Purvis Family

William Purvis Sr was a cotton broker from Northampton, England who became a naturalized citizen. He married Harriett Judah the daughter of Baron Judah, a German-Jewish baker and Dido Badaraka who was a native of Morocco. The Purvises moved from Charleston to Philadelphia in 1820. William Purvis died of typhus in 1826 leaving the Purvis boys with an estate valued over $230,000. Harriett later went on to married Bishop William Miller, Bishop of the AME church. She died in 1869

Generation One

William Purivs Sr(1762-1826) and Harriott Judah(1784-1869) had:
  1. Robert Purvis Sr. Born Aug 4, 1810 - Died Apr 14, 1898
  2. William Purvis Jr. Born 1808 - Died 1828
  3. Joseph Purvis Sr. Born 1812 - Died Jan 17, 1857

Generation Two

Robert Purvis Sr, the famed abolitionist, Robert Purvis Sr and Harriott Davy Forten had:
  1. William P. Purvis. Born 1832-1857
  2. Robert Purvis Jr. Born 1834-1862
  3. Joseph Parrish Purvis. Born 1836-1851
  4. Harriet Purvis. Born 1839-1905
  5. Charles Burleigh Purvis. Born Apr 14, 1842 - Jan 30, 1929
  6. Henry William Purvis. Born 1844 - Died Sept 28, 1907
  7. Granville Sharp Purvis. Born 1846-c.1915
  8. Georgianna Purvis. Born 1848-1877
Joseph Purvis Sr and Sarah L Forten had:
  1. John Purvis. 1838-1906
  2. Joseph Purvis Jr. 1839-1906
  3. James F Purvis. 1840-1870
  4. William B Purvis. 1841-1914
  5. Sarah M Purvis. 1844-1932
  6. Emily H Purvis. 1845-1875
  7. Alfred Purvis. 1847-1865
  8. Harriott Purvis. 1848-1917
  9. Alexander Purvis. 1850-d.after 1891

Generation Three

Charles Burleigh Purvis MD, was an prominent physician, medical educator, and hosptial administrator. For 1860 to 1863 Charles attended Oberlin College and for 1863 to 1865 he studied at Wooster Medical college (now Western Reserve)in Cleveland. During the summer of 1864 Purvis served as a military nurse in Washington DC. In 1865 he enlisted in the Union army as acting assistant surgeon till 1869.

Charles Burleigh Purvis MD(1842-1929) and Anne Hathaway had:

  1. Alice Purvis
  2. Robert Purvis
Hon. Henry William Purvis attended Oberlin College for 1863-1866. He came to South Carolina and became active in Reconstruction politics. He represented Lexington County in the state House of Representatives, from 1868-1870.For the 1872 election Purvis served on the Board of Canvassers. He then held the office of South Carolina's adjutant general of the state militia from 1872 to 1877. After marrying Ella Barre, he chose to move to Charleston, Ella's home and take a job as deputy US marshal. Henry also served as Custom House Inspector and master of the vessels.

Hon. Henry William Purvis(1844-1907)and Ella Z Barre(1852-1921) had:

  1. Robert Purvis. Born 1874
  2. Charles Wilder Purvis. Born 1876
  3. George S Purvis. Born 1877
  4. Virgina Ann Purvis. Born 1879
  5. Augustus Glover Purvis. Born Jun 20, 1884-Died Mar 22, 1969
  6. Marie Josephine Purvis. Born 1887-Died 1911
  7. Louise DeMar Purvis. Born 1890-Died Mar 6, 1971
  8. Annette M Purvis. Born 1895

Generation Four

Robert Purvis II and Helen Louise Stillson had:
  1. Robert Crum Purvis. Born Sept 9, 1909-Died Mar 1989
Charles Wilder Purvis and Canzetta Ethelind Ryan had:
  1. Clarence Purvis
  2. Archibald Cruickshank Purvis Sr. 8 Dec 1909-Died Jan 1991
  3. Alvin Purvis.
  4. Charles Purvis.
Augustus G Purvis MD, practied medicine in the city of Charleston for over 51 years. He was educated at Shaw School in Charleston and Mt Herman High School in Mass. Augustus received his medical education from the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr.Purvis held a medical practice at 52 Anson St in Charleston.

Augustus Glover Purvis MD and Emmaline Mazyck(1890-July 21, 1944) never had any children. But, Augustus had one daughter by Catherine Elizabeth Beaubian:

  1. Lillian Beaubian Purvis. Born Sept 12, 1921
Louise DeMar Purvis and Hiram Lewis Bell Sr had :
  1. Hiram Lewis Bell Jr.
  2. James Augustus Bell.
  3. Charles Holton Bell.

Generation Five

Robert Crum Purvis and Dorothy M Barre had:
  1. Robert Purvis IV
  2. Rea Helen Barre Purvis
Archibald Cruickshank Purvis and Millicent Williams had:
  1. Archibald C Purvis Jr. Born May 24, 1939
  2. Michael C Purvis. Born May 24, 1939
Lillian Beaubian Purvis married Samuel Lawrence Sr. For issue see Lawrence Family

Hiram L Bell and ? had:

  1. Hiram L Bell III
  2. Bryan Bell.
James Augustus Bell and Sidney Silver had:
  1. J. Yvonne Bell

Generation Five

Robert Charles Purvis and (German woman) had:
  1. Robert Charles Purvis
  2. Sarah M Purvis.
Rhea Helen Barre Purvis and ? Johnson had:
  1. Norman Anthony Johnson, PhD
  2. Christopher Robert Johnson
  3. Barre Purvis Johnson.
Archibald C Purvis Jr and Candace Hamiln had:
  1. Christian Bradley Purvis.
  2. Victoria Purvis.

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