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Friedman Family Tree

This web site is intended to show any interested person, the lineage of any descendant of the parents of Louis and Max Friedman (whose names at this point in time is unknown to us). To do so, simply find the name of any person that is underlined and that person's branch of the tree showing ancestors and descendants will appear. Clicking on the name of any person on the branch will bring up any biographical information we have available.

Since a family is a living thing, so will this tree be one. We will be recording marriages, births and deaths and any other pertainant information our cousins care to inform us of. This is your family, your tree. Nurture it with your picture, autobiography, anecdotes, biographical information, documents, corrections of any kind, or any other pertainant information and watch it grow. So if you have any information you would like to add, or a correction you would like to make, just click on the email address in blue or send it snail mail to the addresses below.
Contributions can be accepted by:
Ed Friedman
100 Harborview Drive Apt 509
Port Washing ton, NY, 11050
Phone & FAX 516 883 2364
May 15 thru November 15
Ed Friedman
621 Camino de Clara
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone & FAX 858 792 6724
November 15 thru April 15
or Susan Teichman
232 Rose Hill Rd
New Rochelle, NY, 10804

Since I am one of the oldest living decendants, I dedicate this work to the youngest, so that they will know from whence they come and with whom they share not only a chromosome but a relationship. Unfortunatly we have been spread all over the country and most of us do not know our distant cousins. This is how we can rectify that situation. You may even find a relative has moved close by to to you.

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