horses.  Now, get some sleep; the dogs come in at six o’clock.”  At six, “O” found herself sucking a poodle’s cock as a Briard shoved his cock knot in her ass.  And, by seven-thirty “O” and Jade, both with red distended orifices and chapped lips, bellies full of dog semen, were trotting around the yard as they were trained in running like a proper dog.