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Imam Senad Agic is Imam of the Northbrook Mosque of Chicago and Chairman of the Bosnian Relief Committee of Chicago, where perhaps the most Bosnian refugees in the nation are located. Imam Senad is extremely active in helping the refugees in relocating to their new homes in the US, in collecting donations and supplies for the Muslims in the former Yugoslavia who are in dire need, and in supporting the jihad movement in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Imam Senad studied in Imam Khatib school, having a degree in shari'ah, and has tariqat in the Naqshbandi Order, having taken initiation in 1991 from Shaikh Nazim al-Haqqani al-Qibrisi, and he has initiation in the Qadiri Order.

Dr. Sulayman Nyang is a Gambian scholar on Islam and African History presently at Washington, D.C.’s Howard University. His most popular work is Islam, Christianity, and African Identity. This paper is based on a November 18, 1992 discussion between Dr. Nyang and Br. Muhammad Abdullah Ahari El.. The text has been rendered in a scholarly format instead of the question and answer/discussion format on the tape. However, no information has been lost or changed in this superior rendering. This article is available as a separate illustrated pamphlet with additional footnotes and a bibliography for $6.00 (postage included from Magribine Press).

Muhammad Abdullah Ahari Bektashi El is a Cherokee\ German\ Irish \ Melugeon (Moor) convert to Islam. He has attended the Nation of Islam under Minister Farrakhan in Chicago, meetings of Father Hurley’s Universal Spiritual Assembly, several branches of the Moorish Science Temple (including the El Rukn’s), and the Nubian Islamic Hebrews. He is a young scholar (born in 1965) but has uncovered materials on Islam and Islamic Nationalism in America that few scholars before him have touched. Br. Muhammad has been published in the Message, Minaret, al-Basheer, Muslim Prison Brotherhood Newsletter, al-Talib, Meditations from the Bilali Muhammad Research Society, The Light, and Amexem Times and Seasons (he is editor of the last publication). This industrious Muslim has a Masters in English from Northeastern Illinois University and has studied Islam at Chicago’s American Islamic College and under the Nimatullah, Bektashi, and Naqshbandi Sufi Orders.


This is the online bookstore for the American Muslim Scholar. At present we will list books available through us but they must be ordered through mail order and paid by check or money order. In the future we will accept Credit Card Orders and Online Orders. We will advise you when we have that capability. All orders of $25.00 or more will receive a 20% discount unless otherwise noted. The first 50 orders of $10.00 or more will receive a free copy of Muhammed Al-Ahari’s Bilali Muhammad Al-Timbui: Muslim Juriprudist in Antebellum Georgia (a $3.00 value). More than twenty other works are at various stages of development besides those listed below. Each issue of Amexem Times and Seasons will update the list. All prices include postage.

To order, contact: Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ahari of the Khutubhana Bookstore.

Currently Available:
Muhammed Abdullah Al-Ahari

Bilali Muhammad Al-Timbui ($3.00).

Malcolm X: Some questions answered. ($2.00). Malcolm’s last interview.

Muslims in Antebellum America: Their Educational Theories ($4.00).

Al-Hajj ‘Umar Ibn Said: His Life and Autobiography ($6.00).

Naim Frasheri

The Bektashi Pages. ($5.00). A study of this Albanian Sufi Order by one of the Fathers of Albanian Nationalism.

Dr. Javad Nurbaksh

The Great Satan ‘Eblis’ ($10.00). Stories of Sufi masters dealing with Satan’s position in Sufism and Islam.

Jesus in the Eyes of the Sufis ($10.00).

In the Tavern of Ruin ($12.00). An elementary handbook for the novice in Sufism.

Spiritual Poverty in Sufism ($10.00). A collection of sayings of Sufi Saints.

Hazrat Shah Waliyullah

Sata’aat: A Commentary on the Qur’an’s verse of the lamp ($4.00).


Muhammed Abdullah Al-Ahari
Jinnah, Beulah, and Eden is a comparative study of works attributed to Sheikh Adi, William Blake and Abdul Al-Hazred. The Fulani Connection is a study of Arabic literature among Muslim slaves in the United States and Jamaica. Volume One deals with their autobiographies and pamphlets. Volume two with letters.

William Attaway
Two Tales of a Blackamoor is an illustrated gathering of Attaway’s known short stories. He is primarily known for his screenplays, folk song collections, and his novels Blood on the Forge and Let Me Breath Thunder.

Charles Chesnutt
The Future Race in America contains several long essays by Chesnutt on the future of race relations in America. Written at the turn of the century, these are still extremely pertinent to today’s situation.

Congressman Henry Asa Coffeen
Taxes, Tariffs and Other Issues is a collection of this Wyoming Congressman’s speeches. The Aquarian Gospel: A Study is his introduction to the first edition of Levi’s work. This includes a glossary of terms in the Aquarian Gospel and biographical and bibliographic notes on Coffeen and Levi. A facsimile version of Coffeen’s study of Levi’s work is available for $4.00 post paid. The complete edition will be available in January 1998 for $8.00 postage paid.

Martin Delany
Author of Islam, Christianity, and Africa. We offer an annotated version of his essay in support of so-called Negro Freemasonry.

Levi Dowling
Levi’s fame rest primarily with his automatically handwritten Aquarian Gospel. The Biopnuema and the Higher Self is a collection of lessons he prepared to apply what he taught in his version of the Gospels.

Jessie Redmon Fauset
This authoress of four critical Harlem Renaissance novels also wrote novellas and poetry. During the 1920's and 1930's she was editor of Crisis Magazine. The poetry and novellas published there have never been published in a collection. Stories of Passing is a collection of four novellas and Race Poems is a collection of sixteen poems.

Miles Mark Fisher
Essays of an African American Historian. This is a collection of the magazine articles of this pioneer collector of African American Slave Hymns and Folk Music.

Reverend Arnold Josiah Ford
The former musical director of the U.N.I.A. prepared a hymnal for use of Garveyites. The U.N.I.A. Universal Ethiopian Hymnal contains twenty hymns written by or collected by Rev. Ford.

Abdul Al-Hazred
A reprint of an edited version of the 1973 Owlwick facsimile of his Al-Azif (Necronomicon). The text is in the fictional Duriac Syriac script.

"I Your Prophet"
A Julius Rosenwald Fund sponsored novella about the early years of Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s Moorish Science Temple (a pioneering organization for reclaiming the Islamic origin of former slaves).

Sheikh Adi Muzaffar
The reputed founder of the Devil Worshiping Yezidis of Iraq. He wrote several poems of a highly spiritual nature and five essays on Tassawuf (Sufism). These are collected together here with a first ever hagiography of this contemporary of Imam Ghazali and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. An extreme supporter of the ‘Ummayyad Dynasty, these show he was a Sufi and Sunni and not a founder of a new religion. A separate publication of his Kitab-ul-Jilwah is available from us for $6.00 postage paid and includes a facsimile of the Kurdish original. The Kitab-ul-Jilwah shows the Sheikh’s true feeling about Satan. This is a must have for all students of comparative religion and Sufism.

Mark Owing
The Necronomicon: A Study. This is a reprint of the 1967 tongue in cheek study of Lovecraft’s fictional work by the Mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred. Long out of print, it is not available elsewhere.

Ann Petry
Ann Petry is the author of Country Place, The Street, and The Commons. Her short stories have been collected as Miss Muriel and Other Stories. How to Write a Short Story is a small work that collects three short stories and several essays that have not been collected under one cover previously. The essays deal with how to develop characters and plots in short stories.

Reverend James Morris Webb
This Garveyite minister from Seattle was responsible for spreading the theory of the African blood of Jesus. The Black Man Father of Civilization is a reprint of his most famous work.

Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb
An early American convert to Islam. Magribine Press plans to republish his Islam in America (a dawah manual), all of his pamphlets, diaries, and his journal The Moslem World.

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