Due to health I haven't been able to work on this project but if you go to HERE and check the index I will be glad to send you the listing if you can send me the name and page number. Go to the bottom of the page and look at the index there. I can't do look ups in the Smith index at the top.

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This search engine covers the 1890 Census pages ONLY. Using this search engine you may miss who you are looking for due to the spellings, hard to read names and ones where you have to check the first names because the last name is unreadable.

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Below is one page that I have not yet indexed.
I must apologize for all the question marks! It is kinda hard to read : )


Some of the pages to follow are ALMOST identical BUT there are some listed on one page that are not on the
other. This is the way it is on the micro film. We are also glad to do look ups for you if you have a page number for
us to look for. Otherwise you will need to wait until we get to them : ) Also remeber we are not perfect and if there
is a questionable name please check the actual census for yourself. These pages are for personal, non-commercial
use and may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or for presentation by other persons or organizations
without permission.


Name / Relationship / Color / Sex / Age /  Place of Birth /
Number of years in U.S. / Length of residence in this Territory /
If Soldier State Company and Reginment PAGE 22 (47) TOWNSHIP ALFRED Enumerated June 7th 1890 by George B. Redding (My note- Down the side of the page it says MAIN ST.) 1) KEMP, Lucius S. Head W M 57 Maine 57 8 mo Susan Wife W F 53 Ohio 53 8 mo Alice M. Dau W F 24 Iowa 24 8 mo Barbara A. Dau W F 21 Iowa 21 8 mo Mary F. Dau W F 18 Kans 18 8 mo Grace L.? Dau W F 15 Iowa 15 8 mo Lucius S. Son W M 12 Iowa 12 8 mo 2) CUMMINGS, Jay J. Head W M 36 Canada 16 13 mo Emma R. Wife W F 21 Ohio 21 8 mo KYLE, Russell J. Single W M 16 Canada 15 11 mo McKERMID?, Daniel P. Single W M 21 Canada 6 mo 6 mo 3) GURSINGER, William G.? Head W M 32 Iowa 32 13 mo Martha J. Wife W F 27 Iowa 27 13 mo Charles W. Son W M 6 Kans 6 13 mo Lily M. Dau W F 5 Kans 5 13 mo Ada P. Dau W F 2 Kans 2 13 mo Leta M. Dau W F 5 mo OK 5 mo 5 mo 4) PAINTER, William L. Head W M 48 Ky 48 8 mo Fannie Wife W F 30 Ky 30 8 mo Hollie D. Dau W F 10 Ky 10 8 mo 5) SH? , George H. Head W M 37 Canada 10 8 mo Hester Wife W F 33 Ill 33 8 mo