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Hello and welcome to my homepage. While you're here you can chat, find out about me, see pictures, and do other things. Check out my links. They're really cool. Have fun! SIGN THE GUESTBOOK, FOO!

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Escher Tilings and Ribbons. - This is the research I did during the summer of 2003 at Miami University. I've done some more research since then, maybe I'll get around to putting it up someday.

Here's my master's thesis.

Marshall University. - My old school.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln. - My ex school.



Pictures from SUMSRI

Odd news, compatibility test, and countdown to my birthday

The Sound of Music and other fun stuff

Pics of Pretty Stuff

Learn about my Ancestry

Take a look at the results of all the personality tests I take...I'm a total freak!

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Pagonia, my woefully neglected NeoPet.

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