At North Britain, Feb. 26/1834, William Napier of Bathurst, married
Catherine Fraser, d/o John Fraser, Esq., of Honour

At Bathurst Joseph Doucet married Sophia Comeau d/o Charles Comeau
of Petit Rocher on May 3/1831

Apr. 16/1833, Perry J.N. Dumaresq, Esq., married Delphine Arsenault
d/o Joseph all of Rockville, county of Gloucester

At Nelson Miramichi, July 9/1833, Edmond Fea and Mary Markey

July 15/1833, at Caraquet, Murdock Campbell, of Little Shippegan, married
Jesse Blake of Chatham Miramichi

Jan. 28/1834, Samuel L. Bishop, Esq., married Catherine Pallen daughter
of William of Bathurst

James Young, married Ann Ferguson, d/o of William on Sept. 14/1834 at
Tracadie NB

John De Cantillon, on Oct. 7/1834 married Nancy Fowler both of
Blissfield at Chatham Head

Michael Lardery married at Bathurst Oct 7/1834, Helen O'Brien d/o
of Thomas O'Brien of Waterford, Ireland

R. W. Fitton, Esq., M.D. married Oct. 7/1834, Eliza Munro d/o the late
William Munro of Caraquet

Richard Carman Esq., Barrister at law, of Bathurst, on Jan. 29/1834
married by Rev. S. Bacon rector of St Paul's to Mary Susan Cunard Roy of
Halifax Nova Scotia

William Taylor of Doublastown, married in Chatham on Feb. 10/1835
Margaret Moore of Chatham

Alexander McGilvery of Bathurst, married Catherine Rankin, d/o Colin
on Oct. 11/1835 at Kouchibougouac

Francis Ferguson Esq., of Bathurst on Dec. 14/1836,married Ann Eliza Munro
s/o Hugh Munro Esq., at Somerset Vale, Bathurst

Frederick Sutherland at Bathurst, on Jan. 1/1835, married Mary Ann Dawson
d/o Richard of New Bandon

Stewart Cassidy married Jan. 2/1840 at Bathurst, miss Lucy Achee (Hache)

Bathurst June 24/1841, John Goymer, Commander of Queen, Newcastle
England married Ann Haynes, d/o Thomas Haynes Esq., Her Majesty's
Customs, Cork

June 24/1841, Daniel Ward of Bathurst, married Jane McEwen..

At Bathurst, William Pallen married Margaret Ronalds d/o the late John
Ronalds of Aberdeen Scotland on July 11/1841

On July 14/1841 at Bathurst William H. Hall married Margaret, widow of
the late John Carney

Nov. 9/1842, Charles M. Fowler of Tracady married Charlotte Mary Hierlihy
d/o James Hierlihy Esq., of Tabusintac

At Bathurst on Jan. 6/1843, Samuel Gammon married Elizabeth Mudge

On Aug. 17/1843, at Bathurst, Edward Watson, Commander of the brig William Reid of New Castle, England, married Louise , eldest daughter of Capt. Moyse of Alston, Bathurst Point.
About 2 weeks later in the same newspaper there is a post which says We have been requested to contradict the report of the marriage of Capt. Watson to the daughter of Mr Moyse which appeared in our paper of the 19th, . No such marriage ever took place

At Bathurst, Aug. 2/1843, William McMullen of Durham , Restigouche county married Mary Murphy of Durham also

Aug. 20/1844, at Bathurst, Thomas H. Carman married Mary Waite eldest daughter of the late Samuel Waite

July 18/1844, at Bathurst, Robert Gray of Beresford, married Ann Hodgins of same place

Sept. 27/1844, at Bathurst, James Willis married Elizabeth Anderson of Bathurst

Oct. 15/1844 at Bathurst, George Geekie of Bathurst married Agnes Henderson of Aberdeen , Scotland.

At New Castle Jan.2/1845, Richard Dawson of New Bandon married Elizabeth Greenlay only daughter of William Greenlay of New Castle

John Woolner of Bathurst on Dec. 30/1845, married Ruth White daughter of the late William White, married at Amherst Nova Scotia

At Caraquet, May 12/1845 Thomas Smith of Shippegan married Jane Black of Pokemouche

June 8th/1845 at Caraquet, John McDonald of Tracadie married Christina Mc Cullam of Tracadie also

At Bathurst, Dec. 22/1847, by Rev. George McDonnell, John Ferguson, Esq., to Mary Munro, youngest daughter of Hugh Munro, Esq., both of Bathurst.

At Douglastown, Nov. 21/1846, Mr Robert Clark, master of the brig Eliza Liddell, of Hartlepool England, to Miss Margaret, eldest daughter of John McEwan, manager of the Lighthouse, Escuminac.

At Bathurst January 6/1845, Robert Gerrard, of Campbellton, Restigouche, to Mary, daughter of William Waterson, Bathurst.

At New Bandon, Jan. 1/1845, Richard Daley to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas Dempsey.

At Bathurst, Tuesday Sept. 12/1848, John Bellow, to Jane Walker, both of Beresford.

At Tracadie, Feb. 19/1855, by James Young, Esq, Thomas Robinson to Mary MacMahon.

Shippegan. Married on Monday Jan. 7/1856, at the chapel in Caraquet by the Rev. Joseph Paquet, Captain Joseph Poulain of the Schooner Sea flower to Lucy, only daughter of Pierre Lantan of Caraquet.,br> At the same time and place, thirteen other couples were joined together, and during the week, six more couples were married at Caraquet from Shippegan. This is going ahead. Business is dull, and as nothing is doing in trade, the boys and girls have taken it into their heads that the world must be kept in motion by feasting , dancing and fiddling away a little dull time on the wings of love: little Cupid is kept on the wing all the time at Caraquet and Shippegan.

Tracadie, Monday Feb. 13/1854, by James Young, Esq., Mr Edward Ashford, of the parish of Saumarez to miss Elizabeth robinson, of the parish of Anlwick.

May 27/1857, at Shippegan, Mr Joseph Doucette of Bathurst, married Miss Margaret DeGrace, third daughter of Mr Peter DeGrace.

At Caraquet, Sept. 12/1857, by the bride's father, Robert Nixon, married Jane Blackhall second daughter of James Blackhall, Esq.

At St Thomas Chapel, Shippegan, May 3/1858, Mr. Thomas Mallet married Mrs Ache,. This good old man in his 77th year and the bride is 63 years of age. Like Jacob of old, in about one hour's walk in a morning he can visit eighty of his grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. We certainly live in an age of wonders and progression..

At Shippegan, Feb. 7/1860, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C.F.Street, James C. Blackhall, Esq, Deputy Treasurer and controller of Customs for the Port of Caraquet, married Eliza Gordon, 2nd daughter of John Doran.

At Shippegan, Feb. 15/1860, at St. Jerome Church, by the Rev. John Mooney, James Cranney, formerly of Chatham, married Elizabeth Catherine Taylor, youngest daughter of the late George Taylor of that place.

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