Life on a Pony Farm

by Neuralmancer 
Chapter 1 The Auction
Sumi stood nervously as she waited her turn to mount the auction platform. It was an extremely hot day. Sweat dripped down Sumi's quite naked body as she stood in the afternoon sun. Being in the company of many other equally naked women didn't help matters any. All that Sumi could think of was the many men in the audience waiting for a chance to bid on her lovely body. What bothered Sumi the most was the tingling sensation that she kept on getting between her legs. The more Sumi thought about the men observing her, the greater the degree of discomfort she felt.
How could she of come to this, Sumi thought. Just a short while ago, Sumi had been another college coed attending a southern university. Now Sumi was about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, just like a prized cow at a farm sale. Sumi looked about worried as her fellow female captives found new owners. One by one they were brought up onto the auction platform, totally displayed to the almost exclusively male audience, bided on, and then finally led away, sometimes crying as they went. Sumi's turn would come soon.
With hands tightly bound behind her back, the auctioneer led Sumi to the platform. "What am I bid for this lovely creature?" Holding her body steady by grabbing her bound wrists with his left hand, the auctioneer proceeded to lift and display Sumi's long and straight black tresses with his right hand. "Look at the Sakina colored hair! Where have you ever seen such a beauty?"

A few bids were yelled back to the auctioneer. The initial bids were much lower than what some of the previous women had brought. Was she worth so little, thought Sumi.

The auctioneer was skilled at his craft. Releasing Sumi's hair, he reached over and cupped one of Sumi's breasts and held it firmly. "Please, carefully examine her ample, yet quite firm breasts. Think of the pleasure that she could bring you!" Sumi's face turned red as her nipples hardened in response to the auctioneer's touch. The bids increased markedly.

The auctioneer's right hand then moved to Sumi's waist. "Look, not an ounce of fat!" Kneeing, the auctioneer then moved his right hand lower pass her buttocks and finally paused at her thighs. "Notice the exaggerated leg muscles. All you pony farmers out there, just think of what a fine mare she would make. Just a little training and you could have a winner here."

Sumi turned her head to stare at the auctioneer. He had called her a mare! Just what was a pony farmer, Sumi thought. While attending school, Sumi had spent much of her free time running track. Sumi loved to run. What kind of purpose did the men in the audience have in mind for her?

The bids had increased dramatically. The auctioneer had read the crowd well. Damn I'm good he thought.

The biding process narrowed down to just a pair of bidders. One of those vying for Sumi's ownership stood out from the crowd. Wearing a broad brimmed hat, the sort that cowboys were likely to ware, by virtue of his height coupled with extremely broad shoulders he couldn't help but be noticed. "One thousand dollars!", he cried out. This was an extremely high price to pay for an obviously untrained slave girl, even for one as lovely as Sumi. The crowd stared at him with wonder.

The man's adversary was equally determined to possess the lovely slave. A woman of means, she considered herself the equal of any man. She had frequently sparred with this same man in bidding contests. This time she was determined to win. "One thousand two hundred dollars for the slave!" All eyes turned to her. Ignoring them, the woman turned about and gave the man that she was bidding against a gleeful look.

"Zarina, I see that once again that were in contest. So be it. You still haven't learned how to properly play your hand. One thousand five hundred dollars!"

Ignoring the man's insult, Zarina increased her bid. Things were starting to get a little out of hand. After this next bid the man would have to back down. "One thousand seven hundred dollars! Give up Rafiq, your not going to get this one."

Rafiq just smiled. Looking towards the auctioneer, Rafiq gave his answer, "Two thousand dollars."

Zarina realized that she could go no higher. However much that Zarina wanted to beat Rafiq in the bidding, she was also mindful of business. If Rafiq wished to be a fool, let him. No untrained slave was worth two thousand dollars. Zarina failed to offer a replying bid.

The auctioneer was delighted with the turn of events. "Going once, going twice, sold to the tall man in the cowboy hat! You just bought yourself one fine mare."

During all the excitement, Sumi had momentarily forgotten that she was the source of all of this. She had been sold. A look of confusion spread over Sumi's face. Just what would happen to her now, she thought.

Rafiq went up to the auction platform to claim his property. Paying his money to the auctioneer, cash on the barrel head as was the usual practice, Rafiq ordered, "Unbind her hands and rebind them in front of her." An assistant to the auctioneer quickly complied with Rafiq's wishes. The auctioneer himself was already getting ready for the next sale.

"What are you going to do with me", questioned Sumi. "I'm not like those other women. I'm not meant to be a slave."

Rafiq replied, "All women are meant to be slaves. Enjoy the sound of your lovely voice, this is one of the last times that you will be permitted, indeed able at all, to speak. Yes, you are not like all those other women. You have the makings of an exceptional ponygirl. I believe that the auctioneer misspoke. You are not a fine mare, no, you are a great mare! With legs like yours you have a shot at a championship. A championship the I intend to have!"

With not another word, Rafiq led Sumi down the platform and through the crowd. Sumi was embarrassed walking naked amongst all the men of the crowd. Few of them gave her any attention. She was now just another piece of property. The crowd was once again focused upon the next sale.

Reaching the edge of the crowd, Sumi encountered the sight of her life. Harnessed to a two person cart was a naked woman. Well not quite naked. The woman's only garment, if you could call what she wore clothing, was a harness consisting of various leather straps. One thick strap went around her waist. By means of a pair of large rings sewn into the waist strap, the wooden poles of the cart were secured to the woman's waist. Running vertically from the waist strap were another pair of leather straps, each of which split into a Vee below the woman's breasts. Each Vee, constructed with a half-bra like cup below each breast, had the effect of providing support for the woman's ample tits. The vertical straps then merged back together above the breasts, effectively encircling each tit in leather, looped over the woman's shoulders, ran down her back and rejoined the waist strap. Another pair of leather straps ran down from the waist strap to encircle the top of each thigh.

The woman's hair was cut into a long Mohawk like style, the end of which extended well pass her shoulders. The sides of her head were shaved smooth. The net effect was something like a horse's mane. Within the woman's mouth was fitted a bit. As is to be expected, attached to either side of the bit were a pair of reins. This was not a woman, this was a ponygirl.

The ponygirl had many piercings. Sumi could see rings piercing the woman's nose, both nipples, her labia, and her clitoris. The rings were all the more visible due to the ponygirl's lack of body hair. With the exception of the long mane, the ponygirl was completely hairless. The well oiled flesh of the ponygirl glistened in the bright sunshine. Apparently the rings did not serve merely an ornamental purpose. Attached to each nipple ring was a half inch diameter bell. Thin stripes of leather descended from the bit to each of the nipple bells. Connected this way, any pull of the reins would cause the bells to ring. As a final touch, thin stripes of leather tied to the woman's labia rings connected to the wider straps encircling the ponygirl's thighs to keep the woman's cunt pulled wide open. No article of clothing hindered the movement of the ponygirl's legs. The ponygirl made quite a display.

As Sumi approached the cart the ponygirl made a few high pitched guttural noises. To Sumi the sound was just like that of a horse. Apparently the ponygirl was in a hurry to get going, as Sumi stared at the bazaar site, the ponygirl kept stomping the ground with her right foot. Again, just like a horse would do. It was this point that Sumi noticed the odd shoes encasing the ponygirl's feet. Unlike any other shoe that Sumi had seen previously, the shoes had a extremely high heel, shaped in the form of a U, so that definitely horseshoe like footprints were imprinted in the sand. With the exception of many cutouts that left parts of the feet exposed, including the toes, the body of the shoe itself resembled those worn by ladies in Victorian times. The high tops were secured in place by thin leather laces.

"So that's what your going to turn me into, a ponygirl?", questioned Sumi.

Rafiq responded by giving Sumi a quick slap across her face. Sumi reeled backwards from the unexpected blow. "You will not say another word! Yes, you are to become a ponygirl, just like this one. But first you would be converted to be a Muslim."

Not saying another word, Rafiq took a piece of rope and bound Sumi's wrists to one end of it. The other end of the rope he then attached to the rear of the cart. Sumi was quite startled by this move. She had been expecting to ride alongside Rafiq in the cart.

Turning to Sumi now standing directly behind the cart, Rafiq informed Sumi of how things were to be. "Your training will commence immediately. We have a few miles to go on the trip back to the farm. You will run all the way there. I'm sure that you will have no difficulty."

Sumi looked aghast as Rafiq mounted the cart. What would happen if she fell? She had run such distances before, but never completely naked and over unknown terrain.

"Ho!", yelled Rafiq to the ponygirl. Slapping the reins against the ponygirl's shoulders, the ponygirl started out at a slow trot The nipple bells rang out to the rhythm of the ponygirl's trot. Slack quickly taken out from the rope binding Sumi to the rear of the cart, Sumi found herself pulled along at a moderate jogging pace.

Chapter 2 From Woman to Pony

By the time they reached the farm Sumi was covered in sweat. Fortunately she was in fairly good shape. Sumi had yet to feel winded. There had been no mishaps along the way.

Approaching the farm Sumi could see to the right of the road an oval track. On it several ponygirls were being put through their paces. A race was in progress. Harnessed to a somewhat smaller single person version of the two person cart that Sumi was now following, three ponygirls were having a good run around the track. To Sumi, it seemed that a black ponygirl had the upper hand. She was clearly outpacing the two others.

"To the right you'll see some of your competition. The black mare is especially competitive. But before you can race, you most become a proper pony.", said Rafiq.

Sumi cringed at the thought of what becoming a proper pony meant.

They entered a courtyard surrounded by various buildings. Stopping the cart, Rafiq yelled for an attendant to come take charge of the ponygirl and the cart. The ponygirl was obviously use to this, she made not a sound. Sumi saw no sign of discomfort on the ponygirl's face. Later Sumi would unpleasantly discover the reason for the ponygirl's limited range of vocalizations. Apparently their run of several miles had not been anything of significance.

Sumi's first stop was the hospital. As she was taken into the hospital, Sumi cried out. "What are you going to do me?" Sumi struggled as she was bound to an operating cart. As a pair of attendants held Sumi down to the cart, first her wrists and then her ankles were tightly tied to metal rings located at the corners of the movable hospital bed. Sumi tried futilely to kick her legs up to prevent their being tied to the cart. As she was held down, another attendant grabbed her legs one at a time and lashed her ankles to the rings.

Once they had Sumi firmly attached to the cart, Sumi was wheeled into an operating area. A tray of surgical instruments were brought to her throat.

Rafiq stood by observing the procedure. "Now you will begin your transformation from a woman to a ponygirl. Of course ponies don't talk. It is necessary then to somewhat alter your vocal cords. In the future, the only sounds that you will be permitted, or for that matter able to make at all, are the horse like sounds that one would expect to hear from a fine filly as yourself."

Sumi looked up to Rafiq with horrified eyes. Sumi could offer little resistance as the anesthetic took affect. Quickly she lost consciousness and with that loss Sumi lost the remainder of any control that she had left over her destiny.

The operation went well. Immediately after the operation Sumi couldn't make a single sound. Sumi had been rendered incapable of producing speech. After a few days of recovery, Sumi found that she could still make some sounds, but only the high pitched guttural sounds similar to that produced by a horse.

While Sumi recovered from the surgery, attendants proceeded to cut her head hair into the a style identical to that worn by the ponygirl who had pulled the cart. All hair located elsewhere on her body was permanently removed. Once again Sumi attempted to hinder the attendant's progress. Sumi's kicking came to no avail. The attendants set with the task of removing Sumi's body hair had anticipated Sumi's every move. After all, they had done this many times before. Sumi was taken to a vertical frame where she was securely harnessed. The bounds were so tight that hardly any movement was possible. Just to make sure, Sumi was given an injection of a sedative. Sumi looked down passively at the men as they busily employed electrolysis to permanently remove the hair on her public mound. They quickly had her mound completely bald. Soon every inch of Sumi's body from her neck down was completely hairless.

Sumi was taught the proper sounds and actions to make. Only certain kinds of vocalizations were expected of her. A high pitched whinny was to be produced as a command acknowledgment. A nay could be used as a kind of greeting to other ponygirls. Other actions, such as the stomping of her feet, were used to indicate an emotional state. For example the stomping of feet may be used to indicate an eagerness to proceed. Sumi was carefully taught a varied vocabulary of both utterances and body movements. Denied the capacity to speak, the vocabulary of horses would replace her human vocabulary.

Sufficiently recovered from the surgery, Sumi went next to the blacksmith shop. There she was once again securely bound to a vertical frame. With her wrists bound from above, and her ankles bound from below, Sumi could offer little movement. Both her arms and her legs were spread wide apart.

"The usual complement of rings?", asked the blacksmith.

Rafiq studied Sumi's bound form. Reaching across to her breasts, he pinched each nipple. Sumi grimaced at feeling the pain. "I think that the nipple rings could be a bit larger on this one. Her nipples are extremely long."

"Two inches in diameter perhaps", replied the blacksmith.

"Yes, two inch diameter rings should do nicely on the nipples." Reaching up to Sumi's nose Rafiq pinched his fingers about the flesh separating each nostril. "A half inch nose ring I think." Releasing Sumi's nose and turning his attention to Sumi's now fully visible cunt, Rafiq continued. "One inch rings piercing each labia lip and a two inch ring piercing her clitoris. Notice that this mare's clitoris is unusually long. Her clitoris should be able to accommodate a two inch diameter ring."

The blacksmith quickly noted all of Rafiq's desires. The nipple rings came first. Once again Sumi had each of her nipples pinched and pulled. She looked to the blacksmith with eyes that clearly conveyed the horror that she felt. Employing special needles heated red hot to prevent infection, the blacksmith first pierced Sumi's right nipple followed by her left nipple. Sumi screamed. Though distinctly high pitched and noticeably different from a normal human scream, like a scream produced by an unmodified woman it gave Sumi some measure of relief. The blacksmith didn't care. Momentarily, the blacksmith left Sumi with a pair of red hot needles piercing each of her nipples. The pain was agonizing. Quickly pulling the needle from Sumi's right nipple, the needle was slowly replaced with a two inch stainless steel ring. The blacksmith took his time. He carefully pushed the ring closed and brazed the ends together. Sumi couldn't take her eyes off the flame produced by the miniature torch the blacksmith used. The flame came precariously close to her as of yet unblemished skin. The procedure was then repeated to Sumi's left nipple. These rings would never be removed.

The labia piercings felt like pin pricks in comparison. However Sumi's suffering was far from over. Pulling back on the hood covering Sumi's clitoris, the blacksmith employed a specially designed clamp to keep the fleshly covering out of the way. Sumi's clitoris stood revealed. Again utilizing one of the red hot needles, the blacksmith then quickly pierced Sumi's clitoris. Intense pain instantly seared up through Sumi's body. As loud as she could, Sumi cried out. Even after the sounds ceased, Sumi's mouth remained agape in a perfect pantomime of a scream.

Following a procedure identical to that previously used, the blacksmith left the hot needle stay in Sumi's flesh while he procured her clitoris ring. Sumi found the wait agonizing. Withdrawing the needle, he carefully substituted the ring. Also like before, the ends of the clitoris ring were brazed together preventing its future removal.

Last of all the blacksmith inserted Sumi's nose ring. To Sumi this piercing was by far the most humiliating. It forever marked her as an animal.

Tears of relief flowed down Sumi's checks as she was finally released from the vertical frame. Barely able to walk, she had to be held at her shoulders by a pair of attendants.

The blacksmith tasks completed, Sumi was then taken half dragging to her new home, the stables. Taken to a stall, the floor of which was lined with straw, Sumi's wrists were cuffed to an overhead beam. Left standing in the sunshine provided by an open stall door, the new ponygirl made quite a sight.

"Well, at least now you look like a ponygirl." Rafiq stood in front of Sumi as he took in her entire form. As he watched, an attendant busily scrubbed Sumi's hanging body. Never again would Sumi be allowed to bathe herself.

"Let me see, you need a name. That dark mane of yours tends to stand out. Just like the color of a Sakina. That's it. Sakina, that will be your new name." Rafiq turned his attention to the stable attendant. "Have the name, Sakina, put on her stall door."

Sumi's former life passed from her like a dream, now she was not only an animal, she was no longer Sumi the college coed. As tears dripped from her eyes, the former college coed realized that she was now Sakina the ponygirl.

Chapter 3 Training

"Walk! Trot! Canter! Run! Come on you stupid mare, get it right this time! Lift your knees when you trot!" Sakina, formerly Sumi the college coed, was being given a lesson on the basics of being a ponygirl. Harnessed to one of the single person carts that she had seen on her arrival, with her trainer at the controls, she proceeded down the oval track doing her very best to obey her trainer's instructions. After every mistake Sakina felt the pain of the trainer's whip. Already Sakina had the scars of several lashes of the trainer's whip. He showed a particular expertise on the whip's use. Sakina soon came to realize a correlation between the severity of her error and the placement of end of the whip. A lessor offense may result in a whip stroke to one of her shoulders. Something more severe may cause Sakina to feel the whip on her tender buttocks. After a particularly bad infraction Sakina came to expect to feel the whip's sting on the lips of her most sensitive vulva.

Sakina was being placed through the basic sequence of ponygirl movements. Each of these Sakina had to master before she could be raced.

Sakina had to relearn how to walk. Walking now became something of an art form. She was taught to bring her knees up high as she stepped. One foot down while the opposite foot was brought up as high as the ponygirl could manage.

Next came the trot. Not only was the trot a faster version of the walk, but the ponygirl's weight was brought down onto the balls of her feet. The ponygirl's heels never touched the ground. By balancing herself on the balls of her feet the ponygirl made use of the natural energy storing ability of her leg muscles. Energy stored by the natural springs of the leg tendons on the downward stroke would be released to help propel the ponygirl on the upward stroke.

The canter was essentially a faster version of the trot. The exaggerated up and down movements of the legs became less evident.

Finally there was running. Here the show was over. All emphasis was placed on speed. For the human ponies running wasn't all that different from normal human running. No effort was made to high step the legs.

During both racing and training the arms of the ponygirl were kept bound behind her back. A standard piece of equipment used to bind the ponygirl's arms was a short T-shaped bar having cuffs at each of the three ends. The cuffs on the ends of the horizontal portion of the bar were used to bind the ponygirl's upper arms together while the vertical cuff bound the wrists. Only the most thoroughly trained ponygirls, and this usually meant only those ponygirls born into ponygirl servitude and hence knowing no other kind of life, were allowed to pull carts while having their arms free.

Sakina had just prior to the start of her training been introduced to the bit. Just like what happens with a more normal mare's introduction to the bit, Sakina at first resisted the bit's placement into her mouth. A U-shaped bar fitted with rings for the reins at its ends, the bit was held between Sakina's teeth. A harness comprised of leather straps fitting around Sakina's head served as the bridle. With the bridle buckled tightly at the back of Sakina's head, Sakina had no hope of shaking the bit loose.

As one of the stable attendants held Sakina by her wrists bound behind her back, Rafiq had come forth with the bit in hand. He loved to break-in the new ponygirls. Sakina attempted to keep her mouth closed, but the attendants knew how to easily cope with this. As one attendant held an extremely smelly substance to Sakina's nose, Sakina had to open her mouth. She tried to resist, but the urge to breathe was too strong. Seeing his chance, Rafiq thrust the bit in-between Sakina's teeth. The bridle was then tightly secured behind Sakina's head.

Over Sakina's shoulders was then placed the pony cart harness. As it was buckled in the back, the half bra cups came up to give support to Sakina's ample breasts. The nipples with their protruding rings were left uncovered. Just had been done to the ponygirl that Sakina had seen as she came off the auction block, to her nipple rings tiny bells were attached. Sakina's labia rings were likewise tied to the body harness's thigh straps be means of thin leather strips. The labia bondage had the effect of holding Sakina's cunt wide open. No matter how Sakina moved the pink of her inner labia lips were clearly visible. Sakina was deprived of any shred of modesty.

As Sakina was being bound to a pony cart for the first time, Rafiq addressed her. "You will get used to the feel of the bit in your mouth. Soon you will learn how to behave." Rafiq came up to Sakina and rubbed his right hand against her bare flanks. Sakina jumped a bit at his touch. "You make quite a fine pony. After a time you will begin to crave my touch. Or for that matter, any man's touch. You will live for the track. If you are successful, and I have no doubt that you will be successful, we will breed you. I'll rent a human stud from my sometimes adversary, Zarina, and have him mated to you. I'm sure that you are capable of producing many fine fillies. Also as is the custom in these parts, we'll bring you to milk. Synthetic hormones will be administered to you to both stimulate and enhance your lactating ability. Those ample tits of yours should swell up even more as they fill up with milk."

Sakina looked at Rafiq with disbelief. How could he do this to her? Sakina wanted to scream, but all that she could muster was a shrill whinny. Rafiq smiled upon hearing Sakina's whinny. The new ponygirl was becoming more horse like with each passing day.

Rafiq had been watching Sakina's trainer put Sakina through her paces on the track. As they paused for lunch, Rafiq queried the trainer on Sakina's progress. "How's she doing?", Rafiq inquired.

"I think you have a winner with this one. When she finally got going I almost had the reins pulled from my grip. A hell of a pair of legs on that one. Just a little rough around the edges. Give me some time and I'll have her attitude properly adjusted.", answered the trainer.

Rafiq was very pleased with the trainer's assessment. Sakina's performance on the track had left him very impressed. She may even be able to beat the black mare he thought.

As her trainer ate his brown bag lunch, Sakina stood on the track dripping with sweat. It was hot in the noon time sun. At the beginning of the day one of the stable attendants had applied a liberal amount of sun screen lotion over her entire body. Try as she might, Sakina couldn't help having her nipples harden and her cunt moisten at the attendant's touch. The stable attendant obviously had enjoyed his task. Now as Sakina stood still after her first half day of training most of the sun screen had become washed off due to her dripping perspiration. She hoped that someone would reapply more lotion before her fair skin burned red from the sun.

An attendant temporarily released Sakina from the pony cart and guided her over to a watering trough. She looked upon the attendant with amazement. She still had her arms bound behind her back. How was she supposed to drink?

"Down on your knees! See how those other mares drink? You will do the same.", yelled the stable attendant to Sakina. A few yards away in a separate pen a couple of human mares had gotten down onto their knees to drink. Apparently not in training at the moment by virtue of their arms not being bound behind their backs, each ponygirl was like Sakina quite naked. Nudity was apparently a ponygirl's natural condition. Although their hands were free, they made absolutely no attempt to use them. Instead they both meekly kept their arms to the sides of their bodies as they lapped up the cool water.

Sakina was entranced by the sight. How could they accept their condition, she thought. As she watched, one of the ponygirls stood up and looked at Sakina. It was at this point that Sakina realized that this ponygirl was quite pregnant. Her bare belly swelled noticeably. Eyeing Sakina, the pregnant ponygirl made a loud nay sound in Sakina's direction. It was if the other ponygirl was attempting to say hello.

Sakina was quickly returned to reality by a sharp slap on her bare flanks. "Either get down on your knees now and drink or go without. I haven't all day. They'll breed you soon enough", said the attendant. Reluctantly, Sakina acknowledged her thirst and got down onto her knees to drink. While she found lapping up the water somewhat difficult to do at first, Sakina quickly got the hang of it.

After Sakina had her drink, another attendant brought over Sakina's lunch. Within a horse's feed bag had been placed a mixture of grains and crushed raw vegetables. Also mixed in with her food was a powerful oral contraceptive. Sakina's owner had no desire to see her impregnated quite yet. With the feed bag strapped over Sakina's head, Sakina could feed on its contents without the use of her hands. Never again would Sakina be permitted the luxury of feeding herself using her hands. In the future Sakina would have her arms bound behind her back at all meal times. Lifting up her head after eating, Sakina had food particles suck all over her face. An attendant came over to Sakina to clean up the mess. As the men watched her, this was just one more humiliation that Sakina had no choice, but to accept.

Sakina's trainer kept her on the track all that afternoon. Over and over again he put Sakina through the motions of the walk, the trot, the canter, and the run. By evening Sakina was near exhaustion.

Finally unleashed from the pony cart, Sakina was led back to the stables. Sakina could see other ponygirls being brought back as well. Of all sorts of races, Caucasian like herself, Negro, and Hispanic, they made quite a collection in Rafiq's stable. Sakina also noticed a few that were very young. Child ponies born on Rafiq's farm who knew no other life than that of a ponygirl. Sakina passed by the pregnant ponygirl that had made the horse like sound to her at lunch time. Glancing at the pregnant ponygirl, Sakina wondered what it must be like to bear children in a place like this. The proposition of experiencing a fate like that of the pregnant ponygirl left a foul taste in Sakina's mouth.

Once back in Sakina's stall, a stable attendant bound Sakina's wrists to an overhead beam. With a hose connected to a tap of cold water he then summarily rinsed Sakina of all the dirt and sweat that she had acquired during training. Aided by a bucket of soapy water, he then scrubbed Sakina's flesh clean. He paid particular attention to Sakina's breasts. After washing her full tits, he paused for a moment to lift them with both hands. As if appraising Sakina's tit flesh, the attendant carefully squeezed each of her breasts as he held them. Looking down, Sakina could see a bulge developing at the crotch area of the attendant's pants.

Next the attendant turned his attention to Sakina's vagina. The lips of Sakina's vagina were still sore after spending the day being bound to the pony cart harness. Obviously not caring about Sakina's discomfort, the attendant vigorously washed her vaginal area. Spreading the lips apart by pulling at Sakina's labia rings with the fingers of her left hand, the attendant than poked a pair of fingers from his right hand deeply into Sakina's exposed cunt. Sakina jumped back at the unexpected intrusion. In and out of Sakina's cunt the attendant pumped his fingers. Sakina' s cunt began to lubricate uncontrollably. Sakina let out a low whinny as the attendant continued to work on her ever wetter cunt.

Stopping the forced foreplay, the attendant stood up and dropped his pants. His stiff cock stood erect and ready. Sakina looked aghast at the stable attendant. She is about to be raped.

Grasping Sakina's hips by each of his hands, the stable attendant drove his stiff cock into Sakina's vagina. He entered her without any difficulty. Kneeling slightly in front of Sakina, the attendant thrust his stiff member in and out of her wet vagina. In spite of Sakina's feelings of revulsion, she emitted a series of low whinnies as the attendant continued his rape. His thrusts began to feel good to Sakina. Forgetting for a moment about her bound condition, Sakina started to meet the attendant's thrusts by her own movements of her hips. Each thrust forward by the attendant was reciprocated by Sakina with a return thrust towards the attendant as he receded from her.

Their coupling went on for some time. Finally the stable attendant cried out, "Oh shit, I'm coming." With that announcement the attendant pumped his semen into Sakina's waiting cunt. Almost simultaneously Sakina's body shook as she was overwhelmed by her own orgasm. As the attendant withdrew his cock, semen dripped out of Sakina's ravaged sex.

"I think were going to get along fine. God I love this job. To think that they pay me to do this.", announced the stable attendant.

Proceeding as if nothing had happened, the stable attendant released Sakina from the overhead beam. "Now it's time to eat.", he told her. Binding her hands behind her back, the attendant then brought Sakina her dinner. Once again a feed sack was placed about Sakina's neck. As she had during lunch, Sakina fed without the use of her hands. The meal wasn't all that bad. Consisting of a mixture of chopped fish, rice, and other vegetables, Sakina ate eagerly. She had been through allot on her first day of training.

After Sakina had finished her dinner the attendant led Sakina out of the stable to an open latrine. As the attendant watched Sakina relieved herself. Sakina blushed as she knelt down to pee. No privacy would be permitted. Not now nor ever.

Upon their return to the stable the attendant bound Sakina to the walls of her stall. As she lay on a bed of fresh straw, the attendant first bound her wrists and then her ankles to rings bolted into a wall of the stall. Stretched out lengthwise on the straw with her wrists bound in front of her and her ankles bound behind her, was Sakina forced to spend the night. Despite Sakina's discomfort, due to her exhausted state, sleep came quickly.

Sakina's training continued for the next few months. Sakina changed. No longer was she Sumi the defiant college coed. More so with each passing day she became Sakina the ponygirl. The combination of reward and punishment dealt to Sakina by the farm's staff irrevocably altered her mental condition. It was good to lashed to a pony cart. It was good to be put on display. To deny her master's wishes was bad.

She came to look forward to her daily runs. And the nightly pleasures. The same group of attendants put Sakina through her paces each day and night. She came to look forward to their attentions. As Sakina trotted down the track she would proudly lift up her ample bosom to the delight of passers by.

Not much time was left. Derby day was approaching. "Do you think that she is ready?", asked Rafiq of Sakina's trainer.

"As ready as she'll ever be. I believe that she has a chance to beat the black mare.", responded Sakina's trainer.

Rafiq looked at Sakina and smiled. To beat Zarina's black mare, that was a noble goal. Finally he could put Zarina in her place. During the previous two seasons Zarina's black human mare had won the Derby race. None of Rafiq's human mares had come even close.

As the two men discussed the coming events, Sakina stood bound to a pony cart. With her legs spread apart, just wide enough so that onlookers could get a good view of her bound cunt, she proudly lifted her ample breasts. She wished that the two men would finish their chatting so that she could get back to the track. Sakina made a loud whinny to indicate her impatience. Sakina loved to run.

Chapter 4 Derby Day

The day before Derby day Sakina and three other ponygirls were herded into a horse trailer. Identical to the trailers used to transport the normal variety of horse, the trailer had two long stalls separated by a partition. Two ponygirls shared each stall. Being that the ponygirls were considered valuable merchandise, each of them was wrapped in a blanket for the journey. Other than the blanket each ponygirl was naked as usual. Their hands and arms were loosely bound behind their backs. With a chain binding each ponygirl from a neck collar to large rings welded to the interior of the trailer the four ponygirls traveled to the derby. They were hauled away like animals.

From narrow slits cut in the sides of the trailer Sakina had a view of their route of travel. Nothing that Sakina saw was familiar. Occasionally Sakina would notice a free woman going her business. The first site of a free woman caused tears to form in Sakina's eyes as she remembered her former life. Sakina's stall companion upon noticing Sakina's condition let out a soft whinny and moved over to nuzzle at the side of Sakina's head. This obvious attempt at comfort by this fellow ponygirl merely reassured Sakina of the impossibility of her ever returning to her prior state.

After several hours of travel they entered the derby grounds. Long since after leaving the farm Sakina had stopped looking out the slits of the trailer. Sakina tried as best that she could to blot from her mind all thoughts of her former freedom. She now had to accept her future as a ponygirl.

As they were led out of the trailer, Sakina saw that the derby grounds were alive with activity. Everywhere could be seen ponygirls, their drivers, stable attendants, and owners. Attendants were kept busy getting the ponygirls settled into their temporary stables. From her stall in the derby stables Sakina could see the track, a dirt floored oval not unlike the one back at Rafiq's farm. One difference was the existence of the starting gates. On the farm Sakina had simply commenced her run from a line drawn in the dirt. Here she would not be allowed to start running until the opening of the gate.

Located adjacent to the long straight away was the reviewing stand. It was capable of holding a great quantity of people. Sakina wondered what it would be like to race naked in front of a large crowd. On the farm there had been only a few spectators. Not that she had any choice in the matter.

Stretched out on a bed of straw while being chained to one of the stall's walls Sakina waited for the morning. Rafiq came to her. Kneeling down he ran his right hand over Sakina's tender flesh. She was by now use to the attendant's touch. Her sexual use by the attendants was part of Sakina's conditioning. Starting from Sakina's thighs, Rafiq gently caressed the length of Sakina's nude body. Her cunt involuntarily moistened when he rubbed first her buttocks and lastly her breasts. "Well tomorrow is the big day. You'll finally get to show off all that you have learned. There will be two competitions, the first one the more artistic to show off your trotting ability, while the second one is an all out race. During the trot the first ponygirl to cross the finish line is not always the winner. You'll be judged equally on appearance. The second event, the race, is an all out affair to see which ponygirl crosses the finish line first. No holds are barred. Watch out for the black mare. Her driver may try to use his whip to block your advancement. This is of course perfectly legal."

After Rafiq had left, Sakina went to sleep thinking about the coming race and about her rival, the black mare.

In the early morning Sakina stood in the preparation area naked except for her pony boots. An attendant was busy oiling every square inch of Sakina's skin. The oil caused her skin to shine in the morning sun. Another attendant occupied himself combing Sakina's mane. During her months of captivity, Sakina's mane had grown long down her back. It almost reached her ass. Sakina's long black mane contrasted sharply to her hairless yet still fair skin. The all-over tan that Sakina had acquired during training had enhanced her beauty. Sakina closed her eyes as the attendants busied themselves with her. Her nipples hardened and her cunt moistened with the attendant's touch. It felt good to be pampered. Other ponygirls were likewise being prepared.

A female voice caused Sakina to open her eyes. Startled, Sakina turned her head to discover the source of the sound. "So this is the slave that I failed to purchase. I see Rafiq created a fine looking ponygirl out of her. But, the question is, can she run?" Zarina leisurely walked up to Sakina. "May I?", Zarina asked of Rafiq who was standing nearby. Rafiq nodded his approval. With that, Zarina ran her hands down the sides of Sakina's body. Pausing at Sakina's breasts, Zarina lifted the ample tits, one tit in each hand. Zarina carefully examined Sakina's nipple rings with their attached bells. "Nice job on the nips. You must let me borrow your blacksmith." Without releasing Sakina's breasts, Zarina looked up to Sakina's neck. The scar from Sakina's vocal cord operation was extremely hard to see. "Oh I see that you've had her vocal cords fixed. Again a nice job. Let me hear you whinny, Sakina my pretty pony."

Use now to obeying commands without question, Sakina uttered a low whinny sound. Zarina smiled.

Zarina gave Sakina's nipples a final squeeze before moving her hands to another part of Sakina's body. Sakina's nipples had become quite hard from all the attention.

Zarina's hands next paused at Sakina's buttocks. The flesh felt firm to Zarina's touch. Kneeling down, Zarina studied Sakina's labia and clitoris rings. Again Zarina was impressed with their installation. Sakina kept her legs spread sufficiently apart so that Zarina had a good view.

Lastly Zarina felt the muscles of Sakina's legs. "She's powerfully built. My black mare may finally get some worthwhile competition." Though a shrewd competitor, Zarina was always honest with her judgments.

"Don't look so worried Zarina", Rafiq said in jest. "After Sakina beats your black mare we will come to you to breed Sakina. As everyone knows, you have the best selection of human studs in these parts. You'll still make out."

Zarina just smiled. She'll get Sakina's breeding fees all right, and win the derby, thought Zarina.

After Zarina left to attend to her own derby entry, the black mare, Sakina was bound to the pony cart. A lighter weight version of a sulky used in conventional harness racing, the pony cart was constructed around a tubular aluminum frame. Its dimensions had been adjusted for the human ponies. The driver, most often a small man of no more than one hundred and twenty pounds, and the ponygirl worked as a team. Together they could achieve impressive speeds.

Just like a well trained horse, Sakina no longer resisted the bit. As an attendant brought the bit to Sakina's mouth, she meekly opened her mouth and let the U-shaped bar slide in. A ponygirl, particularly a racing ponygirl, had to be alert for her driver's commands. Sakina was expected to respond instantaneously to the subtle messages sent to her via the bit.

Just prior to proceeding to the starting gate for the first competition, the trotting race, Sakina stood on display bound to the pony cart. Sakina's driver, the same man who had trained her all that many months, sat anxiously in the pony cart. Sakina was just as anxious as was her driver to get going. She tossed her head up and down and stomped her feet in anticipation. Decked out in her pony cart harness and bridle, Sakina made quite a sight. Other ponygirls about to be raced likewise stood on display.

Many men and a few women wondered about the ponygirl display area prior to the race. This was the time to study the contestants for the purpose of making wagers. Sakina would instinctively straighten her back and thrust forward her ample breasts in response to an onlooker's gaze. All this time Sakina kept her legs spread just slightly apart. Just wide enough so that any onlooker could get a good view of her bound labia lips. The thought of the many strange men examining her naked body excited Sakina. Sakina's nipples stayed hard and her cunt stayed moist during the entire exhibition period. Sakina had never before realized how sexually excited she could become being exhibited as a ponygirl. Allot of money would change hands before the day was finished.

The trotting race came first. Actually more of an exhibition than a race, for this event style counted for far more than did speed. Appearance mattered the most. A prime factor in the scoring was how much like a horse the ponygirl behaved. To at least place in the top scores required that the ponygirl adhere to a strict regimen of high stepping. Beyond that, little gestures from the ponygirl made all the difference. Some subtle addition to the movements of the ponygirl's bound body to catch the eyes of the judges could turn a lackluster performance into a winning performance.

The performance of each ponygirl was individually observed and timed. Only during the final event, the speed race, would the harnessed ponygirls race together.

A blond haired ponygirl was the first to go. To the packed reviewing stand a public address system announced each ponygirl in turn. "Ladies and gentlemen, on the track is Nordic Maiden." A loud bell sounded and the gate containing Nordic Maiden opened. Almost immediately a ponygirl with a long blonde mane exited the gate. Responding to her driver's commands, the blonde ponygirl stepped her knees high as she trotted down the track. The ponygirl's form was near perfect, an effortless appearing high stepping bouncing on the balls of her feet. An occasional twisting motion of her head added to the performance. Nordic Maiden had obviously been very well trained.

Seeing the blonde haired ponygirl's performance, Sakina wondered whether she was up to par.

Next came the infamous black mare. Usually the ponygirls were given fanciful names by their owners. Here was an exception. Due to the outstanding track record that this human pony had acquired, this Negro ponygirl came to be simply known as the Black Mare. Everyone knew who she was.

The Black Mare's dark skin glistened brightly in the sun. Her mane had been slicked so that each strand of hair stood almost vertically. This conditioning of the Black Mare's hair made her mane extremely prominent.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on the track is the black mare.", came over the public address system. With the sounding of the bell, the black mare came trotting out of the starting gate. Once again Sakina observed a near perfect performance.

Finally it became Sakina's turn to trot down the track. Sakina felt nervous standing within the starting gate housing. "Hold still Sakina. Remember, step with your back straight and your breasts thrust forward. Just like you did in training.", whispered her driver.

Everyone could hear the announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, on the track for the first time is Sakina." For a brief instant Sakina wished that the announcer hadn't mentioned that this was her first time at the Derby. With the sounding of the bell the starting gate opened and Sakina felt the slap of the reins on her shoulders. Just as Sakina had been trained to do, off she went trotting down the track. With her back held straight and her bare breasts thrust forward, Sakina stepped quickly on the balls of her feet. Sakina's nipple bells rang according to the rhythm of her steps. Sakina coupled the feminine sway of her hips to a slight, but definitely noticeable rotation of her head. By such a motion of Sakina's body, Sakina's mane was caused to move considerably from side to side. Her trotting appeared all the more horse like. Soon Sakina forgot all about the observing crowd as she concentrated on her performance.

As Sakina trotted down the track she could hear the yells from the crowd on the reviewing stand. Consisting of a mixture of encouragement's and obscene catcalls, the yelling of the crowd excited rather than scared Sakina. Sakina discovered that the crowd's attention added significantly to her simulation. And as Sakina's simulation heightened, so did Sakina's enthusiasm. Urged on by the crowd, Sakina high stepped down the track.

After all of the ponygirls had completed their initial trotting performance, came the announcement of the results. "Ladies and gentlemen, for the results of the Derby's trotting competition we have a tie. Tied for first place are the Black Mare and Sakina."

The all-out race would decide the Derby, thought Sakina.

The six top scoring ponygirls from the trotting competition waited patiently within the starting gates. Sakina and the black mare just happened to get placed next to each other. As Sakina looked out ahead to the track, the black mare turned her head around to get a better look at Sakina. The black mare made a loud snorting sound as she looked in Sakina's direction. The black mare wasn't use to so outright a challenge. Seeing the black mare's behavior, her driver gave a quick jerk on her reins. The black mare promptly responded by returning her gaze to the track ahead of her.. In her thoughts Sakina smiled to herself. Already the black mare had taken notice of Sakina, the new racing ponygirl.

Once again the announcer's voice was clearly heard. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, the event that you all have been waiting for. Our six finalists will soon race to give us the winner of this year's Derby." No sooner did the announcer finish than a man studying a large pocket watch saw that the appointed time had arrived and he pushed the starting button. Suddenly the starting bell rang and the gates opened.

Six simultaneous shouts were heard from the drivers. With a loud stomping of feet, the six contestants commenced the race.

Sakina uttered a loud whinny as she darted from the starting gate. Sakina could see that the black mare had started out with an early lead. Bidding her time, Sakina waited for the opportune moment to pass the black mare. No ponygirl had the stamina to keep such a lead when running full out. Eventually the black mare would exhaust herself. Seizing the moment, Sakina would then pass the black mare. At least that was the plan.

Under more normal, less strenuous conditions, the pony cart harness would keep the ponygirl's breasts rather comfortably supported. Conditions were anything, but normal during the all out race. With nothing to restrict the upward movement of the ponygirl's breasts, at the speeds that they were achieving the breasts of the racing ponygirls continued to bounce up and down. Even at the reviewing stand the continual clanging of twelve miniature bells could be heard. Upon the race's conclusion there would be twelve sore teats.

As the six ponygirls ran down the first straight away, Sakina managed to pass Nordic Maiden. Sakina's jet black mane bounced in unison with her bouncing breasts. Sakina appeared all the more horse like as she ran. Utilizing carefully planted strokes of his whip, Sakina's driver urged her on. Soon Sakina's shoulders would show the markings of many lashes of her driver's whip.

As the six ponygirls exited the first curve and advanced onto the far straight away, Sakina found herself just behind the black mare. Sakina saw her chance. With an added bit of strength found from Sakina's desire to win, Sakina slowly advanced on the black mare. As Sakina and the black mare came neck to neck, the black mare's driver realized his predicament. Instead of lashing out to the black mare with his whip, the black mare's driver instead turned to Sakina and lashed out at Sakina's face. Sakina felt a sharp pain below her chin as the whip of the driver of the black mare found its Rafiq. Sakina's driver responded by lashing out at the black mare with his own whip. As Sakina's driver had said back during training, in this race no holds were barred. This was truly an all out race to the finish.

While the drivers of the two lead pony carts lashed out at each other's ponygirls, the ponygirls themselves continued their advance down the track. Each was determined to beat the other. Bearing the markings of their opposite driver's abuse, Sakina and the black mare ran together neck to neck.

As they came around the second curve and neared the finish line, an announcement could be heard. "Looks like its going to be a photo finish, ladies and gentlemen. Here comes Sakina and the black mare neck to neck."

Seeing the finish line Sakina found within herself an extra portion of energy. With an extra burst of speed, Sakina edged ahead of the black mare. Crossing the finish line the strobe light of an automatic camera went off to effectively signal the end of the race.

As Sakina slowed to a stop, Sakina felt a momentary dizziness. Just as Sakina was about to collapse onto the dirt of the track, one of the stable attendants rushed out to steady her. She had given all that she had to win.

Soon came the announcement of the results. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been given the results of the photo finish. And the winner is, Sakina from Rafiq's farm!"

As the crowd heard of Sakina's victory, Sakina was ushered to the winner's circle. Like any successful race horse, a flower bearing wreath was placed about Sakina's neck. Sakina still harnessed to the pony cart, stood proud with her back straight and her breasts thrust forward. Being naked among clothed people had become routine. A small crowd gathered about Sakina to stroke her sweating flesh. Sakina loved the attention.

According to the tradition of the Derby, a wooden statue of a trotting ponygirl harnessed to a pony cart would now be repainted in Sakina's likeness. The statue, located high upon the roof of Derby's stables, would stay that way until next year's race. The image of the black mare would finally be removed.

Zarina was graceful in losing. As she approached Rafiq at the winner's circle she thought of Sakina's breeding. Zarina loved to watch the young mares couple with her virile studs. The idea of their mating caused Zarina's cunt to moisten. "Well congratulations Rafiq. You've finally won the Derby." Quickly Zarina changed the subject. "Now about Sakina's breeding fees."

Chapter 5 Breeding

Sakina was confused upon learning that she was to accompany Zarina to her farm, not Rafiq's. What had Sakina done? Had not Sakina won the Derby?

Once again Sakina found herself running naked bound behind a pony cart. Apparently Zarina's farm wasn't located far from the Derby grounds. Sakina had been relieved of her pony cart harness, bridle, and pony boots. Her wrists and arms remained tightly bound behind her back. Pulling the pony cart, a two person cart this time, was the black mare. Having Sakina forced to follow the pony cart gave the black mare at least some satisfaction thought Sakina.

As they entered the confines of Zarina's farm, Sakina saw what she considered to be most extraordinary. Within one of several separate pens was a group of naked men. Their hair was styled in a mane like fashion much like Sakina's own. In addition each man had a ring piecing his nose. Again just like Sakina. And as they approached closer, Sakina could see that the naked men also had a ring piercing the loose flesh of their testicles. Upon seeing Sakina, the confined men rushed to the fence nearest to Sakina to get a better view. On many of them their penis had become noticeably erect. The sight of so many nude men with their stiff phalli caused deep sexual desires to emerge in Sakina. Sakina's cunt involuntarily started to lubricate. Sakina had an odd thought, could these men done up as horses as she was be ponyboys? Sakina had not seen any ponyboys at either Rafiq's farm or at the Derby. Why were they kept? Sakina would soon find out.

Zarina sat in the driver's seat of the pony cart that Sakina was attached to. Turning her head towards Sakina, Zarina spoke. "I see that already you've had some effect on my collection of studs. They look like they're raring to have their way with you."

A collection of studs, thought Sakina. Sakina had been told that she would be one day mated. Sakina looked out to the waiting studs with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. Sakina felt apprehensive over the effect of the stud's lust on her now slender body. Sakina feared being pregnant. On the other hand Sakina anticipatively looked upon the stud's stiff phalli. The thought of the stud's stiff phalli penetrating her wet cunt excited Sakina. Sakina fantasized on a mental picture of the studs taking her in succession. Sakina's fantasy would soon become reality.

As the pony cart bearing Zarina with Sakina behind it stopped in front of a large stable, a female stable attendant rushed out to

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greet them. Stepping to the ground, Zarina directed the attendant to Sakina. "Michelle, have Sakina bathed and then prepare her for mating. I want the studs to have at Sakina as soon as possible." Zarina once again addressed Sakina. "As you might of guessed, one of the functions of my farm is the breeding of young ponygirls such as yourself. Rafiq gave me a contract to have you impregnated. My farm is one of the few to perform this necessary service. The keeping of studs for the purpose of impregnating young ponygirls isn't very popular. But someone has to do it. You will remain at my farm until it is verified that you are indeed heavy with a foal. You will at that time be taken back to Rafiq's farm where you will give birth in his stables. My responsibility ends once your pregnancy is confirmed. Oh by the way, at my farm all of the stable attendants are women. They know very well how to direct my studs."

Now having Sakina's fate confirmed, Michelle directed Sakina into the stable. Taken to an empty stall, Michelle bound Sakina's wrists to an overhead beam. "We'll get you all dolled up for your date.", Michelle told Sakina somewhat in jest. Taking a hose in hand, Michelle then sprayed a stream of cold water all over Sakina's body. Then utilizing a bucket of soapy water, Michelle scrubbed the road dirt from Sakina's flesh. Michelle gave extra attention to Sakina's hairless vaginal area. Sakina had by now gotten use to being washed like this. Sakina found Michelle's attentions invigorating.

Freshly bathed and her mane combed, Sakina was led to an enclosed pen within the stable building. Here Sakina was directed to bend forward at her waist where upon she had her upper arms bound to a T-shaped metal bar. The breeding bar, constructed of metal pipe, stood about three feet above the floor of the stable. Its single support was rigidly cemented to the floor. Sakina's ankles were then spread apart and bound to large rings that were also cemented into the stable's floor. Bound like this, Sakina's cunt was quite indefensible. Sakina could do nothing to prevent what was going to happen next.

A blindfold was tightly wrapped around Sakina's head. Sakina would be denied knowledge of her foal's father. If Sakina ever had the chance to identify the father, the only knowledge of him that she would have would be the feeling of his cock within her cunt. But of course Sakina would never have such an opportunity.

Having Sakina both blindfolded and securely bound to the breeding bar, Michelle prepared Sakina's injection. As was usually requested, Rafiq had specified that Sakina's foal be female. A request of this kind was not difficult to comply with. All that was required was a simple injection of hormones into the mare's womb. The sudden unexpected piercing of a needle into Sakina's lower belly caused Sakina to emit a loud whinny.

One final preparation was made prior to Sakina's mating. Bending behind Sakina's exposed buttocks Michelle applied a generous amount of lubricant to Sakina's vagina. In the next few hours, and further more over the next few days, Sakina's cunt would get well used.

"Michelle bring in the black stud.", ordered Zarina. Sakina nervously waited for the stud's arrival.

Michelle left the enclosed pen and promptly returned with the black stud in tow. Michelle held a chain that attached to the stud's nose ring. The stud had his arms securely bound behind his back. He would no use of his arms that evening. Behind the stud another female attendant held a thinner chain that connected to the stud's testicle ring.

"This stud has fathered many foals here at my farm. He has very well developed leg muscles coupled with a very large lung capacity. Just the characteristics that are desired in racing ponygirls. Oh don't think that the drugs given to you with your food during training will prevent a pregnancy. Those substances were deleted from your food several weeks prior to the Derby. You should now be quite fertile.", lectured Zarina.

As the stud was placed just behind Sakina's buttocks another pair of attendants grasped Sakina's waist to steady her. Still holding on to the stud's nose chain, Michelle knelt down and guided the stud's penis to Sakina's gapping cunt. The stud knew what to do. Without having to be ordered, the black stud rammed forth his stiff penis.

Sakina cried out with a high pitched whinny. In just a single thrust the black stud filled Sakina's cunt with the entire length of his erect cock. A quick withdraw of his cock and in he thrust again. Instinctively Sakina moved her buttocks back and forth to meet the stud's thrusting cock. Deep down in her consciousness Sakina wanted to somehow prevent what was going on. It wasn't right that she be mated like this. Forcibly mated like an animal. The stud's thrusting felt too good. Ravening training to be submissive had been too thorough. Any thoughts of resistance quickly faded. The pleasure of the moment overwhelmed Sakina. With a regular rhythm the stud would thrust forward his cock into Sakina's well lubricated cunt, Sakina would respond with a short high pitched whinny, and upon the stud's withdraw, coupled with a toss of her jet black mane, Sakina would attempt to keep his penis within her by reciprocating her hips back towards the stud's receding loins. And so the sequence of motions of Sakina and the stud would repeat.

Zarina enjoyed watching the coupling of the ponygirls with her studs. Sakina and her black stud were putting on a particularly good show. Zarina had collected the finest examples of the human male animal. She felt a special pride in dominating both the female and the male.

After a while of their coupling the stud let loose a loud roar. A thick stream of semen was then pumped into Sakina's waiting cunt. Sakina's body subsequently shook violently as Sakina also climaxed. After the stud had let loose the last of his semen, the female attendant standing behind the stud gave a hard jerk on the chain connected to the stud's testicle ring. The stud yelled out with pain. With the stud's penis forcibly dislodged from Sakina's now semen filled cunt, the stud was directed by the chain attached to the stud's nose ring away from Sakina and out of the enclosed pen.

Sakina was left bound to the breeding bar for the rest of the day. Two additional copulations were performed before Sakina was released from the bar. Her initial coupling had occurred in the early morning. Sakina reckoned that her second coupling happened around noon time. The stud's second time around was no less stimulating for Sakina than had been the first. Just after the second mating one of the attendants had given Sakina her lunch from a horse's feed bag. Sakina ate and drank with her head enclosed within the feed bag as she remained bound to the breeding bar. The third and final coupling of the day occurred right before dinner. Sakina figured that the time must of been near nightfall, as that was usually when she had her dinner. In a repeat of her previous two encounters with the stud, Sakina's cunt was once again filled with sperm.

In spite of being blindfolded Sakina could tell that the same man took her each time. She began to grow accustomed to the feelings of his large cock deep within her. His cock alone was all that she felt. Sakina realized that the stud's hands must have been bound behind his back. Sakina felt nothing other than the sensations conveyed to her body by his thrusting cock.

It was dark when Sakina was finally released from the breeding bar. Sakina ached all over. Her cunt was particularly sore. As she stood up Sakina found walking to be somewhat difficult. Oh what had become of her thought Sakina.

"Take it easy girl. It's always hard the first time. You'll soon get use to the routine.", said Michelle in a soothing voice.

Over a period of weeks Sakina was repeatedly bound to the breeding bar and forcibly mated with Zarina's black stud. Sakina came to welcome the pleasure of the stud's thrusting cock.

One day Sakina had a visit from the veterinarian. From a sample of Sakina's urine some tests were made. "No doubt about it. The mare's with foal."

Upon hearing the veterinarian's verdict, Sakina cringed with fear as to what was going to happen next. She would now be returning to Rafiq's farm where she would give birth in his stables. Just like a lowly animal.

Zarina smiled. "Well Sakina now that my contractual obligations are satisfied you will soon be returning to your owner. But before that, as is the custom at my farm, we're going to have a little party. You Sakina are the guest of honor."

That evening Sakina was once again blindfolded and bound to the breeding bar. This time not just one man, but many men took Sakina's luscious body. All except the one stud who had fathered her foal.

This time the studs taking Sakina were free to use their hands. Not a single square inch of Sakina's body was left untouched. While one man fucked Sakina's cunt, another would use her mouth. And so it went through out the night. It would be near morning when the sound of the miniature bells attached to Sakina's nipple rings finally became silent. Sakina was thoroughly gang-banged.

Sakina had slept little when Rafiq and one of his stable attendants came for her the following morning. After a quick bath, Sakina was chained lying down within a horse trailer. Not until their arrival back at Rafiq's farm did Sakina awake.

Chapter 6 Sakina is brought to Milk

During the term of Sakina's pregnancy no pony cart duties were demanded of her. She had the free run of Rafiq's pens. In a constant state of nudity, as were all the ponygirls on Rafiq's farm, Sakina spent the bulk of each day running the perimeter of Rafiq's largest pen. Roused from her sleep and bathed by a stable attendant, Sakina would each day be led via a chain attached to her nose ring to the outdoor pen. There Sakina would run and frolic with the other ponygirls of Rafiq's farm. Not until near night fall would the stable attendants lead Sakina and the other ponygirls back to the stables.

Each day Sakina's belly increased in size. Eventually Sakina's once graceful trotting and running form were reduced to an ungainly waddle. Sakina began to wonder whether her once lovely shape would ever return.

It was during the period of Sakina's pregnancy that Rafiq satisfied his promise to bring Sakina to milk. Not that Sakina wouldn't of begun to lactate on her own accord. This was to be a permanent change in Sakina's composition. Rafiq wanted to insure the Sakina continued to produce milk long after her foal was weaned. In this part of the deep south the milk of the human mares was deemed a prized commodity. At the richest gatherings where ponygirls were exhibited, the milk produced by the ponygirl's own bodies would be drunk just as if it was fine champagne.

So commenced a change in Sakina's daily routine. After each morning bath the synthetic hormones that had earlier been promised were injected to each of Sakina's breasts. Sakina squirmed with pain as each injection was administered. The effect of the injections would be permanent. Sakina's breasts, already large by any measure, increased both their girth and length by several inches as Sakina built up her milk supply. Near the end of Sakina's sixth month of pregnancy she began to lactate profusely.

A ponygirl may be milked either manually by say the manipulations of the nipples by an attendant's fingers, or automatically by a milking machine. Bound to milking machines was how most of Rafiq's ponygirls got milked. Sakina was no exception. Bent over on her knees with the tips of her now huge breasts firmly sealed within the cups of a milking machine, Sakina was milked daily. With her belly swollen to great size with her unborn foal, Sakina presented quite a picture.

Sakina's days of being an uncaring college coed now seemed far in the past. In reality less than a year had passed since her sale.

Sakina came to enjoy being milked. It felt great to have the pressure relieved. Milking was also sexually pleasurable. As the suction cup clamped down on her extended nipples Sakina couldn't help feeling an odd sort of pleasure deep within the recesses of her cunt. Drops of vaginal fluid could be seen dripping from Sakina's cunt as she was being milked.

Sakina's time came late one night. Rafiq stood by to observe the birth of Sakina's foal, just as he did with every ponygirl about to give birth. If he saw that this birth went well then he would be inclined to have Sakina impregnated for a second time. Farm bred ponygirls due to their inherently subservient nature were highly prized. All the more so in Sakina's case since she had won the last Derby race.

No drugs were given to Sakina to ease her discomfort. Sakina was expected to endure the intense pain of her contractions. Although stable attendants assisted, it was Sakina of course who did the bulk of the work.

Unable to scream like a normal woman due to her vocal cord modification, instead Sakina vented her pain with loud high pitched whinnies. With the contractions and Sakina's consequential whinnies coming close together, one could be excused in thinking that not a woman, but an actual horse was giving birth in Rafiq's stable.

Fortunately Sakina was young and healthy. A brand new female foal entered the world shortly before three in the morning. After being given its first bath by one of the assisting attendants, the foal was placed beside Sakina. Sakina's maternal instincts immediately took over. She would now join all the other ponygirls of Rafiq's farm in the rearing of their young.

No attempt was made to separate the young ponygirls from their mothers. Rather, by letting the farm born ponygirls associate with their mothers they consequentially learned to emulate them. Each succeeding generation became evermore submissive and domesticated than the last.

Domestication of the ponygirls was however a two-edged sword. While the farm bred ponygirls had a reputation for being easy to train, extreme subservience often failed to excite the crowd at the Derby. Rafiq, being the good ponygirl farmer that he was, realized this. Hence the occasional need to bring in fresh blood. He had immediately seen what he had needed in the young ex-coed on the auction block.

"Well what do you think?", one of Rafiq's attendants asked of Rafiq.

"I believe that we have the beginnings of another excellent line of ponygirls here.", replied Rafiq.

Sakina was oblivious of Rafiq's and the attendant's conversation. Lying on her side on the straw of her stall, all that she could think of was the little foal that laid beside her