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I'm now in Bakersfield, not that far from Tehachapi - as Johnny Winter rocks on, "every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell but I'm STILL ALIVE AND WELL" - email me some time - I miss all the great Tehachapi Folks!! I'd love to here from you...

News Flash!! With all the news about children being the victums of ghastly and disturbing deeds performed by sexual predators cruising the Internet I was happy to find a software program that keeps track of what's happening when your computer is being used...

Now you won't have to worry about the little ones being in places they shouldn't because you'll have complete discrete access to view where exactly on the internet everybody goes.

This program works just like a VCR recording screenshots and keystrokes invisibly in the background automatically every time the computer is started. You only will know that it is installed and also how to bring it up.

Even the most computer savvy person cannot detect that it is running in the background recording every site visited and every keystroke to access that site.

Click the Request Information button below to access a link for a free demonstration of Desktop Snooper...

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