<STRONG><FONT color=mediumblue size=5>The Slave Farm </FONT></STRONG><FONT color=red>By Maliia Kanaulahu</FONT> Its a nice sunny day, Maliia and I are out for a drive. I'm driving and you are sitting next to me as we ride along in the country. We are chatting and my right hand is in her pussy fingering her firm clit, while she uses her hand to finger my pussy. It's a great day in the country the sun is shining and all. Then all of the sudden the car starts acting up and finally sputters to a stop. Before we get out of the car our lips meet in a long french kiss probing each others mouths with our tongues. So it is not a complete loss... We get out and are looking under the hood. Really dumb as neither of us know what to do. Then we see another car coming. It stops and a young looking girl offers to help. She says she lives just up the road. She offers to take us to her house. There we can call a tow truck to tow our car. We accept the offer and climb into her car . After several miles we turn into a long winding driveway and end up in front of a very large house set far into the woods. There is also a large barn at the rear of the house. She invites us in to wait for the wrecker. She offers us a drink of cold lemonade as it is quite warm outside and we accept her offer. The cold drink quenches our thirst. Then suddenly the world around us becomes blurry and black. We pass out!! The drinks were drugged. When I awake, I am naked, hanging from hooks by my wrists, with my feet spread wide apart. My little rings, I have small tasteful rings in my labia and nipples, hang down exposed. A heavy leather collar has been secured around my necks. This collars has several large rings placed around the circumference. A large ball gag is in my mouth stretching my lips painfully wide. Waist cincher belts have been tightened on to shrink my small waists even smaller. The belts also have rings attached. As our eyes meet, I see you are similarly imprisoned. We both look around the room and see their are several other naked females walking or sitting in the large room. They all have collars, waist belts, and cuffs on similar to ours. Sitting leisurely at the far end of the room is a very beautiful woman dressed all in black leather. She has 6" heels, a skirt, and a bra all of black leather. She has long flowing black hair. All the black causes her white skin to shone like a neon light. When she sees us move she smiles and leisurely approaches us. She walks around us admiring and feeling the private parts or our bodies. She orders two of the other girls to kneel between our spread legs and lick our now wet pussies. When the girls have licked us to a couple of cums, she proceeds to inform us that now we are hers. She is MISTRESS TONYA and she owns this farm. We are now her property and will be trained to serve her needs. All the girls here are owned by her and they obey her every wishes. Eventually she tell us, we too will come to love her. We are encouraged to cum quickly as it may be a long while before we are allowed that pleasure again. When we both cum again in the faces of our cunt lickers she orders them to stop! We sag in our restraints. The slaves now clean up our spendings, and return to their corner to watch us. Mistress Tonya then walks back over to us. She holds up two large conical butt plugs before our eyes. for us. They are really quite large. They have very long thick strands of hair sticking out of the ends. She walks around to our rears and pushes these plugs into our poor little ass holes. Then she inflates them to secure the things in our butts. Now we both have a tail. She walks back in front of us and looks at our small nipple rings. She yanks them out and brutally installs larger heavier rings in our poor now sore nipples.. She bends down and looks at our clit rings. She pulls them out and sticks larger heavier rings there as well. She then reaches up to your face with her slim right hand. She grabs your chin and admires your cute face. She seems interested in your nose. Then taking a thick sharp needle and holding your cheeks secure, she proceeds to pierce your nose cartilage inside the openings. You try to murmur and move but she has done this before. Leisurely she leaves the needle in the newly bored opening and goes for something. She returns and places a large ring in your nose. It hangs down over your upper lip and in front of your mouth. She then comes to me. It is worse as I know what is coming and try to twist away. Nothing helps, she does the same thing to my. Through tear stained eyes I see her standing there admiring her handy work She then tells us, she has one more procedure for us. She picks up an iron rod from a smoking braiser and comes over to me. It is a branding iron. Smiling into my eyes she brands her initials into my right ass cheek. It hurts like hell and now I am balling. After she is done with you I see she had placed a big 'MT ' on each of our right but cheeks. She then goes back to the braiser and returns with another iron.. as we hang there exhausted she brands a big #'36' into smooth white flesh of our left ass cheeks. We try to squirm and but the bonds hold. We scream, but the gags prevent even that. We get the same number, she informs us because she intends to keep us bound to together as a matched pair. We were then lowered from our overhead hooks and stood beside each other. Our ankle cuffs are locked my right leg and your left leg. A leather strap is wrapped at knee level pulling our knees together tightly. It is fastened securely. Next, a padlock is hooked to a ring on each of our waist belts. Thus pulled us tightly together at the hip. A wooden yoke is brought over and placed between our collars. once fastened in place, it further joins us together as one. My right wrist is now pulled behind you, and fastened to the outside of your collar, The same is done to your left wrist to my collar. Mistress Tonya now takes a thin chain and hooks my right nipple ring to your nose ring. She then takes another chain and joins your left nipple ring to my nose ring. We are now bound together as one for who knows how long. A chain is now run from your clit ring to mine. In the middle of this chain a weight hangs pulling painfully on our clit rings with any movement. Leashes are attached to our nose rings, and we are led thus hobbled from the big room out to the barn. The weight keeps us docile by dangling at each step. Once inside the barn, we are taken to a wooden stall at the far end of the wall. There we are made to kneel down on hands and knees. Our free ankles are tethered to floor rings, our free hands are attached to other floor rings. Our leashes attached to our nose rings are tied up to the front door of our stall. We are told that this is our home from now on. A blindfold is placed over our eyes to keep us from getting in trouble. In the morning we are led to a leather shop beside the barn. There, a special harness is made to encase our tits so the nipple rings swing out and free. A heavy leather belt is placed around us at hip level. A head harness is made that includes a bit in both our mouths. Reins can be attached to the bit to control us. We are then led out to an exercise area and made to practice walking around as one body. When we fall, our asses are whipped brutally. After all day of training in the hot sun, we are led back to our stall. The harness is removed. We are again tied in our stall. A bowl of dog food is placed in front of us along with a pan of water. After several hours, the ball gags and blindfolds are put back in place after the food and water are removed and we are left there secured and blind for another night. The next morning, we are led over to a rail, and forced to bend over it and are tied that way with our asses sticking up. Our plugs are removed and we are each given an enema. Two other pets are led over and when we shit and pee, they have to clean us up. It is embarrassing to be so handled but after so long an abstinence it felt so good to go. After the other pets cleaned us up, our tails were forced back in our asses. More food was set before us by the pets. Then we are led back to the training area, and put back in the training harness. Mistress Tonya comes out to inspect us, and decides to test us to see how we are doing. She attaches reins to our bridles and gets behind us. Using her whip, she drives us around the arena, first left and then right. Sometimes walking and some times running. Our tits bouncing keeps jerking on each others nose rings, causing pain, and the clit ring weight's gnawed like an insect at each step. Mistress Tonya seemed to love it and spends 3 hours with us. When she tired of us, she turns us over to another trainer. With no rest we spend the rest of the day being further trained. Again that night, we are fed and then gagged and blindfolded for the night. It seems that this training will be our life from now on. The fourth day of our new life started out by being purged and fed by two pets. This is what Mistress Tonya calls her girls. We then are led to a table and laid on our backs with our heads at the edge of the table, we are tied in place. Mistress Tonya and our trainer then come out and straddle our faces and make us eat their pussies and tongue their ass holes. They cum in our faces, and then decide to pee in our mouths. Two pets hold our mouths open and noses shut so we get our fill with our Mistress' pee. We are then required to satisfy the two pets that have cared for us. (They are being rewarded for doing a good job with us.) We are now led back to the training area and left to roam 'freely' with our bonds in place for awhile. Then its more training in the harness, the bits in our mouths, feeding, purging and then tied in our stall for another the night. The fifth day finds us being led to a wash rack. Two pets are there to wash us. They scrub our total bodies clean, outside and in every crevice. We are again allowed to relieve ourselves after the removal of our but plugs. Then the pets clean us up. We are led back to the training arena, and put into our harness. We are now hooked to a large wagon. A snap of the whip and we started to pull it around the ring. Heavy straps are hooked to our waist belts and attached to the wagon. We spend the rest of the day being whipped and forced to pull the wagon. We are told that we have only one more day of training, then we'll be put to work so we better learn today. The sixth day begins as the others, we are fed. purged and put into our harness. Today, if we are able to impress Mistress Tonya, we might get a day of rest. If not .. well let's hope we do.. We are hooked to the now loaded wagon and being pulling it around the arena. This goes on all day, and we have become as one in our actions and I can't ever imagine being separated from you. At the end of the day, Mistress Tonya comes out and places a large gold tag in each of our ear lobes. It identifies us as having completed our training, and passing the test. I feel glad, I think, but I don't know what the future holds for us. The seventh day is here and we are being led to another part of the barn. We are put into a nicer room. It had carpeted floor and soft pillows. The chains were unhooked from our clits and our noses, giving us some relief. They removed our gags and blindfolds, and we are left alone to rest for the day. We are still bound together, and it appears that is our destiny. I love it! I lean over and kiss you and we spend the day kissing, fondling each other as best we can, and resting. Toward the end of the day, we are again fed, purged and allowed to relax. Two pets come in to clean us up and clean up the room. Starting tomorrow, we will start real work. As the new day begins, it is our second week as one. We are led from our plush stall to an area in another part of the barn. We have been led to an area to get us ready to begin our work. Our yoke is placed between our collars, the chains are reattached from my nipple to your nose, and yours to mine. The chain is attached between our clits, and we have our harness put on us. The bridles are put on our heads with the bits in our mouths. They have made a change in our bridles in that they added blinders, These go up the side of our eyes and keep us looking straight ahead. We can no longer see each other as we work, and I will miss seeing you. As we are being led by leashes attached to our nose rings to our work station, we pass through a center court. Hanging from the ceiling is a pet. She is naked and has a hood over her head. Her tits hare wrapped in a leather harness and they are being forced up and out. Chains are hooked to her nipples, clit, and nose. A rope is pulling these tight and is fastened to the ceiling. Our leader has told us that this pet tried to escape and is being punished. She tells us that earphones will be placed on her, and a loud tone will be entered into her ears. It will break her resistance, also electric wires will be attached to her pussy. A shock will be given to her every once in a while. Her punishment will last 3 days. We are led outside to a wagon, hooked to the wagon, and driven to a field. There, other pets will load the wagon and we must pull it back to the barn. A whip is used to get us going. The sun is shining and it is very warm. We work for some time before being allowed a drink. When we are allowed to drink, it comes from the other pets who must pee in jars. At least its wet. We spend the day pulling the wagon and by sunset we have finished. We are unhooked and led back to the barn. On the way we notice the pet hanging, she is writhing in pain from the sound and electric currents in her pussy. As she jerks around, the chains pull on her tits, clit, and nose. We are unharnessed, and led to our new stall. It has a wooden floor. We are again fastened my our ankles and wrists to rings in the floor. Our nose rings are fastened to rings in the wall. We have enough slack to reach our feed pan and water spout. After several hours, a pet comes to us and places our ball gags in and blindfolds us for the night. We are forced to get in tune with each other, as everytime I move my head, your tits get jerked, and your do the same to me. I wonder if this is our life, as of now it seems that way. Day break is an hour away when we are led from our stall and led to the harness room. Mistress Tonya is there to see us and unlock our collars and cuffs. As she unlocks them, a new pin is inserted in each lock, then another pet hammers the pit flat making it impossible to remove our collars or cuffs without a saw to cut the pin. This we are told is to make them permanent. We are then led to a feed box, allowed to eat and drink. Then our harness and bridle and bit are put on us, and we are led out to go work. Mistress Tonya comes out and drives us around awhile. She likes us, maybe there's hope for something else. That evening while being led back to our stall, we see the pet who was bad. She is hanging limp from her ordeal, and another pet has painted her entire body from head to toe in red body paint. This will mark her as being bad, and having been punished. She will be required to do the dirtiest of chores. After being unharnessed, we are again put in our stall and tied in. We are fed and watered, and again later we are gagged and blindfolded for the night. The next morning, we are led to a rack and are secured to it by our nose rings. We are then given an enema and allowed to relieve ourselves. Our pee is caught in a jar and we are allowed to drink each others pee. After this, a pet comes and cleans our bodies. It feels good to be clean again. We are led to be harnessed and led to work. This routine continues for the next month as the work is needed. Our bodies become hardened in muscle, firm and sleek. We have a deep dark tan that outlines the white strips where our harness straps go. It has not been too bad a life as long as it has been with you. One morning, after about a month in the field crew, we are led to the house. There, we are cleaned up, our hair is a mess, so the cut and groom it. Make up is applied to our faces. We are led to a great room. Upon entering, Mistress Tonya is there, she says we have been good and deserve to move to the house. We will still be bound but in different ways. We are led to the center of the room, our yoke is removed, we are untied at the waist, knees and ankles. It has been quite some time since we were apart, and it seems strange. Our chains are unhooked, allowing us to be separate. We are then led to where ceiling hooks are. our wrists are hooked to the ceiling, and we are standing back to back. Mistress Tonya walks over with a double dildo, 10" long and 2" thick. It is placed in our asses as we stand there. We are now connected by the dildo. Our ankles and waists are fastened together, as well as our wrists and collars. We are again bound to each other. We are told we will be the center of attention at a party that night. As the time arrives for the party, guests are ushered in and allowed to wander around. It seems that all the guests are female mistresses. Several other pets are restrained in the room, but we are the center attraction. Our tits are wrapped in leather to make them stick out, chains run from our nipples to our clit and to our nose. The quests are issued dildoes that as they walk around they can use on us. Two guests walk to us and they each use their toys on us. We are being fucked by them in our cunts while as we move the dildo in our ass does the same. Wow! what a feeling. After several hours we are lowered to a kneeling position and tied there. Still back to back with the dildo in our asses. Now the guests stand before us and we must lick their pussies and make them cum. Its a wonderful sensation to satisfy these guests. After the party, we are unfastened and led to another room. It has hooks and rings placed in several parts of the walls and floor. We are stood facing each other, the dildo is placed in our cunts. Again our ankles, knees, and waists are secured together. Our nipple rings are hooked directly to each other as well as our nose rings, and collars. we must extend our tongues and they are also attached together. Our hands are tied behind our backs, and we are left laying on the floor. A chain is attached from our clit rings to a floor ring but it does have some slack. We begin to kiss and suck as well as work the dildo. We have no idea of what is next, but for now, its great to be bound together like this with you. We seem to suck an fuck for several hours before dozing off bound to each other. Daybreak might bring something else for us. In the morning, after our night together, Mistress Tonya comes to us, saying we've earned a name, not just the number 36. We look up lovingly, wondering what it will be. Standing haughtily over us, Mistress Tonya makes a slight signal, and we are to kneel at her feet and reconnected together as always. "Your new name will be Marissa, number 36, you are to hurry to answer it whenever you hear the name, do you understand Marissa?" "Yes Mistress Tonya" we both utter at the same time, wondering why we are now so named. "Now Marissa, come with me!" We crawl in unison behind Mistress Tonya, afraid to even look at each other, but happy to be together. "A couple more days work and this one will be ready for the city!" Mistress Tonya calls to one of her handlers. "Yes ma'am" is the answer. "Come on you", thus its back to hard work for us, now named as one. The two days go quick, we are worked hard, but totally denied pleasure, even from each other. No other slaves are even allowed to acknowledge us, as we are thought to be the chosen ones of Mistress Tonya. Then, on the third morning, we are roused from sleep by other slaves, who bathe us, eat us, clean us, bringing us to fabulous orgasms. Confused, we allow this to happen, enjoying the pleasure so long denied. Then its time to dress us for the city, and what awaits. You are on my left side, your right nipple connect to my left by a fine chain. Our clit rings are also connected by a fine chain. Your right ankle is chained to my left, your right wrist is chained to my left, we are as one, as ordained. Mistress Tonya then comes into the room to inspect us. We fall to our knees to worship her. "Slaves, finish dressing Marissa!" The others continue to scurry about, bringing leather corsets to put us in to lift our tits. These corsets are also connected to each other. As a finishing touch, 4" heels are put on our feet, which will make walking even more difficult. Grabbing a leash which has been connected to a chain to our collars, Mistress Tonya begins to lead us out, with a quick "stay on your knees Marissa!". Following on our knees, we are led to a large limousine, were we are put in and chained to the doors. Mistress Tonya and a friend, whom she introduces as Mistress Samantha, are sitting across from us. The two ladies greet and speak to each other as if we weren't there, even though fear and trepidation are all over our faces. We remain silent as taught. To quell our fears ,each mistress gives us a foot to lick and such as they talk. We have no choice but to obey. "Isn't Marissa a good, well behaved slut?", asks Mistress Tonya. "Yes Tonya, but however did you do it?" "Well Sammie, it was easy, as each half of Marissa always wanted to be with herself, so I made it possible." As the Limo heads down the road, we have hoods put over our heads to cover our sight. Our mouths are left free to suck on the mistresses toes. Leashes are attached to our clit rings and are being jerked on to keep us alert. As the limo approaches the city, we are made ready to leave the Limo. Our free hands are bound together behind us, large ball gags are placed in our mouths. All other bindings are tightened and checked out. We arrive at a large building and the Limo drives inside. we are led from the car by our leashes on our clit rings to a special room. Once there, we feel hands rubbing our asses and tits, fingers run thru our pussys and tug on the clit rings. We are led to a raised platform, and our ankles a secured to it, legs spread wide. Our hands are secured to hooks in the ceiling and pulled up tight. We are being prepared for a special event where we are to be sold as slaves. the buyers are other Mistresses. We feel our tits being pulled up and out and cord being wrapped around them tightly. This makes our tits stick out. weights are hung from our nipple rings. chains are attached to our labia rings and spread open. these are tied to keep our pussies open exposing our pierced clits. The ball gags are removed and we are told to stick out our tongues. chains are attached to our tongue rings holding them out for all to see. We are almost ready, the next thing we feel is our bodies being painted. Our tits are painted red, the rest of our bodies are painted a contrasting color. We are now ready for viewing. As the hoods are removed our heads, we see 6 Mistresses walking into the room. They walk to us, and start admiring us. Mistress Tonya tells us that we are not to utter any sound or try to talk. The buyers reach up to pinch and rub us. a question is asked about if we can stand pain. Mistress hands one a whip and says to try us out. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK our asses are hit , then WHACK WHACK WHACK our tits are hit. No sound is uttered although it hurts. The Mistresses are impressed, but still have doubts, so electric wires are attached to our nipple rings and shocks are given. still, no sound is uttered. They then jerk on the clit chains and nipple chains, still no sound. The bidding begins, first one bid then another, meanwhile Mistress Tonya keeps abusing us. Finally the highest bid is given and the slave Marissa is sold to a very strict, mean Mistress called Victoria. We can only imagine what fate awaits us next. Mistress Victoria walked towards us, she reached out and jerked on the clit chains and also pulled on our nipple chains. We watched her, and felt the pain, knowing that if we cried out it would make things only worse. Mistress had our ankles released from the restraints, and we are told to kneel down like the dogs we are and leashes were attached to our nose rings. We are led out of the room to another. We are placed into a very tight cage, the door is locked and the cage is loaded into a van. It is covered and again we are in the dark. After what seemed like hours, we finally stopped, and the cage is unloaded. Mistress jerks on our leashes to get us out of the cage. We are led into a building, it seems to be a very well equipped room to torture slaves in. As she walks around us she remarks, two for the price of one, and inspects her latest subjects. She asks: do you enjoy being joined as one, we nod our heads yes as we have become one in body and mind. Good she says, then I'll separate you to add to your pain. She orders another slave to unfasten the belts holding us together. I am led away and hung from ceiling hooks, and secured to the floor, spread-eagle suspended. You are led to a bench/table device. you are placed on the device, your feet secured into stirrups. your arms are bound down to the side of the table, forcing your tits to push up. A hook is fastened to your collar, keeping your head tight to the device. The stirrups are raised up and spreadwide, exposing your pussy and ass As I hang suspended I can only imagine what is in store for you and I. You try to look at me, and I can see the pain in your face, Mistress notices the look and gets mad, she attaches chains from your nose ring to your nipple rings, pulls them tight. You can only look towards your exposed pussy. Mistress walks over to me, "you like watching slut slave", I nod yes and she jerks on my nipple chains. You will get your turn slut, but first the other. Back to you, she proceeds to pierce your pussy lips, putting six rings in each side, then she pulls the rings together and slides a steel pin thru the rings, locking your pussy shut, but the clit chain is hanging out for her to use. Next, A large butt plug is placed into your ass, secured in place. Mistress walks to your head, "now my slut slave, I shall control when you may piss and poop". She then straddles your face and makes your eat her pussy, while she wraps your tits in cord, making them stand up straight. Chains are attached to your nipple rings, run up thru pulleys and pails are hung from the chains. This causes your tits to be pulled up more yet. Mistress then starts water dripping into the pails, as more water is added the pull on your nipples will increase. The pain must be awful. Mistress Victoria then turns her attention to me, I am lowered from the ceiling and laid on the floor, a 4 foot bar is placed between my ankles and locked in place. my legs are spread wide. She then hooks the bar to a hoist and pulls me up ankles first suspending me in the air. My wrists are bound behind me, a chain is attached to my wrists to the bar, causing my back to arch and pushing my tits out. She wraps my tits with cord, and hangs weights from my nipple rings. She then pierces my pussy lips like yours and places a steel pin in to lock my pussy shut. We are left to our pain, but before she leaves, an enema tube is placed into my ass and a slow stream of water is flowing into my bowels. She then blindfolds us and places ball gags in our mouths. We are left to our increasing pain. What seemed again like hours, Mistress returns, I can feel my bowels filling up with water, your tits are stretched out far and must be really hurting. A butt plug is placed into my ass to keep the water in, A metal cage device is placed on her tits to keep them jutting out, we are then released from our positions and made to kneel on the floor, our clit chains are secured to the floor holding us in place. Our wrists are bound behind our backs. We are facing each other, Mistress attaches a chain from my nose ring to yours. Our gags are replaced by devices that hold our mouths open. She then begins pouring a yellow liquid into our mouths, and comments that she is glad she has been saving her pee. She then places small water lines into our mouths and begins letting water flow into us. I can only imagine the pain when we need to pee and can't, and will have to wait for her let us. Mistress returns to find her slut slaves in great pain, my bowels and pussy ache from the need to pass, Also you are hurting as your pussy is full too. You are made to lay on the floor, tied in place and I am led over and made to straddle your face. My butt plug and pussy are opened and flood of pee and poop flow out onto you, you can't move and must endure this humiliation. When finished, I am secured on the floor and you are allowed to pee in my face, Afterwards, we must clean the floor but not ourselves, we are led to a special cage, our collars are fastened to hooks, and our wrists remain bound behind us, the ball gags are put back in and chains are attached from our nipples to our nose rings. We are allowed to rest and we both wonder what the next day will bring with our Mistress Victoria. Mistress Victoria wakes both slaves in the morning, she has another slave throw cold water on us as we sleep. We are led by our nose rings to a waiting van. Our eyes are covered, and we are bound tightly and placed into the van. After several hours of travel, we arrive at a rural farm. The smell of animals is in the air. We are led into a barn and hung from beams spread eagle, suspended. our blindfolds are removed and we look around. We are hung in a room with all sorts of equipment on shelves, also several examination tables are present. Another slave walks to us and begins rubbing my tits, my nipples get hard and she proceeds to tie small cord around them, weights are hung from the rings. She then goes to you and proceeds to finger your pussy, weights are hung from your clit ring. Mistress Victoria walks in to inspect her newest slaves hanging helpless and in pain. She explains we are to become her livestock, we will be treated as such, must work, and produce or suffer the consequences. She explains that we will be bred and made to produce offspring, but as in livestock, we then will be milked and our offspring will be raised elsewhere. She slaps our asses and says we should be good, or the pain will be great. Another slave comes in and lowers me down, I am led to a exam table, tied and my feet are secured into stirrups. They are raised and spread wide, exposing my pussy. I hear Mistress coming, she is leading a large male, he is naked, his wrists and arms are bound behind him, a 12" bar between his ankles and his head is covered with a leather hood. .A collar is around his neck and her leash is attached to it. He led over to where I am tied, his cock is forced into my pussy and he begins to fuck me, Mistress has me thrust up to meet his cock, he unloads his juice into my pussy, he is removed and my pussy is locked shut to keep in the juices. I am released, and tied in a stall, My tits are tied to floor rings, my wrists and ankles are tied to the floor as well. Only time will tell if I am pregnant. An hour later, you are served the same fate, the Stud is led in to service you, you are then tied in a stall as well. Bowls of food are placed in front of us and we are allowed to eat. It would seem that our fate now rests with Mistress Victoria. The next day we are led to another room, crawling on our hands and knees, It is explained that as animals we shall never walk upright, we will either be crawling or our wrists tied to our ankles and walk bent over. We are led to a door and told to crawl thru, we are made to crawl into a pig pen with pigs wallowing in mud. I am pushed into the mud and told to roll around , you are next to be pushed in, we are covered in mud and pig manure. the other pigs come over to smell our asses and pussy. we must crawl around in the mud and grunt like pigs. We are allowed to eat from the trough of pig food. Our entire day will be spent in the pig pen learning to be good sows. At night, we are led from the pen and retied in our pens. We must stay covered in pig mud, and the next day will be the same. Several weeks later, we are led to the exam room, we are tested to see if we are pregnant, we both are. Mistress is pleased, she orders us cleaned up and allowed to rest for several days. She has you and I put into a special room. we are placed facing each other, our nipple rings, clit rings, and nose rings are fastened together. we are allowed to kiss each other and our tongues explore each others mouths. a large double headed dildo is placed in us and we are tied together. it seems so nice to be sharing each other again. Mistress has promised us a different way of living now that we are pregnant. Only time will tell what that is. She wants us healthy to deliver her babies, life should get a little easier for awhile. As you and I lie bound to each other, we can only imagine what the future holds. The End? -Maliia Kanaulahu