Claims of 1798 Loyalists

From History of Mayo by J.F. Quinn .

"List of persons who have suffered losses in their property in the County of Mayo , and who has given in their claims on or before the 6th April 1799 , to the Commisioners for inquiring into the losses sustained by such of his Majesty's loyal subjects as have suffered in their property by the rebellion . This list is published for the purpose of calling the attention of all persons well aquainted with the County of Mayo to the several claims therein specified , and all such persons are requested to communicate as soon as possible to the Commissioners, or any of them , under cover to the Right Honourable , the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Parliament House, Dublin, such observations respecting the loyalty or losses of the several persons mentioned therein, as may enable the Commissioners to ascertain their title to compensation ."

Claimants in the parish of Burrishoole .

Alexander Arbuthnot, Whitehaven, Cumberland, 62 1s 7 1/2d, for cattle, furniture , wine, meadowing, etc., at Rockfleet Castle (Newport) and Castlebar .

Stephen Blackburn, Yeoman, Newport-Pratt, 10, for a horse.

Guy Carleton, Gravey, Yeoman, Newport-Pratt, 35, for two mares.

Hugh Davis, Yeoman, Newport-Pratt, 11 7s 6d , for horse stolen in Castlebar.

Richard Davis, Yeoman, Newport-Pratt, 20, for horse stolen in Castlebar.

Reverend George Graydon, Incumbent of Barrysbala for damage to his property at Wilford Lodge , Newport

John Irwin, Newport-Pratt.

Francis Langton, Yeoman, Newport-Pratt.

George Lendrum ,miller, Newport-Pratt.

Alexander Lendrum, Yeoman.

Samuel Morris, Yeoman, Newport-Pratt.

Robert Murphy, Newport-Pratt.

Sir Neal O'Donel , Baronet, Newport-Pratt, 248, for wine sheep and horses .

Connel O'Donel , Newport-Pratt, 248, for wine sheep and horses .

J. Moore O'Donel , Newport-Pratt, 236, for sheep and horses and firearms .

John Rogers, Newport-Pratt.

Claud Stephens , Wheelwright, Newport-Pratt.

Rev. Peter Waldron P.P., Burrishoole , 18 .

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