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This is my Stanton line:
SALLY ANN aka SARAH ANN Stanton was born 19 June 1861 in Washington County Tennessee. She married WILLIAM RILEY McCOY 2 March 1880 in Washington Co. Tennessee.
SALLY ANN was the daughter of DAVID and ELIZABETH E. ANDERSON STANTON who were married 25 August 1853 in Greeneville, Greene Co. Tennessee. The 1900 census claims that ELIZABETH ANDERSON STANTON had 6 children born and at the time of the census only 4 were living. I have the following children listed as the children of DAVID and ELIZABETH E. ANDERSON STANTON:
1. JOHN ALEXANDER STANTON born about 1854 in Washington Co. Tennessee.
2.WILLIAM D. STANTON born about 1856 in Washington Co. Tennesse, married AMANDA J. MILLER 18 November 1875.
3. MALISA J or ELIZA J. STANTON born 1859 in Washington Co. Tennessee.
4. SARAH ANN aka SALLY ANN STANTON ** MY LINE** born in Washington Co. Tennessee, married WILLIAM RILEY McCOY 2 March 1880, died 11 September 1946 in St. Francois County, Missouri.
5. MAHALA M. STANTON born about January 1864 in Washington Co. Tennessee.
6. SUSAN FLORENCE STANTON born 26 December 1869 in Greene Co. Tennessee, married WILLIAM COURTNEY BURGNER 15 November 1888, died 25 September 1959 in Akron, Ohio.
DAVID STANTON was born about 1830 in Washington Co. Tennessee, He was the son of GEORGE and MARY POLLY BAILEY. DAVID STANTON was a Confederate Private in Co. "D", 61 Reg't Tennessee Infantry. DAVID enlisted (along with many other family members) at Hendersons Mill, Greene County, Tennessee. 26 September 1862. DAVID STANTON was captured at the battle of Big Black, Mississippi, 17 May 1863. From there he was taken to Fort Delaware where he died.
Elizabeth filed for the Widows Pension and here are some of the copies.**Note** these are scanned in a photo format so they will take about 1 to 2 minutes to load. but if your related ...they are worth the wait and you will have to use your BACK button to come back to this site.:~)
Questions for Applicant
Questions for Witnesses
Questions for Witnesses page 2
Letter from the Board of Pension Examiners
Front Page of Application Folder

The Children that I have as the children of GEORGE and MARY POLLY STANTON are:
1. DAVID born about 1830 - 1831 in Washington Co. Tennessee, married ELIZABETH E. ANDERSON 25 August 1853, died about 1863.
2. MATILDA born about 1834, married JAMES MCDANIEL BROYLES 3 January 1861.
3. WILLIAM born about 1836, married SARAH ELIZABETH BELL 27 May 1858, died before 1865.
4. MALINDA born about 1838, married HUGE WILLIS 5 April 1855.
5. AARON born before 26 September 1839, married MARGARET HESSERT BAILY 31 June 1862, Confederate, Co. "D" 61 Mounted infantry.
6. IRA born about 1842, married MARGARET A. ASTON 15 August 1858. I believe that IRA was in the Confederate Infantry, but have not actually checked it out.
7. MARTHA JANE born 1844, married G. FRENCH ANDERSON 11 October 1860..
8. JULIA A. born 20 November 1848, married JOHN A. WALLER 6 April 1879, died 2 July 1915.
9. PHEBE A. born 19 March 1854, married JAMES M. ROGERS 21 July 1871, died 16 March 1922.

The next generation that I have in that of GEORGE (BEVERLY) STANTON and his parents and siblings. I believe that GEORGE BEVERLY is the son of JOHN and ELIZABETH STANTON. JOHN being born about 1775 in North Carolina and ELIZABETH being born between 1776 - 1780 in either Virgina or North Carolina. I think I have 4 of thier children GEORGE B. STANTON born 1800-1810 in North Carolina. WILLIAM born about 1825 in North Carolina. HENRY born 1831 in North Carolina and JOHN born 1834 in Buncombe North Carolina.
None of this I would take as Gospel, infact if you know some thing different I would love to hear from you.

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