1820 Floyd County Kentucky Census

The 1820 Floyd County Census provides the names of many early settlers of Floyd, Perry, Letcher and Knott Counties. I have provided two different methods to access the data. The census is first presented with the names in the order in which they appear on the microfilmed record from which this was transcribed. Assuming that families were questioned in the order that their houses appeared, this method of research gives inferential information as to neighbors, family licks and possible in-laws. This method of determining relationships is not scientific, but gives clues as to possible relatives. I also offer the census alphabetically, for those who are looking for specific individuals.

The 1820 data lists only the name of the head of the household. Males residents are broken into six age ranges. Strangely, the female groupings include only five categories. Separate age groups are provided for slaves and free "colored people." I have not provided the latter data here, because the microfilm reader on which I copied the census, did not have large enough paper to copy the data. Slaves names were not provided, so unless one wants to know whether a head of household held slaves, how many, and their sex and ages, this data provides no genealogic information. Those names which are followed by 00000000000, indicate free black individuals. I personally own a roll of microfilm of this census, and will look up the age data for anyone who would like this information.

The head of household's name is followed by an 11 digit number, which summarizes the number of people in each age range. The ranges for males are: 1) <10, 2) <16, 3) 16-18, 4) <26, 5) 26-45, 6) >45. For females: 7) <10, 8) <16, 9) <25, 10) 25-45, 11) >45. Thus, 00100020100 would indicate one 16-18 year old male, 2 females under age 10, and one female age 16-25.

Several of the names are pure guesses, due to the poor quality of some parts of the page in the census. These are marked with an asterisk or otherwise designated. If you know the actual name please let me know and I will change the entry. This information is public record and many be used in any manner you so desire, within the regulations which the government places on such data. I hope this helps you find some missing links. Any feedback would be appreciated.


1820 Floyd County Kentucky Census by neighborhoods.

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