Faulkners and Associated Families

Edward FAULKNER [Parents] was born 1655/1675 in , Rappahannock, Va. He died before 18 Aug 1722 in , Va. Edward married Elizabeth Ann WHEELER.

Elizabeth Ann WHEELER died before 18 Aug 1730 in , Essex, Va, Usa. She married Edward FAULKNER.

They had the following children:

  F i Arabella FAULKNER.

William FAULKNER [Parents] was born 1655/1675 in , Rappahannock, Va. He died before 18 May 1725 in , Essex, Va. William married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth died after 1726. She married William FAULKNER.

They had the following children:

  M i William FAULKNER Jr? died Jun 1743.
  M ii Henry FAULCONER died before 10 Feb 1755.

Roger PERRY married Judith BURKETT in , Essex, Va, Usa.

Judith BURKETT [Parents] was born 1620/1630 in of, Rappahannock, Va. She died. Judith married Roger PERRY in , Essex, Va, Usa.

Other marriages:

Nicholas FAULCONER I [Parents] was born about 1660 in , Rappahannock, Va. He died Sep 1743 in St Ann's Parish, Essex, Va. Nicholas married Sebalah.

Other marriages:

Will on file in Essex County Virginia, dated 23 Nov 1741; probated 20 Sep 1743, Will Book 7, Page 39

Sebalah married Nicholas FAULCONER I.

They had the following children:

  M i Nicholas FAULCONER II was born 1715/1725 and died Jun 1789.
  F ii Sarah FAULCONER.
  F iii Mary FAULCONER.
  M iv Thomas FAULCONER.
  F v Martha FAULCONER.
  M vi John FAULCONER.
  F vii Frances FAULCONER.
  F viii Elisabeth FAULCONER.
  M ix Samuell FAULCONER.
  M xi James FAULCONER.

not listed in family by James G Faulkner

Thomas FAULCONER [Parents] was born about 1744 in , Essex, Va. He married Elizabeth HAWKINS.

Elizabeth HAWKINS married Thomas FAULCONER.

Samuel FAULCONER [Parents] was born 1742 in , Essex, Va. He died about 1812 in , Prince William, Va. Samuel married Elizabeth Moseley NEWMAN.

Elizabeth Moseley NEWMAN was born about 1754 in , Prince William, Va. She died about 1818 in , Prince William, Va. Elizabeth married Samuel FAULCONER.

See page 126-134 in Faulkner Book for ancestors.

Achilles GARNETT married Jane FAULCONER.

Jane FAULCONER [Parents] was born about 1746 in , Essex, Va. She married Achilles GARNETT.

Her children named in deed dated 28 May 1797, King William County, Va, Book 3, page 289

James FAULCONER [Parents] was born about 1748 in , Essex, Va. He married Mary Ann.

Mary Ann married James FAULCONER.

James HALBERT married Mary or Frances FAULCONER before 19 May 1777.

Mary or Frances FAULCONER [Parents] was born about 1750 in , Essex, Va. She married James HALBERT before 19 May 1777.

Nicholas FAULCONER Jr./III [Parents] was born about 1740 in , Virginia. He died before 20 Nov 1820. Nicholas married Rachel about 1768.

First name may be Lee. May also be a junior, called Jr in probate of father's

Rachel married Nicholas FAULCONER Jr./III about 1768.

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