Hello all,
I wanted to personally welcome all my friends and random internet surfers to my new webpage. I decided to update my page a little due to the last one was made back in my *lol* 9th grade year of highschool. I have advanced alittle since then and I wanted to do a update on my life and everything that I possiblely think of. I think that I will elaborate a little on different animes,dollz,and some other ideas in the making.

Sooo.. your probably are wondering why I am building a new page. Well I have acquired some new html skills (that are semi rusty...woot)and I want to put them into good usage... This new webpage will consist of my new art, news about my life...poetry and maybe even some photos..who knows just whatever I decided to come up with....YAH ^_^. I am honored and glad that you have stopped by please leave a message..<3



These links are great try them.

  1. Journal
  2. The Gallery
  3. Strawberrytower

P.S. In the meantime I have provided for you a pet to watch...*tee hee* laters..OH BY THE WAY MESSAGE ME HERE!!!!