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My watershed year in childhood was 1969. It was that year that I started to read science fiction and decided that, what ever I ended up doing, it would be something that could be done in outer space because that's where I would be living. I also had an innovative Grade 4 teacher who convinced me that I was good at math in spite of my difficulties with the 7 times table. My favorite color is purple and has been since I read in a Teen Beat magazine when I was a kid that it was Donny Osmond's favorite color, now it appears that it was an obsession with him. Fast forwarding to adulthood......

After high school in Port Coquitlam, I went to BCIT and took Nuclear Medicine Technology with a major in partying - darn. I did manage to graduate then moved to Fort McMurray where I worked at a couple of things while I figured out what I wanted to really wanted be when I grew up. Still wanted to be a scientist but financial reality knocked on my door so I took Chemical Technology at SAIT where I met my husband. After getting a job at U of C as a research tech I did my science degree through the correspondence program at Univerity of Waterloo.

I was a chemistry student then a chemistry research tech/assistant for most of the 13 years we lived in Calgary. I did choose a career that could be done in space and worked on a micro gravity project partially funded by the CSA. After a short stop in Swift Current SK, we moved to Lloydminster. I was fortunate to get a lab job with ADM which has turned into an interesting position. I've had to opportunity to upgrade and maintain most of the lab instrumention and become an internal auditor for a range of programs from safety to environmental compliance as part of my lab supervisor role and am the IT liason for our location.

Most of my activities center around golf, dogs, exercise, oh and computers. They are not all suited to a life in outer space - imagine the hassle of letting the dogs out;) - but you live where you live and I am glad to live in a peaceful country on Earth.

And my ball is on that green.....

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