Beasley Family Marriage Records

 Part 15, Kentucky

Beasley, Beazley, Beesley, Beezley, Beasle, Beasly

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BEASLEY [and other spellings]

Boone County

Charles	        Scott	Baisly	 8 May	1878	Susan	Ida	Clore

Butler County

John			        10 Mar	1823	Polly		Burden
William	        Ervin		17 Feb	1850	Martha		Lemaster
Thomas	        J.		17 Feb  1852	Caroline	Desper
	Butler Co.; age 29; single		Butler Co.; age 27; 
	Born: Franklin Co., Va.		        widow	Born: Todd Co., Ky.
Thomas	        R.		12 Feb	1855	Eliza	D.	Romans
George	        W.	Beesley	 3 Jan	1878	Sarah	D.	Taylor

Caldwell County

James	        R.	Beesley	24 Jan	1894	Rosa	V.	Blalock

Casey County

William	        H.		26 Nov	1878	Margaret	Coleman

Clay County

Nancy		        Beasly	25 May	1867	John		Young

Christian County

Annie	        L.		 6 Nov	1878	John	C.	Cowan

Crittenden County

William			        23 Apr	1857	Teney	S.	Foard

Fayette County

James			        21 Aug	1824	Rebecca	        Webster
Jepth			        22 Jun	1829	Phebe		Webster
John	        Wade		25 May	1917	Lillian 	Marie	Fallis

Garrard County

Elijah			         8 Jan	1816	Barbara	        Allen
James	        S.		27 Nov	1855	Mary	A. E.	Harris
George	        Washington	17 Dec	1855	Irene	Collier Bruce

Graves County

Robert		        (Robt.)	 5 Sep	1859	Mary	Ann	Hurt
Robert	        Lee		31 May	1894	Minnie	H.	Wiman

Henderson County

Enoch			         2 Jul	1877	Jennie		Azell

Henry County

Frances			         1 Feb	1819	Squire		Admire

Hopkins County

John	        Otho	F.	25 Oct	1870	Sarah		Ashby
John	        S.		 9 Feb	1876	Palestine	Ashby

Jassamine County

Charles			         3 Mar	1877	Maria		Horine

Jefferson County

Thomas			        21 Sep	1795	Elizabeth	Shipman
Charles			        19 Jul	1798	Ellender	Dougherty

Kenton County

George			        28 Dec	1912	Mamie		Uhl
Lewis County

Lewis County

Amanda	        Carolyn	        18 Sep	1884	John Melvin	Maxey

Madison County

Nancy		        Beesley	24 Feb	1804	James		Williams
Elizabeth			31 May	1810	Hugh		Johnson

Marshall County

Joe	        R.		27 Jul	1912	Ellen Elizabeth Cornwell

Mason County

John		     	           May	1792	Sarah		West
Nathanel			 1 Nov	1796	Sarah		Sutton
Eliza		     	           Oct	1849	Francis	        Colburn
Morgan		     	           Nov	1849	Eliza		Maddox
Mary		     	           Nov	1850	James	B.	Green
Thomas			         8 Jul	1858	Frances S.	Duglass

Ohio County

Robert			        28 Sep	1828	Malinda	        Albin
Malinda		 	         7 Jan	1828	Henry		Anderson
John			        26 Apr	1846	Mariah		Burden
					        [Mariah Jane Burton]

Oldham County

Edmond			        16 Jun	1825	Sally		Hendrix
Ann			        22 May	1829	William	        Mathews

Pulaski County

James			        14 Nov	1834	Louisa		Jarvis
Martha			         1 Sep	1843	John		Sneed
Edmund			        16 Jan	1857	Sophia		Ashbrook
William			        21 Aug	1873	Maranda Ellen	Compton
Daniel			        22 Aug	1878	Virginia A.	Bryant
Alice			        30 Oct	1881	William	        Cooper
James			        19 Sep	1896	Rosa	Ann	Goodwin

Russell County

James			        24 Oct	1881	Emily	Jane	Roy

Shelby County

William	E.		         5 Feb	1850	Martha  Ann	Wiseheart
Thomas	J.		         2 Jan	1878	E.	Irene	Neel

Trigg County

Joseph			        12 Apr	1855	Sarah	A.	West

Warren County

Lewis			         6 Jan	1814	Lydia		Morgan

Washington County

James	        J.	Beesley	29 Aug	1874	Sarah 	Ann	Shirley

Woodford County

Thomas			        16 Feb	1799	Patty		Winn
Elizabeth			12 Aug	1806	Elijah		Creed Jr.
Lewis			        19 Nov	1814	Rebecca	        Pullen
Thomas			        23 Jun	1844	Agnes Morton	Brandenburg

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