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   Oregon and the Civil War
If you think Oregon had no role in the Civil war think again. Oregon became involved
even before it was a State.

Gen. Philip Sheridan refused to leave Fort Yamhill Block house in Yamhill Co. until  Gen. J. J. Archer and Capt. Charles Sydney Winder left the Pacific North west. He had heard that they planned to go "South". He did not want to leave the guns and ammunition  in case this was true. The Oregon Volunteers, were stationed, where there were chances of Indian uprisings, to protect the many settlers arriving to escape the war torn East. They also kept an eye on the secessionist group "The Knights of the Golden Circle." 

Did you know that Gen. Joseph Hookers daughter is buried in the Columbia Gorge.

Did you know that on 23  Sept. 1865 that a skirmish between the  Soldiers and the Indians took place at Harney Lake Valley, Oregon this action started at 12:00 A. M. and ended at 7:00 Pm . Thus  Oregon had the last reported hostility that occurred during the Civil War era according to the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. The problem was, the Soldiers were routed but luckily there was only one injury.
 On 11 Dec. 1865 Oregon became the 27th state to ratify the 13th. Amendment. After the war many of the soldiers left the East and South to come to Oregon to build new lives. There are many of these gallant lads buried in Oregon.

The Blue and the Gray

Under the sod and the dew
Awaiting the Judgment day
Under the roses the blue
Under the lilies the gray

  • Jacon Menear, Private CO E 200th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry USA
    Died in 1924 in Foster, Linn County, Oregon.
  • Morris Clyde Lincoln, Private CO K 130th Regt. Ohio Infantry USA
    born 12 Jan 1840 at Marcellus, Onondaga, New York
    Married 18 Oct 1874 in Mineapolis, Ottowa, Kansas to Alberta Carter
    moved to Oregon in 1889
    died 21 Feb 1920 in Hilsboro, Washington CO. Oregon
    Buried 24 Feb 1920 in the Old Scotch Church Cemetery in Hilsboro.
  • John Bamford of the 8th Missouri Infantry USA, and his wife Marth Rebecca Wonder Bamford, a nurse in the war are buried at Oakville Cemetery, Albany on the banks of Muddy Creek
  • Presley Warnock Gossett , Private USA
    CO D 39th Indiana Infantry & 8th Indiana Cavalry
    Died and is buried at Riverview Cemetery , Portland, Oregon in 1897, Stop and visit him as well as Virgil Earp and the son of General George E. Pickett, Oregons Artist, James Tilton Pickett! Pvt. Gossett served through out the war and was captured twice by the "REBBELS" (his spelling!
  • Jonathan Hodson Way, Co. A 1st.OREGON Volunteer Infantry USA
    National Cemetery, Roseburg, Oregon
    Section A, Grave no 21, Row 9
  • Joel B. Wilson, Co.I,32 Regt. Iowa Volunteers USA
    Odd fellows Cemetery, Dayton, Oregon
  • Jared Wilson, Co. M.8th Cavalry Regt.Illinois USA
    Hudson Cemetery, Rainer, Oregon
  • William J.Sanborn, Co.K 7th.Kansas Cavalry
    & Militia Service Co. A, 19th Ks. Cavalry USA
    Rainer, Or
  • James C. Kilby ,Co. F 52nd. N.C. Infantry CSA
    KP Cemetery, Rainer, Or.
  • Tolman Brassfield, Co. F. 2nd. Iowa Cavalry USA
    Amity Cemetery, Amity, Oregon
  • James J. McConnell, Pvt. 3rd Arkansas Inf.
    and 27th Ark. Inf. CSA
    Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, Oregon
  • Patrick H. Saunders, Capt. 19th Texas Cavalry CSA
    Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, Oregon
  • Cpl. Benjamin F. Hull, Co. D. 33rd. Iowa Inf.USA
    Frankton Cemetery, Hood River, Oregon
  • Newton Jasper Jones, Co I. 44th Mo. Inf, USA
    Union, Oregon
  • John Cook Gordon, Co. I 37th Illinois Infantry
    "Illinois Greyhounds"
    Lone Pine Cemetery, Wamic, Oregon
  • Ludwig Wilhelm Kruger, Co. I 18th Regt. Iowa
    Ludwig was born in Germany in 1833.
    He enlisted in Warren Co. Iowa. Ludwig is buried
    at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in
    Mosier, Wasco Co. Oregon
  • Elbridge S. Barnes; joined at age 16 with the permission of his parents in Henn. CO. Minn. 21, Dec 1861: Col. Hiram Berdan's United States Sharpshooters. This unit was known as 2nd. Minn. Sharpshooters.It changed toCapt. Russell's CO. of Minn. and was attached to U.S.S.S. According to the Minn. Bios he served in 13 battles under McClellan abd Burnside. The unit also known as CO. L. 1st. Minn. Vol. Inf. Elbridge was wounded at Fredericksburg on 13 Dec 1862 and sent to Carver Hospital in Washington D. C. He was present on the roll 18 Dec 1862-23 June 1863 . Family tradition sates he was a guard for President Lincoln but this has not been proven. He remained in DC thru Sept 1864 and was discharged 24 Dec 1864 as a member CO. A. 1st. Reg. N.R.C. He returned to Henn. CO. Minn. and became quite a buisness man. He had a wife and two children. They and 23 members of Barnes family came to Oregon they all settled in Bayview, Lincoln CO. Oregon. He and many of these family members are buried at Union Cemetery, Cedar Mill, OR.
    "Elbridge S. Barnes 1845-1905." 1st Minn.
  • Pvt. Mellen Shepard Barnes the brother of Elbridge volunteered for the 6th Minn. Infantry signing up on 2 March 1864. born 14 Apr. 1847 in Springfield, Penobscot CO. Maine. He and his family moved to Beaverton, OR. in 1883. He was a framer and the state Rep. for Washington County 1905-1906. He and his 2 widows are buried at the Union Cemetery, Cedar Mill. Mellen Barnes descendents were Light house keepers and Tillamook Superintendent of Schools and one was nationally recognized muralist Lucia Wiley. She painted the murals in the Tilamook County Court House, the old Post Office and in the Library of the University of Oregon. So if you happen to visit Oregon, do stop and view her work and think of the Barnes family pioneers.
  • Pvt. James Wilson Barnes born 1 Apr. 1849 in Callon Place, Penobscot CO. Maine. Served in CO. L. 6th Minn Inf. He was a farmer,poet, public speaker and dealt in Real estate. Married 6 times, all but two of his wives are buried with him at the Union Cemetery, Cedar Mill. The parents of these three brave Union soldiers were Shepard Blanchard Barnes and Olive Hill Small. The small family are related to the Stephen Hopkins family of the Mayflower! Stephen and Olive Barnes are also buried with the many of the 28 families coming to Oregon in 1880. Elbridge and Martha Kirk Barnes had two children Willie and Atlanta. This information submitted proudly by Eugene Barnes in Honor of his father Jasper W. Barnes son of Willie and Sarah Alice Wasson Barnes.
  • Sergeant William Warren, Co. A. 26th Ohio Infantry, U.S.A.
    born August 1839 (1838) (Zanesville,Ohio?) died March 21, 1926 in Portland, Oregon.He married January 29,
    1868 in Jefferson, Marion County, Oregon, Mary Elizabeth Terhune, daughter of Jabez Terhune and Margaret Jane McAlpin.
    William Warren is buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, Stark Street, Portland, Oregon. His headstone reads
    "Capt. William Warren 1838 "cap" 1926 G.A.R., O.N.G.

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