The Principal Chiefs of the Cherokee (Main body or Eastern) Prior to 1907

Moytog (1736)

Attacullaculla (died 1778)

Oconostata (died 1785)

Tassel (killed July 1788)

Hanging Neaughe



William Hicks (Chief for only one year 1827)

John Ross (1828-1866)

William Potter Ross

Rev. Lewis Downing

William Potter Ross (Second term)


Dennis Wolf Bushyhead

Joel Bryan Mayes

Thomas Mitchell Buffington

William Charles Rogers

Principal Chiefs of the Western Cherokee

John Brown

John Jolly

John Rogers

The last named was deposed in 1839 and his property at Grand Saline was confiscated by the Ross or Anti-Treaty Party. He was grandfather of the above last Chief of the Cherokees William Charles Rogers. (Note: last Chief until soverignty was re-established by Pres. Richard Nixon in the 1970's.)

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