Here are some Links to Abuse Sites that are very Informative. I will have more in the future so please keep checking back from time to time. Please make the effort to go to these sites. After all, Ours Kids will Lead the "Next Generation!"

E. W. Bennefeld's Personal Web Pages - Passionate Causes
The Caring Place
Steph's Secrets
Rainbow Dancer's Cloud
Rainbow Dancer - Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit
Rape Crisis
Hjälp Barnen
The Healing Place

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Monday's Child was Cruelly Beat,
Tuesday's Child had Zero to Eat,
Wednesday's Child was Badly Burned,
Thursday's Child's Scars have Returned,
Friday's Child was Forced into Bed,
Saturday's Child has More Tears to Shed,
But the Child Abused on Sabbath Day has Nightmares which Simply won't Go Away!

By: Margulies/Rothco
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This background snatched from my ole pal Brandy


Compliments of the ToyMaker

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