The Descendants of Christian Geiger

"The information about this family has been gathered from a wide variety of government agencies and the research of many people. Unfortunately, not all of the information is necessarily accurate. The source for any particular fact is available upon request. Any suggested corrections would be greatly appreciated."

The purpose and goal of this site is to promote the free exchange of information. While adding to the Geiger family genealogy and the history of the Kyger family surname. We've seen it spelt many ways: Geiger, Giger, Gyger, Kiger, Kyger and lots of other variations, but we're all one family.

We collect information on all Kygers, related families, AND Kyger women who married into other lines. If you have a Kyger female who married into your family, please send us a family chart on her husband and children. Our goal is to share information and solve some of the mysteries that have surrounded the Kyger's for hundreds of years.

Many years ago Dr. Ellsworth Kyger shared with me the history of CHRISTIAN GEIGER and the genealogy research he had compiled over the years before the age of computers, written on a manual typewriter his title page now faded yellow by age. Just click on Christian's name above to read the story of our first ancestor to reach the shores of the new world.

I'm Russell Kyger, and I maintain the Web Sites that are online and connected to this home page. I will be creating new pages as time goes on and would welcome any suggestions, documents or pictures you may wish to share with others who are researching this Family Line. Just CLICK on my name below to E-Mail me.

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A new book has been published titled "Descendants of Christian Geiger, The Immigrant 1700 - 1799" concentrating on the descendants of Adam Geiger, son of Wilhelm Geiger and Eva Barbara Stober, to the present generation. It is indexed, meticulously researched (338 sources), contains many pictures, approximately 200 obituaries and family stories as well as dates and places.

For information, contact: Barbara Brown

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