Geometric Four Square Patterns

So, you may be asking, what the heck are "Four Square" patterns? Good question. That is my name for the patterns for which you make 4 identical small blocks, and hook them all together to make one "new" block. This is often a very easy way to make an "old classic" block, plus can yield some exciting new blocks.

As on the other pages on the site, to get to the printable picture, simply click on either the small block picture or the link. Afterwards, the BACK button should get you back here. In this case, the 3" blocks make up a final 6" block, and the 2" blocks make up a final 4" block. These blocks are all done on a PC. Macs may print them out at 4/3s the size indicated - thus the 6" ones are 8" and the 4" are some odd size. Bear with me and I will get around to making a second set for Mac users someday (heavy emphasis on SOMEDAY). For now, Mac users (PC users too), feel free to download and resize them yourself.

New World
3 inch New World Block

2 inch New World Block
Square Pinwheel
Square Pinwheel Block - 3 inch

2 inch Square Pinwheel Block
Spinning Star
3 inch Spinning Star Block

2 inch Spinning Star Block
Oh Susannah
3 inch Oh Susannah! block

2 inch Oh Susannah! block
Tippecanoe Block - 3 inch

Tippecanoe Block - 4 inch

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Last Updated on October 16, 2001

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