The Next Generation

Ivor Samuel McMillan
Born: 1941 in: Rangiora
Occupation: Retired Freezing worker
Father: Percy Leonard McMillan
Mother: Alice May Lovegrove

Ivor lived his childhood at Saltwater Creek not far from where his great grandparents settled when they first came to New Zealand in 1874 The original town and port no longer exist but there are signs that at one time 'Northport' as it was known was a very busy place. The coming of the railway through Sefton eventually led to the dying out of the port and the township eventually disappeared until only a few homes were lived in.

Ivor married Aileen Esther (Patsy) Doran
in 1963 in: Woodend Methodist Church
Patsy was born: 1944 in: Kaiapoi
Occupation: Court Registrar
Father: John Edward Doran Mother: Gladys Virginia Mason Farrell

Patsy is this researcher and lives at Waikari North Canterbury New Zealand
M Child 1 Desmond George McMillan
Born: 1963 in: Kaiapoi
Baptized in: Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula
Occupation: Service Station manager
Spouse: Lisa Maria Naeyaert b. 1965
Married 1984 in: Riccarton House Christchurch

F Child 2 Lesley Michelle McMillan
Born: 1965 in: Kaiapoi
Baptized in: Okains Bay Banks Peninsula
Occupation: Barmaid
Spouse: Warren John McKinlay
Married: 1988 in: Woodham Park, Christchurch
Divorced Year: 1997
Spouse: Graeme John William Kinley b. 1962
Married: 1997 in: Christchurch
The ceremony conducted by the Groom's mother

M Child 3 Glenn Andrew McMillan
Born: 1968 in: Kaiapoi
Baptized in: Parish Church Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula.
Occupation: Tradesman Fibreglasser
Spouse: Tonia Michelle Robbins b. 1968
Married: 1990 in: Blackball, West Coast

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