m. 5 Apr. 1667 MARY (2) STEVENSON (b. Aug.-Oct. 1651 Oyster River, NH)
d. 9 May 1698 Kittery, Maine

Enoch was probably the brother of John Hutchins of Portsmouth and David Hutchins of Newbury. The family was undoubtedly from Devon as in 1718 a deed for five acres of land on Spruce Creek in Kittery from Benjamin Hutchins, son of Enoch, was given to his kinsman Thomas Hutchins, son of Hugh Huchins of Old England. Thomas was baptized in Northam Parish, Shebbear Hundred, Devon. Hugh was probably Enoch's nephew.

Enoch was transported to Maryland prior to June 1652 by William Ayres. Enoch was then transported to Virginia on 15 Feb. 1655 by William Wright, gent. of Nancemond County, Virginia. Enoch evidently finished his seven years service and was transported to Portsmouth in 1659 by John Hutchins.

Enoch signed a Kittery petition in the fall of 1662 to continue Massachusetts' protection of Maine.(1) He was with Gowen Wilson at the home of Goodman Peckering at Portsmouth an evening in Jan. 1663/4. He lived in a garrison house on 24 acres near the east branch of Spruce Creek which he bought from Thomas Withers 7 July 1675.

He made his will 7 June 1693 aged and weak in body and was called an old man when killed by Indians in his own doorway and three sons taken 9 May 1698.

"In the Name of god Amen the 7th day of June 1693 and in the 5th year of ye Reign of our Soveraign Lord and Lady King William and Queen Mary Enoch Hutchings... Doe make this my Last Will and Testament...

Item: I give and Bequeath unto Mary my Beloved Wife all my wholl Estate whatsoever Dureng her Widdowhood as howsing Lands Cattle household Stuff and other Implemts Whatsoever to have and to hold During her naturall Life Provided she Remaine a Widdow and after her Decease or Mariage with any other man my Will is that all my Whole Estate Be Divided amongst my Children in maner and form following.

Item: I give and Bequeath unto Enoch my Beloved son my house and thirty acres of Land Joyning to it which Lyeth and is Scituate at ye head or ye Estern Creeck in Spruce creek Being thirty Pole wide or in Bredth By the Water side to have and to hold ye said thirty Acres of Land & house to him and his heirs Lawfully Begotten of his Body forever.

Item: I give and Bequeath unto my son Joseph twenty five Acres of Land at ye head of ye Eastern Creeck Joyning to his Brother Enochs Land and on ye South side thereof in Bredth twenty five pole and ye Rest of ye Remaining Bredth containing five acres ye sd Joseph alowing ye same Bredth and Quantity to his Brother John for a way to ye water side or for other Uses mext to his Brother Enochs Land To Have and to hold ye sd Land as it is specified to him and his heirs Lawfully Begotten forever Unless ye sd Joseph shall se good to Dispose of ye Primisses to one of his Brothers.

Item I give and Bequeath unto my son John Ten acres of Land Lying at ye head of my above said Lands Before given to my son Enoch and Joseph Being an additionall Grant to ye former and five acres out of Josephs for a way and other uses as is Expressed in his Brother Josephs Legacy.

Item I give and Bequeath unto my youngest son Jonathan my Garison house Wherein I now Dwell and ye other house By it and all ye Barns and out houses and all ye Land thereto Belonging about Thirty acres more or less fronting the maine Creeck Bounded in Bredth By Rowland Williams and Martins Cove and so Back into ye Woods as far as my Land Runs allway Provided and to Be understtd that my sons Enoch Joseph and John are enter & Possess their Several Leagacys Imediately after my Decease and that my son John shall have Liberty to Dispose of his Land to one of his Brothers and to no other prson this Later Claues to Be understood according to True meaning though any thing to ye Contrary abovesd.

Item I give and Bequeath unto my two sons Benjamin and Samuell all my stock of Cattle of what kind soever to Be devided Between ym according to my Wifes Discreation:

Item I give and Bequeath unto my two Daughters Mary and Sarah all my household stuff as Beding Linen and Woollen Peuter and Brass and Iron and vessels of Wood

And Last of all I doe nominate and appoint my three friends vizt the Worshipfull Capt ffrancis Hook and mr Richard Cutt and Wm Godsoe To Be Executors of this my Last Will and Testamt...

In prsence of us Rowland Williams, Henry Benson, Wm Godsoe"(2)

Mary showed his estate to appraisers 7 June 1698.

In Feb. 1723/4 Mary had washed for Rowland Williams, dressed his diet, tended him near 30 years. Her bill for "house harbor" was for 36 years.


  • 2I. ENOCH- b. 1671 Kittery, Maine, m. 13 May 1693 HOPEWELL (2) FURBISH (m.2. 25 Apr. 1711 William Wilson), d. 3 Apr. 1706
  • II. Joseph- b 1673, killed by Indians 4 May 1705
  • III. John- b. 1676, ?d.s.p.
  • IV. Benjamin- b.c.1683, m. 1. Jan. 1702/3 Joanna Ball 2. 12 Mar. 1718/9 Mary Dill (m.2. 26 June 1723 Philip Carey), d. Apr- July 1721
  • V. Jonathan- b. 1684, m.1. between 20 Oct. 1709 and 20 May 1710 Catherine Weeks, 2. 1720 Judith Weeks, Adm. 20 May 1746 York
  • 3VI. SAMUEL- b.c.1685, m. HANNAH MERRILL (d. 9 June 1747 Arundel), d. 28 Dec. 1742 Arundel
  • VII. Mary- b.c.1686, m. 28 Nov. 1701 Andrew Lewis (b.c.1675, d. 1760 Kittery)
  • VIII. Sarah- b. 1687 Kittery, Maine, m.1. c.1709 John Dill 2. before 4 July 1716 Charles Trafton (b. 1681, d. 1748), living in 1739


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    2I. ENOCH (ENOCH 1)

    b. 1671 Kittery, ME
    m. 13 May 1693 Kittery, HOPEWELL (2) FURBISH (m.2. 25 Apr. 1711 William Wilson)
    d. 3 Apr. 1706 Kittery

    Enoch inherited a house and barn and thirty acres of land at the head of the Eastern Branch of Spruce Creek in Kittery from his father. His home was attacked by the Indians for the second time on 4 May 1705 and Hopewell and her three sons were captured and taken to Canada. She gave birth to Mary while a prisoner of the French. She had returned by 13 Jan. 1706/7 as she was granted the administration of Enoch's estate. Enoch III and Thomas were released soon after. Apparently it was believed that William had been killed for Enoch made no provision for him in his will. William returned unexpectedly in 1732 and was disowned by his brothers. He sued for, and won, a double share of his father's estate. He then sold his inheritance in 1736 and moved to Scarborough.


  • I. William- b. 1 Aug. 1694 Kittery, m. 17 Oct. 1734 Scarborough, Mary Keen (m.2. 1739 Morris O'Brien), d. 10 Oct. 1738 Scarborough
  • 4II. THOMAS- b. 20 Sept. 1696 Kittery, m.1. 5 May 1720 HANNAH (4) HILL, 2. 13 Dec. 1764 Martha Jones (m.2. 15 Oct. 1780 John Haley), d. 7 June 1774 Kittery
  • III. Enoch- b. 11 Sept. 1697 Kittery, m. 1726 Elizabeth Johnson (living in 1770), Adm. 1761
  • IV. Mary Catherine- b. 6 Sept. 1705 Sorel, P.Q., m.1. 8 Dec. 1727/8 Kittery, James Grover (b. 1703, d. 1730), 2. Moses Welch


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    b. 20 Sept. 1696 Kittery, ME
    m.1. 5 May 1720 Kittery, HANNAH (4) HILL 2. 13 Dec. 1764 Kittery, Martha Jones (m.2. 15 Oct. 1780 Kittery, John Haley)
    d. 7 June 1774 Kittery

    Thomas was a selectman in Kittery in 1737. He signed a petition requesting an equal share of the ministerial lands for the third parish.(1)

    Issue- all children b. in Kittery

  • I. Susannah- b. 22 Dec. 1721, int. 23 Nov. 1741 Thomas Lewis
  • II. Hannah- b. 28 Dec. 1724, m. Samuel Clough of York
  • III. Thomas- b. 25 De.c 1726, d. 28 Mar. 1736
  • 5IV. REBECCA- b. 17 Jan. 1728, m. 22 Oct. 1748 Kittery, LEVI (3) HUTCHINS
  • V. Rhoda- b. 9 Aug. 1733, m. 20 July 1760 Nicholas Weeks Jr.
  • VI. Katherine- b. 23 Feb. 1730, d. 24 Mar. 1736
  • VII. Enoch- b. 23 Feb. 1735, m. 6 Jan. 1757 Mary Walker (m.2. 9 Feb. 1764 William Pettegrew), d.c.1763


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    m. 4 Jan. 1715/6 Haverhill, MA, HANNAH (8) MERRILL (d. 9 June 1747 Arundel, ME)
    d. 28 Dec. 1742 Arundel will 20 Oct.- 28 Dec. 1742

    Samuel was captured by Indians on 9 May 1698 and taken to Canada. He was returned 24 Jan. 1699.(1) On 6 Feb. 1703 Samuel received 29 pairs of snowshoes, 20 of which were to go to the soldiers at Piscataqua.(2) In 1720 he was a field officer in Kittery his house being made into a garrison.(3) He was from Salisbury in 1724 when he sold his house in Kittery. He had moved to Arundel before 30 June 1729.(4) Samuel was made a proprietor of Arundel in 1731.(5) Samuel was also a slave owner.(6)


  • I. Sarah- bpt. 26 Apr. 1719 Kittery
  • II. Caleb- bpt. 26 Apr. 1719 Kittery, m. 15 Feb. 1727 Sarah Bryar
  • III. Samuel- bpt. 26 Apr. 1719 Kittery, m. Sarah Bailey (m.1. John Baxter (m.1. Sarah Durrell (killed by Indians Oct. 1726)))
  • IV. Hannah- bpt. 26 Apr. 1719 Kittery, m.1. 7 June 1733 Wells, ME, Lemuel George Perkins, 2. before 20 Oct. 1742 Lt. John Burbank (b. 27 Sept. 1699 Rowley, MA)
  • V. Simon- bpt. 26 Apr. 1719 Kittery, m. Agnes Durrell
  • VI. Mary- m. John Meerill (b. 14 Apr. 1704 Salisbury, d. 8 Apr. 1784 Arundel)
  • VII. Lydia- m.1. before 20 Oct. 1742 John Jellison, 2. John Durrell
  • 6VIII. LEVI- b.c.1725 Kittery, m.1. 22 Oct. 1748 REBECCA (4) HUTCHINS (b. 17 Jan. 1728 Kittery), 2. 21 Nov. 1775 EUNICE (4) MARCH (b.c.1738), d. before 21 Mar. 1794 Arundel
  • IX. Joseph- int. 17 June 1732 Kittery, Elizabeth Bryar (bpt. 1 May 1715 Kittery), d. Jan. 1793 Kittery
  • X. David- m.1. Anna Danforth (bpt. 21 Dec. 1727 Rowley, MA), 2. Abigail Deering, 3. 16 Aug. 1774 Arundel, Ruth Grant


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    b.c.1725 Kittery
    m.1. 22 Oct. 1748 REBECCA (4) HUTCHINS (b. 17 Jan. 1728 Kittery)
    2. 21 Nov. 1775 EUNICE (4) MARCH (b.c.1738)
    d. before 21 Mar. 1794 Arundel

    Levi was in Capt. Thomas Perkins' Company in Sir William Pepperrell's expedition to Louisbourg in 1746. He was in the army again in 1757 in Capt. John Fairfield's Company in the second expedition to Louisbourg. He was in Capt. Jefford's Company in 1761-2. Levi was made a proprietor in 1780.(1)

    On 21 Mar. 1794 Thomas Hutchings of Waterborough, Simeon Hitchins of Arundel and Lucy his wife, and Thomas and Lavina Huff of Arundel sold to David Hutchings Jr. and Moses Hutchings of Arundel, blacksmith for £3/12, 9 acres of land in Arundel at Dearings Bridge. The deed was signed by Thomas Hutchings, Thomas & Lavina Huff, Simeon & Lucy Hutchins and was witnessed by Thomas Perkins 4th, and Esther Perkins.(2)

    The following day Thomas Huff and Simeon Hutchings of Arundel, and Thomas Hutchings of Waterborough appointed James Perkins of Arundel their Power of Attorney for the estate of Levy and Rebecca Hutchings of Arundel. This was signed by Thomas Hutchings, Levina Huff, Thomas Huff, Simeon Hutchings and Lucy Hutchings.(3)

    The family evidently had some problems with this property as on 20 Oct. 1801 Joshua Murphy of Arundel recovered a judgement to the title to the land in Arundel against Thomas Hutchings of Waterborough, Elizabeth Bailey of Pepperrellborough, widow, Simeon Hutchings of Arundel and Lucy his wife, and Thomas and Lavina Huff of Arundel. The damages of $171.63 was paid 21 Oct.(4)

    Issue- first seven children by Rebecca, last five by Eunice.

  • I. Levi- b.c.1749, m. 18 June 1772 Arundel, Olive Merrill
  • II. Thomas- b.c.1750, m. 23 Dec. 1773 Abigail Carll of Saco (b. 3 Oct. 1753, d. 5 Dec. 1844 Alfred), d. 14 June 1803 Waterborough
  • III. Asa- Asa was a blacksmith and moved to Portsmouth, NH. He went on Benedict Arnold's expedition to Quebec, was taken prisoner and died there.
  • IV. Lucy- m. 21 Jan. 1776 Arundel, Simon Hutchins Jr.
  • V. Eliphalet- d.s.p.
  • VI. son- d.s.p.
  • 7VII. LAVINA- m. THOMAS (4) HUFF (b. May 1745 Arundel, d. after 22 Dec. 1804), d. after 22 Dec. 1804
  • 8VIII. EDITH- bpt. 8 May 1794 Arundel; m.1. 29 July 1797 Arundel, BENJAMIN (3) DESHON (d. before 1807), 2. 7 Nov. 1807 Arundel, Elijah Deshon (d. before 1810), 3. int. 28 Sept. 1811 Samuel Buzzell of Wells
  • IX. Mehitable- m. 31 Dec. 1806 Richard Haley
  • X. Emma-
  • XI. son- d.s.p.
  • XII. son- d.s.p.


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