WARNING - HARD HAT AREA - Although This & The MIS Page Is Completed, Other Sub Pages Are Under Heavy Construction!

I had no cohesive idea for a theme for my page (can't you tell?), so it has become like my refrigerator. Different things posted for different people to see. Why? Why not. Actually a friend suggested I build a page and here it is. I intend to constantly modify it and make it more useful to you the viewer. As it matures it may develop a theme & I may move it to another neighborhood. Until then, enjoy & happy surfing!

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Links to other sites on the Web

Jonathan's Page A high school project that features the Simpsons
Hospitality Suite A page dedicated to the friends of the MS Comic Chat Hospitality Suite
Second Nature Screen Saver An outstanding screen saver, by the nature conservatory, that will cycle through images
Midnight Sun A Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) that combines roll playing gaming & "chatting"
ChatGod A site that has alternative software for MSN chat & sound packages
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration North East Weather
The Movie Sounds Another good site for sound (wav) files
Mickey's WAVS Of Music A good site for (wav) files of music clips
The KeyBoard Wizard The music of cyberspace. Great original compositions by Michael Walthius

(The music on this page, TREMORS.MID, was composed & performed by Justin at the age of 12. This is his third composition, the second of which has received recognition from the Long Island Composers Society)

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