Kinrosshire Families

An Index to Collected Sasines, Kirk Session & Vital Records, ca.1720-1810


The names listed below are by no means comprehensive. I have been plowing through numerous documents trying to confirm the parentage of my Rev. David ROBERTSON of Kilmaurs and Ann BLACK, both of whom were born in Kinrosshire. Kinross was the seat of the Secession movement--a split in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, which became a multiple fracture in the late 18th-early 19th c. My family was intimately involved with the Associate Congregations (Anti-Burgher) therefore, much of the documentation I have collected is of Non-Conformist families of Kinross. I am putting up the index first--just to sort it all out, for me and you--and adding the document summaries later, so please come back to check on my progress. Where possible, I will put together a family line. Consider this Potluck! and have FUN!

Updated 5 Nov 2001