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Tom Disbro - 12/27/00 12:36:26
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City & State: Owings Mills, Maryland

nice site

JANET SHADA - 12/18/00 22:56:10
My Email:shadyjande@net.net

I'm writing to Michael Disbrow to order books and to Stephen Squires to order the book about Mercy. I will send my family chart. Thanks for doing all this.

LORI DISBROW - 12/01/00 01:10:47
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Dennis A. Disbrow - 11/28/00 01:18:33
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City & State: Euclid, OH


Bonnie Bryant - 11/08/00 01:48:56
My Email:BonniesKin@excite.com
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I am researching Amy Disberry/Disbrow/Disborough of NJ. Her family may have lived in the Hopewell NJ area. She married William Seaman, b. c. 1740-45. A clue to Amy Disberry/Disbrow's family may lie in the will of Thomas Burrows, of Hopewell, NJ, dated 1-26-1761, in which he leaves bequests to his granddaughters, Charity and Rachel Disborough, these names and others mentioned in the will are also in the William Seaman family. A daughter of Joseph Seaman and Lydia Vaughn named Amy (Amelia), b. 1796? married Dr. Peter Q. Striker (Stryker) in Rockville, Indiana. Dr. Stryker was born in NJ, and Amelia was born in Pennsylvania. I noticed the names Stryker on one of your message b ards, and thought the names may be connected. Any information on the ancestry of my Amy Disberry/Disbrow b. c. 1740-1750 in NJ would be most appreciated. This is a wonderful site, and I am sure that if there is a connection out there, this will be the place to find it! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Bonnie Bryant - 11/08/00 01:48:45
My Email:BonniesKin@excite.com
City & State: Houston, TX

I am researching Amy Disberry/Disbrow/Disborough of NJ. Her family may have lived in the Hopewell NJ area. She married William Seaman, b. c. 1740-45. A clue to Amy Disberry/Disbrow's family may lie in the will of Thomas Burrows, of Hopewell, NJ, dated 1-26-1761, in which he leaves bequests to his granddaughters, Charity and Rachel Disborough, these names and others mentioned in the will are also in the William Seaman family. A daughter of Joseph Seaman and Lydia Vaughn named Amy (Amelia), b. 1796? married Dr. Peter Q. Striker (Stryker) in Rockville, Indiana. Dr. Stryker was born in NJ, and Amelia was born in Pennsylvania. I noticed the names Stryker on one of your message b ards, and thought the names may be connected. Any information on the ancestry of my Amy Disberry/Disbrow b. c. 1740-1750 in NJ would be most appreciated. This is a wonderful site, and I am sure that if there is a connection out there, this will be the place to find it! Thanks for all of your hard work!

barbara - 10/22/00 03:16:37
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my grandmothers name was eliazebeth witherell who was married to joel witherell,my fathers name was robert joel witherell

Jeanne Disbrow Asher - 10/18/00 23:45:49
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City & State: Altamonte Springs, Florida

Descendant of New York Disbrows, Long Island and upstate.

Guy Disbrowe - 10/18/00 01:13:02
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City & State: Toronto,Ont.

Hi everyone; Anyone with information on "Disbrowe" as a family name, please contact the above. Thanks, Guy

Kathy Berry - 10/15/00 21:32:19
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Very interesting to find out about ancestors and POSSIBLE ancestors! What a crew we have!

sherry disbrow - 10/07/00 16:13:04
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- 09/01/00 20:40:32


Jennifer Pullins - 08/31/00 04:18:32
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I have a sampler done by a realative of mine Mary Waring in 1835 on the back my great aunt wrote "Mary Waring was the mother of Lois Disbrow Garvey and Mary Disbrow Becker-both of who are from Columbia Co., New York. Davis Disbrow Garvey was the son of L is." I am tring to find out information on these Disbrow please let me know if you have any information.

elizabeth vandervort - 08/30/00 23:08:53
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my mother was Mary Amelia Disbrow born in Salem,Oregon. Her father was George Disbrow

Marvin A. Brown - 08/26/00 23:40:03
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Barb Hutchins - 08/26/00 21:11:19
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Now that I have worked on my and my husband's family for many years decided it is time to research our children's spouses' families. Two names of Fairfield CT area: John Oakley Disbrow, b. 1 Feb 1891 in Norwalk. m. Marcella Harbs 27 Nov 1919 in Norwalk; He d. 1 Nov 1961, Norwalk. His father was John Disbrow, mother: Mary Ellen____. He died abt 1905, Norwalk.. Mary Ellen d. 1935 Norwalk. Now I'll browse your site. Barb Hutchins

- 08/24/00 15:35:43


geri goodan - 08/19/00 19:26:02
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I'm researching for a Henry Disbrow 1757-1838 born in Green Farms,Ct. Married to Rebecca L.Barnum 1760-1817 (my line). Any help appreciated. Thanks

jimmie lynn disbrow - 08/16/00 20:50:01
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I misspelled my name the first time. Sorry.

jimmie lynn disbarow - 08/16/00 20:48:55
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City & State: Oklahoma City, OK 73120


Mary E. Cawley - 08/16/00 20:37:44
My Email:maryecawley@hotmail.com
City & State: Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Hello, I am the daughter of Jane Gilbert Disbrow. She, and Nancy are the daughter's of Kenneth and Elizabeth Disbrow (of Orange, NJ). Kenneth was born July 4th, 1900. I recently visited Mamaroneck, NY and stumbled upon the Disbrow Homestead 1677 sign. I m interested in learning of any connections. Thank you for your time.

Blanche Bernardin - 08/16/00 17:32:30
My Email:blanche@mb.sympatico.ca
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Hi, I,m Blanche and I'm trying to find out if I have any relatives out there. Can anyone help me?

Tracey Disbrow - 08/10/00 01:43:03
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City & State: Carneys Point NJ

I am the daughter of Russell Lane Disbrow III of Sun City Center Fla. formerly of Pennsville Nj. Grandaughter of Russell Lane Jr. and Great Grandaughter to Russell Lane Sr. Great Grandpops father was Rev. William Disbrow

Russell Lane Disbrow III - 08/06/00 23:51:26
My Email:R_Disbrow@msn.com
City & State: Sun City Center, FL

I am descended from the Rev. William Disbrow. He married Anna Stryker. They had 3 children, Ralph Lane, Clara and Russell Lane. They resided in NJ, and the only other information I have (other than Stryker genealogy) is William preached in Bridgeton, C mberland Co., NJ. I believe he was affiliated with the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church in that town as references to him were found in a book on the Methodist Church in NJ. I do not know who his parents were and would like to research this side of my f mily.

sherry newman - 07/30/00 23:14:27
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City & State: las vegas, nv

Looking for anything connected to Zenass Disbro. wife-Shirley Step father to Marjorie Ross and several other Ross siblings Shirley's daughter Chakita by someone else

Marcy (Disbrow)Thornton - 07/23/00 00:16:16
My Email:marcy322@aol.com
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Just stumbled on to this web site it is really cool and is getting me intrested in the Disbrow family history.I already found a message on the board that I replied to .I would like to try to help out anyone if I can My great-grandfather was Milton Disbrow .

Rufus Buie - 07/14/00 23:03:11
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Ericka C. Disbrow (married Jordan) - 07/12/00 00:42:50
My Email:jorwill2000@hotmail.com
City & State: Tampa, Fl.

I know alot about the Disbrow family history. I have not developed my own web site but this has encouraged me to. If you or anyone else wants any of this family history email me!! Ericka Christine Disbrow

- 07/10/00 04:50:14


Dennis Disbrow - 07/07/00 22:03:53
My Email:den4nan1213@lvcm.com
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Donna (Disbrow) Nicholas - 06/26/00 16:33:10
My Email:dnicholas@lendleaserei.com
City & State: Mesquite, TX

My grandfather was John Edward Disbrow and he had a brother names Charles. I believe they were born and raised in Oklahoma. I'm sure somewhere along the line we are related! My cousin has researched our family, but I am not familiar with what she has ound.

Dona Meeker - 06/24/00 16:15:46
My Email:ddmace12ctllc.com
City & State: girard, ILL

have been looking for meekers that settled around jerry city ohio there are lots of them in that area but no one seems to have any listed. Dona

- 06/22/00 11:44:13


Georeg Tomes - 06/17/00 14:53:41
My Email:consept143@aol.com
City & State: Ocean NJ

looking for Disbrows from Monmouth County new Jersey Bradley Beach Asbury Park area. some names are Walter Disbrow,Irving Disbrow, Edna Disbrow, Constance Disbrow, Wilbur Disbrow. Connie Disbrow.

Olive Mae Lindell - 06/17/00 13:54:56
My Email:oml@penn.com
City & State: Russell, Pa.

Like to visit and enjoy this website. Thank you Never could have found my ancestores without your help.

elizabeth vandervort - 06/16/00 19:46:55
My Email:ev97217@yahoo.com
City & State: portland,or 97217

my mother was mary disbrow,she was born in salem,oregon, her father was george disbrow,his father was algernon from illinois.I have information on many of the female lineswhich connect to the disbrows of connecticut

Judy Wilming - 06/11/00 01:58:14
My Email:jwil@capital.net
City & State: Glens Falls, NY area

Just beginning paternal search. Have found that my Clark line of Livingston County, NY connects to Matteson; Rhinevault; Gray; and Spencer. There appears to be a connection to Disbrow; Holbridge and others out of the Fairfield, CT area.

Mae Harviston - 05/30/00 03:48:46
My Email:maeharv@aol.com
City & State: No Las Vegas, NV

My line: (I.) Thomas & Mercy Holbridge. (II.) Thomas Jr; (III.)Nathan Sr. (IV.)Nathan Jr. (V.) Thomas. (VI.)Isaac C. (VII.)Zalmon Sr. (VIII.) Elizabeth Disbrow Henry Brown. (IX.)Effie A. Brown Smith. (X.)Gilbert C. Smith, my father. I have Eddis Johnson's "Thomas Disbrow Sr. of Compo and His Descendants 1625-1982" (If you know of any errors in that book, I'd like to hear about them.) I'm interested in your book(s)as well, if it's still available. Please send particulars to above email address. Pity I missed the first book, though. If one should come available, PLEASE LET ME K OW! I, too, have spent decades on genealogy, but not that much time on the Disbrows, since others have already done such a fine job of it. Looking forward to the newsletter. Thanks, Mae

Judy Harbaugh - 05/22/00 13:32:45
My Email:JKHARBA@zoominternet.net
City & State: Dalton, OH

Hi! My great-great-great-great-grandmother's name was Achsah Disbrow. Her father's name was Daniel. She was born in Cranberry, NJ and died in Cheviot, OH in 1839. She married Enoch Carson in 1787 near Trenton NJ. Do you have any more info? Thanks, J dy

Donald Mathison - 05/20/00 14:21:34
My Email:Dmathi@aol.com
City & State: Sunderland, MA 01375

I am descended from Rebecca Jane Disbrow, daughter of John Disbrow b 1786 and Charlotte Coddington. I am delighted to find your web site and will formulate questions after I have time to digest what you have compiled! Thank you!

Chris and LeAnn Disbro - 05/15/00 19:34:24
My Email:triskle@trust-me.com
City & State: Bedford Indiana

Hey, We were just looking through for some family history. This is a really nice site.

Sharon Combs Natoli - 05/15/00 18:01:14
My Email:natolis@pacbell.net
City & State: Unknown

Searching for information regarding Sarah Disbrow m. George Anderson. George son of Ely Anderson m. Achsah VanDyke. Sarah and George had son Horace Philip Anderson m. Louann Warder. Louann d. of Walter Warder and Mary Maddox. Horace Anderson b. Kentuck .

- 05/14/00 21:22:50


GAIL - 05/09/00 23:07:09
City & State: NEPTUNE, N.J.


erick disbrow - 05/05/00 14:05:34
My Email:dizzy@jvlnet.com
City & State: milton,wisconsin

are you related to any disbrows in ohio or illinois or wisconsin their names might be caleb disbrow, or ernest disbrow or shirley disbrow

Danielle - 05/03/00 06:56:22
My Email:tommygirl72@cfl.rr.com
City & State: Titusville, Florida

Looking for Disbrows from New Jersey

Martha Arrington - 04/29/00 01:44:53
My Email:marrington@juno.com
City & State: Powder Springs, GA

I have spent quite a bit of time with the Disbrows myself. My great great grandfather, Samuel Gruenendyke Disbrow left two diaries which I have transcribed and I have found several of the family graves in New Jersey, but I still have some missing links. I'd be happy to share what I have and would appreciate any help that can be given with my missing links. Thank you kindly!

Trish Watson - 04/25/00 00:55:35
My Email:trwatson@home.com
City & State: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Very interesting and well done web page. I have posted my interests in the forum so won't duplicate them here. However, my Disbrow's are in New Brunswick, Canada. Trish

DeAnn Ellingson - 04/23/00 04:27:05
My Email:ellingson@sisna.com
City & State: Highland, Utah

I am excited about your site. I am hoping to be able to find out more about the Disbrowe family. Hopefully you are related to me. Have a great day. Thank you for your web site.

Max Disbrow - 04/21/00 02:47:27
My Email:2farmers@net-link.net
City & State: Mendon Michigan

Just starting out searching Disbrows.

Nathan Disbro - 04/20/00 17:45:23
My URL:http://discom.home.mindspring.com/DisCom.htm
My Email:ndisbro@mindspring.com
City & State: Atlanta, GA

Originally from Bronson, Michigan. Moved to atlanta 3 years ago. Currently working for the Cartoon Network.

danielle - 04/17/00 05:12:52
My Email:tommygirl72@cfl.rr.com
City & State: titusville, fl

My grandmother is a Disbrow, from the Raritan, Matawan New Jersey area.

danielle - 04/17/00 04:57:22
My Email:tommygirl72@cfl.rr.com
City & State: titusville, fl

My grandmother is a Disbrow, from the Raritan, Matawan New Jersey area.

Savannah Disbrow Pincott - 04/15/00 22:24:22
My Email:kspincott@aol.com
City & State: Daytona Beach, FL

I enjoy you site, but can find no clues about my great, great grandfather, Zebedee B. Disbrow (1820-1896) born in Carmel,NY and buried in Beacon Methodist Cemetary, Beacon, NY. He married Helen Golden (1830-1872) who was from Ireland. They had seven ch ldren and I have all their family history, but cannot get back before Zebedee. Zebedee had a brother Richard who had a daughter, Savannah, who died in 1899 in Peekskiill, NY. Through the census records, I have found that Richard's mother's name was Prec lla and she was born around 1778. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Savannah Disbrow Pincott

George Tomes - 04/10/00 15:25:40
My Email:concept143@aol.com
City & State: Ocean NJ

I am looking for background on Wallter Disbrow wife Constance Disbrow. Last know to be in Asbury Park NJ sister Edna Son Wilbur Disbrow, two Daughters Ella Disbrow Brown, and Cora Disbrow Tomes. Park NJ in the 50's. History can be in Monmouth County area, Bradly Beach Avon shore area.

Sharon Mariscal - 04/02/00 06:47:37
My Email:Ahhnon@aol.com
City & State: Tucson AZ

I recently discovered my relationship to William and Mary Disbrough Prindle. Info I have says she was born 1635 in West Haven, New Haven, CT. She and Willaim had numerous children. I am descended through their daughter Sarah, b Oct 1666 who married John F ote. This is really about all the info I have at this time and am hoping to learn much more.

susan - 03/26/00 03:03:03
My Email:susan047@webtv.net
City & State: bronson,mi.

I didn"t see a Thelma Disbro Married Milton Paul REES. Had three boys 1. Maynard Lamar,2. Bobbie Gene, 3. James Paul the boys were born in michigan.lived in springport when oys were born.

Charles Whitlock Rockett - 03/25/00 17:40:39
My URL:http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/r/o/c/Charles-W-Rockett/index.html
My Email:chukrock2@cs.com
City & State: San Marcos,CA

Great site

Bonnie - 03/18/00 05:20:35
My Email:Hunneeeeeeeeee@aol,com
City & State: New Jersy

Just curious to see if we have a family connection. My fathers middle name was Disbrow, I always thought it must be a family name. I found your name by accident, but decided to post this note. Surnames in my fathers family going back 5 generations and on name thats 6th generation are Applegate,Sperling,Rutherford,Lloyd,Suydam,DeHart,Siegert,Paterson and the 6th generation name is Williamson. We are from New Jersey, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. If something rings a bell please let me know. Thankyou, onnie

Peggy Disbrow - 03/18/00 03:42:16
My Email:adisbrow@netdoor.com
City & State: Columbia, MS

Just dropped in the check it out. great to find a site for the Disbrows.

Kim (Disbrow) Hammerstone - 03/17/00 22:55:43
My Email:hammerstone@postmark.net
City & State: St. Louis, Missouri

Very interesting!

George Tomes - 03/17/00 14:56:40
My Email:concept143@aol.com
City & State: Ocean, New Jersey

My Name is George Tomes From Ocean NJ (near Asbury Park) I am looking for my Cousin Constance. (cousin Connie) Her Maiden name was Disbrow. Her Father was Wilbur disbrow from Asbury Park NJ. She had an aunt (Cora disbrow Tomes)and an aunt (Ella Disbrow Brown) I believe she moved to California . probablyu in the 50's. I believe Connie last lived in Long Branch NJ before moving to California. As a child she was my favorate cousin.

Bette galcik - 03/17/00 02:55:12
My Email:betteg@fast.net
City & State: Philadelphia,PA

Any help would be appreciated. I'd also like to know about William L. Disbrow

Bette Galcik - 03/17/00 02:51:40
My Email:betteg@fast.net
City & State: Phila.,PA

My Mother was a Disbrow,from Rockaway NJ. Her father's name was Charles Frederick Disbrow, his father was Frederick E. Disbrow,and his father was William L.Disbrow born possibly 1830 or later.He has some sort of collection in the Newark NJ. Museum, I'm having no success finding anything at all about this collection. Any help would be appre

Sherry Coverdale - 03/14/00 20:31:58
My Email:SherryCov
City & State: Phoenix, AZ

I'm so happy to find a site for the name DISBROW. So far I have only found 1 Amy Disbrow in my ancestry. With your help, I now have hope to dig into her ancestry and siblings.

Mary Ann Wunder - 03/12/00 02:14:11
My Email:ottowun@aol.com
City & State: Indianapolis, IN

Am currently looking into Amy Disbrow or Disberry b 1743 in New Jersey, m William Seaman. All information appreciated. My line goes, from Wm & Amy to son Jos Seaman to his dau Rebecca and Jabish Phillips Jr, their son John Milton Phillips, his dau Amand , who married a Staggs (my mother was a Staggs). Thanx for your page

john disbro - 03/02/00 00:19:07
City & State: indiana

i think we may be related because are last name is disbro. i think think that is cool. see ya

Charles Johnson - 02/27/00 21:03:12
My Email:shipchase@aol.com
City & State: Key West, Fl.

Looking for the family of Sanford Disbrow from Oneonta NY.

Charles Johnson - 02/27/00 21:01:59
My Email:shipchase@aol.com


Bob & Gwen Salsig - 02/27/00 05:02:06
My Email:webfoot72@juno.com
City & State: Dallas, Oregon

We're searching for Henry Disbrow of Montgomery County, Ohio - Dayton, Ohio. His daughter: Achsaw/Ashsau (various spellings) married Charles Russell Greene. Glad to see your site specifically for DISBROW family descendants. Thanks.

Myra Davis - 02/19/00 12:06:44
My Email:bcrusie
City & State: Elkhart IN

My ancestry comes from William and Sarah (Savage?) Gossey who originally came to New York in 1873 and met up with their son, Walter and in 1887 moved to Indiana. From their, they went to Iroquois County Illinois. I have compiled quite a lot of information from items that were put together several years ago by Ethel Warren on the Disbrow and Goosey familes. Please feel free to contact me. Myra

Charles Emmack - 02/19/00 06:15:35
My Email:kcoe99@yahoo.com
City & State: Florence, AZ


Charles Emmack - 02/19/00 06:13:17


Cheryl Eckhart - 02/16/00 19:41:53
My Email:home97@potc.net
City & State: Ione, Washington

My mother's (Mildred)maiden name is Disbrow. Her father's name is George. He was born in Hood River Oregon in 1897. His father's name is Algernon. Algernon was born in Illinois in 1855. That is as far back as I can go at this time.

Dennis A, Disbrow - 02/09/00 21:26:00
My Email:dizzydismal@cs.com
City & State: Euclid OH

Know virtually nothing about the family. Parents divorced when I was very young and no contact with the Disbrow family since. Father was Harold Disbrow.

- 02/08/00 15:28:27


Guy Disbrowe - 02/08/00 15:27:47
My Email:mrdiz_to@yahoo.com
City & State: Toronto,Ont. Canada

Hi Mike and Everyone; Just a note to say that anyone looking for info on the Canadian Family with the terminal "e", please contact me. If your visiting this web site you must be curious about our Family. Please remember that "Disbrow", "Disbrowe", "Desborough", "Disbro", and other variations of the family name are likely related, so lets exchange info. Good searching and have fun; Guy Disbrowe [MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com]

Guy Disbrowe - 02/08/00 15:26:21
My Email:mrdiz_to@yahoo.com
City & State: Toronto,Ont. Canada

Hi Mike and Everyone; Just a note to say that anyone looking for info on the Canadian Family with the terminal "e", please contact me. If your visiting this web site you must be curious about our Family. Please remember that "Disbrow", "Disbrowe", "Desborough", "Disbro", and other variations of the family name are likely related, so lets exchange info. Good searching and have fun; Guy Disbrowe [MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com]

Jeannine Disbrow-Holloway - 01/31/00 19:19:39
My Email:jeannineholloway@juno.com
City & State: Pt.Pleasant,NJ


Carol Page Tilson - 01/30/00 11:19:27
My Email:bobcartilson@uswest.net
City & State: Omaha, NE

To possible Ninth?-Half-Cousin Michael: I am descended from Nichols from Fairfield/Westport (Carol10, Merle Page9, Lenora8, Trowbridge7, Asa6, John5, Abel4, Benjamin3, John2, John1 Nichols) and have been told my John1 was the Nichols married to Mercy Holb idge. However, I have never been able to find any concrete evidence to back it up. Your Disbrow site is quite interesting. Before finding it, I was aware Mercy had been accused of witchcraft but not that the case actually went to trial.

Carol Reynders - 01/27/00 22:08:56
My Email:Ryndrs@aol
City & State: Comstock Park

Great site I've really enjoyed it!

rich baker - 01/27/00 02:40:45
My Email:rbakercolt@yahoo.com
City & State: clifton park,n.y.

my grandfather's name is winston o disbrow.if you have any info. or have heard the name before please let me know.THANK YOU

Elinor Asdell - 01/24/00 22:16:16
My Email:grandma@pointroberts.net
City & State: Point Roberts, WA

My childrens' great-grandfather, Homer Chilian, married Evalyn Disbro on February 21, 1920. Am trying to find information on both or either of them. I understand they are buried - without headstones - in Curry Chapel Cemetery, Howard County, Indiana. ny 'help' out there??

Don Disbrow Jr - 01/24/00 21:54:58
My Email:ddisbrow@compuserve.com
City & State: Dunedin,FL

Don Disbow Sr-Ocala FL

- 01/11/00 00:26:17


Linda Brown - 01/08/00 20:06:08
My Email:lbrown@bayserve.net
City & State: Annapolis MD.


John Desborough - 01/08/00 04:16:59
My Email:desborj@acay.com.au
City & State: Sydney New South Wales

I notice with interest your comments on the number of desboroughs in Australian phone books. I invite you to check again there are heaps.

Tim Witherell - 01/06/00 02:22:03
My Email:Holidaywitherell@msn.com
City & State: Tampa Florida

I am the grandson of Anna Elizabth Disbrow Witherell. Anna is the daughter of Orion Leroy and Bertha Inez. Anything that I could find would be very greatfull in getting.

alan Glines - 01/05/00 01:57:00
My Email:mattcrow@home.com
City & State: Asheville, NC

Thanks for the info

Susan Saling - 01/02/00 16:16:23
My Email:suegrouse@hotmail.com
City & State: Asheville, NC

Daughter of Walter & Phyllis (Disbro) Saling of Ligonier, PA. Grandaughter of Ann & Phil Disbro of Cleveland, OH.

Carol - 01/02/00 05:52:22
My Email:Ryndrs@aol.com

HI MIke, now I'm looking for some Maddox's that are Disbrow connected. Got any help?

Joan Vinup - 12/24/99 19:45:25
My Email:JVinup@webtv.net
City & State: Dillsboro In.

Daughter of Lora And Edith Disbro

Max Hazen Disbrow - 12/21/99 13:10:09
My Email:2farmers@net-link.net
City & State: Mendon,Mi

Just starting out on the history trail. Looking for connections and really don't know where to start,this should help. Thanks.

geoff smith - 12/20/99 16:58:29
My Email:skizix@isomedia.com
City & State: redmond wa

Descended from Peter D via Sarah KNAPP with other connections to LOCKWOODS and other Westchester Co folks. Reviewed your website;dismayed to have wasted time pursuing all those damn Henrys now that you seem to have proven I daughter out with Peter. But,of course, he does seem to be have fathered the water-tested Mercy - sentenced but not killed. gs

James A. Benz - 12/18/99 18:47:37
My Email:jnobenz@prodigy.net
City & State: Minneapolis MN

I was given up for adoption by Darleen Ardell Disbrow in the summer of 1960. My given name at birth was Kevin Allen Disbrow. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone I might be related to.

Darell A. Speer - 12/18/99 13:50:11
My Email:dspeer@psd.k12.co.us
City & State: Ft. Collins, CO

I am a decendent of William Gaddis and Anna Disbrow of Ohio. I have visited their graves in Ohio.

Don Bailey - 12/16/99 21:51:30
My Email:bailey@worldnet.att.net
City & State: Kankakee, IL

Looking for my Grandmother

Charles Emmack - 12/11/99 05:35:54
My Email:kcoe99@yahoo.com
City & State: Florence, AZ

A lot of information. Looked interesting. Have some information on Disbrowe's in Iowa.

Ben Johnson - 12/03/99 14:27:11


Dean Wickes - 11/27/99 02:36:50
My Email:dwickes@iserv.net
City & State: Greenville, MI

Nice site. I'm looking for information on the parents of Mellisa Disbrow, born 1791 in New York, wife of John McConnel. Her death records list Thomas and Eunice Disbrow as parents,

Nancy S. Geist - 11/20/99 16:40:17
My Email:nansown@juno.com
City & State: New Carlisle, IN

Just wanted to touch base with you again. The web site is only getting better. You can be very proud of it, Mike. Thanks again for your early help with the James (Walker) Disbrow info.

Piper Disbrow-Selby - 11/13/99 04:45:11
My Email:rowitch77@earthlink.com
City & State: Canton, MI

HI! I'm Royce Disbrow's daughter, I'm trying to get all the info i can about Mercy Disbrow. I am one of her direct decsendents.

Piper Disbrow Selby - 11/13/99 04:15:36
My Email:crowitch77@earthlink.com
City & State: Canton, MI

I love this site it's got alot of info on Mercy.

Ellen Lovett - 11/11/99 01:27:21
My Email:rllovett@arn.net
City & State: Amarillo, TX 79107

I am searching for T.Jefferson Disbrow who married Ellinor Easton 26 July 1864 at Alden, McHenry, Illinois. Ellinor died at the same place, but I have nothing more on him. Any clues?? Thanks, Ellen

Ronald Disbrow - 11/08/99 12:51:19
My Email:rdisbrow@excite.com
City & State: Port St. Lucie, FL 34953

I am the son of Walter Disbrow, who was the son of Stephen(?) Disbrow of Oyster Bay, NY. I am just starting to search out information on my ancestors for my own information/curiosity.

Carol reynders - 11/08/99 01:51:15
My Email:Ryndrs@aol.com
City & State: Comstock Park

This is a great site....thanks Mike for all the help...you closed the connection gap for me...I've been searching for a long time and this is where I made the right connection

Carol reynders - 11/08/99 01:51:03
My Email:Ryndrs@aol.com
City & State: Comstock Park

This is a great site....thanks Mike for all the help...you closed the connection gap for me...I've been searching for a long time and this is where I made the right connection

Chris Collins - 10/30/99 02:08:16
My Email:ChrisColl3@aol.com
City & State: Carlsbad, CA

My Disbrows settled in New Brunswick Canada with Noah (b. 1772). His daugher, Caroline Amelia m. Wm Brydone-Jack, Pres of the Univ of New Brunswick. The Disbrow surname ended at Noah for me.

arnold e. willsey - 10/29/99 15:25:56
My Email:awillsey@stny.lrun.com
City & State: Horseheads N.Y.

Looking for Mary Trumbull Who married Andrew Willsey

Lyn Warner - 10/11/99 19:54:40
My Email:lwa2462787@aol.com
City & State: Evanston, IL

I am searching for relative on my father's side: Nettie Warner. I came up with a John Disbro from Branch, MI but looking for more information to confirm if Nettie actually married, married this guy, etc. I will look over your information. My family cen ers in Washtenaw, Lenawee, Genesse and Newaygo counties. Bye now

Lyn Warner - 10/11/99 19:52:01
My Email:lwa2462787@aol.com
City & State: Evanston, IL


NATASHA DISBRAY - 10/11/99 12:44:06
My Email:srarratash@bigpond.com
City & State: melbourne victoria


Pauline Mulanix - 10/06/99 14:49:27
My Email:binx@centurytel.net
City & State: Chesaning MI


Kori Sherman - 10/02/99 20:53:39
My Email:ksher@mill.tds.net
City & State: millington Michigan


- 10/02/99 12:21:03


Theodore C. Disbrow - 09/29/99 05:05:16
My Email:TCDisbrow@prodigy.net
City & State: Mesa, Az 85202

Interested in Disborw geneology. Parents are Lewis and Bernice Disbrow of Warrensburg Il. Long time Disbrow geneology activist.

Richard St.Arnauld - 09/19/99 18:01:58
My Email:arnauldr@worldnet.att.net
City & State: Jupiter,Fl

Researching my wife's DISBROW line from Greene Co NY (Prattsville) and Oyster Bay LI NY. -Steven Joshua DISBROW

John Disbro - 09/13/99 06:13:51
My Email:cnjdisbro@aol.com
City & State: Simi Valley, California

Married to Carolyn, children: Bethany Ann & Glenn Nathan. We live in Simi Valley, California. Family originally from Mentor, Ohio; Father: Glenn E. Disbro, Mother: Kathryn Disbro, Brother: Dr. Larry Disbro, Sister: Connie (Disbro) Herman.

LeRoy W. Kettinger - 09/09/99 03:00:40
My Email:lkettinger@juno.com
City & State: Auburn, New York


- 08/19/99 00:38:19


Mary Disbrow Moses - 08/19/99 00:21:15
My Email:Nicholas_Moses@email.msn.com
City & State: Trenton, Georgia

My Step-father resently adopted me and I am very interested in kowing my new family history.

Bev & Elmer - 08/16/99 23:33:30
My Email:lizziejohn@hotmail.com
City & State: hesperia, MI

We go up to the museum every chance we get. Especially to visit Mr. Disbrow.

Richard W. Hopper - 08/16/99 13:03:12
My Email:rwhopper@onr.com
City & State: Austin, TX

Out of Nicholas Disbrow(e) and Mary Brownson (Bronson) via daughter Hanna, and Lt. John Kelsey.

Rick Sterling - 08/14/99 18:20:12
My URL:http://rickster.org
My Email:rick@rickster.org
City & State: Endicott, NY

I have found two Disbrow daughters in my family tree. My 9th great-grandmother Martha d/o Peter Disbrow of Rye, New York on my dad's side and on my mom's side my 8th great-grandmother Sarah d/o Nicholas of Hartford. Thank you for such an informative website!! best regards, Rick

Patti Hulet - 08/10/99 01:23:02
My Email:foxybear@usasn.com
City & State: Mesa, AZ

I was excited to see your web page. I hope I have made a good connection. Sorry to hear that volume one is not available closer to me.

Dee Abrahamse - 07/26/99 03:29:46
My Email:dabraham@csulb.edu
City & State: Long Beach, CA

I just discovered this page, and wonder if you can help me identify Abigail Disbrow, born about 1810, married Henry Van Siclen about 1835 in New York or Brooklyn.

Gloria Weller - 07/26/99 01:48:17
My Email:rweller@hamilton.net

My great great grandmother (Lucinda Mapes Bates) married Elias Disbrow on 7-25-1869 in Livingston Co. Michigan. This was her second husband. Her first being Selah Mapes who died during the Civil War. I was just checking to see if their was a connection to your descendants. Gloria

Stephen T. Squires - 07/25/99 02:54:49
My Email:jyscoach@uconn.cted.net
City & State: Storrs, CT

Your site always gets better! Great job. Some big news: just checked out "new" Mercy Holbridge/Thomas Disbrow information at Latter Day Saints site: FAMILYSEARCH!! Some amazing new stuff there, accuracy not guaranteed, but SEVERAL named sources with addre ses to check out. This "new" info includes exact dates for Thomas birth at "Eltisley, Cambridge", a named Disbrow dad from there: "James", a previous named marriage with exact date, England, year date for marriage to Mercy (1676), etc, etc (several list d sources!). Also note one "Abigail Disbrow" listed as born 1686, Milford, New Haven, CT with our own ancestors named as parents!! What's this all about do you think? Certainly warrants looking into, if not more detailed verification check. Perhaps yo have already done this. ENJOY, STEVE (we have e-mail now!).

Leslie Stepp - 07/23/99 00:15:05
My Email:ispitbite@aol.com
City & State: Woodside CA

Looking for information of Disbrows from Minnehaha county (Arthur,Algernon, Sidney, Catherine Disbrow Hill) or Diana Shoe Disbrow.

James Disbrow - 07/21/99 21:29:06
My Email:jdisbrow@symvionics.com
City & State: Lancaster, CA

Hi everyone, I was born in LaPorte, Indiana in 1946. My father was Charles Edward Disbrow, born in LaPorte, IN on January 6, 1926. I had an uncle, Glen Disbrow, cousins, Larry and Gayle Disbrow. I have 3 younger sisters, Diana, Linda, and Tari, who hav all married and live at various places throughout Indiana. I would be interested in finding out who my paternal grandfather was. I believe his name was Earl Disbrow, but I'm not real sure. Just something that sticks in my most distant memories. I wou d also be interested in any geneology information that links to me.

nancie - 07/21/99 04:20:34
My Email:nquigley@cupe.ca
City & State: nb canada

hi mike! getting some pictures of disbrow gravesites to send off to you....any idea on how to get a good picture of the old white tombstones. i don't think the names will come out and all we'll see is the stone.

Susan Disbrow Silva - 07/19/99 14:20:59
My Email:silva23@llnl.gov
City & State: Pleasanton, Ca.


gabriel disbrow - 07/09/99 00:27:50
My Email:ddisbrow@up.net
City & State: negaunee michigan


Cheryl Gratton - 07/06/99 22:19:15
My Email:CherylG41@aol.com
City & State: Garden City, Michigan

Hi Mike!! I'm Alan G. Disbrow's oldest daughter. It seems like our family only is getting together at funerals anymore! My son, Patrick, found this site by going under "Disbrow", and a friend of mind just e-mailed me about it. My grandpa would have been proud!

susan charlotte (disbrow) schroeder - 07/04/99 13:53:00
My Email:www.scsrose@aol.com
City & State: arlington heights, illinois

i am the last disbrow in our family line. father grant valentine disbrow jr., grandfather- grant valentine disbrow sr., great-grandfather-charles disbrow. family lived in new york at one time, then in michigan near detroit. my sister is jacqueline an disbrow . we are the only children of grant disbrow jr.-died 1969. i've just started looking for our roots on the web, but did some research at the library a number of years ago.

Rodger Beyer - 07/03/99 12:04:43
My Email:rbeyer@bellsouth.net
City & State: Covington, La.

A fellow Oakley researcher kindly directed me to this web page. I am attempting to expand to com- pletion a listing of all descendants of Miles Oakley I (1645-1682), one of which, Phoebe Devoe, married Benjamin Disbrow, Jr. I have been able to expand this line 2 generations so far and would like to get subsequent generations, is available.

Donna Lee Disbrow Sienkiewicz - 06/30/99 01:27:44
My Email:donna858@aol.com
City & State: Stratford, Ct

My father was Raymond Disbrow, son of George R. Disbrow, both of Westport, Ct. My brother is Gary R Disbrow of Seymour, Ct.

Linda S.Disbrow Bertolino - 06/29/99 17:35:25
My Email:nightowl@orbitworld.net
City & State: League City, Texas

I am interested in information on the Disbrow line of Roy Edward Disbrow and Archie Disbrow.. those are the names of my father and grandfather.. this site is very nice and hope I can link up...

Linda Alcorn - 06/28/99 03:41:57
My Email:linalcorn@aol.com
City & State: Canaan, In


Candy Hawlblitz - 06/26/99 23:37:17
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/RainForest/7606
My Email:catsmeow@mis.net
City & State: Owenton, KY

Hi there! Just found this site while trying to research my Mother's side of the family. Her maiden name was Disbro (no "w"), and we never knew the origin of the name. My Grandfather's name was Frank Disbro and Grandmother's was Nellie Mae Disbro (Allard). I also had several aunts and uncles who are no deceased. (My Mother is deceased, also.) I'd just like to find out the origin of the name and trace my ancestry. I'm Irish ALL THE WAY on my father's side, but always wondered about Mother's side of the family. Thanks!! :-))

- 06/26/99 22:54:00
My Email:MsHarvLady
City & State: St. Louis, MO

I stumble onto this DISBROW news page by accident. It is fascinating to read. My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Disbrow, b 1823 in Waterford, Upper Canada. Does anyone know anything about her family?

Karen S. Cooke - 06/25/99 07:14:36
City & State: Miami Shores,Fl

My mother's maiden name is Disbrow and I have often wondered about it's origins . I linked up to the Disbrow family web site via FamilySearch.org.

Jo Anne Makely - 06/25/99 04:30:12
My Email:bowser@francomm.com
City & State: Jewett, Greene, NY


lbrown - 06/20/99 22:54:39
My Email:lbrown@bayserve.net
City & State: annapolis md

great -hope we can help each other

Arlene Marie Coleman - 06/20/99 15:29:51
My Email:colemana@erols.com
City & State: Doylestown, Pa.

Hi. My Mother was a Disbrow. Over the past several years two of her cousins have done quite a bit if research on the Disbrow family but there are some "missing links". I've just been told of your webpage and will be checking things out ASAP. I'm anxious to see what all you have here. Arlene Coleman

CINDY ARNOLD - 06/19/99 16:53:52


Lois Leijdecker-Ott - 06/17/99 01:46:54
My Email:lloracer@pacbell.net
City & State: San Francisco CA

I've been way too busy with work stuff, so haven't had much time to visit your great web site. Will try to check in more often. The server list sounds like an excellent idea to keep us all in touch. I'm anxiously awaiting the word on subscribing. Lois

Ray W. de Yarmin - 06/14/99 21:37:13
My Email:holopuni@prodigy.net
City & State: Port Orchard, WA

Hopefully I MAY find/locate helpful info on Joseph Disbrow of Bedford, PA.

Jimmie Lynn Disbrow - 06/10/99 01:41:54
My Email:ldisbrow@fullnet.net
City & State: Oklahoma City, OK 73120


Karen Disbrow - 06/09/99 03:55:43
My Email:Kmeadiz@aol.com
City & State: La Verne, CA

I am married to Henry William Disbrow whose father also was named Henry William. His relatives come from the Conneaut, Ohio area. He has two sisters, Katherine and Mary Ann and 1 brother named George who alllive in Erie, Pa. I would like to find out mo e about this line of Disbrow's

Pat Kozal - 06/07/99 21:37:14
My Email:kozalpat@aquinas.edu
City & State: Grand Rapids, MI

Hi Mike! So glad to have found your site on the Web. I accessed this through familysearch (LDS). Your work is great, as always. Glad to see you are also looking into Holbridge. When I was growing up there was a Mouseketeer named Cheryl Holdridge, who later mar ied the son of millionairess Barbara Hutton (Woolworth fortune). Cheryl retired to the Aspen or Vail area, I believe. I think her father had been an officer in the service. Always wondered if there was a connection. Two other cemetaries of note: Ashael and Abigail Disbrow are buried in Greene County, New York. And their daughter, Polly Disbrow West, wife of Benj., is buried in Raisin Twnsp Cemetary, Lenawee Co., MI. Keep up the good work. Best, Pat Kozal

Sharon Eleanore Raihle - 06/04/99 14:57:45
My Email:raihlese.execpc.com
City & State: Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

I am the daughter of Cecil George and Eleanore Pauline Disbrow. I have two sisters, Kathy Joy (Rogers)12/21/41 and Paula Jean (Brabec) 12/26/46. I was born 3/8/37 and married to David Havre Raihle

Sharon eleanore Raihle (nee Disbrow) - 06/04/99 14:47:32
My Email:raihlese.execpc.com
City & State: Chippewa Falls, WI

I am the eldest of three daughters of Cecil George Disbrow and Eleanor Pauline Disbrow, born in Wausau, WI 3/8/37, married to David Havre Raihle. My sisters are Kathleen Joy born 12/21/41 and Paula Jean born 12/26/46. If you need any more information e-mail me. My father was the son of Daniel and Lulu. There were 9 other siblings. My grandparents lived in Wausau as did my father and his parents came from the Nacoosa area. My grandmother or greatgrandmother was I believe a Hobart

M Margetts - 06/02/99 20:38:21
My Email:Maureen_Margetts@popg.sd27.bc.ca
City & State: Williams Lake, B.C. Canada


Shari Sewell - 06/02/99 16:19:48
My Email:sharisewell@hotmail.com
City & State: Seattle WA

My great grandparents were Claude & Nora (Hanson) Disbrow from Lakeside Montana. They had two daughters Claudine & Shirley.

Brenda Catron (Disbro) - 06/01/99 20:57:35
My Email:brendac@nltc.net
City & State: New Lisbon, In. 47366

I am interested in the history of the Disbro name as that was my father's name.

Wendy Sparks - 05/30/99 11:13:34
My Email:sparks@flare.net
City & State: seneca falls, ny

I saw your book at NEHGR library. Fantastic. Would like to buy it. Just found your site thru LDS.

Jimmie L. Disbrow - 05/30/99 04:12:41
My Email:ldisbrow@fullnet.net
City & State: Oklahoma City, OK 73120


Joan Nash Nourani - 05/27/99 16:33:29
My URL:http://nourani@ccio.com
My Email:nourani@ccio.com
City & State: Woodland, CA

My line comes from the English John (b.ca1550-1578)& Joan DISBOROWE. My Great grandmother being the immigrant to the U.S. Her name was Louisa A'Hmuty Desborough NASH [1838-1922]

Brandilyn Ruppell - 05/14/99 21:00:14
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~brandilyn/mygen.htm
My Email:ruppell@bigfoot.com
City & State: Kaiserslautern, Germany

Hello, I can fill in a few blanks for everyone. In the Descendants book part 2 it states that Lewis Dimon Disbrow had no known children. Well, I have information otherwise. Lewis and Harriet had a daughter named Lois. She married a Ruppell and had a s n named David. He married and had a son, David, Jr. I am married to David, Jr. I have the complete information if anyone needs it. I'm looking for cousins of this line. Thank you. Brandilyn Ruppell

Angie Telepenko - 05/13/99 04:45:23
My Email:atelepen@edmc.net
City & State: Edmonton, AB, Canada

I'm yet another descendant of William Prindle and Mary Desborough through their son Joseph. There sure are a lot of them out there! Great site.

Donna Pelcha - 05/10/99 02:22:05
My Email:Zelzah58@aol.com
City & State: Gray, La

I enjoyed getting the newsletter. I'm still puttering with genealogy. I am interested in finding Dr. Ira Disbro's family bible. I understand it was sold at an auction. Does anyone know if it is a member of the family that has it or a nonfamily member hat remembered him.

Astrid Disbrowe - 05/09/99 01:40:47
My Email:jandamac@escape.ca
City & State: Winnipeg, Mb. CA

Would the Disbrows in U.S. be related to the Disbrowes in Canada? I am a descendant of Henry Sharp Disbrowe who was Canon of Lincoln Cathedral, England. Please advise.

Anne Dalbey - 05/05/99 22:14:28
My Email:dananne@fidalgo.net
City & State: Anacortes, WA

Love the WEB page, Mike. However, when I clicked What's New nothing happened. It wouldn't download.

Laurel Damon Steffes - 05/05/99 18:53:45
My Email:steffes@ptd.net
City & State: Orefield, PA

Hello cousins! I descend from Benjamin and Polly (Disbrow) West. If there is anyone else out there who also descends from this couple and is looking for the line of Benjamin West, please contact me. Three of us have been working on this for some months a d have had no luck. Misery loves company, you know! :-) This is a great site. Also have both books and have found them invaluable. Thanks for all your hard work, Michael.

Janneke Disbrow - 05/05/99 17:56:31
My Email:jdisbrow@downer.com
City & State: Winthrop, MA

I've signed the Guestbook in the past - just wanted to let you know I still look in from time to time.

Elizabeth Vandervort - 05/01/99 19:16:23
City & State: Portland, Or

My mother was Mary Amelia Disbrow, her father was George Disbrow, he was born in Hood River. His father was Algernon Sidney Disbrow, he was born in 1855 in Alden, Mchenry county, Illinois. He married Mary M. Goddard in Toapi, South Dakota in 1880. They had three daughters: Ruth, Pearl & Mary. My grandfat er George was their only son.

Richard Gustafson - 05/01/99 03:19:29
My Email:ConsultGus@aol.com
City & State: Pagosa Springs, CO

My mother is Betty Jean Phyllis (Disbrow) Gustafson of Lake Oswego, Oregon. My grandfather was Ira Reuel Disbrow. He was born in a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail and settled in Grants Pass, Oregon. Looking forward to filling out the family tree with M chael's work.

David J. Gips - 04/28/99 19:51:11
My Email:djgips@hotmail.com
City & State: Provincetown, MA

Researching BATTEY family genealogy: Nancy Battey married Nathan A. DISBROW in western New York ; moved to Alden, McHenry Co., IL 1840's where Nancy died in 1887 ; Nathan to Owatonna, MN where he died 1911 ; 6 children ; have some info, seeking more, read to share. Thanks

cheryl disbrow kinsel - 04/25/99 22:02:38
My Email:kiowa@erinet.com
City & State: xenia, ohio

Looking forDavis and Disbrows that are related. I sure their is someone out there who can help me. I have three great aunts Emma, Anna, and Jenny Disbrow all three from Clinton county, Ohio and married men with the last name of Davis. I believe that Emma moved to one of the Dakota's while Anna moved to Illinois and I lost track of Jenny she moved out o Xenia Ohio around 1900 and married to a man with the last name of Davis I can not remember the first name at this time. Jenny had a twin brother, Joseph, who was my grandfather. any help you could send me would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. kiowa@erinet.com

Sharon Disbrow - 04/25/99 15:15:55
My Email:STichacek@aol.com
City & State: New Jersey


Doyle A. Disbrow, Jr - 04/23/99 19:35:15
My Email:disbrow@michweb.net
City & State: Kalkaska, Mi

I'll bet you never thought you would have a response from a relative only 25 miles to the north. How have you been? Long time since I heard from you. Glad you are still alive and kicking. Doyle

Beau Disbrow - 04/23/99 04:26:22
My Email:beaudis@excite.com
City & State: Anchorage, AK

My grandfather (Lawrence Disbrow) and his mother were abandoned by his father when he was only a toddler. They lived in east Texas but I think that he was born in North Dakota. He never spoke of his father's name and I've always been interested in findi g out the history of my unique last name. It would seem that the Disbrows remain concentrated around New Jersey (from the websites that I've found) and there aren't any others in the state of Alaska. I'm excited about your site and what I might find the e. Beau Disbrow

David L. Disbrow - 04/22/99 18:14:01
My Email:dizcre8s@hotmail.com
City & State: Franklin, TN

I just discovered the site and need to look it over before I make too many comments. I'm glad it is here though. Thanks

Guy Disbrowe - 04/17/99 14:29:52
My Email:MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com

Thanks to Mike For His efforts in placing My Uncle Harold's book on Major-General John Disbrowe on his web site. This is a lot of work and I hope many of the visitors take time to download it to read. It is a history of our family in England.

yt - 04/09/99 21:45:46
My Email:Bee9-87@snet.net
City & State: unknown

I am a legal disbrow cool huh?where are all the pictures of us Disbrows I thought I was on here. Oh well cool enouph any way!!!!!! are you a Disbrow Iam guess what my best friends aren't Disbrows isn't that strange They don't even care I would cause the D sbrows Rock don't you know cause you should unless you're not a disbrow cause then you shouldn't be reading this so if you're not then marry one Ha he ha he ha he he he !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha

Laura (Disbro) Charles - 04/03/99 23:16:12
My Email:ljdizzy@aol.com
City & State: DeWitt,MI

Hi Mike! I am the daughter of Shirley Disbro of Lansing, MI. I am new to the internet and was just browsing and found your web page. Very impressive! Lots of interesting information! Already have your books (a gift from mom!) Keep up the good work! Laura

Candice Bradley - 04/03/99 00:11:33
My URL:http://www.athenet.net/~djbyrne/
My Email:djbyrne@athenet.net
City & State: Appleton, WI

Hi Mike! I'm really looking forward to receiving your two Disbrow books. I descend from Thomas Disbrow. My father's grandmother is Florence Amelia Disbrow (pictures of her on my webpage!), from Dundee and Starkey, Yates county NY and Tyrone, Schulyer co nty, NY. Florence married Charles Knapp Newberry in Yates county and all moved to Rochester. Florence's parents are Ira S. Disbrow and Mary Jane Hause. Ira's parents were Lodowick Disbrow and Elizabeth Sunderlin. Lots of my Disbrow relatives are buried in the same plot at Rochester's Mt. Hope Cemetery -- I'll soon put that nfo on my webpage. I'd love to hear from Disbrow cousins from Yates county. Candice

Margaret Engle - 03/26/99 22:41:10
My Email:maengle@ameritech.net
City & State: Ann Arbor, MI

I'm the grand-daughter of Grace (Disbrow) Engle She was born in Hillsdale Co., MI in 1876 and was the daughter of Horatio A. and Hattie (Carmichael) Disbrow. Anyone ever heard of them? Thanks for a great web page.

Gregory Disbrow - 03/25/99 01:15:35
My Email:gdisbrow@sanctum.com
City & State: New Port Richey, FL


Tony van Hover - 03/24/99 21:50:44
My Email:avh@netkonnect.net
City & State: Bethesda, MD

I have an ancester by the name of John Disbrowe (Major General) brother-in-law to Oliver Cromwell. Are any of the US branches of that family related? My family is still in England. Regards, Tony

James Disbrow - 03/13/99 06:37:30
My Email:semajyorel
City & State: medford or

My name is James Disbrow, my dad is Delbert Disbrow. Dad was born in Turner, Oregon. I was born in Germany. We both live in Medford, Oregon. My mother is Edel Disbrow. My wife is Joyce Disbrow.

Mary Disborough - 03/09/99 15:08:56

What a surprise to find you. I live in Indianapolis. My father was Richard Disborough

Barbara Nash - 03/07/99 04:16:25
My Email:bnash@mail.m-hip.com
City & State: Nevada

Just looking! Your surname is a variant of the Desborough surname in my "tree". I like what you've done.

Dede Payne - 03/05/99 02:49:33
My Email:jpayne@ipa.net
City & State: Rogers, AR

Just found this web page and can tell that I will be spending hours going thru this great info. I descend from Thomas and Mercy (Holdbridge) Disbrow. Am trying to find the correct way that Wait Disbrow b 1779 spelled her name, at birth anyway. Thanks, nd keep up the good work. Dede

Patrick Disbrow - 03/02/99 07:16:54
My Email:dragonlord@unforgettable.com
City & State: Garden City, MI

I am the great-grandson of the late Alan and Ruth Disbrow of Benzonia.

William Dean Disbrow - 02/25/99 19:20:13
My Email:pambill@lynnet.com
City & State: Branchport, N.Y.

I'm new at this computer stuff. Found your page interesting. My grandfather was William Harrison Disbrow-died in the mid 60's, age 72. Grandma's maiden name was Copson. Came over from England as a child, died about 15 yrs. ago, age 97. Their farm was boug t by the state & is part of Keuka Lake State Park.

Guy Disbrowe - 02/22/99 18:11:39
My Email:MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com
City & State: Toronto Canada

To William Disbrow; Your e-mail address doesn't seem to work. I would like to mail you, so please confirm your e-mail address,here in the guest book. Or mail me. Thanks.

wilbur crawford disbrow III - 02/21/99 22:16:33
My Email:W4I9L@aol.com
City & State: east bridgewater mass


Leo Krupp - 02/13/99 20:47:02
My Email:krupleo@shianet.org
City & State: Durand MI

Wow! I didn't even know you had a web page. I can tell I'll be picking your brains about web pages whether I get into genealogy or not !!

Phyllis Reynolds-Krist - 02/13/99 03:02:57
My Email:rpjk3@webtv.net
City & State: Lakeland, Fl

I'm no relation to the Disbrow family but had the pleasure of having a Disbrow for a best friend. I am currently searching for her. The name is Yvette A. Disbrow. She has one sister and graduated from Dorman H.S. in Spartanburg, SC I would really lik it if anyone can help me. Feel free to e-mail me. THANK YOU LOTS 1111

Guy Disbrowe - 02/12/99 16:43:49
My Email:MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com
City & State: Toronto

This my second visit. I would like to hear from any interested in Major John Disbrowe Of the Army Of The Restoration. He was brother in law to Oliver Cromwell. Anyone traveling to England might like to visit some the places the family name can be found. My information is limited by I may have something of interest. Guy

mary disbrow - 02/11/99 21:23:56
City & State: willows, ca

i am the 16 year old daughter of william e. disbrow and carla jo disbrow.

Kay (Bishop) Blossingham - 02/08/99 17:52:53
My Email:G1K2BLOSS@aol.com
City & State: Westland, MI

Just surfed in from the MANTON, page. BISHOP, BRIGGS, & WAITE's from that area are my research. Good page.

Mark Bennett - 02/06/99 05:19:20
My Email:mpbennett1@aol.com
City & State: Egbert, WY

Hi there... I am also researching a Branch of DISBROW out of early Rye, NY back to Peter DISBROW & Sarah KNAPP.

William Disbrow - 02/05/99 03:48:45
My Email:ridgetop@interlog
City & State: Toronto.On.Ca

I thought we were the last of them? My Dad has our complete tree. It does tie into yours Contact me for further info

Carol Parten - 01/31/99 22:16:52
My Email:carolp@nethost.multnomah.lib.or.us
City & State: Portland, Oregon

I know very little about the family background of my paternal grandmother whose maiden name was Disbrow. I know of a sister(my great-aunt) named Alice. There may have been more siblings. Apparently the Disbrow family had resided in Michigan and later move to Idaho. I also recall the name of Pat Disbrow who was my father's cousin (possibly Alice's son). Any links to the family history are deceased, so I'm starting out with very little information and no experience in geneology. I was pleased to find this w b site.

Stephen Disbrow - 01/30/99 05:53:50
My Email:Stibits@aol.com
City & State: Manhattan, KS

Hello all Disbrow's! Any relation to Harry or Olive Disbrow, please E-Mail. Thanks!

daniel disbrow - 01/27/99 06:41:28
My Email:nfldan8103
City & State: provo utah

any relations to archie herald or ruby elizabeth, let me know

Barbara Disbrow Andrews - 01/12/99 15:17:56
My Email:Barbara.Andrews@Paragonrehab.com
City & State: Wall, NJ

Hi Michael: I am Cathy Disbrow's Aunt. Our side of the family is having our first Disbrow Reunion in Williamsburg, VA this August. I have only researched and contacted the decendents of George Ward Disbrow, which is my grandfather. For most of us, this will be our first contact with Disbrows and for others, our first contact in 40 years. I would like to do a Family Chart for everyone and was wondering if you knew of a good software package I could purchase which would serve our needs best. Eventually, I would like to trace further back and have received some info from my Uncle which belo ged to my grandfather about the French connection to our family. Will keep you informed as I go. Barbara

janet shada - 01/10/99 21:07:51
My Email:jazzjanet@netscape.net
City & State: C.B. Iowa


Andrea Clark - 01/07/99 22:20:22
City & State: Grand Rapids, MI

My family is related to some Disbrows. If you want to know more e-mail me at Lilly@aol.com

Jeff Richards - 01/04/99 05:31:13
City & State: Enfield, CT.

Hello, I am recently getting into the genealogy of my family. My wife and I have rapidly become addicted/obsessed with the excitement. I have borrowed your two books of Thomas D. descendents. I have found it fascinating. You and your committees have don a wonderful job. I have heard rumor of a third volume. Is this true? I am connected via my uncle by marriage (Leon Disbro) -you know, the one in your book without the "w". His wife is my fathers sister. I wonder if I am wasting a lot of time entering data into my family tree maker. I am basically enterring ever name, da e, specific interesting detail into my own tree. Is there something already on file with all of this info that can download into my tree? I am even interested enough to purchase my own books (though I need to recoup from x-mas first)haha. I found out a out your website about 10 minutes ago when another Disbrow returned my e-mail. I found her on the World wide web under the entry of Thomas Disbrow. I cant wait to get in and read your pages. Great Job, Jeff Richards

Linda P. Brown - 01/01/99 02:01:00
My Email:lbrown@bayserve.net
City & State: Annapolis, MD 21403


Steven John Disbrow - 12/27/98 05:39:46
My Email:dizy@gte.net
City & State: Hudson, Florida

Originally born in Hingham, grew up in Hanover, Mass. Moved to Florida in 77. Father Ronald I. Disbrow (Boston, Mass)Grandfather: Wilbur C. Disbrow (dec.) WWI veteran. (Boston, Mass).

Nathan Disbro - 12/27/98 03:43:08
My Email:ndisbro@crawford.com
City & State: Atlanta, Georgia

Hello, I'm currently residing in atlanta but, originally I was born and raised in branch county, Michigan.

Guy Disbrowe - 12/23/98 18:39:09
My Email:MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com
City & State: Toronto,Ont.,Canada

To whom it it may concern. I have a well researched Disbrowe Family Tree. This tree predates 1500AD,in content. I believe that most North American Disbrowe families and the varient spellings decend from this lineage. The family line is clear from 1600AD f rward with the spelling with the terminal "e", and suggest links to the other spellings. Anyone interested in an exchange of info please contact me. I am new to the internet please bear with me. MrDiz_TO@yahoo.com

JOHN D. DISBRO - 12/22/98 22:08:58
My Email:john@toprinting.com
City & State: WESTLAKE, CA


Michelle Haff - 12/16/98 06:49:39
My Email:mkhaff@hotmail.com
City & State: Aurora, NY

What a great compilation this is! I am the daughter of Carol Disbrow and grandaughter of Thomas C. and Myra Disbrow of Dundee, NY (Yates County) and I have seen the books you published, but I am super pleased to see that there is a web page too! Much appreciation for your hard work.

Julia Disbro Warren - 12/12/98 04:22:48
My Email:Tag908@aol.com
City & State: Houston Tx

My mothers maiden name is Disbro, and she told me that there was a family history about it on here so i thought that i may want to check it out and here i am well um thats all for now ~@~JDW~@~

DISBROW JAMES EDWARD - 12/11/98 15:15:18


Andrew Disbrow - 12/11/98 02:08:37
My URL:http://oz.plymouth.edu/~a_disbro http://OBIWAN.ENDOR.COM/~disbrow
My Email:disbrow@endor.com
City & State: Grafton, NH

no comment at this time..

Benjamin Disbrowe - 12/08/98 21:50:06
City & State: Ontario Canada

My father once told me about a whole bunch of Disbrowes in america I live in Mississauga which is just out side Toronto.

stephen squires - 12/08/98 02:30:45
My Email:snail
City & State: Storrs CT 06268

Mike: Two points of interest. 1= Finally saw booklet called "DEAR SISTER: A Compilation of Letters of the Disbrow Family of Yates County NY; ca 1860-64". Fascinating prime sources on a up-NY State Disbrow family from Civil War era. Published Dec '96 y compiler Marvin A Minton, 8402 Chippingham, Cordova TN 38018. No family relation, he received letters from relative who handles estate sales. Contact him for a copy, this publication should be made more widely known to your web browsers. #2= A solution to Thomas Disbrow's "Will" we discussed, re:"heirs to Jennings estate", etc. Finally reviewed Jennings Family genealogies at CT State Library. Absolutely fascinating, but seems my ancestor David Disbrow may have indulged in wishful th nking about a fabulous "treasure" widely discussed at turn of 19th century. Seems one WM Jennings of Acton, Eng, died with $80 million in his estate & no one to give it too but believed to have American heirs. A mad scramble over here to establish claim to this fortune that continued well into 19th c. as my own David Ellis Disbrow would have known. Outcome of this scramble is unknown by me so far. Perhaps it was kept by Lady Howe of famous 18th c family as she made some claims over there then. Will orward by snail further particulars on this fascinating "treasure quest"! Long time no hear; Steve Squires, 4 Storrs Hgts Storrs, CT 06268.

Debra Toby (Disbrow) Lobdell - 12/03/98 04:58:16
My Email:lecaplo@pacifer.com
City & State: Vancouver, WA

born Debra T. Disbrow 28Jul70 father David LeRoy Disbrow born 10Apr49 David's brothers: Dennis and Dwayne David's sisters: Carol and Darlene David's parents: Alfred and Violet Disbrow Dennis is in Las Vegas, NV David is in Nashville, TX all others in Vancouver, WA I have a family history I will scan and email if you wish. Nice to meet you.

Donald D. Forgie - 12/02/98 03:38:35
My Email:ddforgie@kingsnet.com
City & State: Hanford, California


Fran Smock Woodroofe - 11/30/98 02:27:07
My Email:franw@umich.edu
City & State: Ann Arbor, Mi.

I am so thankful I found the two volume Disbrow genealogy at the State Library. I now know my great3grandparents died in Michigan instead of New York as I had thought for many years! (Cornelius and Amarilla Smock) I would certainly like to know his mother's maiden name. First name Margaret.

Bertha May Hall - 11/29/98 20:42:54
My Email:BMH@99main.com
City & State: Plainfield, Ct. 06374


alan beresford - 11/28/98 10:38:33
My Email:bez@renrut61.freeserve.co.uk
City & State: derbyshire uk

I am married to Pamela Disbrow and have done some research here in the uk.

Betty Damiano - 11/27/98 00:45:41
My Email:Betty17@msn.com
City & State: Binghamton, NY


Jeff Goodrich - 11/12/98 18:20:51
City & State: Shelbyville Tn.

I used to be a Disbrow before my mom and dad were married and my dad adopted me.

Jim L. Disbrow - 11/08/98 07:59:24
My URL:http://home.talkcity.com/MigrationPath/jdisbrow/index.html
My Email:JimDisbrow@yahoo.com
City & State: Pipestone, MN

Great work on a family page!

NANCIE (DISBROW) QUIGLEY - 11/04/98 22:08:43
My Email:nquigley@cupe.ca
City & State: CANADA


Sandra Jennings-Jones - 10/30/98 06:08:59
My Email:Jenjons@aol.com
City & State: Woodland, CA

Hi Michael! Enjoyed your site. My 8th great-grandparents were Thomas Disbrow, Sr. and Mercy Holbridge Nichols. Keep up the good work! Sandra

Wayne Disbrow - 10/24/98 00:39:33
My Email:sdisbrow@sovernet.com
City & State: rochester, vt.

I'm Wayne from Wayne, NJ. My father's name was Donald Disbrow and he was born in Brooklyn, New York City on May 1,1913. I'm also Uncle to Donald Varos who is entered in this guest book also. My daughters are Jessica and Rachel Disbrow and live in East Randolph, Vermont. My wife's name is Susan Disbrow. I'm the owner of a Garden Center in Rochester, Vt named Hemlock Ridge.

Donna Pelcha - 10/23/98 00:23:52
My Email:Zelzah58@aol.com
City & State: Gray, La.

My mother was a Disbro, her father Orvin,his Ira, his Israel, Do you have any of these listed?

Nancy S. Geist - 10/18/98 03:40:55
My Email:nansown @juno.com
City & State: New Carlisle, IN

Just checking in on your updates, and I think they are great! I really like the cemetery listings, they can be of immense help in tracing family lines. Thank you for your help and keep up the great page. Nancy

Jean Bergmann - 10/16/98 18:58:55
My Email:JMBergmann@aol.com
City & State: Wellford, SC

Hey, Mike, I had to come to Tennessee to get on the guest book.

Nancie Disbrow - 09/24/98 20:26:48
City & State: Canada

My mother was Janet Macmillan. My father was William Gray Disbrow (Bill). Grandfather was Dr. John Robert Disbrow and he had one sister who never married and her name was Mansel. Great grandfather was Dr. William Gray Disbrow and I don't know if he had any brothers or sisters but it seems he was a graduate of Harvard University and practiced medicine here in New Brunswick, Canada. Other than that, we are not sure of where we come from. I'm not too computer literate and once my e-mail is hooked up, I'll put it in this guestbook.

Nancy S. Geist - 09/24/98 15:13:23
My Email: nansown@juno.com
City & State: New Carlisle, IN

Just checking back on this page and wanted to say Hello again. Mom enjoys your books, and we are off in other directions for a while now.

Bernard & Zelma Kolousek - 09/18/98 03:21:28
My Email: bkolousek@proaxis.com
City & State: Sweet Home, OR

Great page. A lot of good information.

Stafford-Ames Morse - 09/15/98 14:18:39
My Email: MorseSA@aol.com
City & State: Seattle, Wash

Like your up-dates.

Lynn Disbrow - 09/14/98 09:21:43
My Email: led-jr@rocketmail.com
City & State: Kennewick, WA, USA

Nice site - enjoyed it!

Stephanie Walgamott - 09/14/98 05:41:50
My Email: walgamot@uiuc.edu
City & State: Champaign, IL

I was searching for sites with my last name "Walgamott" in them, and for some reason I was guided here, but I couldn't find anything. Maybe we're related somehow.

Guelda A. "Gwen" Butler - 04/06/98 12:18:06
My Email: Pestwo@aol.com
Location: Phx., AZ, USA


Lenore - 03/27/98 22:45:22
My Email: lenhai@hollinet.com

I am descended from Sarah Prindle, daughter of Nathan, son of Nathan, son of Ebenezer, son Of William PRINDLE/PRINGLE who married Mary Disborough in New Haven 7 Dec 1655. I know nothing about Mary ~ anyone out there who can help me? Thanks so much!
Janneke Disbrow - 03/26/98 16:33:24
My Email: jdisbrow@downer.com
Location: Boston, MA

My father, William Cook Disbrow IV, was born in New York (NYC, I think) on August 18, 1910. He was an only child. I don't know where his father was born, though I do know they thought of their roots as being in New York. Unfortunately I don't know anything more about his background. My father w s an only child, and his only two children were daughters. I have a Dutch first name because my father's mother was from Holland.

Phyllis Disbro Saling - 03/21/98 16:33:15
My Email: grouse@westol.com
Location: Ligonier,PA


Stephen Disbrow - 03/19/98 07:26:18
My Email: dizzybro@jps.net
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca USA

We have Book number 2.

Donald Varos - 03/19/98 01:41:50
My Email: sf075@hotmail.com
Location: Fayetteville, NC

My mother is Barbra Disbrow from Wayne, NJ. Her father was Donald Disbrow also in Wayne. He worked for a local ice cream delivery co. called Country Club Ice Cream.

Jeanne Kirchner - 03/16/98 17:18:38
My Email: kirchner@prairie.lakes.com
Location: Dundee, MN, USA

I have some information that links me with an Elizabeth Disbrow, born about 1676, died Apr 1714, married to a Joseph Garnsey. I have not substantiated all of this but I am interested in whatever I can find out about her family, and I c me across your site on the internet. Thank you.

Susan Rynz - 03/16/98 02:50:48
My Email: SissyRz@aol.com
Location: Madison Heights, MI

My husband's tie to the Disbrow's is through Polly Disbrow (daughter of Asael, son of Joseph, son of Thomas Jr., son of Thomas and Mercy Disbrow). Polly married Benjamin West and their daughter, Mary married 1.) Martin Lossing and 2.) Nicholas Lossing. Their son Philo, and his son Perry, hi daughter Rhea is my husband's grandmother.

Toccarra Disbro - 03/09/98 13:19:00
Location: Milan, IN., U.S.

-----Interesting name, Toccarra! By the way I'm located in Michigan. I think that puts us on the same side of the world. But thanks for signing! - Mike Disbrow

Judy Disbro Curcio - 03/02/98 21:15:36
My URL: http://www.comcat.com/~demeter
My Email: jcurcio@comcat.com
Location: Philadelphia, PA

I am an artist and art therapist working outside of the Philadelphia area. My father, Robert M. Disbro, the son of John Disbro, a banker from Mentor, Ohio, just died this week from a massive stroke. He was living in Naples Florida with his wife Deanne Disbro, who will now be learning to live her life alone after fifty three years of marriage. I would like to hear from anyone who may be related in some way to the Mentor, Ohio group.

Laura Disbrow Dawson - 03/02/98 20:48:42
My Email: LLDD1@aol.com
Location: Chantilly, VA

Glad to find your page. I'll keep in touch and hope to find some information on my Disbrows. Frederick A. Disbrow married Rose Estelle Lange and their daughter Elsie Eleanor Disbrow. Keep up the great work!

MARILYN L. NICHOLS TRUMBULL - 02/26/98 20:38:48
My Email: gn112@cleveland.freenet.edu
Location: MENTOR, OH 44060, USA

Hi Mike! I've found bits and pieces of printed material that elude to the possibility that widow Mercy Disbrow/Disborough, endicted, but not hung as a witch married into the Nichols family in Fairfield Co., CT. Do you have knowledge that that marriage is credible?

Cathy Disbrow - 02/24/98 18:20:06
My URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~ditzbrain/
My Email:ditzbrain@earthlink.net
Location: Reisterstown,MD, USA

I am part of a whole line of Disbrows from the East Coast New York/New Jersey area. My father (Dave Disbrow) and brother (Stephen) live in Hackettstown, New Jersey. I went to school in Maryland, hence where I live now. I am very strong to my roots and take after the Disbrow side of the family. My father's full name is David Ward my grandfather was Ward and was an officer in WW2. My great grandfather up were doctors in the Newark New Jersey area. I guess my father broke the trend. I am very excited and want to hear from you as much as possible. Check out my web site as well. Cathy

Judy Bergmann - 02/22/98 22:32:09
My Email: judybergmann@alum.mit.edu
Location: Fayetteville, TN, USA

I'm Jean Bergmann's daughter trying to sign the guest book so I can tell her whether I have a problem.

Sandra Disbrow - 02/17/98 06:41:15
My Email: SandraDNY@aol.com
Location: Northport, NY

I'm looking forward to reading your site at length. I've been kicking this family tree stuff about for awhile, but haven't had a lot of luc going back. My Disbrows moved to Oyster Bay on Long Island in the late 1800s. The only thing I know before that is that they came from Upstate New York in the Catskills from either West Kill or Little Kill. If this rings any loud clanging bells for you, I'd appreciate a lead!
http://Storrs CT
My Email: snail mail only
Location: Storrs, CT 06268

Mike, Terrific job posting my booklet ARE THERE WITCHES! Booklet is not a DETAILED history (people should go to your fine books for that), more of an odd, personal experience of history, just as you say so well. On "Holbri ge": ran across a local family named OLDRIDGE (w/ a "D"), runs gardening business (aptly enough), in Ledyard CT. Am told they love genealogy, so we shall see. Thanks again!

Sally Ward - 02/15/98 23:08:43
My Email: SGGAKTWD@msn.com

My Disbrow connection is my husband's ancestor William Newdick bap. 16 Sep 1683 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England who married Ann Disbrow (bap. 14 Apr 1671 Soham?) on 5 Oct 1707 Suffolk. Any connections?

Ron Disbrow - 02/10/98 18:44:35
My Email: rdisbrow@concentric.net

Great to find this site. Please send me e-mail on how to learn more about "Disbrow" name. Thanks, Ron Disbrow

Mary Ellen Howley - 01/14/9817:31:45
My Email: MHowley142
City and state: Wilkes-Barre, PA

My Grandfather, Father, Brother and nephew all have the middle name of Disbrow...My sister-in-law Joan Baker has written to you about our family. When you have the chance, would you write back to me? Thank you, Mary Ellen

william disbrow -01/11/98 23:00:26
City and state: Peterborough, Ont.


Comment: Yes, William, I have information on Noah Disbrow. Please contact me and give me a way to send you information. - Mike Disbrow.

Diane Rae Disbrow (Sommers) - 01/04/9806:06:17
My Email: patrico@pacbell.com
City and state: Folsom, California

My father is James Claude Disbow. I was born in Des Moines, Iowa, 1951. My mother was Peggy Ann Disbrow (Hill), also born in Des Moines, Iowa. Thank You for the Web Page.

Lois Leijdecker-Ott - 01/02/98 05:40:52
My Email: lloracer@pacbell.net
City and state: San Francisco, CA

Hi, Mike! The additions look good. Jean will be sending you additions/corrections. Keep up the good work. We really enjoy seeing it all.

Nancy Simpson Geist - 01/02/98 01:20:26
My Email: nansown@juno.com
City and state: New Carlisle, IN

Newfound descendant of James (Walker) Disbrow/Sophia Pludentia Cady. Will digest the new info and see what other questions come up.This page will be of immense help. Thanks. N

David Disbrow - 12/26/97 00:18:31
City and state: Philadelphia, PA

I am a stage actor in Philadelphia as well as a musician who just released a CD. My sister, Debra Disbrow, is graduating college and is also an actor. Thank you for your page.

Connie Disbro Herman - 12/25/9720:52:21
My Email: Kaherman@vassar.edu
City and state: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Hello, I am the daughter of Glenn Edward Disbro, grand-daughter of John E. Disbro, great-grand-daughter of E.R.Disbro. Recently, I have become interested in our genealogy, thanks to my brilliant brother, Larry G. Disbro. Proud to be part of the Family!!!! Avidly perused your books, Mike, found them fascinating. Send any info on how to sign up for the family newsletter to my beautiful daughter, future diplomat and student at Vassar College, Katey Herman.

Lois Leijdecker-Ott- 12/20/97 06:23:34
My Email: lloracer@pacbell.net
City and state:San Francisco, CA

Jean Bergmann has also tried to sign the guest book but tells me she has been unsuccessful. Just wanted you to know, Mike.

Mike Barry - 12/08/9701:24:31
My Email: barrymk@erols.com
City and state: Vienna, Virginia

My grandmother was Margaret Beach Disbrow, who lived for most of her life in New Milford, Conn. which is not too far from the orginal Disbrow holdings in Fairfield. In fact, some of my relatives with the Disbrow name live in Fairfield County. Does anyone know a source for a picture of Meeker Disbrow, born 1798?

Lois Leijdecker-Ott - 12/04/97 08:57:41
My Email: lloracer@pacbell.net
City and state: San Francisco, CA

My grandfather was a Disbrow in New J rsey. Am looking for any relatives with information about earlier generations.

Joan Baker -11/30/97 00:07:13
My Email: Jabdover@AOL.com
City and state: Dover, DE

Mike - Your website is great - look forward to more! Many thanks for the info on the NY/NJ Disbrows from which my husband, Jo n Disbrow Baker is descended.

Gary R. Disbrow - 11/22/97 22:12:33
My Email:disbrows@snet
City and state: Seymour, CT

Family origins are in Westport, CT. Looking for some recent info as most relatives are deceased.

Jacqueline Disbrow Likvan - 11/07/9716:26:52
My Email: jlikvan@nationalresidential.com
City and state: Arlington Heights, IL

My father, Grant Valentine Disbrow, descended from a family of Disbrows that settled n New York and CT. My sister, Susan, and I have been looking for links to our ancestry for a longtime. My sister linked us back to Cromwell's army. Our grandfather was also named Grant Valentine Disbrow. Apparently we have a female link to the Revolutionary War, as well. We also traced our lineage back to the town of Disborough in England. Do the names Valentine or Thies ring any bells? Would love to think that we have lots of cousins out there, since our Disbrow name has d ed out with our father.

Larry Glenn Disbro - 11/07/97 13:40:57
My Email:ME_Disbrox@lgca.ohio.gov
City and state: Mentor, Ohio

My family traces its rootsback to Thomas as well. I have many documents passed down to me regarding the family. Would be interested in ordering the books on the family to see if there are any gaps my records could fill. Als have National Archive records of Pvt. Abraham Disbro, CompanyI, 8th Ohio Vol. Inf., if anyone is interested.

DORIS (DISBROW) LOBE - 10/30/9721:33:58
My Email:djlobe@silvernet.net
City and state:Marysville, WA 98270

Mike: The page looks good. I have to look up the Isaac Disbrough that came to Boston from Eltisley. I think a researcher in Eltisley found he was a brother of Thomas (poss. our ancestor). I'll look for the data and send it to you. You will probably get several emails from people that are looking for NJ Disbrows and data on Thomas and Mercy. Keep up the good ork. I am using Fam. Tree Maker too. Have same disks as you. DJLobe

Stephen Squires - 10/26/97 23:39:00
My Email: snail mail only
City and state: Storrs, CT 06268

Michael, Please send me information on your two Disro books for sale. Send info to: Steve Squires, 4 Storrs Hgts.Rd., Storrs, CT 06268 Thanks. [Haven't heard from you in a while!]

Nancy Disbrow - 10/21/97 17:09:22
My Email: ndisbrow@ligett.com
City and state: Vermilion, Ohio


Russell F. Disbrow - 10/20/97 19:31:33
My Email:Rdisbrow@juno.com
City and state: Levittown, PA

I am descended (reverse order) from Walter, Miles, John, Milan, Jacob Disbrow's. I'm trying to find Jacob's father. Jacob m. Jane ?. I have much info on the family from 1631 to date. Strong evidence I'm decended from the Henry Disbrow line. Delighted to see a family Web site and have Mike's first book. I'll share any/all info I have.

Walter Disbrow - 10/18/97 03:18:29
My Email: DieselDis@aol.com
City and state: Effort, Pa.

Mike, good job, You're a great influence to us novice Disbrow genealogists. Hope I'll be able to add something of interest and intend to visit often. DieselDis

Grace Carmichael - 10/06/97 20:48:39
My Email:carmichael@colint.com
City andstate: Gilman, IL

My great-grandmother was Cornelia Disbrow, born in NYC 27 Oct 1838. She was married to Edward W. Christie of Thiells, NY. Her father was John Q. Disbrow who was born 08 Dec 1813 in New Market, NJ.

Lauren Disbrow - 09/21/9704:14:38
My Email: hot_crazy_chick@hotmail.com
City and state: Manton, MI

Hey Uncle Mike, I didn't know this was here. I found it by accident. Cool!!!

James W. Trumbull - 09/16/97 20:33:06
MyURL: http://www.trumble-trumbull.com
My Email:jamestrumbull@reocities.com
City and state: Wilmington, DE

I am looking forward to checking back here often to see your work. I will link my site to yours as soon as possible. I am real glad you decided to have your own site. The more the better. Talk to you later. JWT

Kenneth Byrd - 09/15/9722:42:39
My Email: kbyrd@indyvax.iupui.edu
City and state: Indianapolis, IN

Hi Mike!!! Am looking forward to your DISBRO(W) page enlarging with time. Are any of your DISBROW books still available for purchase???? - Ken Byrd

Brynda - 09/10/97 00:00:49
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/5259
My Email:bmye s@intplsrv.net
City and state:Altus, Oklahoma

nice page. I am just learning to make web pages and I liked yours. I hope mine looks as nice when I get it finished

Ethan Disbrow - 09/09/97 21:46:06
My URL:http://users.michweb.net/~grannypam
My Email:grannypam@michweb.net
City and state: Manton, MI

Comments: br>looks nice dad :)

Cash L. Disbrow, Sr. - 09/09/9705:42:51
My Email:SiouxCash2
City and state: Sioux Falls,SD

Mike, I finally made it! Glad to see the page but that blue background makes it hard for me to read. If I punch the View Guestbook can I scroll to see who all has signed on? I will try it.Am making a few contacts on line. Bye now. Cash

Mike Disbrow - 09/07/9712:23:03
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/5853
My Email:
City and state:Manton, Michigan

I had to be the first to try out our guestbook. Just hope I'm not the last!

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