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The information contained in these pages are believed to be accurate. If you have additions or corrections, please contact me at the e-mail address below. Although the sources have not yet been noted in the files (I am new to this) they include: Census records, marriage records, birth records, death records, wills, family bibles, previously published books and family history (noted as NOT PROVEN). Siblings and other records will be added soon.

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Husband: Jacob HELMICK
Born: 1748 at: (HARDY) VA / (PENDLETON) WV Married: 1776 at: Died: Jun 1815 at: Elkins (RANDOLPH) WV Father:Jacob A. HELMICK Mother:Sarah SCHOOTS Other Spouses:
Wife: Barbara BORER
Born: 1750 at: VA/WV Died: 20 Aug 1813 at: (HARDY) VA / (PENDLETON) WV Father:Jacob BORER Mother: Other Spouses:
Name: Adam HELMICK Born: 1780 at: (HARDY) VA / (PENDLETON) WV Married: 1804 at: Died: ABT 1845 at: (HARDY) VA / (PENDLETON) WV Spouses: Hannah TETER

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