Long-to-Short Hair Celebrity Makeovers

(Part II)

While this site is still modest in its size, it is growing. In fact, many of you have sent me suggestions and pictures which have helped me construct this second section. Obviously, there are still many of your favorite celebs not contained herein. For this I apologize and in doing so say that we will construct a page for Part III, Part IV and so on until we are complete (hopefully never). We are only limited by the number of celebs who wear it short and the pictures of them we have.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of some of the most beautiful women (hairstyles) around.


Celebrity # of Pics with Long Hair
Alyssa Milano 5
Cameron Diaz 6
Charlize Theron 10
Courtney Cox 5
Dana Delaney 4
Drew Barrymore 5
Elizabeth Gracen 4
Gwyneth Paltrow 3
Heather Locklear 5
Lea Thompson 4
Madonna 6
Marisa Tomei 2

(more coming)

Meg Ryan 6
Melanie Griffith 2

(more coming)

Natasha Henstridge 4
Rachel Ward 3
Sheena Easton 3
Sherilyn Fenn 5
Tea Leoni 5
Vanna White 2

(more coming)

Note: If you have pictures of any of these women in short hair which are not on this site, please email them so we can either put them on one of the feature pages or in the archive.

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