My Wish List

The following is a growing list of celebrities (who have worn their hair short at one point or another) whose pictures I do not have in either the Makeover section or the archive, but which I would like to include in these sections.

I would also like to find out whom you would like to see and would be willing to include any additional names as long as they are not names like Bea Arthur or Ruth Buzzi. Additionally, if you have any pitures of these celebrities or have access to them, I would ask that you send them so I can put them on the page.

I Need Your Input!!!

Send either your recommendations or pictures to my mail address on the index page. Please do not send pictures of these celebrities with long hair unless you want me to post a before/after -- in the makeover section. Generally, if it is longer than a bob, I'll discard it -- the shorter, the better.

The List

I currently do not have any pictures of these celebs, but would like to include them in the archive. All of the following celebs have worn their hair in a short (most very short) style at one point or another.

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