The Abuser's Motivation!

A Molester is influenced to have sex with a child for 3 main reasons. *Note: This applies to both Male/Female molesters;

  1. the abuser sees himself/herself as a child and relates better to children. He/she may have low self-esteem. When he/she is with children, he/she has a feeling of power and control.

  2. early sexual experiences may influence his/her present sexual choices.

  3. other means of sex are not available (such as not having a spouse who is willing to have sex with him/her).

The abuser still may not act unless some outside factor such as stress or drug and alcohol abuse sets him/her off. Also an abuser cannot act if children have supervision. This does not mean that a parent must constantly watch a child, but it means that the parent or caregiver should notice if the child's behavior changes and should listen to the child.

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Monday's Child was Cruelly Beat,
Tuesday's Child had Zero to Eat,
Wednesday's Child was Badly Burned,
Thursday's Child's Scars have Returned,
Friday's Child was Forced into Bed,
Saturday's Child has More Tears to Shed,
But the Child Abused on Sabbath Day has Nightmares which Simply won't Go Away!

By: Margulies/Rothco

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