The Family Tree Guide


The tree is made of family pages which are linked to each other to allow tracing of all the family branches. Each family page contains 3 generations with respect to an individual and their spouse.
The page layout is as follows:

Links to next generation


Parents of the both individual and their spouse



Individual and spouse.



Children of the individual



Links to next generation

Finding your way into the tree is accomplished via the links in the

The Name Index provides links to pages for each individual person. If a person has no spouse or children then the link will be to the page where they are listed as children.

The links in the
Surname List go to the individual with that surname who is most closely related to me (Keith Boyle). The branch of the Family Tree with that surname can then be traced further starting from that point.

The SIte Map utility can also be used to search the web site by clicking on the appropriate page in the site map. Note that you may have to be patient when waiting for the map window to be generated.  I've noticed that the utility is slow when using Netscape.

Moving up to the page containing the previous generation is accomplished by using links located above the parents. Moving down to the next generation is accomplished by using the links located below the children.

Note that much of the tree still remains under construction. Future links that are under construction are shown using the icon:

Last update to this page: January 15, 1999