Mom and Pops Small Business Services

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Mom and Pops Small Business Services
234 Dorn Ave
Middlesex, NJ 08846

Owner: Edward Castagna
phone: (732) 764-0756
fax: (732) 764-0756

Mission Statement
Overview Statement
Shop Hours:
Saturday:Closed, by appointment only

Products and Services

The Services Offered to Small Business Customers:

* Business needs assessment of your business' computing needs.
* Business computer support.
* Business Web Site development.
* Business courier services.
* Business word processing support.
* Business media support.

Mission Statement

Mom and Pops Small Business Services is poised to offer computer services priced for small businesses. We will propose and deliver computer systems. We will offer ongoing support of your computer systems. We specialize in low-cost single-page internet web sites such as this page. Our customers are brick and mortar small businesses.

Overview Statement

Mom and Pops Small Business Services offers a variety of computer-related services for small businesses, including:

* Computer Program Needs Assessment
* Computer Network Setup and Internet Access
* Computer Support
* Small Business Web Site Design, Development
* Web Site Hosting
* Small Business Marketing Media Support

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